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It is my distinct honor to have been able to recognize both England Venture-Captains Rob Silk and Dave Harrison at tonight's PaizoCon Banquet, as the 2014 Paizo Publishing co-volunteers of the year. I will be presenting the award to both of you in a few weeks at PaizoCon UK.

Your tireless efforts to growing Pathfinder RPG and Pathfinder Society, as well as your dedication to building and growing your local gaming community is commendable and deserving of the highest respect of all of us here at Paizo Publishing.

Thank you for everything you have given back to Pathfinder. It is greatly appreciated.

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Awesome :) Congrats

Grand Lodge

Well done Rob and Dave !

Dark Archive

Well done both of you! Richly deserved.

Silver Crusade

Congratulations !!!

Sovereign Court Publisher, Raging Swan Press

Excellent job. Well done chaps!

Scarab Sages

Brilliant news - congratulations Rob & Dave, and thank you for all your hard work.

Grand Lodge

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Fantanstic! Richly deserved guys....congratulations.

Scarab Sages

well done chaps

Well done, guys. Both of you are fantastic!

Liberty's Edge

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Wow! Thank you so much. That came right out of the sun. That's amazing! Here's looking forward to seeing you all at PaizoCon UK for more fun and games.

Well done you two :)

The Exchange

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Wow indeed! Thanks Mike, thanks Paizo, thanks everybody. (Oscar-style acceptance speech getting written.) Hope to see many of you at PaizoCon UK !

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What terrific news! Congratulations to both of you, Dave and Rob, on receiving this well-deserved recognition. You will, of course, be expected to arrive at Paizocon in limousines and enter along a red carpet! Time to dust off your posh frocks ladies! :)

Liberty's Edge

Congratulations to both of you! See you at PaizoCon UK!

Grand Lodge

Out of the sun indeed! Congrats to both of you.

Sovereign Court

Congratulations to you both. Go Team UK!

Grand Lodge

Congratulations, guys!


Congrats guys!

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Amazing work—well done you two!

Sovereign Court


Grand Lodge

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I hope I get to game with you guys again some time soon! Very well deserved.

Lantern Lodge

Congratulations!! 100% deserved - good to see you both recognised :-)

Kenny (DancingWeasel)

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Thanks for everything you've done for Pathfinder!

Liberty's Edge

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Well done, guys. Congratulations on managing an entire continent.

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Congrats guys, thoroughly deserved.

Scarab Sages

The Sunday night pub crawl does pay off!

Well done guys. Shame I won't be around in Brum to congratulate in person, but digital kudos will surely be enough!

Belated addition of my own congratulations to Rob and Dave, who work their socks off for love of the game.

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