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On 21 February 2018, I posted in the forum and my name showed up as "Scott Romanowski Venture-Agent, Massachusetts—Lowell"

On 27 February 2018, I posted but time my name showed up as simply "Scott Romanowski" 2272018#55

On My Account -> My Profile, it does show "Scott Romanowski Venture-Agent, Massachusetts—Lowell".

Could this be tied in to the recent problem where I (and other VAs) weren't given access to the scenarios 10-01, -02, and -03 until Sam had re-ran the process?
I noticed none of the people posting there have "VA" next to their names, but (for example) Gregory Rebelo does in e#6

Paizo Employee Customer Service Representative

Hello Scott,

I have moved this thread to Website Feedback where the tech team can see it and take a look.

Society-specific information (stars/novas, special titles, etc.) only appears when you post in the Society-related subforums. These items won't appear when you post in other areas.

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