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I guess the solution is to not get hit

Am I right in thinking that the monster ability 'knockdown' occurs automatically if the monster hits and its damage has the knockdwon effect. And therefore a rock dwarfs ability to get a bonus to saves vs prone doesn't help as there is no save?

Ratfolk. Pretty please :) love ratties


The Wyrd Sisters are fantastic. We are so lucky to have them on the English PFS scene

Goblinblood Dead is my favourite easy to run scenario

I had better get prepping then

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I am so excited about PFS again

Well done Carol :)

Well done you two :)

Well done!

I look forward to running Daughters of Fury


Congrats Dave :)

Welcome :)

This is a good thing. Congratulations

Yep, once they are signed they cant be edited at all.

I GM online a lot using Fantasy Grounds and use an editable Chronicle sheet like what you are looking for. You can download this from the
Fantasy Grounds Forums.

These forms are great as you can sign the sheets electronically and it calculates the totals for gold/xp/prestige. It makes my job easier anyway :)

Congratulations! Good luck with your plans, i am sure it will be a success

I am looking forward to running some of these now. You can't beat more content

Welcome :)

Glad I saw this thread for when you turn up in a ship Dust Raven hehe.
There are vehicle templates in Fantasy Grounds that you can use btw.
And what would happen if it somehow got sunk? Would you lose the vanity and mark it on the chronicle sheet as sunk?'

Well done Rob! Hope to see you in one of my games again soon :)

Brilliant stuff, i will use these, thanks

Fair enough. Thanks for the reply :)

If I buy a novel, could I give the boon one of my players for doing something impressive or whatever?

harmor wrote:

Only problem is that the Chronical sheets are not CUP and thus could not be hosted.

I post my chronicle sheets on dropbox so the players can access them from there. I keep copies of all the chronicle sheets I issue so I have a record of everything and the players can get a replacement if needed.

Is it really that difficult to print, sign, and scan a sheet of paper? Or even sign a blank sheet and scan your signature to add to a document?

I agree a proper signature is better than just type on the chronicle. The chronicle sheet I use allows you to add an electronic signature which can be a scanned image of a written signature and it also password protects it and locks the document so it can't be duplicated

I have been using pdf chronicle sheets as I have been running games online. I have digitally signed these which locks the pdf and password protects it so it can't be altered once signed. It is probably more secure than handwritten ones in this respect
I havent seen anything suggesting i can't do them electronically, and if i can't, it would pretty much scupper me for running games
Hope this is ok


Online play is pfs compliant. You can do pretty much everything online that you can face to face, with electonic signatures and scanning etc. It just means players are spared having to look at me :).

If anyone wants to play online using fantasy grounds, pm me and i will try and arrange sonething :)

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I will see if I can get to this. It would be great to play tabletop for a change as I usualy play on a vt

Congratulations :)

Congrats Robert :)
Hope to see you again on Fantasy Grounds soon

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I am not aware of a specific online resource for pfs. However, if you want to check out fantasygrounds.com there's a calendar and pfs forums where games are posted. There are sessions that run pretty frequently so you could get involved and find out more