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I was going through the steps for a paladin and mounted combat.

I noticed the wording for the Mount animal companion/Support Benefit on page 216 of the Core Rulebook.

I also noticed the wording of Jousting on page 283 of the Core Rulebook.

My interpretation is that on a mount (not the companion) the base lance damage would be 1d8/1d6+1+Strength.

Whereas, on a Horse Companion (with the Support Benefit) the base lance damage would be 1d8/1d6+3+Strength.

Does that seem correct to you all?


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One quick point though; the support benefit for the horse doesn't actually mention that you need to be riding it, just that you need to charge...

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I feel it’s clearly meant to only provide that bonus while mounted but it is what I noticed as well when I was looking at my Ranger.

Something else to note is that the bonus damage applies to bows and crossbows too, or any other type of ranged attack.

Interesting. So even if a mounted archer is riding away, they can still get the benefit by the rules.

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