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I’ve been unable to make a new thread in 1e, and 2e lore might be different, but...

Akatas are a potential source of noqual (if you can control them; admittedly a big “if”), but I was wondering if we have any other canonical “renewable” sources of various skymetals in the same vein of akatas for noqual.

I know each skymetal is different, but where do they really come from, and how are they formed?

Noqual: byproduct of akatas.

Adamantine: (presumptively) exotic star-action creating hyper-dense/hard metallic material (akin to dense iron somehow not radioactive; possibly magic byproduct); though considering its in planets and elemental earth it might be a byproduct of planatery/earth action. (This is entirely guesswork; I don’t know and would prefer canonical correction.)

Others: ?

Does anyone know? According to the wiki, Abyssium is rumored to come from the Abyss, but the wiki doesn’t mention the Akata connection, so it may just be rumor and guesswork. Anyone know?

First of all, it’s good and it’s about to leave Netflix (October 15), so I recommend it, before it’s gone!

Second, in *Tiger & Bunny*, I know there is reference to a “Power-type NEXT” (Cis was erroneously identified as such, and Tiger was accurately identified as such) but does anyone know of any other “types” of NEXT listed in-universe?

So far I've only tried it with Firefox, but the red dot telling me I've got PMs doesn't seem to work! I'll try a different browser when I can, but in the meantime, any suggestions?

... does anyone know?

Doing simple math conversion (look at 5ft. squares on combat maps, translate to full map), the city looks wwwaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy too small to hold "tens of thousands" - about 1,800 feet wide (east/west) and 700 feet tall (north/south) - and a rough guesstimate I read held approximately a square mile for every 38k.

Also, please feel free to check my math - my exceptionally rough calculations put the citadel itself at around 200 feet wide at its widest, and I'm literally using that number plus my thumb as a ruler for the rest of the city. Yes, I know that's terrible. That's one of the reasons I'm asking for help. See, also, the aspect ratio, below, that doesn't quite line up with the 1800/700 calculations - it's off by 20 feet.

That latter seeeeeeeeeeeeeems like it would put the area of Drezen at just about a square mile (seems like it fits the "tens of thousands" number). Given the city is rrrroooooooouuuuughly an ovoid with an extremely rough (by my guesstimations) 2.6 aspect ratio (wide to high), that's about 0.9097 miles (that's roughly 4800 ft.) from east to west and 0.3499 miles (that's roughly 1850 ft.) from north to south.

Is that right?

That doesn't seem very large - especially the north-to-south size, that's less distance than I have to walk to get to my store. While shorter creatures are certainly a thing in this setting (allowing you to fit more into less space), it still feels... small, for a city, to me, at least.

This is moderately relevant in our game, because we have some special effects that have unique, specified dimensions, and we're trying to figure out how much of the city is actually covered (including, potentially, all of it).

Anyway, thanks!

EDIT: just to be clear, I'm not suggesting the citadel itself is small - it's pretty friggin' huge on a map - but rather the city as a whole seems small. I do understand that we live in a much more spread out society than either medieval or Renaissance societies, but "less than half a walk to my local store" still seems small when we're trying to get across the size of a former metropolis. Also, one supposes Dollar General is not, strictly, a "grocery store," (and I don't specifically use them as such) and nor is CVS. So edited that word out.

This is a request for help from someone too sick to read or do much himself.

Tacticslion wrote:


AC 60

+20 BAB +13 ability +5 enhancement + 2 greater focus; ???

d20+40 caaaaaaaaaaan hit that AC on a natural 20... but it could do that anyway. Hrmmmm.

In know there are other bonuses in non-epic 3.5 games, and I’m probably forgetting something basic and obvious, but I’m curious if anyone can list them “readily enough.” Like, not obscure - a fourth-man PH/DMG1 party of 20th level could have access to it without special crafting - sort of thing.

I mean, dude’s already gotta get a hyper-focused... wait!

+20 BAB +13 ability +7 enhancement + 2 greater focus -> +42 (noice) so 18-20.

So crit-fishing with a +5 cold iron bane (chaotic outsider) holy falchion, I guess. Still seems like there should be more.

Anyone? I’m asking for a... friend.

18 base +2 racial +5 inherent +5 level +6 enhancement = 36 (+13)

For clarity, I’m looking for 3.5, not PF or 3e. Thanks!

(The above presumes a very basic half-orc fighter, by-the-by.)

Copy/pasted here from original thread when I remembered this place existed. Hoping for straightforward, obvious stuff from the Player’s Handbook and DMG. Thanks!

So I tried to make my title as complete as possible.

I'm in Chrome, and the "Sign in" option (or the "My Account" when signed in) is actually overlapping and on top of the Search bar on Paizo's site.

It's probably been that way for a little while, actually, but I simply didn't notice as I usually stay logged in... and the font is almost the exact color of the search bar (it's a little darker, but not much - it's most visibly noticeable by the words very slightly covering the magnifying glass - which is how I found it at all).

There are two problems with this:

> if I try to Search for something and am taken to Sign In or My Account that's a whole load thing that I didn't want and will take extra time to navigate

> if I'm searching for how to Sign In (or find My Account) and can't (which is what first alerted me to the issue just a few moments ago)

Now, the latter is likely to be fine on my end, given that I figured it out (though it's a minor annoyance), but it was pretty much just chance that I happened to notice it. I would hate to think we're losing people just because they literally can't figure out how to sign in!

The former isn't a huuuuuuuuuge deal, but it can be a pretty big quality-of-life issue that can drive users away from the interface.

I know you guys have a ton on your plate, and, honestly, this hasn't been an issue for me... until it was. I know you guys rock it hard, and I want you to succeed! So... have feedback!

My Chrome is set to 100% size (so, normal), and is up to date. I'm on a Windows machine running Win10 (much to my everlasting bitterness, but oh well).


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No true clone theorem aside, of course... or not, given this is sci FANTASY and we don’t need to worry about perfect replication of all particle across space time!

Obviously, cloning exists in some forms - see that one place in Absalom station where everyone is a born clone of the same woman, and the mention of “no cloning” laws said enclave gets around by birthing themselves, but what are the source of those laws, and does the clone spell (“have an inert copy until you die”) somehow violate that? If it does, aren’t all bonesages inherently guilty by their electroencephalon? Most importantly [i]why doesn’t it exist as a sixth level speeeeeeelllllllllll?!?!

Starfinder is, like, literally the most perfect setting/system for that exact spell. Clone was always a bit “off theme” for full-on fantasy worlds, as the whole fetch/replica/etc. was covered by doppelgängers, simulacrum (also a bit “off theme” but less, being made of ice and snow or whatever), and so on. I mean, it worked - PF, like most every edition before it, was a gonzo (in a good way) pastiche of every setting under the sun. But for more “traditional” fantasy conceits, it was always one of those less-thematic abilities.

But for science fantasy? It ticks all the boxes: spell, sci-esque theming, and a nice “halfsies” point between divine (life/death/soul) and arcane (brew solutions up in a lab... a lab sounding sci-ish by nature, too)! It’s not even that much of a stretch to push it to sixth level spells...

I mean, an entire famous science fantasy space opera has a film, six (soon to be more?!) season television show, and (now “legendary”) book trilogy written about clones, cloning, and its fallout. (And yes, I did go chronological order, and no, I wasn’t referring to anything after the Zhan stuff, but that counts too).

Does anyone know if there are any ideas or plans for official release or exploration in the future? Any official reasons cited for it not being included?

I mean, I get simulacrum - it’s a potentially campaign-breaking spell with endless layers of arguments about it (though I think a hard light hologram spell should be a thing), but I wasn’t aware of such reasoning with cloning.


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Rock on, my dude!




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But, aside from that, and literally only managing to log on due to <TMI!>, I’m doing okay, and so are my wife and kids. Heart all y’all and maaaayyyyyybe be back for more this summer? Or tomorrow - who knows!

Also, this thread is now for mass wild speculation on what I could be doing with my life, and/or literally anything that isn’t against Paizo rules.

(And if you think I’m into MMOs as a time sink, you’d be super wrong*, as I’m nowhere NEAR that nerdy: I’m far nerdier, to the point that my most recent game is loosely built on one that I’ve never played, because of course it is.)

* we don’t have that much money, XD


At one point, a player of mine ran into a Deck of Many Things.

So far, so good, right?

After a couple of cards, one of the cards was The Winged Serpent (which was subsequently drawn more than once).

In response to some bad cards, the player wanted to wish the bad cards out of existence. This was permitted within limits - it was suggested that maybe the cards were, instead, replaced by cards from a standard Deck of Many Things (though drawn randomly).

During this time, the Harrow Deck of Many Things ended up (secretly) sentient, and various other things, and it was implied that maybe the other deck was, and they didn't like each other, until they did (for reasons), and it was an interesting mess, that resulted with the drawing character having one opposed alignment clone out in the world with no personal memory of what had just happened, another opposed alignment clone who (along with the character) was of a reversed gender (and for a time became allied, but then opposed again - oh, those fickle cards), and so on.

At the time, it didn't really matter which cards were chosen (we'd specified several, but some were left undetermined - and the character ended up a disintegrated pile of ash and a gem shunted into the plane of air), but, for reasons, I was looking into revisiting it into what they ultimately should be.

So, reviewing my old notes, I was thinking about things, and realized there were some decisions that hadn't been made yet!

And so, now, I have some questions:

If you, as GM, like to be make sure players never get anything nice, and want to rocks-fall-etc.:

So, the Deck of Tantalizing Dooms or Deck of Many Dooms (as I'm tentatively calling it) is a Deck of Many Things but within limits.

It has the following standard cards:

- Balance: instantly change to the opposite alignment (or lose a level, if you don't act according to that)
- Donjon: you are imprisoned (either as the spell, or by a powerful being)
- Euryale: you take a -1 penalty on all saves from now on
- Fool: lost 10,000 XP and draw an extra card
- Idiot: lose 1d4+1 points of intelligence, and may gain an additional draw
- Rogue: one of your NPC friends made forever hostile; if you've no cohorts, the enmity of a powerful person/community/religious order/etc.; it's secret until revealed "with devastating effect."
- Ruin: all non-magical possessions (wealth, property) are lost
- Skull: defeat a dread wraith (solo) or can't be raised (even by miracle/wish); others who help get their own dread wraiths
- Talons: every magic item you own is instantly and forever lost (except for the deck)
- The Void: the body functions in a comatose state, but the soul is trapped elsewhere (plane, planet, outsider, etc.); miracle/wish only reveals where its entrapped

... as well as the following cards from a different deck:

- The Mute Hag: the character permanently loses a single sense; additionally, the character’s most private secret (determined by the GM) is known to all who see the character; if there is no such secret, an entirely believable lie is spread instead
- The Idiot: the character’s charisma, intelligence, and wisdom are reduced to 3
- The Fiend: a powerful evil outsider takes notice of a character and makes plans to destroy it
- The Eclipse: from dusk to dawn, you are treated as if you were one level lower; you choose the class, if you have levels in more than one
- The Sickness: the character becomes afflicted with an incurable plague (only able to be removed by miracle or wish); though it cannot be removed, the effects can be negated by restoration as normal
- The Betrayal: an <NPC> ally betrays you (animal companion, cohort, etc.; if you have none, see Rogue

In addition, it can have six of the following added to it:

- 1) the avalanche: become the center of an earthquake (as the spell) and Will v. imprisonment effect

- 10) the crows: choose either most valuable item, or an ally of the GM’s choice; it is destroyed and cannot be recovered by mortals (this is made clear before the choice is made)

- 28) the lost: can never again gain levels in the class you have the most levels of until the character dies and is returned to life; when next returned to life, undergo a reincarnate effect, no matter what effect is used

- 39) the rakshasa: any time a creature lies with an intent to deceive, they are instead turned into a random animal for 1 hour; the character becomes the puppet of a mysterious enemy chosen by the GM (the method is also chosen by the GM: possessed by a spirit, bodily possession under certain circumstances, can be manipulated from afar); the character gains no particular information is gained about this creature, unless the GM allows it

- 41) the snakebite: the character’s alignment switches to the opposite alignment; further, any creature who comes into contact with the character for any reason must succeed at a Fortitude save or be poisoned by Greenblood Oil (fort save 10+level+constitution modifier)

- 43) the tangled briar: (1/day) you can communicate with plants as if with speak with plants and have them answer any question that could be known to them truthfully; however, this upsets the local flora and fauna causing 1d4+2 shambling mounds (advanced template) to erupt from the earth and attack (regardless of surrounding terrain); additionally, when first drawn, a slain enemy returns to life and seeks retribution

- 48) the tyrant: (once) gain the ability to issue a command to any creature in the universe and have the order obeyed, as if compelled by dominate monster for the task (though even orders to kill itself are followed); any creature targeted knows it’s acting against its will, and knows the name and location of the character. Immortal creatures cannot effectively kill themselves, and such acts cause only fleeting (if considerable) pain; additionally, creatures that grant boons typically have the power to revoke them, and do so as soon as the command releases them. The GM ultimately decides what this card can accomplish. Alternatively, an incredibly powerful evil entity appears, subdues the character, and drags them off to its foul lair. The specifics of the evil creature, its lair, and whether or not they are retrievable is up to the GM.

- 50) the uprising: 3d6 unruly, accident-prone 1st-level commoners appear to serve the character; if these are killed, knowledge of their deaths and treatment spreads far (generally causing the normal penalties to leadership), with the GM determining the repercussions

- 53) the waxworks: 1d6 exact duplicates appear in a 20 mile radius with the opposite alignments and who oppose the original’s goals

This deck is lawful good and has a special purpose of punishing the wicked, and an "awesome bluff modifier" (vague; sorry) but otherwise has no specified stats. It may be able to use a rod of wonder-like effect at will (my notes are vague), and has several curses attached (though my vague notes imply that none are actually all that onerous - maybe a mild intermittent functioning or mild drawback or an annoying or embarrassing - but not difficult or deadly - requirement; it might well also have a delusion, making the user believe other cards are being drawn than the ones that are).

... so which ones should it have? Why?

If you, as GM, like to give your players absolutely everything, and monty haul:

The Harrow Deck of Many Things has already lost the mute hag, the idiot, the fiend, the eclipse, the sickness, and the betrayal cards.

While it has gained the flame card from the standard deck, it's also gained the moon, gem, knight, and vizier cards; and will gain the comet, fates, jester, key, star, and sun cards.

In exchange for those last six cards, however, it will need to lose six "negative" cards from the following list:

- 1) the avalanche: become the center of an earthquake (as the spell) and Will v. imprisonment effect

- 10) the crows: choose either most valuable item, or an ally of the GM’s choice; it is destroyed and cannot be recovered by mortals (this is made clear before the choice is made)

- 28) the lost: can never again gain levels in the class you have the most levels of until the character dies and is returned to life; when next returned to life, undergo a reincarnate effect, no matter what effect is used

- 39) the rakshasa: any time a creature lies with an intent to deceive, they are instead turned into a random animal for 1 hour; the character becomes the puppet of a mysterious enemy chosen by the GM (the method is also chosen by the GM: possessed by a spirit, bodily possession under certain circumstances, can be manipulated from afar); the character gains no particular information is gained about this creature, unless the GM allows it

- 41) the snakebite: the character’s alignment switches to the opposite alignment; further, any creature who comes into contact with the character for any reason must succeed at a Fortitude save or be poisoned by Greenblood Oil (fort save 10+level+constitution modifier)

- 43) the tangled briar: (1/day) you can communicate with plants as if with speak with plants and have them answer any question that could be known to them truthfully; however, this upsets the local flora and fauna causing 1d4+2 shambling mounds (advanced template) to erupt from the earth and attack (regardless of surrounding terrain); additionally, when first drawn, a slain enemy returns to life and seeks retribution

- 48) the tyrant: (once) gain the ability to issue a command to any creature in the universe and have the order obeyed, as if compelled by dominate monster for the task (though even orders to kill itself are followed); any creature targeted knows it’s acting against its will, and knows the name and location of the character. Immortal creatures cannot effectively kill themselves, and such acts cause only fleeting (if considerable) pain; additionally, creatures that grant boons typically have the power to revoke them, and do so as soon as the command releases them. The GM ultimately decides what this card can accomplish. Alternatively, an incredibly powerful evil entity appears, subdues the character, and drags them off to its foul lair. The specifics of the evil creature, its lair, and whether or not they are retrievable is up to the GM.

- 50) the uprising: 3d6 unruly, accident-prone 1st-level commoners appear to serve the character; if these are killed, knowledge of their deaths and treatment spreads far (generally causing the normal penalties to leadership), with the GM determining the repercussions

- 53) the waxworks: 1d6 exact duplicates appear in a 20 mile radius with the opposite alignments and who oppose the original’s goals

I'm currently calling the Deck of Fantastic Wonders or Deck of Many Delights.

This deck is chaotic neutral and has a special purpose of bringing delight and whimsy and pleasure into the life of its wielder (note: or, if they're horrendous/wicked/evil, just whimsy), has a "powerful" charisma and intelligence (my notes were vague), but otherwise has no specified stats. It may might have a curse of some sort (notes are vague), and might have it's own demiplane associated with itself - I am unsure if this is similar to the deck of harrowed tales or not, as it was never clarified.

... which six cards does it lose, and why?

In addition to shopping around for names, I'm also looking to develop the personalities of the decks, the way they can justify themselves as friends of each other and masters of different alignments, and it's noted that they actually "play quite well with other intelligent items and don't mind others" - I'm interested in developing this, as well.

Further, both have the secretive and uncaring intelligent item traits. Despite that, neither are malicious or harmful to those they like (which, from my notes, is most people). It seems at least the latter is gregarious and kind and pleasant of personality, while the former is focused and warm.

I'm looking forward to your thoughts and ideas!



I'm developing a setting and bashed out some races for it.

1) I'm not fully proficient, yet, in 5E-ism

2) I'm interested in making the races fun, fit their flavor, and (reasonably, sort of) balanced

Needless world-lore:

The world is a vaguely Castrovel-alike.

The region has mostly lashunta and elves, followed by half-elves, and, locally, changelings. After that, it's catfolk, hobgoblins, kitsune, kobold, wayang.

Anyway, feedback appreciated!


- ability: +2 dex, +1 cha
- age: as lashunta
- alignment: usually chaotic; independent, reactive, emotional, playful, sensual, loving, predatory
- medium
- fleet foot: speed 35
- darkvision
- anthrozoomorphic rapport: gain advantage on handle animal checks with animals of your kind
- cat attacks: claw (d4) or bite (d4) attacks
Subraces: house folk, wild folk, jungle folk, or royal folk
- - House: keen scent (advantage on Wisdom [perception] checks involving scent), protective (force disadvantage on attacks against adjacent allies); distractible (disadvantage on checks against distracting phenomena)
- - Wild: keen scent, mask of the wild (you can attempt to hide even when only lightly obscured by foliage, heavy rain, falling snow, mist, or other natural phenomena); nervous (disadvantage on any saves against fear effects)
- - Jungle: mask of the wild, dangerous mien (gain proficiency in intimidation, and advantage on all charisma-based checks related to being afraid of you; and disadvantage on all effects made to trusting you)
- - Royal: +1 charisma, any skill, authoritative (gain advantage on any social check that requires you to assert your authority or charge over others)


- ability: +1 wisdom, +2 charisma
- age: as non-hag parent race, but ages faster
- alignment: usually chaotic
- medium
- speed: as non-hag parent
- darkvision
- hidden monster: unarmored AC is 11+dexterity, claw attack (d4)
Subraces: depending on the hag mother
- - annis hag (gain a claw attack as a bonus action),
- - ash hag (advantage on saves v. fire),
- - blood hag (Insight rolls against take disadvantage),
- - green hag ([choose one proficiency] deception or persuasion),
- - mute hag (advantage on saves v. gaze attacks),
- - night hag (advantage v. disease),
- - sea hag (proficiency with athletics; advantage in swimming),
- - storm hag (resistance to all weather-based effects and lightning damage),
- - winter hag (proficiency with athletics; advantage when used on ice)


- ability: +1 dex, +2 con
- age: as human
- alignment: usually lawful and evil
- medium
- speed: standard
- darkvision
- beast-tamer: training in handle animal
- martial training: gain training in simple and martial weapons, light and medium armor
- martial advantage: (1/turn) deal +2d6 damage with weapon attacks v. a target if another ally is in 5 ft. and isn’t incapacitated


- ability: +1 dex, +2 charisma
- age: as elf
- alignment: usually chaotic
- medium
- speed: 30 ft.
- darkvision
- biting: bite attack (d4)
Subraces: vulpesoul, ninetails, nogitsune
- - ninetails: kitsune magic ([3/day] dancing lights, druidcraft, prestidigitation)
-> nine tails with a deeply mystical and aloof mein
- - nogitsune: vicious ([choose one] gain a bite attack as a bonus action when you make an attack (1/day per level); or (1/day) auto-advantage or negate disadvantage on a bite attack, gain a bite attack) {or: the first combat you enter each day, gain advantage with your bite attack, and you may make 1 bite attack as a bonus action each round}; cruel (gain proficiency with a poison kit; if a class gives you proficiency, gain advantage, instead); contagious whisper (when you successfully use deception or a charm effect, others who interact with the affected target have disadvantage against that same lie or charm effect)
-> seven tails with a deep sense of fury and cruelty
- - vulpesoul: foxform (gain the druid ability to wildshape as a druid (1/day), but only into the form of a fox; can begin or end this as a reaction) can be done as a reaction); mask of the wild; proficiency (acrobatics)
-> one tail, extremely cautious and movement-focused


- ability: +4 dexterity
- age: short (maturity at 12, maximum age at 60)
- alignment: lawful and evil
- small
- speed: 30 ft.
- anthrozoomorphic rapport: gain advantage on handle animal checks with animals of your kind
- pack tactics (gain advantage on attack when any ally that isn’t incapacitated is within 5 ft. of a foe)
- darkvision
- sunlight sensitivity
- tunnel trapper (training in perception and stealth; gain advantage on checks and saves v. traps)
- natural armor (unarmored they gain 12+dex modifier)


- ability: +2 dexterity, +1 intelligence
- age: short (maturity at 12, maximum age at 60)
- alignment: lawful or neutral
- small
- speed: 20 ft.
- anthrozoomorphic rapport: gain advantage on handle animal checks with animals of your kind
- swarming (gain advantage on attack when any ally that isn’t incapacitated is within 5 ft. of a foe)
- darkvision
- keen scent
- skulk (gain advantage in stealth)
- packrat (training and advantage in sleight of hand)


- ability: +1 dexterity, +2 intelligence
- age: as a gnome
- alignment: lawful
- small
- speed: 20 ft.
- shadow resistance: gain advantage saves against shadowy effects, and resistance to necrotic damage
- shadow magic ([1/day] minor illusion, pass without trace)
- superior darkvision
- sunlight sensitivity
- skulk (gain advantage in stealth)
- trickster (training in deception and sleight of hand)


Half-Elf (Lashunta)
Ability +2 cha, +1 int, dex
Age: standard would be ~435 years
Alignment: ??
Size: medium; usually 4-6.5 ft. tall
Speed: 30
Languages: lashunta; and: elven, quori, sylvan, blah
Knowledgeable: gain advantage on any one intelligence-based skill of your choice
Lashunta magic: friends cantrip; (1/day) prestidigitation [3rd], detect thoughts [5th]
Limited Telepathy: with those you share a language with in 30 ft.

Ability +2 cha, +1 int, dex
Age: standard would be ~435 years
Alignment: ??
Size: medium; usually 4-6.5 ft. tall
Speed: 30
Languages: lashunta; and: elven, quori, sylvan, blah
Knowledgeable: gain advantage on any one intelligence-based skill of your choice
Lashunta magic: mage hand cantrip; (1/day) detect thoughts or dissonant whisper [5th]
Limited Telepathy: with those you share a language with in 30 ft.


Originals for conversion found here, though hobgoblins (and kobolds) pulled more from the 5E MM than anything else (though my kobolds - and hobgoblins, really, but less - are demonstrably better than those in the MM).

These are very likely not the final versions, no matter what.

If there are any "official" treatments, I'd love to see them! Thanks!

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New video!

Fun premise!

Anyone want to share their stories?

This can be done on the video itself, or here in the thread!

I'll go first!

So! Funny "crossover" (-ish)/self-referential story time!

Most of our crossovers are more accurately termed "references" - things that are homages to something else rather than actually being that something else - or else are actual references to our own previously-established continuity.

Two examples of the first (homages to our games):
- Generic/unPublished-World (albeit an FR-published module): I was playing a dwarven crafter wizard who specialized in inexpensive (and cursed) items and rapid crafting. In any event, he and his "sisters" (two drow; all three were adopted and raised by dwarves) were slowly drawn into the events of a local town where a mysterious warrior woman used advanced detective work, research, and knowledge skills to investigate and solve various crimes. She wore black armor, hood, and mask, had a black flowing cloak, and a myriad of pockets for all sorts of specialized items... yes, we, too, had batman (well, batwoman, sans explicit bat imagery) in our game!

- Pathfinder (Carrion Crown): An arrogant genius by the name of Assant (a respected frienemy of a good friend) was a noted exceptionally bored genius of dubious moral character who's incredible intelligence and extreme abilities often left him exceptionally bored. Over time getting to know him, it was revealed that he was a noted violinist, occasionally indulged in opiates to overcome his frequent bouts of depression, and often researched a huge and eclectic variety of topics in order to better assist his various schemes and endeavors, and frequently "blotted out" information he thought was no longer useful to "make room" in his "head book" for new and more important information. We were really into a certain BBC series at the time, so the connection wasn't hard to make... (

One example of the second (self-referential):
- Forgotten Realms (home brew game): We once played a crossover game in which a PC character (a young female avatar of Pelor named "Basha", called his "daughter" - she'd arrived by way of Vecna's machinations, which, itself, is another long story) ended up severed from her "father" (Pelor) deity of Turmish (a country in FR), and became strongly associated with the sun deity Lathander (who, in-published-canon, was eventually revealed as a version of the sun god Amaunator). In any event, we eventually played a different game, in which the characters came from areas near and around Turmish and other places somewhat nearby. After looking at the host of deity options, reading the descriptions, and listening to the lore, two characters eventually (for various reasons) chose to worship a local Sunset-themed goddess, Basha. It was some time into the game, before I had a bit of an in-character aside about Basha and things related to her, but the two players who'd chosen her look at each other in a minor bit of confusion, and one asks, "Wait, I've forgotten - was she published that way?" ... to which I could only reply, "Well, I don't know - weren't you the one that played her?" Everyone was floored when they suddenly remembered that she'd been a PC.

Diego Valdez, on May 23, 2017, 01:08 pm wrote:

I don't think Rick has his own thread. That sounds like something someone with a question for him should start though!

He's a very good guy, so it would make sense if he liked FFT.

I'm very good at doing things in a timely fashion.

Just ask those who do PbP with me!


Nevermind, I'll just ask them for you!

They certainly all agree! All of them!



Whew! Looks like they bought it!

Anyway, ask Rick Kunz all your questions!


EDIT: title edited to comply with his clearly expressed wishes... ;D

So... does size actually, you know, mean anything in Starfinder?

I mean, yes, technically, it means something - it means roughly 2-4 ft. in height or length, 8-60 lbs., 5 ft. space, 5 ft. natural reach (long or tall).

But that's really nothing.

That size category could well be reorganized as: rough 2-8 ft. in height or length, 8-500 lbs., and 5 ft. space, 5 ft. natural reach (long or tall).

There are really no game rule differences between these two entries and one takes less ink/effort to print.

(A similar argument can be made for fine/diminutive/tiny, but at least they have differing space requirements.)

We know, now, from this post that weapon sizes mean nothing.

So: anything?

It seems like there might be zero mechanical difference between sizes, but I'd be curious if this was confirmed anywhere.

That could lead to really funny stealth weirdness, akin to the old jokes about the Tarrasque's disguise modifier...

EDIT: Ugh, posting before I completed it. Sorry, I'm sick.

To be clear, I'm not saying that it should have all the various modifiers found in the Pathfinder game - Starfinder seems to have gone to great lengths to streamline things, after all. Rather, I'm curious if I'm just missing something.

For the record, I've tried to scan the Tactical Rules section (especially around 255-256), the Races chapter, and the Pathfinder Legacy chapter, but I can't find anything in those, leading me to conclude that there is none - it just feels weird coming off of Pathfinder, so I am attempting to clarify if I'm missing something or it is an intentional change. :D

So I've been in early negotiations with a player who's interested in playing Eutropia as a vigilante - no surprise, there!

I'm curious if anyone has good ideas for incorporating her or other important NPCs into the narrative as PCs?

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So, in the Skills chapter, under the Disguise skill, you have the ability to change your appearance.

The chart, below, mentions a "DC Modifier."

But... what DC, exactly, are you modifying? It's not really clarified anywhere in the text.

Disguise wrote:

Change Appearance
You can use Disguise to change your appearance with 1d3 × 10 minutes of work with a disguise kit, by casting a spell such as disguise self, or by using a technological device such as a holoskin. The GM rolls the Disguise check in secret, so you’re not sure how good your disguise is. This check is opposed by the Perception check (see page 144) of anyone who might realize that you are not who you appear to be. If you are not drawing attention to yourself, other creatures do not usually get to attempt a Perception check to pierce your disguise. If creatures are being particularly alert for suspicious activity (such as security personnel on a starship or space station), it’s assumed that such observers are taking 10 on their Perception checks.

The effectiveness of your disguise depends on how much you’re changing your appearance. Without the aid of transformative magic or technology that allows you to do otherwise, you can use Disguise only to appear as a creature that is your size or one size category larger or smaller than you. This does not change your actual size or reach. Disguises are general—you cannot disguise yourself as a specific person.

Certain magic spells, such as disguise self, grant you a +10 bonus to Disguise checks.

The DCs for Disguise checks are adjusted by the type of disguise as well as other circumstances determined by the GM. These modifiers are cumulative; use all that apply.

I've made bold the important part: the only part in the text that refers to DCs at all.

Now, while general DCs are explained in Gamemastering, on page 392,

Gamemastering wrote:
Skill DCs It is up to you, as the GM, to determine the DCs of the various skill checks the players will attempt during play. Many of the skill descriptions include guidance on typical DCs for skill checks, but there may be times when you need to come up with a DC on your own. If a skill check does not have a predetermined DC, or if a player wants to attempt a task that is not covered in a skill’s description, use the following guidelines. A challenging DC for a skill check is equal to 15 + 1-1/2 × the CR of the encounter or the PCs’ Average Party Level (APL). For an easier check, you might reduce the DC by 5, while increasing the DC by 5 makes for a more difficult check. Changing the DC by 10 or more makes for either a trivial check with little chance of failure or a prohibitively high check with little chance of success, so be cautious when adjusting skill check DCs!

... that isn't the method the Disguise skill uses. It's explicitly, "Roll a disguise check; others oppose it with a perception." - there isn't a set DC to make, unless it's generally expected that it gets harder to make disguises as things go along.

So I stumbled across a question.

Page 346, under Magic and Spells, the iconic mystic - clearly a devotee of Pharasma - seems to be using the animate dead spell.

I mean, it could be the control undead spell (found on both the facing and same page) - though, given the way the shirren is drawing up her hand and at least one of the dead creatures seems to be standing up in response to said action, it kind of looks like she's raising them -, but, really, it doesn't matter: either way, it seems that a Pharasman is using undead.

I mean, in her picture on page 82 (Classes), 333 (Magic and Spells), she's clearly got a sigil of Pharasma floating above her head (and it's unclear if it's there or not on 346 - it could just be out of frame).

So, that leads to a question: has Pharasma revised her stance on undead? Or is it simply her worshipers?

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... and why?

Man, I want to see (almost) all of them!


So, to introduce this puppy, what are the Intrigue Systems?

- Influence: I suggest that this might be a running theme once per AP. Certainly the AP isn't going to entirely abandon the AP format to make everything into an Influence from beginning to end; but I figure that this might well allow for some sort of running total or trend among a few different groups, individuals, and/or organizations.

- Heists: I think that there will likely be at least one, probably more, Heist-themes, but I'm uncertain the writers of an AP can actually have a Heist-system in the AP without it becoming a pretty standard dungeon crawl. My suspicion is that there will be more than one full dungeon, but with sidebars for running the dungeon as a Heist instead of a Crawl. In general, though, I'm fairly certain this is one subsystem they can't really bank on.

- Leadership: Well, I mean, Leadership, in some factor or another, is almost certainly going to be part of it. The only real question is whether or not it's going to be straightforward or tricky to implement these rules into an ongoing AP.

- Nemesis: Not only is this going to be part of it, it's going to be part of the background, too - make no mistake, Princess Eutropia's rivals are going to be going full-on Nemesis against her! And they're very likely to include the PCs in the mix! ... the only question is if the PCs get the chance to push back!

- Pursuit: There is no doubt in my mind that this will appear at least once in this AP. I doubt it'll be too common, but I think the one time is going to be fairly mythic. I'm curious, though, if it's going to be a pursuit by the PCs, or a pursuit of the PCs...

- Research: Much as I recently came to love this, I suspect that it won't be used too terribly often. But it certainly will be used once. I mean, there's a lion of an opportunity for research in a library, you know... *cough*

- Spells of Intrigue: I dunno. Maybe?

Next, let's look at Intrigue Elements:

- Relationships and Loyalty: I remain extremely confident that this is going to be a primary theme of this AP. It's incredibly potent and important to groups no matter their inclination (subterfuge or directly).

- Measures and Countermeasures: Again, this is going to be one of the most important themes running through the whole AP. Each entry of the AP is going to be a series of these by the PCs and by their foes.

- The Importance of Appearance: Look, you're trying to get Eutropia on the throne. Coming off as a bunch of thugs working for a cruel despot of a princess isn't going to go well for your side. To that end, I expect a lot of...

- Bargains and Compromise: Seriously, though, this AP almost writes itself in some ways this is not to undermine the hard work of the actual writers, who are basically going to be slaves to a clock and be forced to make extremely hard and difficult choices and wording! So awesome! Certainly there are going to be times when the Princess (and/or the PCs as her agents) is going to be expected - and may even find it necessary - to make bargains or compromise to get important people to throw their support in with her. Compromise is going to be an ever-present specter, and the AP will most definitely make it questionable whether or not what they're getting is worth what they're giving. I suspect that several of the Dungeon Crawls "Heists" the PCs are expected to undergo are there to give them advantage in these - or even as possible alternates to the bargain/compromise line (which might happen, if they fail, or choose to go that route to avoid the possibility of corruption or violence).

- The Power of Secrets: Given that it's been noted as important to play Tomb of the Iron Medusa (and the themes found in Library of the Lion, as well), it's clear that Taldor is a nation that runs on secrets. Given the certain inclusion of the Lion Blades, this is going to be critical, with this holding vast influence in the Importance of Appearance and Bargain and Compromise themes.

Every single one of the Intrigue Themes are going to be super-important as well: A Game of Nobles plus The Criminal Underworld plus War of Propaganda plus Law and Order are all of vital importance in a civil war where (at least) two individuals are present and pushing the legitimacy of their claim. This, of course, yields Ultimate Intrigue title-drop!

So what do you guys think? Yes? No?

What are you hoping for, and what are you expecting?

Let's chat about this thing!

Pathfinder Unchained introduced numerous awesome subsystems and ideas for how to alter your game

I finally, finally gained access to Starfinder today, so, of course, my very first, initial thought was, "Hey, I've not played a game, yet! I can't wait! I'm so hype! So why don't I entirely alter the skill system?!"

... can't say that I'm sane.

Anyhoo, Background skills, Consolidated skills, Grouped skills.


First, let's look at Starfinder Skills, and compare those to Pathfinder Skills (fortunately, the Pathfinder Legacy chapter can help with this!):

Skills, Starfinder <-> Pathfinder wrote:

}NONE{ - - - - - - > > > Appraise, Use Magic Device
Acrobatics < - > Acrobatics, Escape Artist, Fly
Athletics < - > Climb, Swim
Bluff < - > Bluff
Computers < - > NONE (probably the closest was a variant of mysticism)
Culture < - > Knowledge (history, local, nobility), Linguistics
Diplomacy < - > Diplomacy
Disguise < - > Disguise
Engineering < - > Disable Device, Knowledge (engineering)
Intimidate < - > Intimidate
Life Science < - > Knowledge (nature)
Medicine < - > Heal
Mysticism < - > Knowledge (arcana, planes, religion), Spellcraft
Perception < - > Perception
Physical Science < - > Knowledge (dungeoneering, geography)
Piloting < - > NONE (probably the closest was Profession (sailor))
Profession < - > Perform, Profession
Sense Motive < - > Sense Motive
Sleight of Hand < - > Sleight of Hand
Stealth < - > Stealth
Survival < - > Handle Animal, Ride, Survival
}VARIOUS (engineering, mysticism, or appropriate profession){ < < < - - - - Craft

So, the first thing you should notice is that, to some extent, outside of introducing two new skills, they already did a partial version of both consolidating skills, and grouping them together at the same time. Plus, with the elimination of Appraise (and UMD, sort of), they already relegated some skills to Background skills... well, sort of - really, they handle it more by making them assumed to be auto-succeed (pg 500).

BUT! We won't let that stop us, will we?!

Oh, no, we will not!

So let's tackle Background Skills first!

We'll look at Consolidated Skills second!

And we'll address the possibility of Grouped Skills last!

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So, internet: what the heck? Really? Really?

You have pictures of, like, everything!


Oh well - that's why I'm here!

I'm looking images!

Basically, there are an absolute ton of characters in Kingmaker! This is awesome!

... however pictures are hard to come by, as a player!

While it's nice and all that they exist in the books, it's difficult for a GM to hold the book, point to the character, and flip between the pages.

That said, we've used a few tricks, but... it would be nice if we could get solid imagery.

And the thing is, there is a ton of it out there! Like, a dozen different NPCs, ranging from the boy you rescue, Tig, to the grig you meat, Tyg-Titter-Tut!

Generally, you can find not only the original art, but even (when it was otherwise black and white) colored versions!

... and yet there is only a single image - the official one - of Satinder and Quintessa (I mean, really, Internet, I've got my safe search on, but you should have so much fan art of those alone that I can't help but run into it), and pretty much nothing from any characters that appear thereafter - with the exception of the final boss.

So... what gives?

I basically have everyone from the first books, and most up to where you meet Satinder/Quintessa Morne, but I'm lacking anyone beyond that, and dedicated searches have turned up nothing. I'm mostly interested in non-villains (though the villains, like Count Drelev or that one evil gargoyle), are cool, too!) and especially quest-givers (like Limm Ticklewing, or that archer who hires you to find evidence of cheating).

So... anyone? Anyone? Beuller? Anyone? Beuller? Beuller? Beuller? Anyone? Beuller?

And thanks!

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Man, the horrendous things I do to a language just to make a possibly-obscure webcomic reference.

Anyway, title says what I'm looking for: how to become a bigger dragon.

Form of the dragon III peaks at Huge. We have two whole size categories to grow!

On a basic level, it seems like you could blend something like divine vessel after you're under the effects of fotd3, and call it a day - after all, dv is transmutation, but isn't polymorph which is (I think) the only part of that school that doesn't stack.

To be clear, I'm not looking to Taino out extra size increases to scores, I don't care where the effects come from, I'm just trying to figure out if we can use a valid rules combination and why and how. For this exercise, feel free to note magic items or spells I'm unaware of. Please cite and (unlike me, now, as I'm out of time) please provide links (d20pfsrd is a very acceptable source to me, despite the bizarre snubbing it sometimes recieves around here; though 1st party material preferred, 3rd party will be accepted as mild reference/example of others' takes on the thing).

Related question that I feel still fits into the Rules forum - beyond whatever reading of RAW you're using, do you feel like the trends you see among the rules over-all support this? Note that this is different from FAQratta or rulings - I'm just curious if you have RAW elements that support your claim. This is I necessary, but enlightening for the purpose of getting a better grasp of the Rules in general.

Also, inb4 James Rinser claims that RAW is whatever he says it is (i.e. not what is written down)! I love ya, my dude, but that particular line of logic is neither useful in this conversation, nor productive. Seriously; the guy has great ideas, but just in case he finds this thread, I am attempting to head off that derail/argument before it starts, as it has gone pretty much the same way every time it's been brought up. I'd be interested in hearing other thoughts from you, though!

Also, also: please be courteous and respectful. You may disagree with someone, and that's okay, but please do not try to argue them out of their position, beyond citing relevant points, and showing supporting evidence. I may have (hopefully gently) ribbed James one paragraph up, but I want it made clear that actual commentary on people should probably be avoided.

Thanks for your time!

So... who are the people in the Anniversary Edition's PG?

I'm a GM, and I have the old 3.5 version, so I recognize the (very changed!) Lyrie, but I'm really not sure about the other three.

I've found some of the updated art, and generally we've used that instead, and some of them are so different as to be almost entirely unrecognizable; so if these are characters mentioned somewhere else in the AP, it'd be nice to show off the pictures and go, "Oh, yeah, this is this person."

Also, and this is a weird question, but is there any organized list of, say, all the NPCs in Rise of the Runelords, so that I could kind of keep them all straight? Thanks in advance!

Similarly, is there a collated list of changes between the editions with brief descriptions? For example, I've heard that there's the edition of "an encounter" with Lonjiku at the beginning, but I know nothing else about it, really. I don't need a full thing with that, but something like, "In it, he gets angry at PCs for hitting on Ameiko." or something would be nice, if possible.



Here we are!

A test campaign to test stuff~!


Suck on that success, my currently-at-the-time-of-posting-this-bad-Internet-service~!

This will be the place where various gameplay is tested.

Sometimes this will be to test group cohesion and work, sometimes weird game concepts, and sometimes other things - if it ever gets used all that much.

If you hang out here and start to see some weird things, like a suddenly shifting cast or roster of people, now you know why.

And here we goooo~!

This is a Discussion thread. It is meant to Discuss... Stuff.

... that we're discussing. (Whoever "we" are.)


This is a kind of "placeholder" for games and events for any future PbPs I run.

While technically a recruitment page, I'm mostly just exploring how to start a campaign again, and set this up for future stuff.

Game on!

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So! I was part of a campaign a while back that never actually received a title, and it makes my campaigns tab really weird! I was trying to look up and recall old games that i'd played in here and nearly forgotten it, because there was no name or link to it visible... but the option to hide the campaign still existed. It took me quite some time to figure out what, exactly was going on, before I realized that the campaign actually literally had no title - none was ever written.

Is there any way it could be edited to be "Untitled Campaign" or "Lloyd Jackson's Untitled Campaign" for those of us who've played it? Because that would be extremely useful and make finding it (and recalling the good times) that much easier!

If not, I understand. Thanks for all you do!

So, unrelated to two other threads that are floating around right now *cough* I started thinking about what it would take to actually possess a construct.

Not in the, "I own a Construct. Watch as I tell it to pummel that guy." sense, but the, "I am a Construct (for now). Watch as I use my Construct-muscles to pummel this guy." sense.

Is there any rules way known to do this?

Polymorph any object is known and probably accepted at my table, but seems dubious in a broad sense, at best, considering its weird wording. I'm curious about any other method outside of that spell.

Preferably a method of somehow physically inhabiting a body different than your own - as noted in another thread, neither magic jar nor possession work, because, as necromancy effects, constructs are immune to those.


EDIT: For the record, this would not actually see play without GM approval first. If anything, I'd be far more likely to inhabit the ship that's being discussed elsewhere. That would be friggin' amazing. "Captain of the ship? Yeah, sure. But I am the ship!"

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So, I was going through my almost-annual email slog, and noticed that an order of mine was experiencing problems due to payment method... and was going to run out of time and be cancelled, if I didn't change it!

I've attempted to rectify that (by putting in the new payment method and deleting the old), but, uh, outside of slogging through 1k+ emails, is there any way of knowing if I've accidentally had an order discarded or broken due to the payment stuff?

It happened because someone'd stolen my card number and it was cancelled - I just didn't realize that by using my new card number, I didn't invalidate the old one.


What's the best way to proceed? Did I somehow lose out on any orders that I'd had pending and collapsed due to old payment method?

Thank you all so much! Sorry for being a dunderhead about all this.

... and if the latter, when?


Just checked it out on the PRD and it, too, has been altered to match.

So, just to check, the old version, from 3.5 did almost exactly what I thought - I just thought it had a one-year-time limit to the thing, instead of the "1 day/level" effect.

Has PF always had the "like lesser, only stronger" geas, or was that some sort of errata that was hidden in somewhere that I missed?

Don't get me wrong - over-all, I actually welcome this change, but... I'm just really thrown off by having been so very wrong about PF's version of geas.

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From here.

Please carry on!

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So, in case you've somehow missed the incredible Bestiary 5, allow me to introduce the phenomenal zygomind (not yet available on the PRD).

Now, first, let me say: this thing is awesome. I mean, I hate it (because it's terrifying), but it's awesome, nonetheless! So cool~!

However... how did this get a rating of CR 18?

Going only by general monster rules, while its hit points are about right for a CR 17, it's saves are CR 18-19, it's AC is quite low (at the CR 10-range), and its attacks are CR 14 (with CR 9 damage! ... or CR 16, if you include the constrict as well; I've never really been sure about that)...

... it's good DC is literally off the chart (by five points), and it's "secondary" DC is CR 30.

Now, you might be able to hand-waive the averages of all of this*, but that... really doesn't reflect what a CR is supposed to be.

Now, drawing on this ancient post from way back when CR is supposed to reflect the expenditure of about 20% of a party's resources (seemingly common, but not directly expressed in the rules that I can tell) - but more specifically, an "average" APL should be = ~the party's APL... anything less is easy or even insignificant.

* And even then, this doesn't really work out. CR 30+{31?}+14+9+10+18.5+17 = ~61+23+28.5+17 = ~84+40+28.5 = ~124+28.5 = ~152.5; (152.5)/7 = 21.7857142857142857... ~> CR 21 or 22.

But is the Zygomind really "easy" for a party of level 19s?

Frankly, it entirely depends on two things: the environment and the range the party chooses to engage with the creature (which is determined by the environment).

At 300 ft in a nice, open plain (which is a possibility in "any temperate") it's not even a challenge. Give a paladin a longbow, a metric ton of arrows, and enjoy. Heck, gather a ton of low-level paladins, have them all smite "that thing" and let them pepper the sucker from 400+ feet at -6 range penalty (presupposing you allow them to see it from that far away*); this doesn't cost much, allows you to bypass the DR, and allows you to whittle that hp down (though be sure to make some marks nearby with really long-range spells so you know how far away it is, if it moves toward or away from you at its 5ft/rnd). An alternate possibility is simply grabbing a ton of wands of fireball** (at 11,250 gp a pop) and going to town. I mean, you'd need to use three each round to overcome that fast healing (on average), and you'd need to burn through about 24 charges on each of them (so about 33,750 gp for the initial; get back around 17,500 gp after re-sell).

* This is partially a joke. The Perception DC for something is +1/10 ft distance, so something at 400 ft. away would 38 - 0 for noticing a visible creature, +40 for the range, and -2 for "favorable conditions" in this instance. Of course, it should require a DC +whocaresitstoobig to notice the sun, soooo...)
** Fireball has a range of 400+ feet - something you'd need to overcome the 300 ft. aura. At 5d6/use (do to CL 5) = ~3.5*5 = 22.5 dmg; presume half for the zygomind's surprisingly high reflex save, so 11.25 dmg/use. It takes 24 (about) uses to push the 266 hp down to zero, but since you're netting an over-all "gain" of 2.5 hp/use on the thing, that could easily net you the "extra" hp to kill it over 24 uses.

So... that's really not so bad, right? I mean, at 18th level, 530k... that 33.75k is a drop in the bucket!

But the problem is... that's pretty much it. That's the only way anyone can reasonably approach this thing. A plain, wide-open field.

That DC is a real killer - literally, as well as figuratively, given that if you fail that, you're pretty much done for.

Let's compare the paladin, the paragon and posterchild of all "woah, 'dem saves" characters.

Good will saves, nets you a +11 at 18th. Shiny~!
Pumped up maximized charisma nets you a +12*. Woo~!
Spend some of that money on a nice save-booster~! Yeah~!

That nets a nice +28! Holy cow! ... v. a DC 36. I have to consistently roll an 8 or better every round within 300 ft.

That... that is insane.

Note: yes, the paladin can get a better will save by pumping up his wisdom and taking iron will. But... why? There are exactly zero paladin features that require a wisdom score, and paladins are immune to many of the most common and important mind-affecting effects anyway - and those few they lack, they can cover with a nice protection from evil or magic circle.

I mean, I've spent a fortune** on making this happen. And what about everyone else?

Cleric and druids and similar high-will plus high-wisdom characters? They get that +28* as well (though they can't pump it more than a couple of points higher via effects like Iron Will, unlike the paladin).

Anyone else? They're going to be needing loooooooooooots of luck. Even high-will non-wisdom characters only get around a +16 (presuming high will and protection cloak), meaning they need natural twenties every round to avoid getting sucked into to the sweet embrace of the zygomind.

* 18+2 racial+4 level+4 inherent+6 enhancement = 34 (+12)
** 12,500 for the cloak, 110,000 for the tome, 36,000 for the headband. That's 12,500+110,000+36,000 = 158,500 gold. No longer a drop in the bucket of my 530k, most of which has probably gone into my weapon, followed by armor.

But, you know, what we've described are characters that are really, truly, solidly built. These are semi-typical players who maximize most of their advantages.

But what does Paizo generally suppose most players will have?

Fortunately, we can know!

Kyra, the poster-child for high-wisdom, high-will starts off with... a seventeen. At level twelve, she has... an 18. Even putting the bonus at sixteenth level into her wisdom (not guaranteed, since she didn't put either of the lower-level bonuses there) grabbing a circlet of wisdom +6 (again, not how she's built), iron will, and inherent bonuses to the max... she nets a 30 wisdom*, dropping her will save by 1 point, compared to our own, but indicating that she's not really expected to have that kind of save at 18th level. Seela, at least, fairs a little bit better. Presupposing she follows all of our advice (which she didn't, but, let's just say she's starting now) and ups her wisdom to niggle that extra will save benefit, she'd be able to juuuusssst about equal what I noted above (or surpass with iron will or extra wisdom boosts). Lini is also in a pretty good situation (though not quite ideal), as she's focused rather heavily on her wisdom.

* 17+6+5+2 = 19+11 = 30

... and that's it. None of the other iconics - either there, or printed elsewhere, to my knowledge - have either the build or even inclination toward it to face this thing at 18th level*.

* As an example, I believe all of the rest start with a 15 as their highest score, modified by racial abilities. I could be wrong, but counter examples are likely very rare.

Don't get me wrong. An arcane or divine caster could just avoid it, stay out of range, and spew long-range damage spells.

But that's a very boring combat. And that presupposes they have the range and ability to notice it... which this creature's write-up pretty expressly suggests against (by noting that it's surrounded by trees or in hills or whatever, granting it all kinds of cover or concealment).

It just begs the question... who is this monster for?

Paladins on an open field, and solo high level casters (although these would likely need several wand-adroit creatures or those with natural spell-casting helping them each round) are not a really a terribly interesting battle scenario.

Given the sharp decline of resources by level, placing this at a lower level is just asking for TPK.

Higher levels work much better because of these defenses, but even then, there's a significant problem, and the reason I find it hard to believe that this is a CR 18. It's the kind of thing that, despite how cool it is, makes me, as a GM, go, "Oohh~nononononono!" and just nope right on out of there.

It's effects aren't able to be defended against in any significant way other than brute numbers.

None of its abilities are "mind-affecting" despite requiring a will save and messing with the mind. None of them are a "sleep effect" despite causing sleep. Fascinate isn't a mind-affecting effect and neither (weirdly enough) is "mindscape" - heck, in the Occult Adventures it's not even clear the creature has to have a mind, from my reading (though if I missed something somewhere, that'd be an awesome point to make), though that'd make "plain sense" - it's the question of being able to, say, trick or destroy a golem or undead or vermin in a mindscape or not.

And here's a thing... if it doesn't affect mindless creatures, than it's unclear that the create greater mindscape spell-like ability actually does anything (considering the description specifically calls out the user); and said spell is a [mind-affecting] ability.

So... is this a sign that Paizo is moving away from all the descriptor-heavy rules-stuff and going more with a "loose" and "plain" approach to rules? Is Zygomind just not "clear" enough? Is this all the fevered rantings of a deluded lunatic (that's me :D) who can't read plain English? Are modestly equipped 20th level unbreakable [url=]fighter elves the great bane of this class, or just another chump for the fire?

Is it all CR 18, or what? And if so... how?

To be clear, I think this thing is amazing, and I really want to be able to use it. I can easily just ignore the problems and smooth them over, but I'd like to understand the intent. As-written (in the normally codex-like descriptor language) it looks like the spell-like ability isn't usable, and the other special abilities kind of take over. In "plain English" I'd ignore those things and just presume... which is my tendency... but the other abilities don't specify, and there's all too often some design point I don't quite see.

Any takers? Ideas? Inspirations?

And check out that amazing bestiary~!

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I'm playing the recent Firefly RPG and loving it pretty thoroughly, at present. I highly recommend it.

That said, I've been toying with using the system in a different context: I want to use the same system, pretty much directly, but in the context of a drow-based (or really any fantasy-based) game.

The problem I'm running into is the character sheets: they're a bit too specific, as currently crafted for the Firefly RPG. The changes would all be minor, but important.

Basically, I want to add extra Character Distinctions (possibly just taking up space on the back of the sheet), and replace the B.D.H. Die with an otherwise identical Uncanny Grace Die.

It would also be really cool to grab a Ship Sheet and change it into an Organization Sheet. Effectively, replacing the Engines, Hull, and Systems attributes with Influence, People, and Wealth attributes. The idea is that instead of Ship Class, you have something that you're loyal to, whatever that is:

- House (Business/Extended Family)

- Temple (Possible alternate: Church or Religious Institution)

- Outfit (Military Unit/Smaller Military Force)

- Faction (such as Clan, Political Faction, Greater Military Force, etc.)

- City (Gray Waste, only)*

- Ruler
*This is a campaign-specific thing. I've got a world that's effectively split into four massive regions, one of which is called the "Gray Waste" and is divided into city-states.

These would replace the basic ships classes, and there may be more (I'm willing to hear ideas), but that's what I've come up with at present.

I'd be willing to work with Adobe to just alter the PDFs myself (I highly recommend these gorgeous PDFs, by the way; free at DriveThruRPG), but I really don't know how.

Anyone else have ideas? Anyone just know where I can get "blank" versions of the official things so I could just write stuff in myself? Thanks!

So, what's the difference between the boxed set and the original, here?

Does anyone know?

(Incidentally, I don't own this, but I played it for the first time recently... and it was great! I'm going to get it, but I'm looking at my options, first. :D)

So, what's the difference between the original product and the boxed set, here?

What, exactly, comes in the box set? What kind of box?

Does anyone know?

(Incidentally, I don't own this, but I played it for the first time recently... and it was great! I'm going to get it, but I'm looking at my options, first. :D)

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So, I didn't see one of these anywhere in particular, but I thought I'd create a place to talk about it. Given Paizo's community, and the fact that our very own Crystal Frasier woo! was asked to write an entry for their newly Kickstarted revision, it seems like an RPG - or at least a setting - that would be at least moderately popular around the community.

So who here plays it? Do you use the current d20 variant rules, or did you convert to True20, or PF rules, or some other system? Are you looking forward to the A.G.E. rules, or do you prefer the d20 chassis, at present?

If you use the system, do you use the setting? Related, do you know many (any?) other Romantic Fantasy settings?

I'll hopefully pop in with a few of our own stories soon, but I wanted to open this up.

Hopefully, this can be going pretty strong when the new Kickstarted one finally hits the shelves! (Still sad about that lack of Steam Punk, though! Arg! :D)

Have at thee, may the fires of Leonoth guide you to the light, and hail to Queen Jaellin!

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Okay, so everyone knows that politics is bad, don't talk politics unless you want a thing to end in tears, and blah-blah-blah.

Just so we're clear, I get that.

This is not a thread to talk politics.

This is a thread to talk about talking about politics.

Before we begin: no, this won't solve issues with discourse, discussion, or any other such thing. People will have strongly-held opinions that disagree with yours no matter what. Hence, there is no single "solution" that will magically make resistance disappear.

However. There is a phenomenon I've begun to notice "lately"... say, the last, oh, I dunno, ten years or so.

And that is the concept of "people talking past one another".

If you're anything like me, the first time you read that phrase (and maybe this is it), you went, "Huh? What does that mean. I mean, yes, I get the idea, but that's a weird phrase..."

The problem is that the idea is relatively straight forward - one person is saying something and another person is saying something else, and it's almost like they're having two different conversations - or if they are sharing one conversation, they're not really listening to each other.

This arises from a number of different reasons, including, but not limited to: overly-focused dialogue, the tone-deafness of the internet, cultural variations, and linguistic differences. But it's these last two that I want to talk about.

I am, I want everyone to know, a Fundamentalist Conservative Christian - you know, with two capital "C"s and a capital "F" - one of those absolutely, objectively terrible people that probably hates you and everyone in your family and/or social group, whatever that may be, if the internet at large is anything to go by.

Just for the record, so there's no question.

Also, for the record, and more seriously, no, I do not hate you. I don't know you, but even if I did, I wouldn't hate you. At most, no matter who you are, I wouldn't trust my kids around you while wishing you a better life. Far more likely, regardless of your political, social, or religious views, I'd love to hang out with you and talk games, or maybe even, one can dream, play games. Especially Pathfinder, but, you know, I'm open to other ideas. :D

So, that out of the way, I want to talk about the way we talk about politics. The way I've introduced myself above will undoubtedly make any number of folk who read this post have their hackles raised, walls up, and anger primed - this is the internet, after all, and that's often a common reaction of folk on all sides of political, social, and religious debates - while others will shake their heads sadly, some will pump their fists with a "yeah!" (or have some other positive verbal or physical or emotional response), and others will ponder "... what is he up to."

And some, if they're at all like me (regardless of their political/social/religious/etc. views) will go, "What, exactly, does he mean by that? I've seen his posts," - well, some of you may have, anyway, - "and I'm pretty sure those words don't mean what he thinks they do."

And there lies the crux of the problem.

On Paizo forums, and in a few other places, I'm slightly notorious (less than some, more than others, depending on the place) for having extremely large posts. (I assure you all, my loquacious tendencies toward excessive word usage and pompous windbaggary are by no means limited to my internet communication; my wife first started dating me after she graduated and realized that she'd miss that constant annoying buzzing of my voice that rarely seemed to leave her side in college.)

But why do I talk and type so much?

Quite frankly, because quips or short posts, fun as they are, rarely have the ability to communicate any sort of functional meaning when dealing with other people.

In other words, I talk a lot because people often don't understand what I'm saying if I don't.

That's probably a fault of communication on my part - I lack the eloquence to properly clarify the intent behind my words without delving into excessive verbiage, some of which I add as a flourish because I'm a terribly silly and potentially-annoying doof like that.

But, frankly, I'm not alone - and that's what I'd like to address.

When I introduce myself as a "Fundamentalist Conservative Christian" the follow-up question must be asked: "What do those words mean, to me, when I use them?"

I can answer the question, but that's not really the point. The point is that my answer - the answer that I, personally, hold - is going to be very different from the way the preponderance of folks take the words that I use to self-identify.

As an example of where politics comes into play, DrDeth recently created a post which finds fault with the term "cisgender" due to that term being frustrating and off-putting to many that it applies to.

As I write this post (started before I noticed DrDeth's thread), Crystal Frasier - a woman I immensely respect - responds (1 minute ago, as of this paragraph) with,

It doesn't exist as a slur or an insult, and just because some people say it with an irritated, exasperated, or angry tone doesn't make it an insult any more than black people complaining about white people make "white" an insult.

... which fundamentally misses the point of DrDeth's post, and that he's trying to make, while simultaneously speaking a different language.

She's correct, of course - just because some people use a term in frustration doesn't make the term an insult.

She does, however, downplay the actual use of the term, as I've most often - but not always - run into it; which is, in fact, as an actual insult, often towards me, specifically. The largest exception to its use as an insult is usually people who do not use it as an insult explaining that it is not an insult.

Off topic:
The remaining uses I've run into it, is the fairly rare self-identifier, who is, usually, doing so for the purpose of either following a positive inclusive social agenda, or "keeping up with the verbiage" - both of which are positive uses, more or less. That does not diminish their rarity, most of which has been on these forums.

And here is where the problem often lies.

She is coming at it from a technical point of view; one that notes, "Here is the technical history, why it was created, and how it is meant to be used; anything other than this is 'doing it wrong'." and, in that way, she is absolutely correct.

DrDeth is coming at it from, "I don't like words that sound weird being applied to me in public ways outside of my permission; most people don't, in fact, and should probably be respected for that."

Both are correct, but both are speaking different languages, even if they're both using English.

Note: I do not presume to accurately or flawlessly represent their political, social, etc. views. If I've erred in some way, my apologies: this is just how it seems from my reading, which, of course, takes in my own language...

I was reading this article and found it relatively well-written and insightful, but also found the characterization fascinating - and found several of the word-choices questionable.

I read her characterization of 4chan as "Right-Wing" and thought to myself, "What, on any earth, does being a Republican, Christian, or Conservative have to do with being on 4chan? In fact, almost none of those things go together in my experience. So... what?"

But here's the thing - she wasn't (necessarily) - discussing any of those things, and was not (necessarily) lumping them together with "Right-Wing" in her characterization (though she may well, privately, conflate the lot of them together - I don't know, as I've not read enough of her blog to be aware).

Rather, she was using the non-U.S. political term, i.e., those who view social stratification as an important thing.

And, you know, this actually describes the ideas of "some people should, by nature, not have explicit access to <X>" fairly well, which is how she was describing GamersGate and 4chan.

I am not commenting on whether or not that includes 4chan - in fact, I am not commenting on whether or not I agree with any point or conclusion that she made; only that her post was well-thought-out, insightful, and educational, to me, personally.

And that, right there, is part of the problem - she and I literally do not speak the same language.

We both speak English and, her lack of capitalization aside (which is clearly a personal stylistic choice, rather than any deficit in her understanding of grammar), both read and write English, which mostly adheres to the same - or at least very similar - grammatical rules and constructs.

But, fundamentally, what is happening, is that she is using words that lead to one conclusion, and I am taking a totally different conclusion - a different language.

One of the interesting things that is often unrecognized is the fact that language is not just a literal piece of information: there are nearly-impossible-to-define emotional and other elements that go along with it.

We can see this popularly by looking at why computers suck at translation; but what is not really or readily recognized is that even among individuals, there are different variations of the same language. Even when people share a "culture" they don't necessarily share all the parts of all of that "culture" - i.e. they are part of varying sub-cultures. This is even true between individuals of the same sub-cultures!

For me, however, this mostly arises between those who have either gone through a particular subset of education, or are part of one of the set of subcultures that hold to a particular set of social justice groups.

And, frankly, I'm absolutely positive that the same is true in reverse: I may think of myself as a Fundamentalist Conservative Christian, but others do not, or, if they do, it's a quirk or exception to their general definition - both with words and with emotions - rather than a representative sample. And that's because my education on the meaning of those words - which includes not just technical definitions, but a whole host of emotional, suggestive, and representative elements and ideas - is different from theirs - which includes not just technical definitions, but a whole host of different emotional, suggestive, and representative elements and ideas.

And so, this is a suggestion: when you're discussing politics (or anything, really), take a few minutes to think about what it is you're saying. Step back and don't presume that someone else has had your education - either from college, or from life and personal history and see if you can add a few more clarifications - or, if you're better than I am, perhaps make it more eloquent.

Because those who know their jargon are correct - but it can lead to severe misunderstandings and, if you're not busy clarifying, can come off as arrogance or dismissal of others, undermining your point, and leading to frustration or general rejection based off of an appearance rather than intent.

Similarly, if someone says something that just seems off to you, or maybe even insulting to a group you think you know or associate with, take the time to look things up, or ask clarifying questions. It's okay if the post with your counter point takes a few posts down the way for clarification first: it will have far more weight when it does, if you're communicating clearly.

This is not to shame, nor is this against any particular side of any given debate - I know how it can be read to be that way, but I assure you that it is not.

I'm very much so more interested in folks communicating well and accurately and understanding each other than I am in any side feeling shamed or forced to alter themselves to fit "me" or "you" or anyone, really.

For the record, I find that Paizo employees and forum-goers typically do not have this problem, but can - as all people - bring their own histories with them. Samples drawn from these forums are for the purposes of explaining how this miscommunication can occur, not for saying "you're doing it wrong" to anyone. EDIT: as evidenced in this post that I just found! :D

Do you agree? Do you see any other source of communication problems? How would you go about helping others to educate themselves or clarifying your point? Do you feel it's worth it? (I do.)

I hope that this generates good a-political, but politics-related discussion in hopes of furthering communication between all sides of a debate.

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Based on a recent post in which I recognized that I had all but one of the achievements in the 101 Achievement for Playing an RPG thread, I figured I should compile the things I've accomplished from that thread... and open up a place where others could, too.

The most recent post, as of this writing, so updates thereafter might see future posts from me!

Some are spoiler'd for space:

mechaPoet wrote:
Mission Impossible: Get through an entire, multiple hour session without anyone making a Monty Python reference.


ShadowFighter88 wrote:

"The rich and powerful take what they want." Lose something to someone who abused their position/wealth...

"We steal it back for you." ... and get it back.

"Can't cheat an honest man." Turn someone's own greed and desires against them.
"Well I had to indulge in a bit of Mickey-Waffle" Stall someone by talking a lot without actually saying much.
"How much you wanna bet I can't bite my own eye?" Use a glass eye to your advantage (not necessarily your own glass eye).
"The con is on." Bring someone down without having to fight (and make a nice pile of cash in the process).

Took me a while, but I've come up with all of those.

ShadowFighter88 wrote:
"It's a very distinctive X." Roll a natural 20 when identifying something (a spell, a creature, an NPC's job, etc).


James Langley wrote:

Social Guffaws and General Forgetfulness:
Open Mouth, Insert Foot: Fail a Diplomacy check at a crucial, campaign-changing moment.

Open Foot, Insert Mouth: Receive an impromptu amputation from something with sharp, pointy teeth.

Must You?: Play a bard and successfully seduce your way to bed with at least three different NPCs.

I Thought You Had It?: Misplace an artifact or other item that you were sent to retrieve.

Did We Forget Something?: Leave a plot-crucial NPC for dead.


That Guy: Arrive to a session with a cheesed-out character.

Anybody Want a Peanut?: Roll a natural 20 on a Perform (oratory) check.

But It's What My Character Would Do!: Avoid having your alignment becoming changed with a well-thought-out argument.


"Must You?" is a little questionable, because I've not actually done that as a bard...

equinoxmaster wrote:

Leadership Three:
A Lot Of Friends: take the leadership feat (or any similar feat from the Cohorts & Companions book) and only have noncombatant followers and cohorts.

Mage's Guildmaster: take the leadership feat (or any similar feat from the Cohorts & Companions book) and only have Spellcasting followers and cohorts.

War Leader: take the leadership feat (or any similar feat from the Cohorts & Companions book) and only have followers and cohorts with a base attack bonus equal to their level or proficiency in all martial weapons.


equinoxmaster wrote:
A good deal: Succeed at 8 profession checks

Yay, me!

The Doomkitten wrote:

A Big Ball of Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff

Give the GM a week-long migraine by abusing the time-travel device they thoughtlessly gave you.

Avoided this as a GM several times now. (On the other hand, I've had this with a comparatively mundane portal device several times now...)

equinoxmaster wrote:
Not How You Use It: Fail 5 use magic device or disable device checks pertaining to a single object

Sigh. That was an embarrassing period.

TheMonocleRogue wrote:
No One Expects The...: Kill an enemy with an improvised weapon

Especially not if they're undead!

equinoxmaster wrote:
I SHIP IT!!!: Marry an NPC after completing the adventure


Loren Pechtel wrote:
There can be only one: Be the only being to survive a dungeon. Not just of the party, but everything else in the dungeon must die or be destroyed also.

Yes. Fortunately, I went in alone...

equinoxmaster wrote:
Andoren idol- succeed at a perform check to try and change a creature's mood


I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:

"That is Not Dead Which Can Eternal Lie..." (communicate with a dead god)

"...And With Strange Eons, Even Death May Die" (resurrect a dead god)

Run 'em both as GMs, but, interestingly, in different campaigns.

HyperMissingno wrote:

A Team! - Have every party member contribute something significant in a boss fight.

Not the Intended Use - Destroy something big with a mundane object. (Like a demiplane with rope)

Yay for teamwork and unintended uses!

I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:

Life and mostly Death:
"Not Today" (return from the dead)

"Not Anytime Soon" (return from the dead 3 times)

"Not In This Lifetime" (return from the dead 5 times)


HyperMissingno wrote:
Castlevania - Wield a whip and a vial of holy water or a holy symbol at the same time.

Hah! Yeah. Didn't work that well.

HyperMissingno wrote:
Chips Ahoy! - Deal out a tiny amount of chip damage to an enemy and have it be the deciding factor for bringing an enemy to 0 HP or below before your next round.
Tacticslion wrote:

"Achievement Number 404: Good Job Breaking it, Hero!"

[Unlock: Character must break the game and ruin things for everyone.]

Look. "Everything" is a little bit of an exaggeration. >.>

lucky7 wrote:
Firefighters do it!: have your character shave his/her beard.

Yeah. It was kind of skipped over though.

Petty Alchemy wrote:

Not an Orphan

Created a PC whose parents weren't tragically killed.

Hah! Yeah...

Liranys wrote:

I had one that said something about roll a 1, then roll on the critical failure chart and end up injuring an ally instead of your enemy.

Friendly Fire Isn't.

Look, now, that wasn't my fault!

Liranys wrote:
I'm just that Charming: Seduce the BBEG at the end of the module.

Hah! Oh, man... yeah. :I

HyperMissingno wrote:
The Power of Snuggles Compels You! - Grapple a charmed or dominated party member in order to keep them from going crazy/

Hah! Oh, man... yeah. :I

The Alkenstarian wrote:
Dawg - be the only male party member in an otherwise all-female party, and hit on every last one of them.

Hah! Oh, man... yeah. :I

(Incidentally, this was the one where the non-bard ended up with the former BBEG...)

Belabras wrote:

Fearsome cubed warrior

Convince (not create) a construct to join the party.

Done it!

Usual Suspect wrote:

Know-it-all: Have at least 1 skill point in all knowledge skills.

Cunning Linguist: Have at least 10 skill points in language.

Renaissance Man: Have at least 1 skill point in all skills (to include all knowledge skills). Requires only 1 point each in craft, perform, and profession.

Master Craftsman: Have a skill rating of 10 or higher in 4 craft skills or 1 skill point in all craft skills. [/b]

The Entertainer: Have a skill rating of 10 or higher in 4 difference performance skills or 1 skill point in all performance skills. [/b]

Chairman of the Board: Have a skill rating of 10 or higher in 4 different profession skills or 1 skill point in all profession skills. [/b]

It... it's like you're reading my character sheets... >.>

HyperMissingno wrote:
Chump Change: Get past a werewolf's DR by using silver coins.

Hah! Classic! I GM'd this one, though, and it wasn't werewolves, so maybe it doesn't quite count? I don't know. Still fun.

HyperMissingno wrote:
It's mine now!: Take something that wasn't intended to be loot from the dungeon.

... yes.

I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:

I'd like to errata these two:

"The Best Defense Is A Good Offense" (forge a magical weapon)

"The Best Offense Is A Good Defense" (forge magical armor)

To add some new ones:

"Think of the Happiest Thought...." (cast fly)

"Tempus Fugit" (cast haste and slow in the same combat)

"Making Lovecraft" (cast black tentacles)

I've done all of these. In the same combat. (Yes, that includes the weapons and armor. :D)

((Admission: I might be cheating a bit: limited wish to fabricate stuff into masterwork stuff, then magic weapon and magic armor on them miiiiiiiiiiiiight not count. But I've still done all of those within the same game, and the last three within the same battle, even if you don't count the above.))

FuelDrop wrote:
"I'm Batman.": Become Batman. (Not sure how, but I am fairly sure someone's done it at some point.)

Only seen as a GM, not done as a PC.

There are a lot of ways to accomplish this, though, depending on what you mean.

Interestingly, many have been done by my wife...

lucky7 wrote:
Are you KIDDING me?:Roll nothing above a 10 for one session.

... I wish I was kidding you.

equinoxmaster wrote:
Unconventional...- create an unconventional character

... most of mine?

Vincent Takeda wrote:

Slartibartfast. I told you it wasnt important - Create an unconventional name for a character.

Also could be used as a gm achievement for when you failed to name an npc, but the players insist on getting a name anyway, so you had to come up with something ridiculous.

Done on both ends.

HyperMissingno wrote:

A good sign: As a team, confirm 5 or more critical hits at level 1.

Doing it wrong, the right way: Kill an enemy by throwing a weapon you're not proficient with. Bonus points if you lack throw anything.


I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:

"Ursa Minor" (successfully complete a "personal quest" campaign)

"Lyra" (successfully complete an "artifact" campaign)

"Draco" (successfully complete an "epic" campaign)


"Aries" (successfully complete a "war" campaign)

"Taurus" (successfully complete a "survival" campaign)

"Gemini" (successfully complete a "courtly intrigue" campaign)

"Cancer" (successfully complete a "lesser heroes" campaign)

"Leo" (successfully complete a "kingdom management" campaign)

"Virgo" (successfully complete a "rescue" campaign)

"Scorpio" (successfully complete a "stop Sauron" campaign)

"Ophiuchus" (successfully complete a "conspiracy" campaign)

"Sagittarius" (successfully complete a "stop the plague" campaign)

"Capricorn" (successfully complete a "bizarre" campaign)

Yes to all those I've left listed here, depending on the meaning. Some have been as GM, some as a player.

I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:
"Bite My Shiny Metal Ass!" (have what would otherwise have been a critical hit against you nixed by fortification armor, an appropriate spell, etc.)


Liranys wrote:
I'm an Engineer, Not a Magician! Fumble a Knowledge: Engineering roll

... Yes.

limsk wrote:
After 5 agonizing days the cobra died - Make a fortitude save vs. poison with a natural 20

Hah! ... yes.

I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:
"Grand Theft Amish" (hijack a carriage)

Had it happen as a GM.

I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:

Makin', Bakin' and Shakin':
"In the Beginning Was the Word" (scribe a scroll)

"Double, Double, Toil, and Trouble" (brew a potion)

"Wonderful Things..." (craft a wondrous item) Cum laude to whomever sees the reference here.

"I Am Iron Man!" (forge magical armor)

"Live By the Sword..." (forge a magical weapon)

"Expelliarmus!" (craft a wand)

"To Rule Them All" (forge a ring)

"Just Happy To See You" (craft a rod)

"I Am Become Death, Destroyer of Worlds..." (craft a staff)


Petty Alchemy wrote:
Tom Marvolo Riddle Award for Scholastic Merit: Take your first level in Wizard with 20 Int.


Arakhor wrote:
"What do you see?" (cast a detect spell for the first time)

Reference-free: yes.

VM mercenario wrote:

The Dresden

Insult an unfriendly or hostile beign of at least double your CR and survive.
The Kirk
Seduce a member of a different species in the same day you discover the existence of that species.
The Kratos
Kill a god.

I've done the first two, my players the last (on more than one occasion).

Orthos wrote:

Let's You and Him Fight

Convince two enemies/enemy factions opposed to each other as well as you to fight it out between themselves, leaving you and yours out of it.

Hah! My favorite one was where they weren't opposed to each other before I got there. Instill a little religious confusion amidst some evil cult leaders, some subtle-but-convincing (and not so subtle) room to doubt the "faith" of the other major "group" (when before it had been harmonious), then convince one to march a group down to face off against the other one for their "crimes"...

(And, in the middle of combat, shout, "Hey, everybody, I'm on you're side!" while they're in the midst of trying to kill themselves, and you're doing your best to hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide.)

sylvansteel wrote:


I am your father
GM uses NPC from your backstory or one of your former characters as BBEG

I´ll be back
Do something suicidall, while trusting to be resurrected afterwarts

On page twenty my trip to...
Justify something through excessive backstory

Die while the party is split

These aren´t the druids you are looking for
Charm/Dominate a lawenforcement figure
(Druids is the correct spelling in this case, it was a very funny session in Rahadoum)

Use at least 3 alternative rules from other sources than the Core Books

Yes, though the "I am your father" achievement was done to others by me as a GM, and it wasn't their father...

sylvansteel wrote:

Bluff, bluff, bluff the stupid ogre

Eliminate a succesful bluff check of an ally

Hah! ... yes. >.>

equinoxmaster wrote:
Please allow me to introduce myself...- make a deal with an outsider


HyperMissingno wrote:
VM mercenario wrote:

The Kirk

Seduce a member of a different species in the same day you discover the existence of that species.
Question, does it count if you seduce them before you discover their species? Because in one campaign there was a Kitsune Sorcerer with 20 charisma and let's just say she gets around.

... also... >.>

Liranys wrote:
Hey everybody, Did you See that?? Do something spectacularly stupid that you expect to die from and survive it mostly intact.


Liranys wrote:
Sic Simper Tyrannosaurus Kill a dinosaur

Awarded to players.

HyperMissingno wrote:
Now Kiss: Get two NPCs to have some form of a romantic relationship.

Such a useful thing to do! Similarly, repairing a broken relationship!

Snorb wrote:

Blood! Blood For Armok, God of Blood!

Maintain barbarian rage for thirty consecutive rounds during combat.

Carter Beats the Devil
Somehow manage to get at least three good cards from a Deck of Many Things.


Free Bird!
Maintain a bardic performance for thirty consecutive rounds during combat.

How Breaking Bad Should Have Ended
Throw fifteen alchemist bombs during one combat.


I Wish I Had a Better Rules Lawyer
Get screwed over by a poorly-worded Wish spell.

Awarded Blood' and How' (though I don't get the latter), saw Free' happen, and succeeded at Carter' personally.

BigDTBone wrote:

DS9 The Achievement:
In the Pale Moonlight

Use a bluff check to convince an enemy to become your ally.

Treachery, Faith, and the Great River
Obtain an item through barter with 5 or more intermediate steps.

Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges
Convince a party member to commit treason.

The Sound of Her Voice
Heroically "save" an illusion from certain doom.

Take the boss's job after he gets killed doing it.


You Are Cordially Invited...
Get married to a party member.

Favor the Bold
Lead a charge to reclaim your stronghold.


The Way of the Warrior
Revive a PC from an old game to play in the current one.

Civil Defense
Get caught in a trap that you set.

I've either done or almost done all of those I've not edited out.

Lathiira wrote:

Fed Ex Man Complete ten or more quests requiring delivery of goods from one person to another.

Final Fantasy plot: Go through five or more people to get what you want, giving each one something they want along the way.

Master of Disaster: Cast a maximized, empowered area of effect spell ten times. Optionally, replace one of those with intensified.

Smooth operator: Charm ten different NPCs without any of them catching on.


Liz Courts wrote:
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy: Have at least one rank in two different Craft skills and two different Profession skills.

All the time.

sylvansteel wrote:

I catch a grenade for you

Help someone to avoid damage by taking it yourself

It's difficult to do, but I'm glad to!

VM mercenario wrote:
Bandmember: Have ranks in a Performance skill, without being a bard (or skald or similar class), while being in a party with a bard (or skald or similar class)

Hah! ... yes.

HyperMissingno wrote:
Hogging the spotlight: Have your bonus to your perform skill be greater than the bonus to the highest perform skill of your bard.

NO... yes.

Fallen_Mage wrote:
"Is this a test?" Throw yourself into a life threatening situation, only to discover there was no real danger.

Captain America! Also, done it.

Belabras wrote:

Have you considered piracy?

Continue playing a character after completing the campaign

Yes! Lots of fun, actually.

limsk wrote:

I am your father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate: Fail an improbable persuade task with a roll of 1.

Go back to juggling apples: Have a casted spell misfire or fail miserably.

Both. Sigh.

HyperMissingno wrote:
Kenny: Have a PC die and get revived 10 times in a single campaign.

Doing one better: as a GM, having a character die and get reincarnated so often, that you just give it to him as a constant effect whenever he dies, as you know the PCs will do exactly that thing. Also, it's funny. Also, have him reincarnate into the same six races over and over again in the same order, so that you eventually rule that he only reincarnates into those races.

Limnen_euron wrote:

A Popular Tax Dodge: resurrect a character who's been dead for more than 1 year

And Then John Was a Zombie: get TPK'd in a fight against Undead

It Gazes Back: have a gate spell backfire when summoning a Demon


Fly, you Fool: use a fly spell to escape a potential TPK

Just a Flesh Wound: have a regenerate spell cast on you

Yes, otherwise, though the TPK was a "P" consisting of "me"... and I got better... so...

FuelDrop wrote:

An adventurer is you!: Create a Pathfinder character.


All too easy...

limsk wrote:
All in the reflexes: Make a Reflex save at a dramatically appropriate moment.


Greil9 wrote:


"Don't press me"? I'm pressing it.
Activate a trap by activating a switch or lever in plain sight.

Start combat while the rest of the party is discussing strategy or buffing up.

Morphing time!
Have the entire party use some form of shapeshifting ability or spell at the same time.

The amount of times I've GM'd for these...

Snorb wrote:


Mythic-Related Feats:

Don't Need That Fumble Deck Anymore
Learn the Always a Chance champion ability.


The First Step on a Far Greater Path
Become a mythic character.

Prestige Class-Related Achievements:


Breath of Fire (or Cold, or Electric, or Acid)
Earn ten levels of the dragon disciple prestige class.


I Am! The RED! MAGE!
Earn ten levels of the mystic theurge prestige class. Red hat with feather required.


It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time
Take a level in a prestige class.


Spell and Sword
Earn ten levels of the eldritch knight prestige class.

I've only earned "It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time" and (depending on what you accept as qualifying) "Breath of -" and "I Am! The RED! MAGE" feats, though the latter two are... questionable.

I've given out all of them, however.

Usual Suspect wrote:
Can you do that?: Take an unusual path to a prestige class.


Simon Legrande wrote:

What's that smell?: Break into an enemy castle through the sewer.


You know who else...: Do something vaguely similar to something the evil overlord has done.


Are you... stalking my games?!

(Actually, the first is kind of rare, though, ahem, "it happens".)

Liranys wrote:
A Wizard is Never Late Be the last to arrive for game, bonus if it's more than half an hour later than everyone else.

It was just the one tiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmee~!

Simon Legrande wrote:

Jesus built my hotrod: Use Divine Bond to obtain a mount.

That's Mister Doctor Professor to you: Use bluff to pass yourself off as an authority on some topic.

Dinkleberg!: Have another hero/party solve a problem before you can.

Done that!

Liz Courts wrote:
B#**@in' Meat Car: Your mount (or animal companion or familiar that can be ridden) survives to level 10 without dying or being replaced.

Does it count if it's because I never let it into battle?

I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:
"Am I A Pedophile?" (seduce a Human when playing an Elf or other very long-lived race)

... why do you come up with terrible names for your things. :I

limsk wrote:

"Directed by John Woo"

- Successfully pull off a near-impossible feat of ranged weapon shooting while attempting acrobatics

Awarded it. To a new player. Who was an elf cleric. Who rolled 20s. When a guard asked for his identification, just for RP, with no menace or other issues at all.

Lathiira wrote:
Old School Hero: Successfully rescue a princess from a dragon and claim its hoard. Not to mention getting a ransom from the king.

Gotten this one. Not the second, quite yet.

Liranys wrote:

If I said you had a nice body would you hold it against me? Attempt to seduce an NPC.


According to the Onion: Fumble a Knowledge Check


I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:
"My Hovercraft is Full of Eels" (fumble a Linguistics check)


Orthos wrote:
Should've Taken a Left Turn at Albuquerque Fumble a Survival or Knowledge (Geography) check to avoid getting lost.

Look, I said it was just the once!

Liranys wrote:

I like your use of this one. Mine was for a one shot so it was this:

Should've Taken a Left Turn at Albuquerque Be the last person to arrive to game.

I'm soah-hah-hah-hahoooooooooooooooooorrrrryyyyyyyyyyy~!

I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:
"I'm A Changed Man" (don a girdle of gender)
FuelDrop wrote:
Alternative: Not the man I used to be.

Awarded both. Had some PCs make an industry out of some.

Fallen_Mage wrote:


"You can fly? No, jump good." (Succeed against a High Jump DC of 30+)


KahnyaGnorc wrote:
"Inconceivable!" - Successfully perform a tactic that leaves your GM dumbfounded.

... awarded. (Also achieved!)

HyperMissingno wrote:

Lucky (Go a level without taking damage.)

Smart Squishy (Get to level 5 without taking damage)


equinoxmaster wrote:

spell-ing bee winner unlock maximum spell level of spells for your class.

Achieved and awarded!

Dragoncat wrote:

The Caboose Lifetime Achievement Award: Deal 1000 points of friendly-fire damage to your fellow party members over the course of a campaign.

Someone Put A Wall In My Way: Botch a splash weapon throw so badly that it lands in the square you currently occupy.

Awarded both. Different people, though.

Lilith wrote:
Size 9 Skeleton Key: Successfully kick a door down.


I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:
"I'm Batman." (get six 18s in random-rolling character creation)

Achieved. Live. Never allowed to play him/forced to re-roll, due to the GM's house rules.

Sissyl wrote:

"Corpse by the side of the road" - Get more than one stat below 6 in random generation and still play the character.

"I'll just be here drinking then." - Make a character with maximum ranks in a skill the campaign will never use, such as a pilot without a ship.

"*sigh* Times are tough." - Spend an entire session in one room.

Been through all of 'em.

I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:

Living the Dreams I-XIII:
"Living The Dream I" (slay a dragon)

"Living The Dream II" (rescue a princess/prince)
"Living The Dream III" (destroy an Evil artifact)
"Living The Dream IV" (recover a Good artifact)
"Living The Dream V" (turn someone into a toad)
"Living The Dream VI" (rob from the rich and give the haul to the poor)
"Living The Dream VII" (give your magical weapon it's official name)
"Living The Dream VIII" (turn water into wine)
"Living The Dream IX" (get 3 wishes out of a genie)
"Living The Dream X" (turn lead into gold)
"Living The Dream XI" (escape a contract with a fiend)
"Living The Dream XII" (play chess with a god)
"Living The Dream XIII" (steal something from the gods that even they value)

All except "XII" - instead of chess, it was cards.

Sissyl wrote:

"For the glory!" - Get unbelievably, horribly dirty, such as being drenched in dragon intestines, cuddling with a herd of otyughs, or diving into sewer water.

"THIS!!! IS!!! SPARTA!!!" - Fail an important Diplomacy check in a spectacular manner.

"There is always plan A." - Spend at least an hour making a complex plan for something, only to abandon it immediately in favour of "get in, kill everything in the way, get what we came for, and get out."

"Express elevator to Hell, going down!" - Visit Hell.

"Only way to be sure" - Throw at least twenty fireballs from a flying position.

"Only 99 left to go" - Kill a *murf.

Yes, except the last... unless mites count, in which case we're back to "yes".

Snorb wrote:

Taking Damage:
The Hall of Shame: Achievements You Won't Brag About!

Black and Blue (and Yellow and Green and...)
Take 1000 cumulative Bludgeoning damage.

Dropped the Wrong Kind of Acid
Take 1000 cumulative Acid damage.


Extra Crispy
Take 1000 cumulative Fire damage.

Extreme Hypertension
Take 1000 cumulative bleed damage.

Fresh as the Daisies I Was Pushin' Up
Mitigate or remove the aftereffects of coming back from the dead.

Take 1000 cumulative precision damage.

It Tastes Like Burning
Take 1000 cumulative Positive Energy damage.

Life... CLINGS to Me Like a Disease
Survive a coup de grace attempt.

Lightning Plains Flashbacks
Take 1000 cumulative Electric damage.

More Like Revolving Door to Death's Kingdom
Come back from the dead five times.

Porcupine With Feathers
Take 1000 cumulative Piercing damage.

(Star Trek Phaser Sound Effect)
Get killed by a Disintegrate spell or spell effect.

The Black Energy Wave
Take 1000 cumulative Negative Energy damage.

They're Tally Marks, Not Scars
Take 1000 cumulative Slashing damage.

We Have Reinforcements
Have a level 1 character die, write a "II" after his name on the character sheet... and have him die, too.

Wi Nøt Trei a Høliday in Sweden This Yër?
Take 1000 cumulative Cold damage.

I'm not 100% certain I've achieved any of these, but I know I've had characters take ludicrous bruisings over the course of some games.

Wyntr wrote:
Now it's an RPG: The first time the campaign has a quest into the sewers.


TheMonocleRogue wrote:

Do lots of something:

The Mailman: Deal more than 200 damage in a single round as an arcane caster.


Attack on Titan: Kill a giant with 28 or more combined hit dice.

Rasputin: In a single session get poisoned, shot, bludgeoned, and dealt cold damage and survive.

The Streisand Effect: Without using the Leadership feat, gain 100 or more devoted followers.

God Takith Away: As a cleric or paladin, have your class abilities revoked from shifting an alignment category.

Punching Bag: In a single round, get attacked by 8 or more enemies at once.

Big Bad Evil Goat: Successfully use baleful polymorph on a campaign villain.


Around the Multiverse: Use plane shift to visit every plane of existence.

Please Drink Responsibly: Drink 30 different liquids in a single campaign.


I've either done or awarded all of these.

Lilith wrote:

<snip> Do Not Call Up That Which You Cannot Put Down: Have a summon spell go awry and deal with the consequences.

You'll Only Die Tired: Kill an enemy with a long-distance spell or with ranged weapon beyond the first range increment.
Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing: Deal nonlethal damage with a sonic attack.

Got 'em!

Simon Legrande wrote:
A fighter, a monk, and a druid walk into a bar: Start your campaign by meeting in a tavern.


Greil9 wrote:


"This yours?"
Defeat an enemy with his own weapon.

"In my defense, it did kill him."
Kill an enemy with a spell that also damages an ally.

Earned and awarded, respectively.

TheMonocleRogue wrote:


Fist Full of Dice
In a single encounter, land five sneak attacks against the same enemy.

Sir Bearington Sends His Regards
Succeed on a bluff check to convince someone that you are another creature type.

The Bad Touch
Use a touch spell on a creature you are seducing.


Stop That!
Interrupt spell casting 30 times.

We Interrupt This Program...
Join a game session that you are five minutes late for.


Couldn't Do It If You Tried
Roll a natural 20 five times in a row.

Awarded all, but earned only Sir Bearington' and We Interrupt'.

Liranys wrote:
Here, use mine get hit by an enemy holding your weapon.


Simon Legrande wrote:
I'm not left-handed: have your dice rolls go from terrible to awesome in a single combat.


Dragoncat wrote:
I'm Not Left-Handed Either: After getting awesome rolls in combat, be on the wrong end of a string of amazing rolls from your opponent.

... YUP!

Liranys wrote:
I just knew it would come in handy Succeed at something just because you happened to have a mundane item with you from level 1.


TheMonocleRogue wrote:


Craft a golem using a golem manual

You're Going Nowhere
Cut off an enemy's escape route.


No Tears, Only Dreams
Finish off a sleeping or unconscious enemy with a coup-de-grace.

Aw Dude
Find and equip a belt of physical might (Str/Con) +4 amongst random loot.

Awarded all of these.

Lilith wrote:
You May Go Now: Adjust an NPC's attitude towards an ally from hostile to indifferent or better with a Diplomacy or Intimidate check.

Hah! Got it!

Loren Pechtel wrote:

And the kitchen sink: Carry at least 1000 different non-magical items at one time.

Librarian: Have every spell inscribed in your spell book.

I've done both... sort of. The first is limited by weight limit, but books were packed into portable holes to achieve; the latter was in a multitude of different spellbooks, as one didn't have room for everything.

Lilith wrote:
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Have a good character, evil character, and a character with a Charisma score lower than 8 in the same party.


TheMonocleRogue wrote:

Beef Skewers

Set off a trap with a cow 20 times.

... awarded. It was only really disturbing in that it was the same cow, she was sentient, and later polymorphed into a human... to do the same tasks.

Vincent Takeda wrote:
"Down here its our time. Its our time down here" - adventure in an underground cave system

Done on both sides of the screen.

ArgentumLupus wrote:

[spoilers=Fun Times]"Jeepers creepers, look at those peepers" - Seduce a Aasimar NPC

"Excellent!"- Obtain a magical vehicle

"The Joining"- Survive a dangerous rite of passage

"Griff Ball"- Be the butt of 20 jokes [/spoiler]

Definitely the first three, and probably the last over more than one campaign.

ArgentumLupus wrote:
"In the name of the Moon"- defeat a major NPC as a cleric with the Moon sub domain.


Randarak wrote:

Inside or Out:
"Harry Sullivan Is An Imbecile!!!" Accidently activate a rock fall trap that injures the rest of the party, but not yourself.

It's Bigger On The Inside Carry a live PC or NPC inside a bag of holding or portable hole

Affirmative Master Acquire an Onyx Dog Figurine of Wondrous Power

Would You Like A Jelly Baby? Change an NPC's attitude to Friendly or Helpful by offering them food

... awarded them all.

Greil9 wrote:

Its a gift:
"Ever heard of Murphy's law?"

Fail 5 successive saving throws, skill checks or attack rolls by rolling a 5 or lower.

"Sexy shoeless god of war"
Kill 150 hostile NPCs in a single encounter with no healing items or any form of help from other party members or NPCs.

"Found a trap. It's in my spleen now."
Fall victim to 5 different traps in the same dungeon after a failed perception check.

"Style is everything"
Spend at least 300 gold on items meant just for the looks.

"Run? Run. Run!!!"
Succesfully escape a creature whose CR is at least double your party's average level (minimum CR7).

"Jack-of-all-trades, master of none"
Put levels into at least 4 different classes.

"Get away from he you B****!"
Deffeat an enemy with an attack of opporturnity triggered by it trying to coup de grace a member of your party.

"Just this once, everybody lives!"
Have no player character or non-evil NPC die at any point during the course of the campaign.

"Finishing move"
Defeat the BBEG with a critical hit while using either a feat or class ability for the attack or with a spell critical.

"Fair play is overrated"
Defeat a boss character at least partially with trickery.

Awarded them all! Achieved the last three!

Vincent Takeda wrote:
"Shomer Shabbos!" - delay pursuit of the campaign goals for personal reasons.


Greil9 wrote:

"Well, when you put it that way"

Talk the BBEG out of his evil ways.

"We'll double it"
Get a mercenary off your party by paying him more than the one who sent him.

"Pick a card, any card"
Obtain the Deck of Many Things.

"Round two"
Defeat an opponent who has already defeated you once before.

"Wait, where's the **** is the Serpent Ring?!"
Lose a critical plot McGuffin and don't realize it until the very end.

Achieved all of the above.

Vincent Takeda wrote:
"My way is not very sportsmanlike" - sneak/surprise attack with throw anything feat.


Dragoncat wrote:
"I Think You Broke Him/Her...": Cause the GM to break down in laughter from great RP.


Ji-kun wrote:

Pain, a Constant Companion:
We didn't need a bigger boat after all - Defeat an aquatic monster two size categories larger than your own boat and without it sinking.

I am the Tank-Healer-Damage-Dealer - Heal 30 hit points, deal 30 points of damage and take 30 points of damage in a single encounter.

Holy SH--! - Go from full to negative hit points in one round.


The Party is Just Starting - Alert and fight off more than one group in a single encounter.

Achieved all of 'em.

I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:

Great and Terrible:
"'My Light Spell Blinds The Monster!'" (use a 0-level spell in an exceptionally resourceful and effective way)

"'I Pronounce You DEAD!'" (die purely due to DM incompetence)

"'Oh, No! Not Blackleaf!'" (lose the Rogue/Ninja to a trap)

"'I Think You Have The Personality For It....'" (be inducted into an exclusive group important in the campaign)


"'I Used The Brainslave Spell On My Dad!'" (be recognized for having the most impressively large gaming library in the group)

"'I Just Need To Finish Fighting This Zombie....'" (manage to properly resolve a combat encounter while the DM is away from the table)

"'I Don't Want To Be Elfstar.'" (completely change your character's personality/background/name/basic attributes in the middle of the campaign for no very good reason)

"'I've Been Praying And Fasting For You'" (waste a significant amount of time and effort trying to solve a problem completely the wrong way)

"'He Came Out Of Witchcraft'" (have your Cleric, Paladin, Inquisitor, or other deity-dependent divine magician switch to a different deity)

"'You Must BURN THEM!!!'" (destroy a spellbook)

"Thank You, Lord, For Setting Me Free...." (a player switches to the BBEG's side)

Reference is funny, inference is unpleasant, and I've awarded all of them, earning the 'I Just Need to Finish' and 'Praying and Fasting' as well.

Lathiira wrote:

"There can be only one." Successfully decapitate an opponent of CR equal to or greater than your level with a vorpal weapon.

"There is do, and do not. There is no try." Succeed with the exact number required on a roll.

Achieved! The latter has been awarded more than once!

Fallen_Mage wrote:

"What have I got in my pocket?" (Defeat an NPC in a game of riddles to gain information)

"Let this be our final battle!" (Defeat BBEG in single combat)

"Patience is a virtue....Not right now it isn't." (Successfully complete a time consuming task with a horde of enemies barreling down upon you)


"I now take from you your power!" (Lose Class Features due to Alignment Change)

Achieved the first three, awarded the last!

Fallen_Mage wrote:
"Who goes there?" (Successfully determine whom in your party has been replaced by a Shapeshifter)

Achieved and awarded!

Liranys wrote:
I never run out of Sword Be a caster and fight a melee with a weapon other than spells or magic.


Fallen_Mage wrote:

"Blood! Death! Vengence!" (Slay 20 opponents in a single combat while Raging)

"And Shepherds we shall be..." (Reduce the Crime modifier of a Small City or larger by half)

"We have different weak spots than you do." (Apply the sickened condition to 20 Aberrations and/or Outsiders using the Dirty Trick Combat Maneuver)


Fallen_Mage wrote:

"I speak everything." (Learn 10 languages, not counting your starting languages.)

"This is going to be Legen...wait for it...dary!" (Ascend to your first Mythic Tier)

"I know Kung Fu." (Learn an entire Style Feat Chain)

I often achieve the first, and I've awarded all three!

lucky7 wrote:
"The chocolate makes it go down easier"-Drink 50 healing potions.

In the course of a campaign? Semi-regularly.

Fallen_Mage wrote:

"Are you ever going to not fall for that?" (Trick the same opponent 5 times with Illusions)

"It might keep the fire off you, it might not." (Aquire a dragon hide shield or armor as a gift from a friendly NPC)

"You do not fight with Honor! No, he did." (Defeat a Lawful opponent in single combat using the Dirty Trick Maneuver at least 3 times)

"I listened!" (Learn a language the rest of your party knows, but you do not)

"Beer, beer, beer, tiddley beer, beer, beer." (Sing along with a bunch of tavern drunks)


"Riders of the Storm." (Maintain flight, either mundane or magical, during a violent storm)

I've awarded all of them. I've achieved the third one.

Dragoncat wrote:
MUCKLE DARMED CULTISTS!: Kill a summoned creature and its master within 3 rounds of each other.

That was great.

Fallen_Mage wrote:

"None shall pass!" (Make a last stand against a hoarde of enemies)

"We are controlling the transmission." (Take mental control of an NPC or enemy minion that is already under mental control of enemy)

Awarded both, though in the first one, the guy got better.

Lilith wrote:


Sword-Chucks, Yo!: Be proficient in three or more exotic weapons.
Accept No Substitutes: Use an area-of-effect spell that deals energy or force damage in an enclosed room.


Liranys wrote:

1. "He's dead, Jim" (Be the first to die during a game)

2. "Your mother was a hamster" (Taunt an enemy to get his attention)

3. "It belongs in a museum" (Take an Artifact from a dungeon)

4. "A wizard is never late" (Be the last person to arrive at the game)

5. "Today is not that day" (Get Healed from 0 HP during an encounter)

Awarded them all. Earned 4.

DBH wrote:
6. "Did I do that?" (Injure another party member through incompetence, or intent)

Awarded. So much.

Scythia wrote:

7 "They know not what they do"

Unleash/awaken an ancient evil/big bad without understanding the implications.

8 "Apocalypse Now?!"
Accidentally trigger the end of the world.

9 "Guaranteed Fulfillment"
Cause a prophecy to come true by your actions.

Awarded them all, though 8 was averted.

I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:

10. "The Corak Maneuver" (sacrifice yourself to kill the BBEG)

11. "'I Leave You Now, And Dodge Your Sorrow....'" (survive a premature encounter with the BBEG)

12. "Kallak's Treehouse" (be sent on a quest by something that shouldn't normally be be capable of talking)

13. "'Oh Look - MORE Lembas Bread!'" (subsist for at least a month on nothing but trail rations)

14. "'Igor Allergic to Avocado'" (subsist for a week or longer on rations of a distinctly unappetizing variety)

15. "I Fought The Law, The Law Won" (shift your alignment to Lawful)

16. "Nowhere Man" (shift your alignment to Neutral with regard to Law and Chaos)

17. "Any Way The Wind Blows" (shift your alignment to Neutral with regard to Good and Evil)

18. "'Let Me Look On You With My Own Eyes....'" (shift your alignment to Good)

19. "'Why Couldn't She Be The Other Kind of Mermaid?!?'" (back out of a sexual encounter with a monster)

20. "'I. Am. Captain. James. Tiberius. Kirk!'" (boldly go all the way in a sexual encounter with a monster)

21. "'Play The Marseillaise!'" (non-violently resolve and prevail in an encounter with known, hated enemies)


23. "'I Think This Is The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship'" (add a new party member after the game has started)

24. "'I Am Shocked - SHOCKED!'" (corrupt an authority figure)

25. "A Hill Of Beans" (permanently divide the party)

Awarded 10-21 and 23-25; Achieved 11-18, 21, and 23.

Artemis Moonstar wrote:

31. "That's what they all say." (Fail a bluff or diplomacy check to convince the law of your innocence.)

32. "Judge, jury... Executioner." (personally execute a helpless or cowering opponent that you have seen commit a crime.)

33. "Dead men do tell tales." (obtain an important bit of information from a Speak With Corpse spell.)

Awarded 31-32, achieved 33.

Belabras wrote:

34. The Corbomite Maneuver (pull off an epic, possibly campaign breaking bluff)

35. Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal! (Be betrayed by the shifty NPC everyone knew was going to betray you)

36. Listen, do you smell that? (Execute a really stupid plan)

Achieved 34-36

I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:

37. "'Bishop.'" (Be betrayed by the shifty PC everyone knew was going to betray you)

38. "'I've Got A Jar Of Diii-irt!'" (taunt the BBEG with the campaign maguffin)

39. "Knowing Is Half The Battle!" (learn something especially valuable/important from a divination spell)

40. "'Who Takes Improved Initiative?'" (show up a power-gamer with a character they're convinced is "gimped" because it operates on a level beyond their stultified understanding of the game - better still if you're a new or comparatively-new player)

41. "They Call Me Cuban Pete!" (force your enemies to start dancing, whether through the irresistible dance spell or some other method)

42. "PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWER!" (cast wish)


Aardvark Barbarian wrote:

43. "BA...BY...RUTH?" (Befriend an already hostile monster, without magic)

44. "Neo maxi zoom dweebie." (Succeed on 100 knowledge checks)

45. "Could you describe the ruckus?" (Be unable to act during 5 surprise rounds in a row)


I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:

46. "Itty-Bitty Living Space!" (magically imprison or bind a powerful enemy)

47. "'Did Somebody Roll A 5 Or An 8?'" (free, deliberately or otherwise, someone or something who has been magically imprisoned or bound)

48. "Oogie-Boogie" (turn a crappy roll into a good one by slamming your fist on the table)

49. "'My Bugs! My Bugs! My Bugs....'" (defeat a swarm)

50. "I AM The Pumpkin King!" (return to your original alignment after having significantly shifted)


Orthos wrote:

51. "My clan will hunt the night!" (Defeat enough of a single type of opponent that creatures of that type can start making Knowledge checks about YOU. Can be gained multiple times.)

52. "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." (Heal and/or be healed 1000 hit points through potions, scrolls, or other methods besides direct casting)

53. "Trainwreck Effect" (Fail so spectacularly at something that it becomes a net positive to the party somehow.)

54. "Heaven's Revolving Door" (Be raised/resurrected/reincarnated 10 times)

55. "Knock Knock Knocking on Heaven's Door" (Fall into the negatives 10 times without dying)


Sissyl wrote:

56. "Boom today!" (Trigger detonation from two extradimensional spaces)

57. "I thought you checked on him" (Enemy dies from suffocation in extradimensional space)
58. "100 bullets" (Use up five quivers of arrows/cases of bolts in a single combat)
59. "They're not real, are they?" (Cause summoned creatures to die from a known trap)
60. "Maybe we can still get a reward?" (Kill off someone you needed alive)

Awarded... >.>

I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:

Plane as Day:
61. "One Small Step For A Man...." (travel to another plane)

62. "There's No Place Like Home" (return to the Prime Material Plane from somewhere else)

63. "What Dreams May Come" (travel to an Outer Plane)

64. "We Are Stardust" (travel to an Elemental Plane)

65. "The Light Fantastic" (travel to an Energy Plane)

66. "Carpenter's Walk" (travel to the Ethereal Plane)

67. "'It's Full Of Stars....'" (travel to the Astral Plane)

68. "The Twilight Zone" (travel to the Plane of Shadow)

69. "Fan-Fiction Writers, Start Your Engines!" (travel to an alternate cosmology)

70. "88 MILES PER HOUR!!!" (time-travel a long distance)

71. "It's Just A Jump To The Left...." (time-travel a short distance)

72. "Awake" (travel to the Far Realm)

All achieved except 69 and 72... which were awarded.

strayshift wrote:

Souls and Damage:
73. "Soul Survivor, so-o-oul sur-vi-vor". Survive an otherwise TPK.

74. "Fire! Dah-nah-nuh!" Survive being set on fire or encounter with significant fire using opponent.
75. "you're as cold as ice!" As above but cold.
76. "Why you're Greased Lightning!" As above but Lightning.
77. "Caught between a Rock and a Hard Place" As above but earth type damage.
78. "Too impatient he is" Get the party in a load of trouble through impatience.
79. If we turn, turn, tu-hrn, turn, turn, turn!" Channel against a large number of undead.

Awarded all, and have earned 74-77.

Chyrone wrote:

80. How much Xp for the peasant? (annoy the GM by killing comoner NPC for no reason)

81. Overkill (waste a high lvl spell to kill forementioned commoner)
82. FATALITY! (defeat outright kill an enemy with a confirmed critical hit)
A friendly NPC LUMBERJACK, cleaved a pirate with such.
83. Boomtown (lay waste to a town by explosions)
84. As i had foreseen (scry on your enemy and mock him for knowing his plans all along)

Awarded all.

Gwaihir Scout wrote:

85. "Missed it by THAT much!" Fail an important roll by 1.

86. "Would you believe..." Fail an attempt to bluff an opponent into surrendering.

87. "Sorry about that, Chief." Decrease an authority figure's attitude towards you.

88. "And LOVING it!" Accept a suicide mission.

89. "If only he'd used his powers for niceness." Defeat a main villain.

90. "Second-biggest" Defeat a Colossal creature.

91. "Cone of Silence" Affect an allied spellcaster with silence.

92. "Agent 13" Successfully disguise yourself as an inanimate object.

Achieved 85-86, and 89-92; awarded all.

Oceanshieldwolf wrote:

93. "First time!!!!!" (finally rolls higher than 12 and hit something after a spectacualrly long run of bad rolls.)

94. "The Greyhawker" (loots bodies even down to removing the teeth out of NPC bodies to sell on the local dental market and bones to sell to Knackery/glue factory)

Yes to both.

I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:

Spell Focus:
95. "BOO!" (resolve/overcome/bypass a combat encounter entirely by way of illusions)

96. "We Recycle" (cast animate dead)

97. "Be Our Guest!" (cast animate objects)

98. "When In Doubt, Draw A Door" (cast plane shift)

99. "DAY-O!" (cast magic jar)

100. "Avada Kedavra!" (cast finger of death)

101. "IT'S ALIIIIIIVE!!!" (create a golem)

I've achieved all except 99, which I've awarded.

strayshift wrote:

102. "I'm fallingggggggggggggg..." Take significant falling damage.

103. "Down but not out." Survive to pursue enemies.

Achieved and awarded.

Artemis Moonstar wrote:
104. "Shouldn't we stop now?" (Set a numerical goal for something, reach it, and then just keep going)

Done. :D

Chyrone wrote:
105. Castle Anthrax (set up a bio-hazardous brothel within a keep)

I... uh... I had a player do that. >.>

Randarak wrote:

106. “Fetchez la vache” – Successfully throw (or catapult) a large farm animal over a wall.

107. “I’ve got a bad feel about this” – Successful Perception check detecting an ambush.

108. “Is it cold in here, or is it just me?” – Be the only one who failed their saving throw during a cold based, area of effect attack.

109. “Is it hot in here, or is it just me?” – Be the only one who failed their saving throw during a fire based, area of effect attack.

110. “Do you smell ozone?” – Be the only one who failed their saving throw during an electricity based, area of effect attack.

111. “THHWIPP!” – Affect all INTENDED targets with a web spell.

Awarded all, earned 107-110.

Snorb wrote:

Merciful Snorb, that's a lot!:

Kill 100 enemies with the Plant type.

Back to the Time War, Rassilon
Kill 100 enemies with the Outsider type.

Kill 100 enemies with the Gnome subtype.

Boatmurdered Memorial Achievement
Kill 100 enemies with the Dwarf subtype.

Every attack you made in one session was an automatic miss.


Dammit, Who Has the Most Hit Points?
Take over 400 damage during a single combat without dropping unconscious.

Elemental Ailment
Kill 100 enemies with the Elemental subtype.

Hide Behind the Mountain of Dead Bards
At least five party members died during the campaign.


I Am Villain! Now I Am Badass
Shift your alignment to Evil.

I Attack the Darkness
Successfully make twenty attacks in total darkness and/or against invisible foes.

I Cast a Spell
Kill one person with a maximized CL 9+ magic missile spell.

I *Crawl* Down the Corridor
Accidentally set off five traps you are aware of.


It's Plus Nine Against Ogres
Kill 100 enemies with the Monstrous Humanoid type.

Join the Scout Service, They Said
Have your character die due to your party's badly misaimed spells.

Just Take a Level of Fighter Already
Successfully attack five opponents despite having a total attack bonus of -1 or worse.

Kain the Wrecker
Kill 100 enemies with the Construct type.

Kender, Halfling, What's the Difference?
Kill 100 enemies with the Halfling subtype.

Krud Kut
Kill 100 enemies with the Ooze type.

Like Rabbits
Kill 100 enemies with the Human subtype.

Not So Great Fortitude
Fail 100 Fortitude saves.

Not So Pretentious NOW
Kill 100 enemies with the Elf subtype.

OhhHhHHHHHHhhhh, OH! Fumble!!
Fail five saving throws that would only fail if you rolled a 1.

PeTA's $#&+ List
Kill 100 enemies with the Animal type.

Plasticine Will
Fail 100 Will saves.

Ponderous Reflexes
Fail 100 Reflex saves.

Rip and Tear
Deliver 200+ damage with a single melee attack.

Save That Die!
Every attack you made in one session was a critical hit.

Siegmund's Legacy
Kill 100 enemies with the Dragon type.

Sent Back to the Dark One
Kill 100 enemies with the Goblin subtype.

Shoulda Stayed in the Bottle
Kill 100 enemies with the Fey type.

Sneaky Petey
Every attack you made in one session was a sneak attack.

The Exact Opposite of WAAAAAGH
Kill 100 enemies with the Orc subtype.

The Morning Sun, Come to Vanquish the Terrible Darkness
Kill 100 enemies with the Undead type.

Too Stupid to Live
Kill 100 nonswarm enemies with the Vermin type.


Unimproved Initiative
Have a positive Initiative modifier only because of traits and/or feats.

Way to @$#%ing Kill Me, Dude
Be directly responsible for killing five fellow party members!

What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse
Suffer from at least four variants of Bestow Curse at the same time.

What the Hell Are YOU?
Kill 100 enemies with the Aberration type.

You Need a 23 on a Twenty-Sided Die
Succeed at five saving throws that would only succeed if you rolled a 20.


You're Not There, You're Getting Drunk
Successfully kill an enemy while drunk.

Yuna Was Here
Kill 100 enemies with the Magical Beast type.

Achieved all except I Am Villain!' and Way to'; I've awarded them all.

Chyrone wrote:
Hail to the king Baby. (Defeat 50 undead and seduce a woman)

... yes.

Trigger Loaded wrote:
158: "Does whatever a spider can." - Climb a wall under the effect of Spider Climb and cast Web, entangling an enemy.

... yes!

Simon Legrande wrote:


"Negative, I am a meat popsicle" - Successfully bluff the authorities.
"Four on the right, two on the left" - Kill at least one enemy during the surprise round.
"BIG BA-DA-BOOM" - Survive a 200 foot fall without using magic.


Ptolmaeus Arvenus wrote:

"Strange women lying in ponds" - Ascend to the throne of a kingdom.

"And the kitchen sink" - use improvised weapons for 5 consecutive rounds but use each one for only one round apiece.

... yes.

Sissyl wrote:
"You do what you want, I'm gonna go slay that dragon." Charge into absolutely overwhelming odds.

Done! Successfully!

Ptolmaeus Arvenus wrote:

"Introducing the Maquis de Carabas" - form and maintain an outlandish second identity.

"Tools of the enemy" - Disarm or steal an enemy's weapon and use it against them 10 times.
"The runaround" - Defeat an enemy with a melee weapon without them ever starting their turn with you in their threatened area.

Accomplished all!

Dieben wrote:

"It isn't like he needs it anymore..." Loot a fellow player's character's body.

"Seppuku for Dummies" Accidentally kill yourself on your turn

"Extradimensional Bomber" Put a portable hole inside a bag of holding or vice-versa.

... awarded all.

Simon Legrande wrote:

"Put on the glasses!" - Win a fight that lasts longer than 10 rounds.

"Behind a blade of grass" - Use evasion to avoid damage from AoE spells 10 times.
"All out of bubblegum" - Successfully intimidate 10 opponents in combat.
"To the Pope!" - Have a high level cleric in a church bring you back from the dead on five consecutive days.
"Out of order" - Fail 10 use magic device checks on one item without a mishap.
"I think it's broke" - Suffer 5 use magic device mishaps.

Awarded all, but achieved the 'Behind, Out', and I think' achievements.

Snorb wrote:

A Snorbisboard:
Along For the Ride

Successfully drag 50 enemies.


Get tripped by 10 enemies.

I Am Not Left-Handed
Successfully feint 50 enemies.

Just Hit Him With Your Sword
Successfully grapple 50 enemies.

Like Crappy Potato Chips
Successfully sunder 50 enemies' gear.

Linebacker Shoulders
Bull rush 50 enemies at least 10' (2 squares) each.

Martial Grease Spell
Successfully disarm 50 enemies.

Successfully disarm 20 enemies by taking their weapons.

On Yer Backs
Successfully trip 50 enemies.

Shir of the Winds
Successfully steal from 50 enemies during combat.

This! Is! &c.
Successfully reposition 50 enemies.

Wait, What? Whatever
Actually use the Combat Expertise feat as intended.

Achieved at Faceplant and Mine!

Awarded the rest.

Vincent Takeda wrote:
"Another Shrubbery!" - Receive second quest from the same npc.


Vincent Takeda wrote:
"I think I jogged him too hard" - One shot the npc you intended to intimidate


Vincent Takeda wrote:
"I am not left handed" - win a losing battle by changing tactics


Vincent Takeda wrote:
'He's only MOSTLY dead' aka 'HUPPERDIIIIINK' - convince npc to resurrect a fallen party member without paying for it

Achieved and Awarded! ... and I've provided it, as a PC!

Vincent Takeda wrote:
'ROUS's? I dont think they exist.' Survive an attack by giant vermin

Hah! ... that was annoying.

Vincent Takeda wrote:
" To the pain" - Capture the enemy using bluff check


Vincent Takeda wrote:
"Over the albino, I think" - retrieve loot that was originally passed over as useless

... yyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeesssssssss... >.>

Vincent Takeda wrote:
"He didnt fall? Inconceivable!" - survive trap during climb checks.


Vincent Takeda wrote:
"Puny God" - defeat an encounter of superior cr using cmb grapple



... well that was more than I thought. What about you guys?

Is there any effect in the body of True20 works (or supplement systems, like Blue Rose*) that are in any way similar to reincarnate? I'm aware that hag covens have lost that ability, so I don't expect so, but I'm curious.

Similarly, is there any effect similar to polymorph any object? I'm aware of Flesh Shaping, however that seems to be appearance only... unless I'm wrong? Is there a feat that alters it somewhere?

On a similar, and final, note, is there anything like Regenerate: for example, could a person use Flesh Shaping to regenerate lost parts and have them function again? Is there any ruling against that, or required feat?


1 person marked this as a favorite.

I glanced through the headings in the thread and saw nothing so clearly labelled as this.

I'm hoping for a generated list of APs and Adventures where the Vigilante's mechanics could really shine - something like Council of Thieves, where the PCs are expected both to be anonymous and famous, for example, simultaneously. Kingmaker is open-ended enough that it absolutely could be a place for them.

Unfortunately, I've already 'used' Council of Thieves and am playing Kingmaker, but I'm curious where Vigilantes, as currently conceived (the playtest as of this writing) would fit in well.

I've been curious about Curse of the Crimson Throne and Legacy of Fire as alternates. What about adventures or modules?

If you don't mind, I'd appreciate feedback from those who've looked at them. I mean, yes, of course, a Vigilante should be able to fit in well wherever (at least hypothetically), but for my purposes, I'd appreciate it if you listed a choice you felt was both solid and 'genuine' and why, but also put that information in spoilers so that those reading it aren't spoiled.

Additionally, please rate how strongly you feel the class works for that AP on a rating of 1-to-5 (least to greatest).

Though some might love the vigilante and some might hate it, give it your best assessment regardless of you're feelings of the class. Simply saying 'the class sucks, don't' or 'the class rocks, do' is unhelpful. (Though saying, 'the class sucks, here's why for <X>' or 'the class rocks, here's why for <X>' is helpful - especially the latter).

I'll go ahead and put two to demonstrate (though spoilers are actually quite minimal):


Council of Thieves, 5-rank:
This is a phenomenal AP for an all-vigilante party. The entire premise rests upon the PCs being both known for their association as 'heroes' and gaining public renown in that manner, as well as being 'secret' heroes that go about unnoticed by the powers-that-be. The ending, in which their secret identities are revealed, could be exceptionally dramatic, and fits perfectly within the greater 'archetype' of the AP in its entirety.

Conclusion: an all-vigilante party would be perfect in this AP.

Kingmaker, 2-or-3-rank:
This AP could work quite well with vigilantes, but the value of the class rests entirely on the play-style of the table. Kingmaker is an open-ended sandbox game involving a combination of wilderness exploration (scripted), dungeon-crawls (scripted), and role-played kingdom-building (little, comparatively, scripted, as of installment 4, but some elements definitely present). If the game style caters more toward GM-created elements, and RP/intrigue the vigilante could be a five-star element; if not, it's a 1-star. I give it 2-to-3 stars because, while a strong potential contender, and it could definitely be strong at our table, the AP itself isn't built upon assumptions that automatically make a vigilante a stand-out option (though it could be, based on group-style).

Conclusion: vigilante could be stand-out, or wasted, depending entirely on the group's style and composition, and this is even more variable than normal, due to the AP's sand-boxy nature.

Note: The spoilers above are minimal enough that I wouldn't consider them spoilers at all: the first is revealed within (more or less) the opening 'scene' of the AP (and/or the Player's Guide), while the second is merely my impression gleaned from the player's side with no specific events mentioned at all. I feel comfortable recommending people read them.

Anyway, I'm hoping for something like that, and hope this could help others, as well. Maybe even generate interesting and focused feed-back. Thanks!

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So, I need to flag a post... but what to choose?

Some of these I know, some I don't, and some I've asked but have been ignored or missed. Nonetheless, I've seen numerous questions on this topic, previously - although the categories are mostly self-explanatory, there are a few things that defy obvious classification. So I figured I'd make a pseudo-FAQ thread for the curious!

When flagging a:

- Spammer, which do I choose?

- Post that has a link to an NSFW site, but lacks that warning, what do I choose?

Is flagging my own post the correct response when I've:

- Made a spelling error?

- Unintentionally insulted someone or something?

- Improperly used BBCode Markups?

What happens (or what should I do) when I:

- Select "just wanted to try the flagging system"?

- Disagree with a deleted or edited post, or a moved thread?

- Accidentally flag a post (or flag it, then regret it)?

- See a post that contains words purposefully replicated from a Paizo-created work? (Such as an extended quote, with page citations.)

Are multiple flags important, or if a post is already flagged by one person, is that enough?

Thanks! I'm encouraging us to put all our questions related to the flagging system in this thread, to make the whole experience better for all of us, and to have a simple, single place to point to for future questions.

As the intrepid kobold companion continues his journey, he begins to wonder... why he not gets account of his own?

So Deekin make one!

... but the funny poster-board here made Deekin's name looks all funny!

So Deekin was wondering if he could get one little extra letter, maybe, so his name doesn't have to get scrunched up all funny. Deekin understands this is not always possible, but Deekin feels that kobolds gots to ask, or else nobody knows!

To be a little more clear, I'm exactly one character away from "Deekin Faithful Kobold Companion" or two from "Deekin, Faithful Kobold Companion" - I didn't know if anyone had the ability to make that happen or not, which is fine, either way, but I figured I'd ask! Thanks, regardless of the answer!

So, I was posting in a PbP, and crafted my post based off of dice rolls the random generator made for me (quoted in its entirety for posterity), but by the time I finished, someone else had posted, and my dice had radically altered.

I didn't think that happened anymore! I thought that, once previewed, they stayed semi-locked.

Was I just really wrong? Did something else happen to change my rolls by 8 7* and by 9, respectively? 'Cause... that's... harsh. And a lot of work lost, if so.

By the way: I'm not complaining about the actual folk who run and maintain this site, or even your code! I just need to know how obsessively I need to hit "Preview" in order to know what my posts are.


Ashley is shockingly pale.

"Ah... I-" Ashley attempts, before falling into a coughing fit.

After a few moments, his breathing stabilizes. He nods graciously at Phillip's and Sali's assistance, though barely able to control himself.

"Er... my... my apologies. It... seems..." he looks strained, "... Mother's... "blessings"..." he coughs some more, "... are... acting up again." He takes time to regather what strength he has - even that little seemed to wind him. "Be... better... few... minutes..." he manages to finish, softly.

Bluff: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (4) + 9 = 13 Secret Message to Bahram. DC 15 Success.
Bluff: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (9) + 9 = 18 Hm...

Secret Message:
"Drop whatever you're up to, so we can deal with it privately later. I'm doing this for you."

Sense Motive DC 10:
Ashley seems to be entirely "genuine" in his feinting. Nudge-nudge, wink-wink.

Bahram Sense Motive DC 10:
Totally faking it to take the heat off you, man.

Sense Motive DC 15:
Ashley seems to be entirely "genuine" in his feinting. No, really.

Bahram Sense Motive DC 15:
He seems to be doing this to distract the others from whatever it is you're hiding.

Sense Motive DC 20:
Ashley seems to be entirely "genuine" in his feinting.

Bahram Sense Motive DC 20:
While real, he's probably playing it up for your sake, hoping to distract others so the two of you - and Chef Sali - can handle things in private.

Sense Motive DC 24:
Ashley is entirely genuine in his feinting. He's to Barhnam, he's passing it off as if it were an intentional "distraction" to help smooth over that situation to attend to later, and probably is using it as such.

Yes, I just copy/pasted this four times with small edits in between.

Bahram Sense Motive DC 24:
Actually, he couldn't fake this well if he tried. The guy really can't breathe at present. He's still very distracting, though, and playing it up for your sake.

EDIT: Woooooaaaah. My dice rolls really changed between "Preview" and "Submit Post", but Phillip posted while I was following up on the rolled part. Hm... wondering if I should change the above DCs and results above? GM?

* Hey, everyone, I can simple Math! ... sometimes... >.>


I was reading up on interesting "alternates" for goblins and elves and such.

I came across THIS charming fellow, and realized that he's exactly what I needed!

... so, of course, I had to stat him out.

... which meant giving an origin story.

... which meant reading wikipedia entries on his cultural heritage as well as two or three random other websites.

... which meant developing a "campaign setting" (or at least a local area).

Which meant putting it all here, on Paizo!

Why, no, I certainly don't have enough of these floating around on these forums, that I don't revisit; why would you ever think such a thing this?

(Though, to be fair, number three is just a thought-experiment; number four isn't a setting, but a collection of thoughts of different people; number five is just a conversion of an adventure; and number six is actually being played!)

So, it's worth noting right off the bat, that I'm not from South America, have exceedingly limited exposure to South America (except for Mexico), and am thus about as culturally sensitive as a maddened rhinoceros stapled with staples made out of sovereign glue to a rabid buffalo. In a China shop (not the country).

My apologies for getting anything culturally insensitive - it is not my intent. I just thought the mythology was pretty cool and am co-opting it for a game I'm thinking of in the future. I strongly recommend checking out the history, myths, and legends of the Guaraní people: you can start here, and then move on to things like this! :D

EDIT: (to be a bit more clear) I honestly don't know if the style that people want, or not, or if they'd speak or tell stories in the manner I did below... but it's how it seemed to come out! Hop this is enjoyed!

Additionally, having the names changed is, in fact, part of the general plot element. The original language is lost, and the PCs will need to learn the language to get all the information they can, later.

I'm going to break up the information here a bit to help with digestion and flow.

ANYhoo. Here! We! Goooooooooooooooo~!

(In the next post!)

I was looking for the sequels to Uncommon Commoners, but was only able to find adventures two, four, and five. I am unable to find adventure three, and the author under the comments on his blog responded to an anonymous poster (not me*), that he wasn't able to find numbers three or four... and number four required some digging on my part.

So, is number three available? If not, is there a reason? Any way to purchase it through you guys (as I'd really like to)?


From my understanding, Uncommon Commoners: Fish Sticks is supposed to be part one of seven.

In looking, however, I can only find two, four, and five.

Looking at my Fish Sticks PDF, it seems it was copy-written in "2013, 2014" which seems to indicate late in 2013 and early in 2014 - thus, it's possible that six and seven don't exist yet.

... but what about number three? Is there a reason that PDF is no longer available? It makes it rather difficult to complete the set/run the adventures...

I mean, my search results technically include unavailable products, so I'm just kind of confused.

Anyone know why this is?

So, I'm in the middle of looking at checking out and I've got roughly $2.26 until I hit the "We'll give you $10.00 for shipping!" thing... except it says that I need to add $30.03 instead.

I figured, "Huh, okay, well, I suppose 3rd Party doesn't count?" (and confirmed this with adding a few 3rd Party options that didn't do anything, before removing them to my "Save for Later" pile), and went "Okay: Pathfinder Unchained!" (for $33.99)... at which point, it told me that I still had $30.03 to go before hitting $100.


If I can't get the discount for some reason, that's fine - I'd just like to, if at all possible.

If not, I might not grab everything right now, but I was curious what I'm missing. Thanks!

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