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I've read many articles on alignment in D&D, tracking alignment in D&D, and the equivalent systems in many other RPGs. I've written this article that incorporates all I've learned in over 40 years of play. It:

  • * has the players pick objectives for their characters, so they get to say what their alignment means to them,
  • * divides the 3x3 alignment grid into finer steps,
  • * provides mechanisms for moving among those steps according to how your character behaves,
  • * includes a nature component for druids and similar classes, and
  • * includes a circumstance bonus to saves and skill checks for playing your character's alignment well.

I'm posting here to share it and get feedback. I don't expect this to end all discussion about alignment, but I hope it'll help some people avoid some arguments.

I'm trying to report a PFS2e session of scenario 1-01 The Absalom Initiation to event #337,534. Whether I select PFS 2e or not, only the 1e scenarios and factions show up. That is, scenario 1-01 The Absalom Initiation is not in the list of "all scenarios", and I can't select the Grand Archive faction for the GM.

On 21 February 2018, I posted in the forum and my name showed up as "Scott Romanowski Venture-Agent, Massachusetts—Lowell"

On 27 February 2018, I posted but time my name showed up as simply "Scott Romanowski" 2272018#55

On My Account -> My Profile, it does show "Scott Romanowski Venture-Agent, Massachusetts—Lowell".

Could this be tied in to the recent problem where I (and other VAs) weren't given access to the scenarios 10-01, -02, and -03 until Sam had re-ran the process?
I noticed none of the people posting there have "VA" next to their names, but (for example) Gregory Rebelo does in e#6

I invented a way to display the initiative order to all the players (picture). I've tried variations of Paizo's combat pad, but not everyone can see that. Travis Zimmerman was kind enough to let me try it as he GMed last night.

I used a stack of 2x2 Duplo LEGO blocks, with each PC's name written on all four sides in wet erase marker. On the side facing the GM, I wrote each creature's initiative score in dry erase. As expected, dry erase wipes off LEGO, and wet erase comes off with water.

I have to write D or R for delay or readied instead of moving a piece. However, if I use 4x2 pieces I could shift a PC's block to indicate delay or ready, and still have a sturdy stack.

My favorite intro games? The 1988 edition of AH's "Gettysburg". SFB Cadet Training manual. AH's "Merchants of Venus". "Tactics II".

This will be at Midgard Comics and Games, 55 Crystal Ave, Unit 21, Derry, NH.

Is there any thought of making this available as a PDF?

Is it just me or aren't the event descriptions showing up any more?