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It just hit my downloads too. I did email customer service on the 9th, although I didn't get any response, so it may not have mattered.

Nor mine. It seems that Paizo is running late on dropping this to V*.

Thanks Azothath. That post has "3 people marked this as FAQ candidate. Answered in the FAQ." but I couldn't find it in any FAQ. I think the Bleed entry in Bestiary 6 is worded to support the "roll every round" interpretation though.

Bestiary 6 wrote:

The amount of damage each round is specified in the creature’s entry.

Format: bleed (2d6); Location: Special Attacks and individual attacks.

So that creature's bleed would inflict 2d6 points of damage each round, not a fixed amount.

Rozberry wrote:
There is an errata/clarification on the SRD that you do roll bleed every round instead of carrying over the roll.

Could you please post the URL?

Cheburn wrote:

interpretation of survey results.

"Overall, player opinions were slightly negative about this change. Players under the age of 25 in general were neutral about it. Players over the age of 50 nearly universally hated it. There is a strong correlation between the age of the respondent and their opinion of this change."


"Overall, player opinions were slightly negative about this change."

Which one of these is more useful? Well, if you have a goal of not alienating your older fans, the first one is. But you can't have that particular analysis without asking about player age on the survey (you can do other potentially useful analyses from other survey questions, but you're definitely missing out on a subset of useful data).

Given your example, whether or not you knew the ages of the respondents, the data in your example shows that the overall results were negative, so don't make the change.

The demographics I could see being useful to evaluating opinions on rules are things like:

* Have you updated all your v1 rulebooks with all the errata?
* Of the non-RPG, two-player games you've played, what is the largest number of pages in their rulebooks. Convert to the equivalent number of 55 in^2 of text per page if the rules are not printed on 8.5x11" paper.
* Do you answer rules questions in the forums?
* When you answer rules questions in the forums, do you cite book and page?

Wouldn't "people who give definitive answers to rules questions from up-to-date rulebooks" be a better demographic than something people can't control, like age?

Waiting half a year for an answer is very far from "jumping". Please check the facts before accusing people of being rash.

Jason Bulmahn wrote:
Folks, I am pretty sure I have spoken to this before, but let me be clear.

If someone had replied with this in the five months that this thread had been idle, there would have been no issue. Silence was very suspicious, especially given how quickly you replied now. It is good to learn that you are using the information to learn about the market as a whole.

My demographic: "None Of Your Business". I'm a gamer; that's all you need to know.

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Scott Romanowski wrote:
Why are you collecting demographic information in these surveys?

It's been five months and Paizo didn't see fit to answer this simple question.

I can only think that Paizo is collecting demographic information so they can favor the survey results from certain types of people, and disfavor survey results from others. That is not they type of behavior I want to see in a company I buy from -- everyone's opinion should be evaluated on the opinion's merit, regardless of who submitted it.
Paizo, I think you made a huge mistake.

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Riveling wrote:
Which is the best material tu build my own pawns with the pdf version??

I found this cardboard is the same thickness as the stock that Paizo uses.

In case this post is still here when Amazon drops that product, the title of the product is "14 Sheets Brown Chipboard 80 Point Extra Thick 4" X 9" (4X9 Inches) #10 Envelope Insert Size - .080 Caliper XX Heavy Cardboard as Thick as 20 Sheets 20# Paper".

Scott Romanowski wrote:
What resources are needed? I'm thinking of GMing this and don't GM anything using guns, Numerian tech, or /occult adventures/.

It doesn't need any of those.

What resources are needed? I'm thinking of GMing this and don't GM anything using guns, Numerian tech, or /occult adventures/.

Yes, I thought the same. Luckily there are lots of lists of names to provide "grist for the mill" of random name generation.

So far I have Taldane and Ulfen. You have to discard some names, as with any random name system. In both sets, some of the vowel groups are dipthongs (e.g., the 'ae' in Paesilia is prounounced like 'eye'), while others are pronounced separately.

Male Taldane names
Patalan Nogosius Tucvatio
Relumcus Casvadius Abrasus
Hortic Mardius Setirio
Glutio Vibierius Mosas
Ninian Porrius Ammacic

Married female Taldane names
Eupia Cafamia Ipisri
Semtiosia Rupellella Gebli
Caopivia Delcune Libi
Paburia Acunmiella Isuri
Auprevia Pelnecana Calranaei

Single female Taldane names
Bodia Lapcicie Terta
Luccilia Alme Octavia
Aslea Faera Secundella
Paesilia Seciana Quartella
Simildia Demitiella Major

For Ulfen names, the parts in <> are optional, and explanations are in (). Bynames are descriptors, so the first man's name below might be "Steini Hjorsteinsson the smith".

Male Ulfen names
Steini <Hjorsteinsson (patronymic)> <byname>
Arnfin <Hauvaldsson (patronymic)> <byname>
Gunndan <Horthsson (patronymic)>
Ingodd <Hallifsson (patronymic)> <byname>

Female Ulfen names
Valdis <Arnnysdotter (matronymic)> <byname>
Asgerth <Gundasdotter (matronymic)> <byname>
Asvor <Arnlaugsdotter (matronymic)> <byname>
Heimgun <Thjothlaugsdotter (matronymic)>
Vahild <Bollnysdotter (matronymic)>

I've been long interested in random name generation, especially as a GM when I want the NPC's names to aid in the immersion and ease roleplaying. I recently completed a system for Taldan names based on Roman names. You can see the system, with instructions on how to use it at Taldan names sample.pdf.

Please post your thoughts here. I will be doing more.

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Ikos wrote:
Yes, there is work to be done on PF2 [everyone (including the desginers) agrees], but we're not going to expedite that process with the sort of histrionics, Dear John letters, and developer conspiracy theories we've been seeing.

One problem that I see is that the signal to noise ratio is too low. I'll see one post making a good suggestion in a thread and 100 others just saying "me too", or "not me", or "I prefer RPG system X". I pity the staff that has to read all of them.

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Gorbacz wrote:
Re-layouting the book would take too much time

Ridiculous! We don't need anything more than a plain text update. Take the Screen Reader, update it, let your WP program update the TOC and index, save it as a PDF, and you're done. This would take less time than making the nicely-formatted update document.

This is so easy that I could take the Screen Reader version and do it for my own personal use in a day. At the end I'd have the rulebook in a WP program's format, which is what Paizo already has.

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Fuzzypaws wrote:
Yeah. I'm not big on Golarion at all, but it really does seem like they should probably get guns and gunslingers going as of the release Core book if that's the setting they're pushing, so people argue about it less later.

I'd rather not see guns in a FRPG. I want Paizo to leave them out of 2e.

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Why are you collecting demographic information in these surveys?

>Find me a person doing this who isn't trolling

Me, if the Christian is pushing their religion in my face. I'll use this "gaming is for all" to get them to stop or be kicked out because that makes me uncomfortable.

For the record, I don't wear atheist symbols, membership pins, or t-shirts to conventions because it might offend people, especially parents with kids who could ask uncomfortable questions.

>>Does the BSA code say that because you're a homosexual? I, think, in this case the BSA has dropped that particular objection, but you would be within your rights to ask them to not participate if their organization openly demonized someone based on one of the outlined traits (e.g. gender, race, sexual orientation).

You are right, the BSA has dropped their objection to homosexuals. I am heterosexual. I am an atheist, and the BSA Bylaws state
"The recognition of God as the ruling and leading power in the universe and the grateful acknowledgment of His favors and blessings are necessary to the best type of citizenship"
Article IX, Section 1, Clause 1.
All Scouts, adult and youth, are required to subscribe to this as part of the membership application process. I just checked their application forms.

As an atheist, by this section, the BSA states explicitly that I cannot be the perform 'the best type of citizenship' -- I cannot be the best type of citizen. I must be a second-class citizen or worse by this bylaw.

>>>If the KKK members are in full-regalia at a private convention I would hope the organizers would show them the door. If you're talking about military uniform and they started espousing white supremacist viewpoints, then again, I hope they would be shown the door.

Interesting. Both are wearing their regalia, but one group gets shown the door as soon as they walk in, while the other has to "openly demonize someone" before you act. Aren't atheists worthy of the same protection as African-Americans? Doesn't the "gaming is for all" apply to atheists?

By 'atheist' I simply mean that I do not believe in any of the more than a quarter million deities that humans have worshiped over the millennia.

I've had parents talk to their kids about membership in the BSA, another gamer tell me how much he's helping kids as an adult leader in the BSA, and other gamers have had very large crosses hanging around their necks or large tattoos. I've held my tongue. I don't think that section of the rulebook is necessary, but it's good to know that Paizo will now have my back when I'm uncomfortable -- it's in the rules.

How about these cases:
A player asks everyone wearing a Christian cross to remove it or leave the table, because the player is uncomfortable with them wearing torture symbols.

Or I'm GMing at a convention. Two Boy Scouts sit down in uniform at my table to play. The BSA Bylaws explicitly say that I cannot be the best type of citizen. Can I ask them to leave or do I have to put up with the insult?

Rephrase that as an African-American GM and two KKK members in uniform. What then?

***** Venture-Agent, Massachusetts—Lowell

Starglim wrote:
Grand Lodge card is duplicated in "Half sheet" (full sheet) file, likewise.

And in the "full sheet" (half sheet) file. The two copies differ slightly in the 7+ goals wording

* one has quotes around "Explore, Report, Cooperate" while the other doesn't.
* one has "+2 insight bonus on checks for these skills" while the other has "+2 insight bonus to these skills"

On 21 February 2018, I posted in the forum and my name showed up as "Scott Romanowski Venture-Agent, Massachusetts—Lowell"

On 27 February 2018, I posted but time my name showed up as simply "Scott Romanowski" 2272018#55

On My Account -> My Profile, it does show "Scott Romanowski Venture-Agent, Massachusetts—Lowell".

Could this be tied in to the recent problem where I (and other VAs) weren't given access to the scenarios 10-01, -02, and -03 until Sam had re-ran the process?
I noticed none of the people posting there have "VA" next to their names, but (for example) Gregory Rebelo does in e#6

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My source is an article in Dragon #78, "Be thy die ill-wrought?". You roll the d20 a large number of times, recording how many times each number turns up. You sum the square of (the number of times the number showed up - the number of times you expected it to show up) for all 20 numbers, then divide by number of times you expected a number to show up. This is the chi-squared value, which you compare to a table that shows the chance of a fair die getting that value.

To test a d20, I will roll it 400 times. Each number is expected to show up 20 times.
I record how many times each number does show up.
I then calculate (number of times 1 showed up - 20)^2 + (number of times 2 showed up - 20)^2 + (number of times 3 showed up - 20)^2 + ... + (number of times 19 showed up - 20)^2 + (number of times 20 showed up - 20)^2.
I divide that sum by 20. This is the chi-square value.
[The "^2" notation means "squared".]

For 20 categories, there is a 10% chance that the chi-square value will be 27.204 or more _just_by_chance_given_a_perfect_die. There is a 1% chance that the chi-square value will be 36.191 just by chance.

d20 are cheap. If I tested one and it produced a chi-squared of 36.191 or more, I'd throw it out. If the result was 27.204 or higher, I might retest it and toss it if it failed again.

Remember, rolling a die is a random process. There's a chance (1 in 100) that a fair d20 would give a result of 36.191 or higher, and a chance that a biased die would give a result below 27.204. There is no black-or-white division here, just degrees of certainty.

I once asked a vendor of precision dice if their dice had been tested to see if they were biased. They didn't understand the question, all they kept saying is that "there are precision dice". You can have biased dice manufactured to extremely tight tolerances, but they're still biased.

1. ASL and SFB
2. Almost anything by Avalon Hill before 1998
3. Almost anything by SPI

I like games that challenge me and make me think. After spending many years where I'd buy the games, teach my friends how to play (but nothing too complex -- they wouldn't read the rules themselves), and replace damaged components when they wouldn't follow the 'no drinks on table' rule, without ever getting them to even try something slightly more complex, I gave up and now focus on games I like.

A while ago I got a brick of 12mm d6. I grabbed some to use with ASL, and after several losses, I tested them with the chi squared test. Yes, they were badly biased. Small d6 tend to be biased to the high numbers because of the molded pips.

Use mathematics, not folk tales.

+1 Billy02 for chess.

I was playing "Tactics II" when I was 12. I'd find AH's 'Smithsonian' series (Gettysburg, Battle of the Bulge, Midway) and start teaching them. Before long they'll be dragging you to WBC and ASLOK!

Hi sanwah68,
This is confirmed.

I don't play the ACG so I hadn't tried to download it before. I tried to download it and found that the file size is only 151 bytes. From the digital assests download screen:
"Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild #5–1—Threads Unravel
151 bytes
Ready! Click again to download."

It is a valid .zip file, and it includes one file, a PDF, but the PDF's size is 0 bytes:

Directory of C:\Users\Scott\Downloads\PathfinderSocietyAdventureCardGuild51ThreadsUnrave lPDF\*

8/07/2018 9:44 0 PZOACGS0501E.pdf
0 bytes in 1 file and 0 dirs


Customer service:
I think there is a problem with the PDF file being used to create the download. Either it really is 0 bytes, in which case it needs to be replaced with the correct file, or perhaps the script involved is pointing to the wrong filename and/or directory, which could give a size of 0 when it tries to create the personalized copy. These are just guesses though; I don't know your process. But well-written code should be logging error messages somewhere.

Thank you for resolving this issue and then following up to make sure it will be truly resolved for everyone. As someone with four decades of experience designing, developing and maintaining systems, I know you were caught in the middle without proper support. I think management understaffed the home office during GenCon after allowing untested changes to the scenario release process to be committed to the release branch.

Thanks for your concern. I was going to be the 2nd GM for the scenario if all 8 players that signed up showed up. As I wrote at 3pm, I had a hard stop at 3pm, so I could not GM. I really needed the scenario by noon in order to prepare.

I called customer service and Sam said that she's tracking the issue to see how widespread it is. Apparently some people got the scenarios, but not everyone.

I have run out of time. I have other things to do before I go to the store, and cannot prepare 10-02 for tonight. I'm retired and paying $5 because someone didn't do their job is not an option.

Bump. As I wrote above, I need it now to prepare to run it tonight.

One odd thing is that I got access to the latest Pathfinder ACG download on Friday. I don't play ACG, so naturally that's the one that goes off without a hitch. :-)

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We used to use pictograms and icons millennia ago. We came up with something much better: words and numbers.

Use them in PF2. Get rid of icons.

Don't use color to encode important information. They are useless in dim light, like when playing in a corner of a crowded game store, or if the reader is visually impaired.

Both icons and colors require normal vision and bright light. Unless you want to make things difficult, ditch them.

Also, most of your players can do simple arithmetic (*). You don't need to waste space with tables when a one-line equation will do. Don't underestimate the intelligence and ability of your players!

(*) And forcing those who can't to learn is a bonus. You can't go through your life innumerate any more than you can go through life illiterate.

Bumping this because I need it to GM a 2nd table of 10-02 on Monday night (1800 EDT) so I'll need it by 1200 EDT (0900 PDT).

I'm a VA who doesn't have these added to my account yet too.

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What I expected: A 1e with improvements
What I got: A different game system

I expected something like ASL 1st and 2nd Edition Rulebooks. What I got was too many changes to be called "Pathfinder".

I just started reading and my initial impressions so far are that characters are being forced into generic molds. For example, the skill system. I have 1e characters that have 1 rank in something like Profession (cook) merely for the RP possibilities. "What do you mean, you don't like the food? I get paid to do this back in town!"

Another example, the fighter ability to heavily specialize in a weapon goes away. You are no longer the master of the longsword, you're good with all swords.

Good characters don't all fit in the same round hole. Good characters have bits that stick out, making them unique.

Vraxeris's soul has to be free and willing to return to be the subject of /raise dead/ et al. Maybe Vraxeris doesn't want to be raised because of his dementia, or his soul is being held somewhere.

I use this stock. It's the same thickness as Paizo's pawn stock. I print the pawn on normal weight paper, wrap it around the stock, and use a gluestick to fasten it in place.
Another trick I learned is to print the two sides feet-to-feet, not head-to-head. If the fold is at the top, the open ends suffer from being inserted in the base and tear or peel up. With the fold at the bottom, there's no edge to catch when you insert it in the base.

I use Avery 1/4" color coding labels on black bases. I have the removable type, so about 1 falls off each year. The dots come in four colors, which gives you sixteen pairs.

Thank you Unikatze, Brother Fen, and ckdragons.

Thanks Ederun Ironbeard. I had an event that had the same problem and your procedure fixed it.

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Bump, event #337534. I created this event and was able to report many sessions. Some other oddities:
* The name has a ~ at the end, "Gaming Etc. PFC&SFS~". This does not appear in the name field in the Edit screen, and it does not go away if I change the name.
* All the delegated reporters are gone, and there is no way to add delegated reporters in the Edit screen.

I found the solution in
Simply, paizo added a new "organized play" checkbox which was not checked by default. After checking that and saving, you have to edit again because the "event is live" checkbox is not checked (even if you had it checked before). Check that and save, and now it is OK.

Hi Unimatze,
After nearly a month without comment, I deleted the picture, thinking there was no interest. Here is the link.

Using the menus at the top, click on Pathfinder -> Pathfinder Society, then in the body of each page:
Click on "Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild".
Click on "Game Master's Kit and Player Pack".
Click on Faction Journal Cards under "Player Pack".
You can download the Season 9 cards.

I invented a way to display the initiative order to all the players (picture). I've tried variations of Paizo's combat pad, but not everyone can see that. Travis Zimmerman was kind enough to let me try it as he GMed last night.

I used a stack of 2x2 Duplo LEGO blocks, with each PC's name written on all four sides in wet erase marker. On the side facing the GM, I wrote each creature's initiative score in dry erase. As expected, dry erase wipes off LEGO, and wet erase comes off with water.

I have to write D or R for delay or readied instead of moving a piece. However, if I use 4x2 pieces I could shift a PC's block to indicate delay or ready, and still have a sturdy stack.

Another item, so the bug seems systemic, not isolated to one item.

Scenario 9-09 Beyond the Halflight Path was updated today. The "Date Download Last Updated" still shows November 2017. I downloaded it and it is the new, March 2018, content.

I think Paizo should dump gunslinger, vigilante, and all the occult classes. IMHO they do not belong in a FRPG. If people want them, let them ask Paizo to create games like BootHillfinder, Batfinder and Cthulhufinder. I wouldn't want to be able to play Conan in a pulp private eye setting, or a Harry Potter in a hard SF setting.

Thank you khadgar567.

D&D 4E is the reason why I switched to Pathfinder. I'm concerned too. If PF2 is going towards D&D 4E, I won't be following. I've already pre-ordered the playtest items, so I won't decide until I've read them.

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Since "class" is akin to "profession", and your character probably spent the last five years learning how to be a level 1 X, you need to simulate the dedicated training time before taking a level in a different class. Perhaps require character to take three levels in Commoner before they can take a level in another PC class?

I think it is very "unrealistic" to be able to take a level in a different class after a couple weeks adventuring, and suddenly get the same abilities as someone who has been training for it since a child.

Wow this topic exploded. I can't follow nearly 850 posts. Could someone kindly post a tl;dr summary? Will PF2 character still have skill ranks or some ability to tailor their skills (e.g., I want my rogue to take a rank or two in every Knowledge skill, even the ones I'm not trained in, and I won't take any ranks in Stealth).

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