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Liberty's Edge

Setting this up for conversation!

Liberty's Edge ***** Venture-Captain, Virginia—Richmond aka Slothsy

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Dear Pathfinder Society Overpeople,

I am writing this to request that you re-consider the decision not to allow Silksworn Occultists be legal for play. However, I am bad at designing characters and am not able to breakd own power level concerns about this archetype. I'm asking a friend to do this, but I'm sure there's going to be plenty of other Pathfinder Society players who are willing to do this for me. Rather, I'm going to ask for this be allowed on the basis of flavor.

The moment that I saw this archetype, I fell in love. I had in mind a little halfing who dressed in super fancy clothes. He was excited to be small because, you know, "if you're half the size, your clothes can be twice as fancy". I've talked to at least three other people who wanted a silksworn occultist, and they were all drawn to the fancy clothes aspect. We all just want to be fancy people :(

When the AR dropped, I was a bit disappointed. It's not the end of the world. But my experiences are that there's a lot of excitement about this option from people who are interested in it from a character flavor background instead of a mechanics background. It ties in very, very well with Taldan / Sovereign Court shenanigans but it's not limited to that!

Please just reconsider this decision; Sir Barington Flufhat IV would love to exist in PFS form. It's not the end of the world if it doesn't happen, but I think that it would make a number of people very happy.


The reasons I understand that things don't get allowed into the campaigns all stem from it being potentially harmful. These are:

It's obviously evil/tech-related/other roleplaying elements
It gives out multiple "pets"
It's overpowered (including, but not limited to, overshadowing a base class's niche, pushing the power ceiling too much)
It may interact with rules that I'm not aware of (because there's a lot of books published and unpublished that I haven't gotten to read yet).

I can really respond to the first two; I don't believe this flavor is inappropriate. It doesn't give out multiple pets. I'm bad at character creation/min maxing, so I'll leave it to other people to hash that out. Obviously, I'm not aware of rules that I'm not aware of.

Thanks for your consideration!

Link to the d20PFSRD page for the Silksworn

Liberty's Edge ***** Venture-Captain, Virginia—Richmond aka Slothsy

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So, I often run modules but have a hard time scheduling them because I don't know how long they'll take to complete. I've put together this handy-dandy form so that way you can answer questions like "Can I run the Harrowing in a 6-hour slot?" (spoiler alert: no). I'm currently seeking data collection, and having multiple answers for each module will be a great help!



The Armageddon Echo

Hey All!

Here's the discussion thread.

The Armageddon Echo

In the private room at the Gold Goblin, Kwava sits stiffly in one of the mahogany chairs, looking over the pair of leather journals. His face moves with more concern as he reads. His brow furrows and the discomfort he normally shows in the city fades into near panic.

"I know that some of us have not yet met before," he says with an upturned hand gesturing at Orthus, Aishe, and Gillian, "but I will trust the judgement of your allies in vouching for you. If you were part of the group that recovered these journal - well, you know with your own eyes now that drow walk under this world. I am Kwava, and my organization has fought these dark creatures for its long existence. I am one of the Shin’Rakorath, the Lantern Bearers."

Kwava pauses for a moment to gather his thoughts, a deep furrow worn into his brow. “These are grave tidings. When you discovered Vancaskerkin was working with one of the dark elves, I could hardly believe it. Now I realize there are far more terrible events in motion. If the drow have learned how to pull stars from the sky, none of us are safe.

“I must ask a great favor of you. My employers, the Shin’Rakorath, have only recently revealed to me the full extent of the drow menace in Celwynvian. As much as I would dearly love to see the city, they have ordered me to remain in the Riddleport hinterlands to keep watch for any further drow influence. Yet they have also expressed interest in hearing from you directly. This journal you found, combined with the one recovered some time ago from Vancaskerkin’s drow accomplice, would be of great use to my kin in the Mierani Forest. The Shin’Rakorath and I ask you to carry these journals to Crying Leaf, a small camp in the eastern reaches of the wood. Take it to Eviana, the leader of Crying Leaf. She will know what to do.”

The Armageddon Echo

Welcome All! Settle into the new thread when you're ready. I've got the hook set up and everything.

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I would like to have my sidecart order (bigger dungeon flip-mat) ship with my preordered Curse of the Crimson Throne order (order number 4090938).


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A help wanted sign nailed to this post flaps in the wind. The corners are worn and the paper is slightly soggy from the rain, but the ink is still legible.

"The Gold Goblin is hiring! We are looking for well rounded individuals from all walks of life. Open positions include: manager, broker, bouncer, chef, and many more! Please contact Nel Sandhal for more information."

"Two adventurers wanted to assist in a trip to the Devil's Elbow, site of the great Skymetal Rush. Join in for Glory, Adventure, And Unlimited Earning Potential. Any skills accepted, all to receive an equal share of the gold. Apply at the Gold Goblin with two references and a resume. Must provide own supplies.

I am looking for a new player or two for my Second Darkness campaign. We have been playing for a little less than two years at this point and are approximately halfway through the second book (Children of the Void). I am less interested in recruiting for a specific character and more interested in finding player who is interested in a long-term game and will be able to maintain a regular posting schedule.

My ideal player

  • is interested in playing the campaign for its own enjoyment, not as a race to finish
  • who has an established history with PbPs
  • is willing to check the thread about once per day and post 2-3 times per week
  • is a team player and willing to work with a group to create a cohesive party
  • enjoys getting into the RP

If you want to submit a character idea that you have, you can go ahead and do so.

Our party is currently (as of who's active)

  • Half-elf cavalier
  • Human samurai
  • Elf bard/cleric who serves as divine support/skills/buff as needed

The Campaign So Far

In the first book of Second Darkness, the party was working in Riddleport for Saul Vancaskerkin, a former crime boss, at a gambling hall called the Gold Goblin. After Saul attempted to murder the party, they took the Gold Goblin for themselves and discovered that a drow was living in the smuggler's tunnels under the gambling hall. The drow's notes indicated that she was part of a larger conspiracy seeking to destroy Golarion.

After defeating the drow woman, a huge meteorite descended from the sky and hit an island south of Riddleport, causing a huge tidal wave and damaging the city. While Riddleport has been rebuilding, rumors that the island (The Devil's Elbow) was full of valuable skymetal began to spread.

The party has gone to the Devil's Elbow to see if there is any skymetal available so that they can retrieve it and sell it to pay for repairs to gambling hall. However, they also have heard rumors that the island is haunted and one of their rival crimebosses, Clegg Zincher, is also on the island. They've determined they need to go back to Riddleport to recruit more workers - that would be you.

Character Creation Rules

Note: A full character is not strictly required, but an idea of what you would like to play would help.

Characters should make sense for this campaign. They can be opportunistic citizens of Riddleport, elves that came to town to investigate rumors of drow, or something else.

  • Level 5
  • 25 Point Buy
  • Core and APG preferred. If you wish to take something from outside these books, please ask first. If you’re taking something from material unavailable on the PRD, please provide a link to it on the Archive of Nethys.
  • Core races and tieflings only
  • Maximum HP first level. After first level, you may roll or take average (to be determined after rolling)
  • Gold: 10,000 gp, but at least 1,500 gp should be in consumables
  • Two traits. Most of the campaign traits deal with the first book, so they are not required at this point but are recommended. You may take the traits from either the Second Darkness player's guide or Varisia, Birthplace of Legends.

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Murder's Mark

Hello, everyone, and welcome! Thanks for playing with me. I'm super looking forward to this and am excited to run a fast-paced game. Before we start, please go ahead and confirm if this information is correct:

Player's forum handle: Mystery Cult
Character name: Chack-Qetchack
PFS# 198870-11
Race/Class(es)/Level(s): Tengu Warpriest 1
Faction: Silver Crusade
Day Job Roll, if any: No

Player's forum handle: Almonihah
Character name: Takashi Tanaka
PFS# 221420-1
Race/Class(es)/Level(s): Tengu Cleric of Desna 1
Faction: Liberty's Edge
Day Job Roll, if any: None

Player's forum handle: caps
Character name: Andoliesa
PFS# #137974-15
Race/Class(es)/Level(s): Tengu Warpriest/2
Faction: Silver Crusade
Day Job Roll, if any: profession, scribe +7

Player's forum handle: Z...D...
Character name: Pazacku
PFS# 133462-13
Race/Class(es)/Level(s): Tengu Paladin of Shizuru level 1
Faction: Silver Crusade
Day Job Roll, if any: NONE

Player's Forum Handle: bigrig107
Character name: Dekarin Ironclad, Knight of Iron.
PFS# 138385-14
Race/Class(es)/Level(s): Bloodrager (Id Rager-Anger) 1/Cleric (Mendevian Crusader) 1.
Faction: Silver Crusade (but only because their name contains the word "Crusade").
Day Job Roll, if any: none; not enough skill points.

Player's forum handle: HisProf217
Character name: Tchucko
PFS# 74209-2
Race/Class(es)/Level(s): Tengu Mersmerist 1
Faction: Exchange
Day Job Roll, if any: Profession (Fortune Teller): 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (18) + 5 = 23

If you haven't rolled your day job already, please do so now. I have looked over the information and recruitment posted in the original Murder's Mark thread, so no need to repeat a lot of information there.

As a reminder, I'm expecting 2-3 posts per day. The more engaged you are, the more engaged I am.

I will communicate absences and/or delays. I hope for you to do so as well.

I will bot your character when I feel like it is healthy for continuing the game. I will give warning when I feel like I will need to bot characters. Please provide me with tactics in this case.

Please make sure your avatars are unique - I don't want to think all tengu look alike!

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Murder's Mark

About a week earlier…

When Venture Captain Sheila Heidmarch calls a team of Pathfinder agents into her office, the mission will be either dangerous, short on details, or dangerous and short on details. Several agents stationed in the Magnimar lodge gave mock salutes as they watched your group of novice Pathfinder get shepherded into her library.

“Agents, initiates, I have a task for you ahead that may seem somewhat,” Sheila Heidmarch pauses for a moment as she collects her thoughts, “trivial. I have gotten word that a rather interesting carnival, the Umbra Carnival, is making a stop in Ilsurian this upcoming month. It is a rather curious carnival. Most notably, it has in its service a gynosphinx—an unusual creature to serve humans in any capacity, much less as a carnival attraction.”

“I would like you to go to Ilsurian, attend this carnival and find out what you know about this gynosphinx. Oh, and while you’re in town, please stop by the local pawn shop, the Locked Box. My second-best tiara, a true family heirloom, somehow managed to end up in its shop window. Believe me, the team responsible for that mishap is on a much less pleasant task than visiting a carnival and enjoying some fried dough.”

Looking over the party, she does give a smile. ”With all the strange agents the Decimvirate sends my way, I’ve never seen an entire flock before. I hope you can work together well - birds of a feather, after all.”

With that, Sheila Heidmarch hands you a pawn shop claim ticket, a set of tickets to the carnival and detailed travel arrangements, including passage with a local caravan heading through Ilsurian and rooms at a local inn.

What you know before you go

What do you already know about Ilsurian?

Knowledge Local or Diplomacy: Ilsurian DC 15:
Ilsurian is a trading town in central Varisia, situated on the bank of Lake Syrantula next to the mouth of Skull River.

Knowledge Local or Diplomacy: Ilsurian DC 20:
Ilsurian is a trading town in central Varisia, situated on the bank of Lake Syrantula next to the mouth of Skull River. Many of the inhabitants of the town descended from ethnic Chelaxians, and most of them have the strong features, pale skin, and dark hair of that group. Most also harbor prejudice against the native Varisians, and believe the stereotypes that Varisians are thieves and layabouts.

Knowledge Local or Diplomacy: Ilsurian DC 25:
The town was named for its founder Ilsur, a Knight of Aroden from the city of Korvosa. With the crumbling of the Chelish Empire, Ilsur wanted a militant-leaning meritocracy to replace noble rule in Korvosa, but had to eventually concede defeat roughly 80 years ago. He marched his troops to the west bank of the Skull River where it empties into Lake Syrantula, and awaited a chance to return and seize Korvosa by military force. He died waiting for the opportunity, and his army gradually transformed into a strong community of independent fishers and foresters.

What have you already heard about the Umbra Carnival?

Knowledge Local or Diplomacy: Umbra Carnival DC 5:

“A traveling carnival? Beware my friend! These things are just a front for criminal activity. The games are rigged, the sideshows are farcical and the food is filthy. Sure the women are comely, but their welcome smiles and scant costumes are a distraction for the menfolk to cut your purse. My cousin got lured behind a wagon by a likely wench and got his head cracked open for his trouble. Blasted dancers! Now he’s dumb and broke. Trust me, keep your distance!”

Knowledge Local or Diplomacy: The Umbra Carnival DC 10:

“Traveling carnivals are wicked fun! Even if you don’t have much coin, there’s always something to see. Harrowers, savage beasts, all manner of freaks and the dancing ladies—oh my! The smell of perfume, roasting meat and pipeweed makes me delightfully dizzy. There’s usually a good fight to watch, too. My uncle told me about this time he won 10 gold Sails wrestling Khoshut the Backbreaker, an exiled Shoanti warchief. I only wish they came more often.”

Knowledge Local or Diplomacy: The Umbra Carnival DC 15:

The Umbra Carnival is one of the many traveling shows that circulate around Varisian towns and cities providing entertainment in exchange for a bit of coin. Some believe these troupes are a front for Sczarni crime families who fleece as many locals as they can before hitting the road ahead of an angry mob. They feature freakshows, games of skill and chance, a menagerie of exotic or dangerous creatures, acrobats, musicians and fortune-tellers. The workers are often all part of an extended family, but there are always a few collected castoffs of society.

Knowledge Local or Diplomacy: The Umbra Carnival DC 20:
The Umbra Carnival began over ten years ago. It grew gradually into the size of a small village, with a diverse array of attractions and amusements from all over Avistan. The sincere intent of the carnival is to provide much-needed entertainment at a price communities can afford. One of the center-stage attractions is Jherizhana, a sphinx captured in Thuvia and bought by the carnival.

Knowledge Local or Diplomacy: The Umbra Carnival DC 25:
The former adventurer Almara Delisen founded the Umbra Carnival over a decade ago. She uses her illusion magic as the centerpiece of a traveling show that passes through small towns starved for entertainment and a glimpse of life beyond their borders. With time, other performers, acts, and attractions joined her circus— lost souls and lonely hearts, eager to see the world or leave some part of it behind.

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Looking at my GM record, all my Serpent's Rise tables are now listed as Serpent's Ire tables. I'm not *exactly* sure what happened. Other VOs have also said that their Serpent's Rise tables turned into Serpent's Ire. In addition, Serpent's Rise is no longer available to add to my events page.

Not a big deal for now, but curious.

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Second Darkness Caffeine-Tainted Human Occultist (Tome Eater) 2

Hello All!

Welcome to GM Slothsy's Emporium! If you haven't played a game with me before, please know a few things.

1) I use google slides to host maps, handouts, etc. Please keep up to date with it during the game. It'll be linked by my avatar shortly.

2) Your participation matters! If you don't post, the game doesn't move on. Even if it's a short post, it''ll be good to know that you're checking in.

3) I like PbPs because they're immersive. Take time to RP, especially with each other. I'll favorite people's posts that I find to be particularly enjoyable. Take the time to really have your character inhabit the world and describe their actions. How do you approach the guard? How do you swing your sword? What makes you pause?

4) I go by the rule of two. If two players agree to an action and no one dissents, then that happens. It keeps things moving.

I can't think of anything else to say except: Welcome! I hope you all have fun.

Liberty's Edge

Second Darkness Caffeine-Tainted Human Occultist (Tome Eater) 2

You have all been summoned to an urgent meeting with Master of Scrolls Kreighton Shaine in Abasalom. Please sign in on the sign-in sheet. Please note that this slideshow will also host maps, handouts and art work as appropriate.

Introduce yourselves to each other as you await Master of Scrolls Kreighton Shaine outside the Blakros Museum. Be sure to check into the discussion thread as well!

Liberty's Edge

Second Darkness Caffeine-Tainted Human Occultist (Tome Eater) 2

Hello, one and all! Welcome to Weapon in the Rift! Here are my ground rules/expectations.

1: Post Regularly

Regularly will vary person-to-person, but I would like it if people could check in at least once a day. That may not exactly be a posting if, say, we're in combat and your turn isn't up, but please at least see what's going on. If we are in combat, please don't leave things hanging. I will control your characters and do what I believe is the best action in the situation. If that means I use a limited per-day ability, it means that. I'd really like to avoid doing this, though.

2: Rule of Two

One of the harder things about PbP is getting everyone to agree to a plan. In this case, if the party is talking about paths to take, the first path to get two voices of support will be the one done. Of course, if you go rogue and just starting doing stuff, that stuff will still happen.

3: Get Into In!

I love RPGs and I love how immersive PbPs can be. Have fun! Banter with your party members, and just generally view this as an immersive experience.

Formatting, Formatting, Formatting

If you could please format your character according to the guidelines in this thread (esp with the information that shows up next to your name on the boards!), it would be incredibly helpful.

Please Sign In

Please sign in here! Please PM me if you wish to play hard mode or not. I'll keep your answer private, and you're welcome to discuss it among yourselves. In addition, please provide me with some brief tactics in the case that I have to control your character during combat.

You can use this thread to make your day job rolls.

Liberty's Edge

Second Darkness Caffeine-Tainted Human Occultist (Tome Eater) 2

It was only a few days ago that the letters arrived, asking for expert Pathfinders to travel to the remote village of Gundrun, a small fishing village near the southern reaches of the Worldwound in what was once Sarkoris, in order to meet with Venture-Captain Jorsal of Lauterbury. After a hasty trip, the team has assembled in the dirt streets, made of veteran Pathfinders each bringing some particular specialization needed for the unknown task ahead.

Welcome one and all! Please sign in on my electronic signy-iny thing. In addition, this scenario offers a hard more. Please PM me if you do or do not want to play hard mode. I will, of course, take one no to mean that we won't be going hard mode, and I will keep this information private.

Before arriving at the village, you are able to purchase any supplies or other equipment that you wish. You will be unable purchase equipment costing more that 750 gp once arriving in Gundrun.

Please introduce your characters to each other as you await Captain Jorsal's arrival.

Liberty's Edge

A help wanted sign nailed to this post flaps in the wind. The corners are worn and the paper is slightly soggy from the rain, but the ink is still legible.

"The Gold Goblin is hiring! We are looking for well rounded individuals from all walks of life. Open positions include: manager, broker, bouncer, chef, and many more! We are also looking for an on-call cleric to help with blessings and to ward off bad luck. Please contact Nel Sandhal for more information."

"Two adventurers wanted to assist in a trip to the Devil's Elbow, site of the great Skymetal Rush. Join in for Glory, Adventure, And Unlimited Earning Potential. Any skills accepted, all to receive an equal share of the gold. Apply at the Gold Goblin with two references and a resume. Must provide own supplies.

I am seeking two new players (at least, with the possibility for a third) for our Second Darkness game. Our Second Darkness game has completed book one and is preparing to enter into book two of Second Darkness.

You are more than welcome to check out our gameplay thread to get an idea of where we're at, the character's personality, that sort of thing.

Typically, players post 2-3 posts per week in our game, so we're somewhat slow-moving but are continuing to make progress. It has taken us since August 2014 to reach the end of book two, but we're excited and ready to move on. Plus, book 4 is amazing.

Please include:

  • a backstory the includes how your character go to level 4

  • any planned arc you have for this character (including character development and/or character build progression

  • a resume-style write-up as to why you'd be a good person to take

I'll talk with the accepted character about hooks into the campaign.

The character we're looking for should follow these build rules:

  • Level 4

  • 3000 starting gold + 1500 gp in consumables

  • 25 Point Buy with no stats higher than 18 (including racials, not including level 4 bump)

  • Core and APG preferred. If you wish to take something from outside these books, please ask first. If you’re taking something from material unavailable on the PRD, please provide a link to Archive of Nethys. Rogues may use Unchained version of the class.

  • Races no higher than 19 RP - if you're taking something weird, you need a backstory worth its level of weirdness - no drow

  • Maximum HP first level, average for levels 2-4.

  • Two traits. If you already own the player’s companion or otherwise have access to it, please take a campaign trait. Note: The Deciphering the Blot trait is edited to grant you a +1 bonus to Spellcraft and Use Magic Device, and one of these skills (your choice) is always a class skill for you.

Note: We currently have two mounted front-line fighters (cavalier and samurai) and a wizard.

I'll be happy to answer questions as they arise. The players will come by an introduce themselves and their characters shortly.

I would like to finish recruitment and introduce characters to the game no later than Friday, January 8th.

Sovereign Court

Temple of Empyeral Enlightenment Map

Hello all!

Welcome on board to the CORE Temple of Empyeral Enlightenment game! I know we're running with 7 players (if everyone plays) but it should be pretty smooth-going if people follow these guidelines.

1: Post Regularly

Regularly will vary person-to-person, but I would like it if people could check in twice a day. That may not exactly be a posting if, say, we're in combat and your turn isn't up, but please at least see what's going on.

2: Rule of Two

One of the harder things about PbP is getting everyone to agree to a plan. In this case, if the party is talking about paths to take, the first path to get two voices of support will be the one done. Of course, if you go rogue and just starting doing stuff, that stuff will still happen.

3: Get Into In!

I love RPGs and I love how immersive PbPs can be. Have fun! Banter with your party members, and just generally view this as an immersive experience.

Formatting, Formatting, Formatting

If you could please format your character according to the guidelines in this thread (esp with the information that shows up next to your name on the boards!), it would be incredibly helpful.

Also, please go ahead and give me the following (you can PM this to me instead if you really want to):

PFS #:
Character Name:
Character Level and Race:
Day Job Roll:

I think that's it for guidelines! What expectations do you have for me?

Sovereign Court

Temple of Empyeral Enlightenment Map

Victory in the Ruby Phoenix Tournament earned the Pathfinder Society a pick of the legendary treasures of the Tian sorceress Hao Jin, and the Decemvirate knew just what item to select: a frayed and dirty tapestry hidden deep in Hao Jin’s vault. This unassuming tapestry acts as a doorway to another dimension in which Hao Jin stored her most massive items, including entire buildings, battlefields, and the ruins of ancient civilizations. The Pathfinder Society is now methodically exploring and cataloging the diverse locales tucked within this extradimensional space.

Deep beneath Absalom’s Grand Lodge, the Pathfinder Society’s Master of Spells, Aram Zey, gestures at the tapestry hung on the wall, surrounded by ladders and scaffolds. Scholars and diviners scurry around the tapestry, analyzing its abstract patterns and comparing insights. Zey snaps his finger to quiet the room and speaks rapidly.

“The aasimar nation of Tianjing contains a handful of temples to Korada, Empyreal Lord of forgiveness and foresight. The Pathfinder Society is interested in exploring these holy sites, but the aasimar disciples in Tianjing are reluctant to grant the Pathfinder Society full access to their faith’s secrets. Fortunately, the custodian council of Tianjing gifted one such temple to Hao Jin centuries ago. This temple—the Temple of Empyreal Enlightenment—now sits vacant within the museum demiplane of the Hao Jin Tapestry. We need well-trained explorers to survey the isolated and abandoned site.

“We will transport you to the Temple of Empyreal Enlightenment within the Hao Jin Tapestry and provide you with a small cache of supplies. We need a complete report on the temple with a focus on four key locations. First, locate the temple’s meditation room, find evidence of any meditative techniques described there, and record any effects of performing those techniques. Second, prepare a comprehensive catalog of all works in the temple library. Third, find the temple gardens and draft a detailed plan of the garden’s layout. Finally, enter the temple’s crypt and take rubbings of the carvings on each sarcophagus.

“You will enter the tapestry within the hour. Any questions?”

Liberty's Edge ***** Venture-Captain, Virginia—Richmond aka Slothsy

The chronicle sheets for School of Spirits seems to have the wrong subtiers listed for items available. For example, the "All Tiers" include the Ghostsight Gloves, which only appear in subtier 4-5, as well as a number of other items. While all the items listed under "Subtier 4-5" appear in both subtiers, I'm fairly certain the two were switched.

Liberty's Edge

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Definitely a pyre.

Liberty's Edge

So, I'm a terrible person who shouldn't be allowed things at all and have misplaced my villan card for Faxon. Does anyone know of a way to replace missing cards? Normally, I'd just be upset and move on, but in this case, my game is literally rended unplayable without it.

Grand Lodge

I've heard grumbling that the Grand Lodge remains only for those who don't fit anywhere else. I think it's time to turn that around! No longer should we tolerate those who have only a passing interesting furthering the Pathfinder Society, or those who only see the Society as an avenue for their own personal advancement.

The Worldwound and Varisian campaigns have increased the notoriety of the Society, yes, but it has also drained our coffers and left us owing favors that we may not want to repay. It's time for us as field agents to double down on providing our own resources and to be more independent. Let's provide additional support and mentoring to new field agents. Let's do what we must to ensure the Society's reputation and success in the coming years.

Loyal Pathfinders to the front!

Liberty's Edge

I'm running a PbP and I've become unable to edit my campaign info tab. This has made running my PbP a little harder, since I use that header to link to neccessary resources. I'm also about to add a new player and want them to have an updated Dramatis Personae list.

This is the campaign I'm struggling with. Here!


Liberty's Edge


Our group has unfortunately lost a few members since we started playing last August. As such, this is an open call for one additional player. In particular, we're looking for a thief-type character - someone good at disabling locks and traps.

Our game is currently nearing the end of book one, so the party is working in the Gold Goblin. You are more than welcome to check out our gameplay thread to get an idea of where we're at, the character's personality, that sort of thing. Typically, players post 2-3 posts per week in our game, so we're somewhat slow-moving but are continuing to make progress.

Please include:

  • a backstory the includes how your character go to level 4

  • an explaination of what your character is currently doing in Riddleport

  • any planned arc you have for this character (including character development and/or character build progression

I'll talk with the accepted character about hooks into the campaign.

The character we're looking for should follow these build rules:

  • Level 4

  • 3000 starting gold + 1500 gp in consumables

  • 25 Point Buy with no stats higher than 18 (even including racials)

  • Core and APG preferred. If you wish to take something from outside these books, please ask first. If you’re taking something from material unavailable on the PRD, please provide a link to another source document. Rogues may use Unchained version of the class.

  • Races no higher than 19 RP

  • Maximum HP first level, average for levels 2-4. However, any creatures starting with multiple hit die, such as an animal companion, should start with average dice.

  • Two traits. If you already own the player’s companion or otherwise have access to it, please take a campaign trait.

I'm not on a terribly tight schedule to add in another character. Submissions will be open until June 5th or until I find the right character for the game.

Liberty's Edge ***** Venture-Captain, Virginia—Richmond aka Slothsy

We're running Pathfinder Society at RavenCon 2015 in Richmond, VA in just a few short weeks (April 24th-26th). There's a few GM slots still available, as well as plenty of play opportunities. Check out our Warhorn schedule of events - we're super excited to see more players from different regions! (As a note, if you opt to sign up to GM, you should not purchase a badge independently. All GM badges are processed through the event organizer.)

For sign-ups and schedule of events, please check our Warhorn!

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I have a set of Iconic Minis I pending in an order. I know that the order is really weird, so I'd figure I'd just check and make sure it doesn't need to be prodded in order to complete. If I'm simply waiting in line still, no need to worry!

Liberty's Edge ***** Venture-Captain, Virginia—Richmond aka Slothsy

This thread will be the collected announcements for Richmond, VA.

Items of note:

Dragon's Den in Short Pump will have a table of Academy of Secrets running in mid-March, in addition to our normal play offerings. We're offer two 5-player tables, but seats are already filling up. Sign up now if you want to guarantee a spot! Dragon's Den games are scheduled weekly on Sundays from 12:30ish to 6 PM.

One-Eyed Jacques in Carytown (Richmond's oldest gaming store!) offers regular game days on Saturdays starting at 2 PM. It's a new community and great place to start some new characters.

Battlegrounds in Midlothian offers Friday night games starting at around 7:00 PM. They've got a CORE campaign track started up, as well as a great variety of new and old scenarios.

Adventure Card Game Guild activities are available every Wednesday night at Battlegrounds. I love the ACG and organized play is a great way to learn the game.

Preregistrations are taken via our Warhorn.

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I've noticed a lot of questions are being asked that have been answered before. I've gone ahead and compiled questions and their answers so that way people don't have to dig through various comment sections and can check here first.

Player/Character Creation Questions

I have a character who was built only using core rules but played in the regular campaign. Can I turn that character into a Core campaign character?

Michael Brock wrote:
Because you have existing mode Chrinicle sheets, and it was reported as an existing mode character, you would be unable to play that character in Core mode.


Can I rebuild my regular PFS character into a CORE campaign character using the level 1 retraining rules?

Michael Brock wrote:
No. You can't rebuild a Core character using Chronicle sheets obtained from an existing campaign reported scenario.


Are traits or options that are not legal in the regular campaign legal in CORE? For example, crafting feats, Rich Parents, Hedge Magician, and Natural-Born Leader?

Michael Brock wrote:


What are my available options for summon spells, wild shape, or other options that require a bestiary?

Michael Brock wrote:
If an entry, such as paladin or ranger, that lists a bonded mount or animal companions and it doesn't list stats in the CRB, it automatically defaults to the Bestiary [1].


Michael Brock wrote:
If a CRB option advises that something found in the CRB is clarified in the Bestiary, then the player uses that specific option out of the Bestiary to meet the requirement set forth in the CRB.


Michael Brock wrote:
Just Bestiary 1.


Can I make a character using always available, non-core races, such as a Kitsune during Season 6?

Michael Brock wrote:
Only races in the Core Rulebook may be chosen at character creation.


Can I use a boon that opens up limited races to make a character of that race in the CORE campaign?

Michael Brock wrote:


Can I use the races in the Inner Sea World guide to choose where my character comes from for roleplay purposes? Can I worship a non-Core deity if I'm not receiving mechanical benefits (like a cleric or paladin would)?

Michael Brock wrote:

You can name your character whatever you like. You can also be a Shaonti warrior for roleplay purposes. You just can't get any mechanical benefits from choosing Shaonti warrior from a book outside of core. As a matter of fact, your character can utilize any of the countries in the Inner Sea World Guide for RP flavor. They just can't take any of the mechanical options from the ISWG unless it appears on a Chronicle (or when we update the Guide if we add languages and the like).

That's similar to what exist now without a sourcebook. I've had a character at a table I GMed that claimed he was from Arcadia. He had absolutely no mechanical benefits from it and it was strictly roleplay flavor, but he advised his character was from Arcadia. The same applies when someone says their character is royalty or a Blakros family member and the like. If something is taken for fluff only, and strictly roleplay purposes, you can use any of the source material. You just can't take any mechanical benefit from it.


Boons/Chronicle Sheet Unlocks

A chronicle sheet opens up an option not normally available in the regular campaign. If I earn this boon in the CORE campaign, can I use it?

Yes, as long as you follow the specifications on the boon.

If a wizard finds a scroll of a non-core spell on a chronicle, can be scribe it into his spell book? How about if he finds an NPC's spell book?

Michael Brock wrote:

Yes. It's on a Chonicle. See the bullet points in the blog.

As for scribing from a NPC found spell book, yes as long as the GM notes it on the Chronicle.


I have a boon that allows me access to a feat or an archetype not in the Core Sources. Can I make a character using that option?

Michael Brock wrote:
As long as you bring the required reference books, yes.


Are boons found on chronicle sheets cross-campaign? Or are they campaign specific? (Such as allowing all characters a player has to access a limited resource, or allowing players to take an option not normally allowed - can I earn the boon in one campaign and apply it to another?)

Michael Brock wrote:
Campaign specific.


If I get something outside of the core unlocked for my character, do I still need to own the book it comes from?

Michael Brock wrote:


I have a boon that gives me access to an archetype that gives bonus teamwork feats. Does this mean the teamwork feats are also available?

Michael Brock wrote:


GM/Organizer Questions

Can Core campaign and regular PFS characters sit at the same table?

Michael Brock wrote:
No, the reporting system cant handle a mix. It was the only downside of this initiative and one I can live with.


Can a multi-table special event such as 'Legacy of the Stonelords' mix core and non-core tables?

Michael Brock wrote:

Yes and what we are planning for at Gen Con. As long as the table is all core or all existing mode, every table can participate in the same special.

For instance, my initial plan at Gen Con is to have 150 tables of existing mode and 40-50 tables of Core mode for the Season 7 special.


What pregens may I use when running CORE games?

Only the pregens of classes found in the Core Rule Book are legal for use in the CORE campaign. These are legal even if they contain non-core material.


Can I choose which campaign my GM credit applies to? For example, if I run a core campaign game, can I apply the chronicle to a regular PFS character?

Michael Brock wrote:
You receive a Core Chrinicle if you GM a core game. You receive an existing mode chronicle if you GM an existing mode game. If you place an existing GM credit chronicle on a core character, it then defaults to existing mode character and is no longer a core character.


How should I mark chronicles for the CORE campaign? Will there be a check box?

Michael Brock wrote:

Eventually for new scenarios. Until then, the GM can write "CORE" at the top of the Chronicle.

As for old scenarios, we won't be going back and adding it.


The scenario I'm running uses materials outside the core. What do I do?

Michael Brock wrote:
The GM still utilizes those options.


Can I use a boon that opens up limited races to make a character of that race in the CORE campaign?

Michael Brock wrote:


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Second Darkness Caffeine-Tainted Human Occultist (Tome Eater) 2

The small town of Caesure, nestled deep within the Churlwood in Varisia, is fluttering this afternoon. Most of the shops closed when the news came in; now various Storykin stand sharing gossip as they talk quickly and lean in close to each other, eyes bright and the various inhabitants gesturing wildly as they share the news. Even some animal kith, rarely seen in town except to gather supplies and visit the tavern on occasion, gather to hear what others are saying and to offer their own opinion on the matters.

A tiny fox’s voice carries through the streets as he squeaks, ”The unicorn, haven’t you heard, the unicorn died in a fight, but he came back this morning, like nothing happened! The unicorn isn’t dead! He’s back in his garden like normal, fighting the Fool! And Brambleson’s seen him!” and he bounds off to talk to Warden Farkle, one of the few gnomes in the town, leaving a nearby house.

The town square is quite full, and several Storykin, and four humanoid rush past, each dressed in an elaborate hat and carrying a rapier, talking about how the Rabbit Prince had returned from the woods; Brambleson was in the Compert’s Call at this very moment! One of them stops with a flourish of his cape and says to his friend, ”Aramis, I can’t believe it. It’s said that he knows where he can find his courage, or where ever our stories are going. The Ethere Court’s calling an emergency meeting and we positively cannot be late.”

The Comptert’s Call:
The Compert’s Call is the local tavern. As one of the few such establishments in town, it does brisk business. More importantly, it’s owner, a grig named Mr. Softshoes, is one of the largest supports of the Ethere Court, though he shies away from combat himself. He sets rooms aside for newly arrived storykin before they find more permanent housing, and most of the storykin in town have passed a night under his roof. Newly arrived storykin also know that they can find employment there if no other trade suits them.

Inside the Compert’s Call, the tavern is bright and colorful, in part because the insides are covered in art. The tiny grig flits around the room to take orders or otherwise chat with customers, while servers, cooks and bartenders fill orders. A rather large rabbit wearing a cloak and bearing a broken sword sits at a table, drinking heavily and telling stories that make his fellow diners listen attentively.

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Second Darkness Caffeine-Tainted Human Occultist (Tome Eater) 2


Welcome to the campaign. I'm super excited to get going and I have started the thread. Remember, this campaign is intended to be somewhat leisurely and narrative-driven. You are free to pursue any threads your character is interested in, and to drop those you do not interested in.

To begin with, please post a quick, one-sentence description of your character and what would be publicly known about them in the town (the equivalence of a DC 10 Knowledge (Local) check).

For your edification, here is the city block for Caesure

NG small town
Lore +1, Crime -1, Society +4
Qualities insular, rumormongering
Danger +0

Government council
Population 405 (229 humanoid kith storykin, 100 concept kith storykin, 50 animal kith storykin, 23 elemental kith storykin, 3 gnomes)

Notable NPCs

Councilor Brambleson (animal kith storykin)
Sheriff Aelos (concept kin storykin)
Warden Farkle (gnome)


Base Value 500 gp; Purchase Limit 2,500 gp; Spellcasting 4th
Minor Items 3d4; Medium Items 1d6 (items to be listed upon request)

Liberty's Edge

Setting and Background

"Stop this day and night with me and you shall possess the origin of all poems,
You shall possess the good of the earth and sun, (there are millions of suns left,)
You shall no longer take things at second or third hand, nor look through the eyes of the dead, nor feed on the spectres in books,
You shall not look through my eyes either, nor take things from me,
You shall listen to all sides and filter them from your self."
Walt Whitman, Song of Myself

In the middle of Varisia, a small town called Caesure is slowly growing. Storykin arrive weekly to the hamlet. Some flee from the destruction of the Harrowed Realm, while some dream-born come to finally live among their kind. However, most come, telling the same tale. They have lost their stories, and with it, their purpose. Days are filled with directionless wandering. For most races, moments of uncertainty and anxiety are to be expected. However, storykin have previously been more unthinking actors are the core of tales, immortal beasts that live through the same plot on a loop. Before, many storykin could not explain their motivations for their actions. The few that thought about it or were aware did not care.

Some arrive to Caesure with their stories more intact than others, but loss filters through the town until the soup served at the local tastes only of salt and cream. Buildings are painted in the rose grey of heartache, and there are few days when the down stops business to celebrate the harvest or other festivals. The houses themselves are often styled after the Harrowed Realm. Many are built as domes with blue ceilings. Rooms seem more like sets than actual living spaces. Pantries are often filled with wax fruit and bottles that will never be opened, while cellars keep the stores that are needed to sustain life. The town in does not have true glass in its windows, but stage glass made to collapse under any pressure.

You are a resident of Caesure, though you may be newly arrived. While you may have come from the destruction of the Harrowed Realm, or you may have been Storykin that were born from the dreams of a culture, you have found missing part of your story. Before the Destruction, as most Storykin refer to it as, your story was complete. At least, you believe it was - since the Destruction, you haven't been able to remember what's missing. Without this knowledge as a guide, many storykin find themselves struggling to function on any level. Some storykin disappear entirely after months of struggle. It had been assumed that they died, or perhaps dissolved back into the thread of stories underlying the material plane.

However, recent events have proven that the Storykin remain immortal. Two brothers, both storykin rooted in concepts, engaged in a battle outside of the town. While Tyranny and Anarchy no longer remembered why they used to fight, or how those fights even ended, Anarchy convinced his brother to duel him, in hopes that it would restart the stories once more. The battle ended when both lay dead. Several days passed as the storykin eagerly looked for any sign that stories were returning; Red thought that she had found her missing basket for her grandmother's dinner, and Rose began drawing again in hopes of remembering her lover's face. However, as the weeks drug out, it became clear these were only slivers of evidence to confirm hopes. In addition, Anarchy and Tyranny were found weeks later roaming a nearby mine, confused and without a clear sense of who they were. Time renewed their sense of self, but they remain in a similar state as before their battle.

The loss of stories is no longer a tragedy but an existential crisis, as storykin are destined to be reborn and live out the same story in all their lives. Withu In addition, there is growing anxiety over the fate of some missing storykin, who had previously been assumed dead. Rumors abound, but the most consistent thread in them is that they have been imprisoned or enslaved for some nefarious purpose.

Character Creation

"To keep from ending
The story does everything it can" -The Story of the End of the Story, James Galvin

You are a member of the Ethere Court, an organization founded on the prinicpal that there is no cost too great to restore the stories to the storykin. For this capacity, you may have undergone its formal training process, an 8-month training that instructs members in general skills, the theory of arcane arts and the theory of martial warfare, though most storykin specialize in regards to the practical arts. Other members of the Ethere Court, particularly those storykin who come from tales of heroes and adventurers, are accepted based on their previous experience and skills alone.

All characters are storykin, unique fey that are made from stories. While the largest concentration of storykin was found in the Harrowed Realm and made by Sonnorae, storykin can also born from the dreams of societies. Each, however, have a particular role to play in a story. Most are not consciously aware of their role, and few question their motivations.

All storykin belong to a subrace, or kith. These are the available kith for character creation.

Animal Kith:
These animal-human hybrids are strong, hardy creatures. In Caesure, these creatures are often on the outskirts of society and are rarely brought into planning meetings. They are often forced into roles as town guards or farm labor. This strains town relationships, and there have been rumblings of rebellion.

+2 Strength, +2 Constitution, -2 Intelligence Animal Kith are strong, hardy creatures that react first with instinct rather than plans.
Medium: Animal Kith are Medium creatures that have no bonuses or penalties due to their size.
Fey: Animal Kith are Fey with the Storykin subtype
Normal Speed: Animal Kith have a base speed of 30 ft.
Cornered Fury: Alone, Animal Kith are a terror to behold. Whenever a member of this race is reduced to half its hit points or fewer and has no conscious ally within 30 feet, it gains a +2 racial bonus on melee attack rolls and to Armor Class.
Natural Armor: Animal Kith have a +1 bonus to Natural Armor.
Darkvision: Animal Kith can see up to 60 ft. in the dark.
Languages: Animal Kith begin play speaking Common and the appropriate racial language of the race they most resemble. Animal Kith with high Intelligence scores can choose from the following: Gnoll, Goblin, Gnomic, Nagaji, Strix, Sylvan, Orc, Tengu

Concept Kith:
Concept Kith are the incarnation of ideals and philosophies. They are rarer than the other Kith, but are generally well-regarded and valued greatly for the purity they bring with them. The town of Caesura is run by Patience, a Concept Kith, and the town council has a high concentration of Concept Kith in it. However, some Concept Kith are exiled from town, such as Anarchy and his brother Tyranny.

+2 Wisdom, +2 Intelligence Concept Kith are wise and sharp, as informed by their pure devotion to their roots.
Medium: Concept Kith are Medium creature that have no bonuses or penalties due to their size.
Fey: Animal Kith are Fey with the Storykin subtype.
Normal Speed: Concept Kith have a base speed of 30 ft.
Arcane Focus: +2 to concentration checks to cast arcane spells.
Gift of Tongues: Members of this Kith gain +1 Racial Bonus to Bluff and Diplomacy, and they learn one additional language each time they put a rank in linguistics.
Conceptual Fascination: Once per day, a Concept Kith can create a 20-foot radius burst centered on themselves that causes humanoids to become fascinated with that Kith and the concept it represents (as the Bard’s fascinate Bardic Performance). Affected humanoids my resist this effect with a successful saving throw (DC 10 + ½ Character Level + Charisma Modifier)
Languages: Concept Kith begin play speaking Common and an aligned Planar language. Concept Kith with high Intelligence scores can choose from the following: Abyssal, Celestial, Daemonic, Infernal, Shae, or Sylvan.

Elemental Kith:

Elemental Kith are born of the world and its harsh elements. Few of them live in Caesure. Instead, they spend their time in the surrounding areas. They rarely interact with the town unless driven to by some greater force.

+2 Dex, +2 Charisma, -2 Constitution Elemental kith are quick, fierce and alluring in their danger, though they are ultimately frail.
Medium: Elemental Kith are Medium creature that have no bonuses or penalties due to their size.
Fey: Elemental Kith are Fey with the Storykin subtype.
Fast Speed: Concept Kith have a base speed of 40 ft.
Ferocity: Concept Kith can continue to fight even if their hit points fall below 0 (unless they are dead). If it does, it is staggered and loses 1 hit point per round. It still dies when its hit points reach a negative amount equal to its constitution.
Darkvision: Concept Kith can see up to 60 ft in the dark.
Languages: Elemental Kith begin play speaking Common and an aligned Planar language. Elemental Kith with high Intelligence scores can choose from the following: Aquan, Auran, Ignan, Shae, Sylvan, and Terran.

Humanoid Kith:

Humanoid Kith add +2 to any single ability score of their choice during character creation.
Medium: Humanoid Kith are Medium creature that have no bonuses or penalties due to their size.
Fey: Humanoid Kith are Fey with the Storykin subtype.
Emissary: Humanoid Kith are uniquely able to relate to non-Storykin. When making a Bluff or Diplomacy check against a humanoid creature, a Humanoid Kith can roll twice and take the higher result.
Integrated: Humanoid Kith gain a +1 bonus on Bluff, Disguise and Knowledge (Local) checks.
Multitalented: Humanoid Kith choose two favored classes at level 1
Bonus Feat: Humanoid Kith choose a bonus feat at first level.
Languages: Humanoid Kith begin play speaking Common and the language of their story’s society. Humanoid Kith with high Intelligence scores can choose from any human language as well as Dwarven, Elven, Gnome, Halfling and Sylvan.

Point-buy: 25
Starting Level: 2
Alignment: While there are no strict alignment rules, characters are expected to be heroic or archetypal. Evil characters will face additional scrutiny.
Traits: 2 traits
Hit Points: Max hit die at first and second levels. Starting with 3rd level, players will roll for hit points.
Starting Gold: 1,250 gp
Races: Storykin (See Below)
Sources: All Paizo Classes and Books are allowed except Ultimate Combat. Genius Games’ Time Thief and supporting publications are also allowed. Open to other 3rd Party options, but must receive permission first. No Psionics.
Firearms: Very Rare (as detailed in Ultimate Combat)

Include the following information in your profile:
1) Appearance
2) Background
3) Personality
4) Story that your storykin hails from (may be Golarion-specific, a folk tale, or a tale you created yourself)
5) What your storykin is missing

Writing samples or links to other PbPs you are in are encouraged.

Those looking for inspiration for character creations will not go wrong by looking at the Fables graphic novel series, the short story "Travels with the Snow Queen by Kelly Link, and collections of folklore. In addition, The Harrowing module and the Harrower Handbook provide background on the Harrowed Realm and Storykin.

Campaign Length and Expectations
"I lost two cities, lovely ones. And, vaster,
some realms I owned, two rivers, a continent.
I miss them, but it wasn’t a disaster."
- Elizabeth Bishop, One Art

The initial campaign will be approximately the length of a 32-page module, with the expectation of completion within six months. The possibility exists for the campaign to expand past that point, but will be dependent on the game.

Acceptance into the campaign comes with the expectation that players will post at least once every 48 hours. I uphold the same standards for myself. While some days will be more active than others, this campaign will be generally more leisurely, in part to allow for robust roleplaying. I expect players to approach this game with a roleplay focus and to contribute to the story in ways that are both interesting and allow for a positive group experience.

Recruitment will end on January 15th.

I will be accepting no more than 5 characters.

If you have any questions, please ask away.

Liberty's Edge ***** Venture-Captain, Virginia—Richmond aka Slothsy

Richmond, VA's Pathfinder Society Lodge announces the return of Organized Play to One Eyed Jacques. One Eyed Jacques is Richmond's oldest gaming store and is located in the heart of Carytown, Richmond's historic shopping district. It carries a wide variety of products, including board games, wargames and, of course, Pathfinder products.

The first game held will be on December 13th, 2014 from 2PM - 8PM. We will be playing the Segang Expedition (6-08). Future events will be annouced through out Warhorn site.

Preregistrations will be taken through our Warhorn site or via email at richmondpfs@gmail.com. Please contact me, either through Paizo.com or email, if you have any questions!

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When I placed my original order (3304689), I didn't sidecart it since I anticipated it shipping before November subscriptions mailed. Since it's still pending, I'd like to combine the two orders to save on shipping costs.

It's okay if this delays the order a little. If you can't get to it because of the huge number of requests, that's okay as well. This is just a "nice if it could happen" request.


Liberty's Edge

No spoilers, please, or metagame-y knowledge in picking options.

Undine Warpriest 12 - Dagger-weilding warpriest of Pharasma
Half-Orc Inquisitor 12 -
Human Witch 12
Halfling Ranger 12 (recently deceased)
Sylph Rogue 4/Bard 8
Dwarf Paladin 5/Evangelist 7

For the past few sessions, we've had a character die each session. Some of this was just the difficulty level (our Oracle was disintegrated). Some of this was bad tactical choices (we had two encounters triggered at once when a player ran ahead and triggered 6 Yeth Hounds, while we faced an full-out assault by the Scribbler, which resulted in the death of our ranger and near-death of our inquisitor (my paladin was able to Paladin's Sacrifice the lethal blow).

I'm playing the Paladin/Evangelist and am looking for advice on how to do my part in making the party more survivable. I'm already talking with the GM to start retraining one of my feats in order to start the feat chain to Ultimate Mercy, which I'd then be able to take the next level. My stats are below.

Dwarf Paladin (Shelyn) 5/Evangelist 7
LG M Humanoid (Dwarf)
Init +2; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +3;
AC 33, touch 15, flat-footed 30 (+ 11 armor, + 2 deflection, + 1 Dex, + 2 dodge, + 3 natural, + 4 shield), 35 vs. giants
hp 125 (5d10 + 7d8 + 72)
Fort + 14, Ref + 12, Will + 10, +2 vs. poison, spells and spell-like abilities
Defensive Abilities Immune charm, disease, fear
Speed 20 ft.
Melee +2 Cold Iron Longsword +16/+11 (1d8+6/19-20) OR Silver Morningstar +15/+10 (1d8+4) OR +1 Ghost Touch Gauntlet +15/+10 (1d3+5), +2 to attack vs. giants, +1 to damage vs. giants
Ranged Masterwork Light Underwater Crossbow +13/+8 (1d8)
Space 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 11; concentration +11)
3/day Silent Image
Paladin Spells Prepared (11 ; concentration +15)
3rd- Fires of Judgement(DC 17)
2nd- Paladin's Sacrifice, Vestment of the Champion
1st- Divine Favor Hero's Defiance, Honeyed Tongue
Str 16, Dex 12, Con 16, Int 10, Wis 9, Cha 16
Base Atk +10; CMB + 14; CMD 30 (34 vs. bullrush and trip)
Feats Combat Reflexes, Deific Obedience, Ironhide, Power Attack, Standstill, Toughness
Traits Giant Slayer, Inner Beauty
Skills Craft (Sculpture) +15, Diplomacy +18, Handle Animal +11, Knowledge (Nobility) +8, Knowledge (Religion) +13, Perform (Percussion) +18, Ride +11
Languages Common, Dwarf, Giant
SQ Aligned Class [Paladin], Aura of Courage, Aura of Good, Aura of Justice, Aura of Resolve, Detect Evil, Divine Bond (Mount - Horse [Ormr])Divine Grace, Gift of Tongues, Lay on Hands (6/day, 5d6), Mercy (Cursed, Fatigued, Diseased), Multitude of Talents, Obedience, Protective Grace +2, Skilled, Versatile Artist (Percussion), Smite Evil (4/day)
Combat Gear +2 Amulet of Natural Armor, +2 Belt of Giant's Strength, + 2 Cold Iron Longsword, +1 Cloak of Resistance, +2 Full Plate, +1 Ghost Touch Gauntlet, +2 Ring of Protection, Winged Shield

Non-magical combat gear and other gear:

Masterwork Light Underwater Crossbow
Masterwork Silver Morningstar
Alchelmical Silver Crossbow bolts
Spell Component Pouch
Spell Component Pouch
Holy Symbol (Silver/Hand-crafted) (2)
Military Saddles
Feed (x5)
Bit and Bridle
Masterwork Artisan's Tools
Masterwork Drum
Trail Rations (x10)
Tent (small)
Smoked Goggles
Signal Whistle
Bag of Holding Type I
Bladegaurd (5)
Alkalai Flask (10)
Alchemical Grease
Healer's Kit
Bloodblock (4)
Liquid Ice
Smelling Salts (4)
Paper (100)
Candle (10)
Lantern, Bullseye
Oil (10)
Manacles (Masterwork) (2)
Manacles (3)
Torch (10)
Acid Flask (10)
Alchemist Fire (10)
Anti Toxin (4)
Everburning Torch
Sunrod (2)
Tanglefoot bag (4)
Thunderstone (2)
Scroll of Restoration
Scroll Case (3)
Scultping Materials
Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds
457 gp, 8 silver

Hightlights of Ormr:
LG L Celestial Horse
Init +3, Sense Darkvision 60 ft, Perception +6 (+10 if adjacent to Maove)

AC 31, touch 14, flat-footed 28
hp 85
Fort +10, Ref +9, Will +4; special-save bonuses
Defensive Abilities; DR 5/Evil;Resist Acid 10, Cold 10, Electric 10 ; SR 12

Speed 35 ft.
Melee Bite +12 (1d4+6) and 2 hooves +12 (1d6+6)
Space 10 ft.; Reach 5 ft

Feats: Armor Proficiency (Light), Bodyguard, Combat Reflexes, Dodge, In Harm's Way, Multiattack

Liberty's Edge

Kubali Dres:

N Small Wayang Occultist 4
Init +1 Senses Perception +6, darkvision 60 ft.
HP 33 (4d8+8)
AC 20 Touch 13 Flat-Footed 19 (+7 Armor, +1 Deflection, +1 Size, +1 Dex)
Saves Fort+6 Ref +2 Will +4, +2 v. shadow
Speed 20 ft.
Melee Keen Human Bane Adamantine Nodachi +9 (1d8+4, 16-20)
Ranged Composite +3 Longbow +3 (1d6+3)
Occultist Spells Known
2nd (2/day) – Glitterdust, Resist Energy, Spider Climb
1st (4/day) – Cure Light Wounds, Enlarge Person, Shield
Knacks – Detect Magic, Mage Hand, Resistance
SLAs – Dissolution’s Child (1/day)

Str 16 Dex 10 Con 14 Int 18 Wis 11 Cha 12
Base Atk +3; CMB +5; CMD 18
Feats Combat Casting, Weapon Focus (Nodachi)
Traits Pragmatic Activator (Add Int to UMD instead of CHA), The Stranger (+1 to Diplo and Know [L], one becomes class skill [Know Local])
Skills Appraise +8, Diplomacy +6, Disable Device +6, Knowledge (Engineering) +8, Knowledge (History) +10, Knowledge (Local) +9, Knowledge (Planes) +8, Knowledge (Religion) +8, Perception +6, Stealth +3, Survival +2, Use Magic Device +14
Racial Modifiers +2 to Stealth and Perception
Languages Abyssal, Aklo, Common, Infernal, Tien, Wayang
Special Qualities Implements (Amulet[Abjuration], Compass [Conjuration], Weapon [Transmutation]), Focus Power(Flesh Mend, Sudden Speed) Light and Dark, Magic Item Skill, Mental Focus (11 points), Object Reading, Shift Focus
Combat Gear +1 Greatsword, Mithral Chainshirt, Cloak of Resistance +1, Composite Longbow (+3 Strength Rating), 60 Cold Iron Arrows Other Gear Alchemist Fire (5), Bladeguard (2), Chronicler’s Kit, Mapmaker’s Kit, Mask, Mule [Atticus], Pathfinder’s Kit, Reinforced Scarf, Smelling Salts, Tent, Trail Rations (5), Wayfinder, Weapon Cord (attaching Nodachi to self)

Focus power allocation:

7 in weapon
3 in amulet
1 in wayfinder

Build notes: Started new at level 4 with 9109 gold due to GM credit.

Friday, November 7th - 7:00-11:00 PM
6-05: Slave Ships of Absalom
Party Comp: Occultist 4, Bard 3, Summoner 3, Pregen Barbarian 4
Subtier 4-5 with 4-player adjustment

This was a roleplay-heavy scenario that used a lot of skills. The balance of the skills felt good; I wasn't the best at, say, diplomacy, but my knowledge skills felt rounded enough for a character focused on miscellany and investigations. I was able to invest in a few good skills and had enough back-up to feel like a well-rounded Pathfinder.

Combat 1:
On round 1, initiative go 1, I crit with the human bane keen adamantine greatsword. Took the human I crit against from full to down (30 hp). The other took 3 more rounds to go down; missed twice (5 and 9 on the die), confirmed a crit on the last round for only 13 points of damage. Total of 43 points of damage dealt.

Combat 2:
I attempted to cast enlarge person on myself. During the full round cast, gunslinger targeted me. Took 6 damage. Concentration check +8 (+4 class, +4 INT). Rolled an 15 on the die, total of 23, needed a 27. After that, focused on combat, including spending one mental focus to give my nodachi a +1. There were 6 total rounds of combat; missed two times, hit twice, confirmed crit once. 26 total damage. This was our longest combat, as our Summoner and his eidolon were out of the fight.

Combat 3/4:
This was a two-part combat. Bardic I started out on the bottom of initiative. Came into it already enlarged. On round 1, I critted against a half-orc for 30 points of damage. I hit again for 8 points, than crit for 28 points of damage. After that, my damage dealing was done. I glitter dusted an invisible foes and spent the remaining time using my adamantine nodachi to free slaves from manacles as the ship burnt. Amiri was also enlarged during this combat.

Everything felt pretty good. Of course, this class feels like it gets regular "boosts" at level 4, so I was at optimal power for the 4-7 range. The keen enchantment, however, was vital to giving me damage output at all. It made up for my misses, though my dice were definitely hot/cold all night long.

However, I didn't find myself using the mental focus points at all. I didn't feel like I needed it. It was, of course, in part to the combat-light nature of this scenario, but it was also ultimately most useful to have my focus invested in my implements. I spent a total of two points; the +1 enchantment felt pretty useless, and Flesh Mend was a good emergency healing for Amiri between combats. In the future, I will re-arrange my focus points to have more points open for Flesh Mend.

There's a big issue with full-round casting as an self-buff-focused occultist. I built this character to be a self-buffer. In one combat, I took a risk and attempted to Enlarge Person myself. A gunslinger hit me for 6 damage, I rolled a 15 on the concentration check and the spell fizzled. Doing the math, I needed a 13+damage taken (19 in this case) in order to successfully cast the spell, since I couldn't spend a move action to center for the thought component in the full-round cast. I'd hate to never be able to cast a spell with a 1-round casting time in combat. Is there a way to consider looking at adding that as a focus power option? Spend a point of mental focus to center yourself as a swift action?

My GM didn't have any particular feedback on the class or how it played.

Liberty's Edge ***** Venture-Captain, Virginia—Richmond aka Slothsy

Richmond VA is offering the Year of the Shadow Lodge special on Saturday, November 22nd at 1 PM. It will take place at Battlegrounds Games (13176 Midlothian Turnpike, Midlothian, VA 23113). Please sign up via our Warhorn here: Year of the Shadow Lodge Warhorn.

We also hold regular weekly Pathfinder Society RPG and ACG game days.

On Sundays, we have games available at Dragon's Den in Short Pump, VA. Tables being mustering at 12:00 PM. In addition, we have monthly learn-to-play events scheduled on the first Sunday of each month.

Fridays, we host games at Battlegrounds (formerly FTW Games) in Midlothian, VA. Games start around 7:00 PM.

ACG Guild events are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Richmond Comix and Wednesdays at Battlegrounds.

All tables are planned and scheduled via our Warhorn. Seats are a first signed up, first served basis. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Liberty's Edge


I've been having some problems with two of my orders and my payment method. I received an email yesterday about my payment method not processing - I had recently changed my billing address and hadn't yet updated it in the system. I did that yesterday, but the payment method hasn't authorized yet for the $.64 left to be paid on order 3317187, though the method should work. I've tried fiddling with method (including deleting it entirely and re-entering it) but it doesn't seem to be working.

In addition, I placed an order this morning for a glob of modules (Order 3304689) and the payment method did go through. However, while fiddling around earlier, I seemed to have accidentally made it so that way the payment method was removed from that order. I'm not sure at this point if that's an issue (the initial charge/hold is already on my statement).

How do I fix these issues? I really would like to receive my globs of modules and my AP.


I'm working on new player initiatives, and I'm trying to create a list of commonly-used terms to hand out as part of a new player packet. Basically, the jargon that we throw around all the time without really thinking about it, but that new-to-Pathfinder Society players may not understand.

So far, I've got the following (short) list:

Inventory Tracking Sheet (ITS)
Venture Captain/Lieutenant/Officer
Pathfinder Society (PFS)
Guide to Organized Play

I'd like to include a few important in-game terms as well. Any ideas?

To which Customer Service Warrior/Fighter/Druid it concerns:

My August subscription (which I picked up at Gen Con) still shows as pending. When I picked it up, the woman (whose name I forgot and feel awful about) mentioned that it had never hit the "shipped" stage because my payment information became disconnected from my subscription. It has been completed already, though, so it can be bumped to completed or whatever, if it's important to the system (it's not important to me).


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