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Writing Credits:

Paizo, Pathfinder 2nd Edition
Pathfinder Society Quest #7: A Curious Claim
Pathfinder Society Special #2-00: The King in Thorns (with Kate Baker)
Pathfinder Society #2-14: Lost in Flames
Pathfinder Society Special #4-99: Blessings of the Forest (with Ivis K. Flanagan)
Lost Omens: Legends Licktoad Goblins
Lost Omens: Pathfinder Society Guide Pathfinder Agent Feats, Pathfinder Gear
Advanced Player's Guide Elf Feats, Human Feats
Pathfinder Bestiary 3 Munagola AKA Executioner Devil, Deimavigga AKA Apostate Devil
Pathfinder AP #171: Hurricane's Howl Adventurer Toolbox - Golgopo, Ssumzili

Paizo, Starfinder
Starfinder AP #32: The Starstone Blockade Alien Archive - Meteorite Drake, Exhaust Ooze
Starfinder AP #42: Whispers of the Eclipse Adventure Toolbox - The Azlanti Space Age, Early Azlanti Starships, Azlanti Space Age Gear, Elion Explorer
Starfinder Society #4-10: The Way In
Starfinder Galactic Magic Experimental Apparatus mechanic alternate class feature, Mechanic tricks, Cayden Cailean
Starfinder Society #4-99: A Time of Crisis
Starfinder Drift Crisis Blazing Speeds (adventure seed), ChiwaTech (faction), Void Devil (creature)
Starfinder Society #5-13: Finding the Forgotten (with Kate Baker)
Starfinder Ports of Call Gaskari
Starfinder AP: Mechageddon! Volume 2 <Title TBA>

Paizo Fans United,
Wayfinder #18 Tincture of Madness (PF1)
Wayfinder #20 Plunder Protection For The Cost-Cutting Captain (Starfinder)

Rusted Iron Games,
Tombstone Campaign Setting Rougarou Ancestry (PF2)

Legendary Games,
Legendary Planet Player's Guide (PF2 conversion)
Kingmaker 10th Anniversary Sound of a Thousand Screams (PF2 conversion)