When did / does year 10 officially start?

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Title says it all really...

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It started at Gen Con last week

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The first season 10 scenarios were released on the 2nd of August (or Arodus) so that date is the start.

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A PFS season does and always has started at 8am on Thursday of Gen Con. We often consider the Friday night special as the “unofficial” launch of the season since it is the first scenario set in the new season’s meta, but for purposes of gameplay, slot 1 is the start of the season. There has been a occasions where the Friday night special was playtested at PaizoCon a couple months earlier, but that version is not the final nor does it represent the start of the season. Think of it more like a a lot zero.

Not to be too persnickety but technically we launched season 10, but it’s our 11th year due to the first being season zero. Unless of course you were referring to last season, nine, which was our tenth year.

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On top of that, the "year" itself, in-game, changes on New Year's in real life, since the in-world year = real world + 2700.

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So, let's say, on Tuesday gone (August 7th) I played a character that I hadn't played for two and a half years, and took the opportunity to tick the first box box on the the most recently released Faction Card, Year 9...

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*goes to look at Faction Cards for last night's game*

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Good point - Season 10 cards are up, but show as released today.

"Half sheet" and "Full sheet" filenames are reversed, but that's easily accounted for, or even fixed. edit: Grand Lodge card is duplicated in "Half sheet" (full sheet) file, likewise.

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Starglim wrote:
Grand Lodge card is duplicated in "Half sheet" (full sheet) file, likewise.

And in the "full sheet" (half sheet) file. The two copies differ slightly in the 7+ goals wording

* one has quotes around "Explore, Report, Cooperate" while the other doesn't.
* one has "+2 insight bonus on checks for these skills" while the other has "+2 insight bonus to these skills"

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