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+1 for wanting to know what's happening with the comics.

VRMH wrote:
Scott McFarland wrote:
under what circumstances is an item creator going to use metamagic feats to make, for example, a wondrous item?

When the item has a meta-magiced spell as a prerequisite.

Which, afaik, isn't the case for any of them.

Exactly. Strange...

This ability from the Inner Sea Primer, p29 has me a bit confused:

'When using metamagic feats to create magic items, your skill and understanding of the principles involved in the item’s creation give you a +2 bonus on the skill check made to create the item.'

I'd understand if this bonus was for using item creation feats to create magic items, but under what circumstances is an item creator going to use metamagic feats to make, for example, a wondrous item?

With d6 damage, no save, vs touch AC, Disrupt Undead is a no-brainer in any campaign where there's even a hint of undead. Throw in non-corporeal undead and it's even more essential...

Any news?

Ummm, yeah that's not the greatest cover ever folks.

Really not.

Lots of options but the singular option I so, so, SO want to see is substitution options for wizards who don't want to have a familiar and don't want to be cursed with a bonded item either.

Please, please, please...

To be honest, there's a lot to love about the comics.

But from 40 pages with a map for the first 6 issues, we now get fewer pages, no map, and a release schedule that's 'erratic', to say the least.

What's going on folks? I see lots of ambition with the Goblins spin-off and one-shots, but a degree of monthly release consistency would be very welcome. Oh and more pages. And maps.

Liz Courts wrote:
David knott 242 wrote:

Anyway -- for those of us who do not want the paper version of the magazine, will there ever be a PDF only version for sale? I really enjoyed the PDF of the first issue and am looking forward to seeing the second issue.

At this point, I am waiting on the publisher to upload the PDF to our servers—I'll send him a reminder. :)

Any joy?

Liz Courts wrote:
Scott McFarland wrote:
Will there be a Print / PDF bundle option?
Once there's a PDF available on our servers, yes! :D

Thanks Liz. :D

Will there be a Print / PDF bundle option?

First off, since the stupendously good Eando Kline story I've lost interest in the fiction. But the main problem is that I've forgotten the story / characters by the time a month rolls by and a new chapter comes out.

If the fiction has to stay, how about a 'what has gone before' paragraph at the beginning of every instalment?

Secrets of the Arcanamirium please...

Vic Wertz wrote:
the Haunted Jester wrote:
Vic Wertz wrote:
There actually will be a special release of a product at PaizoCon, though it won't be anywhere *near* as big as the deluxe Runelords book. What is it? Sorry—you'll have to wait!
So...any word on this surprise special PaizoCon release!?! Please, please, please!!!!

I suspect we won't be saying a word until PaizoCon.

I want people to go into the PaizoCon store and see something that they had *no idea* existed until that very moment!

Pathfinder ice cream?

Anyone else still not got this?

I got my 'in the next week or so' email 11 days ago.

My FLGS has the print products in store.


According to the Dynamite site, issue 5 drops from 40 pages to 32.

Will the price decrease 20% too?

Bellona wrote:
Scott McFarland wrote:

I'd also love to see each module come with a different sample party of 4 pre-generated player characters.

But then I'm also keen for Paizo to release a PC Codex book...

Do you mean beyond the NPC Codex - which is already out? That has the 11 basic iconics (Amiri/barbarian to Ezren/wizard) at many different levels, plus a whole lot more.

Nope, a PC Codex. Full of Paizo players' favourite PCs. With spells and equipment from all Paizo products, not just core.

I want to compare my favourite PC with someone else's.

Maybe it could start life as a Wayfinder-organised competition, to find the most awesomely interesting PCs.

A PC Codex could have a stat block on one page and a full page character backstory and illustration facing...

Adam Daigle wrote:

I have a question for everyone reading this thread. Let's say an adventure didn't take up all 64 pages and there was some back matter included, what kind of material would you most like to see? What kind of material would you least like to see?

As it is, many of the previous modules included a little gazetteer of the location to adventure takes place and a new monster that was included in the adventure. Is that kind of stuff good enough or would you like to see a bit more to help you run the adventures? (Of course, the adventure is the focus here, and won't be condensed to accommodate extra material if it 's not needed.)

A gazetteer of a locale, with some NPCs fleshed out a bit, a new monster or two, a couple of new spells and magic items would be great.

I'd also love to see each module come with a different sample party of 4 pre-generated player characters.

But then I'm also keen for Paizo to release a PC Codex book...

TheLoneCleric wrote:
Aha. Good to know. Still, not bad for an intro adventure, dice, and maps, etc.

Yup, the artwork certainly looks amazing too. The game system seems a little convoluted but hey, worth a try.

TheLoneCleric wrote:
But this isn't the full rules set right? Just the intro box?

Yes, the full rules are coming out in hardback form.

Tucked away in a couple of the product description entries for the Beginner Game we get:

'Veteran roleplayers might be interested in the Beginner Game for its abridged introduction to the Edge of the Empire rules, as well as its complete set of dice, maps, and other components (which can be used with the upcoming Core Rulebook).'

'For players who are ready for a more complex, in-depth roleplaying experience, the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire core rulebook will be available. With additional careers, weapons, ships, talents, and much more, the Edge of the Empire Core Rulebook provides a more comprehensive roleplaying experience than the Beginner Game. It is the starting point for a complete line of roleplaying products, including pre-written adventures, sourcebooks with more content for hero players and GMs, and other supplements.'

Note that this is a 'Beginner Box' type version of the Edge of the Empire game that recently finished play testing. The full Edge of the Empire game has not yet been announced...

Goblin Squad Member

I'd like to get the Print Pack for PF Online, but if the flip mats are in the delivery package will Paizo label the shipment as 'Games'?

Books are exempt from customs duty in the UK, but games aren't, meaning for example that I got hit with a very nasty customs demand for my Beginner Box...

I suspect that Pawns boxes will ship internationally as 'Games' rather than as Books, making them liable for customs duty in the UK.

This means adding not only the cost of shipping such a heavy box, but a sizeable customs charge (I paid £11.75 - that's around $18 - in customs duty + clearance charge for my Beginner's Box).

Which is why my Bestiary Box was bought through my FLGS.

Nothing Paizo can do about it though.

Just beware if you live in the UK - books don't get duty on them, non-books do...

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The comic was great. But add the battle map and the character stats and the Sandpoint stuff and this is an absolute must-buy.

Oh and it should be a TV series...

Absalom please. In the Arcanamirium. The novel should have an appendix filled with 20 new spells for universalist wizards. And come out next week.

Only kidding.

End of the month is fine.

Vic Wertz wrote:

Of those three, only the Bestiary Box contains bases—the other two assume that you also have the Bestiary Box.

We are looking into making additional bases available for sale separately.

All your base are belong to us?

Gorbacz wrote:
Holy bananas, awesome cover? Who's the artist?

+1. Wowza.

'Paladin in hell' redux.


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More spell trigger items for low level wizards would be awesome.

I love the new staves in the Beginner Box (the Staff of Scorching is a must-have at 5th level), so anything that gives the low-level arcanist some extra magic is good.

Sene wrote:
To The Far Wanderer: Switching preview to 32bit worked for me as well. This looks like the duct-tape pdf repair for now. Thank you so much for the help! Acrobat was getting rather cumbersome.

Yes, Acrobat was a messy alternative.

The Shining Fool wrote:
The Far Wanderer, you are amazing! Thanks for the info. It still isn't perfect for me, but it is a heckuvalot better than acrobat. =)

Glad I could help.

Here's to the crazy ones.

Rest in Peace Steve.

I'd have thought it would be a good marketing idea to help get subscribers to the Tales line if they got a version of the book with characters statted up in a special supplement.

Maybe with new magic items or spells mentioned in the book too?

Yes, I'd prefer official stats.

Incidentally is Radovan's CHA of 6 a typo? He's described as 'rakishly handsome' in the stat block...

Dave Gross wrote:
Adam Daigle wrote:
Not that I know of, but Inner Sea Magic lists him as a 6th-level wizard.

That fits his spell-casting abilities in Prince of Wolves, although he obviously gains a couple of levels before the end of Master of Devils. Also, it seems logical that he'd have some aristocrat levels and maybe some fighter in him.

But no, we haven't seen him statted out anywhere that I've seen.

Hey Mr Gross, congrats on the series. They're great characters. Keep up the good work.

Perhaps Mr Sutter could oblige, seeing as he did Radovan for us?

Have Jeggare's stats been posted anywhere?

I know Radovan has been done in Kobold Quarterly (issue 14, pp12-13) but not his boss...?

James Jacobs wrote:
Fnipernackle wrote:
??????? didnt they just come out in ultimate magic? thats in stores now.
Ah... right. Ultimate Magic is indeed out. Doesn't change the fact that we don't have any new arcane discoveries scheduled anytime soon, though.

Thanks James. Consider this a big thumbs up for ADs.

I did see the Super Genius Games book of them - in fact the blurb they wrote about wizards getting a bit left behind in terms of options was what prompted my original post. It cleanly sums up what I've heard at our gaming table.

Billy Idol joins Paizo, releases comeback single 'Mona Mona'...

Anyone? No?

One for the Paizo folks really.

I love Arcane Discoveries (Fast Study is a must-have for my trusty universalist wizard) but I was hoping that we'd see more of them in Inner Sea Magic...

Can we get some more AD love?

Try the Liberating Command spell from the Andoran Players Companion - it's a 1st level spell, verbal component, immediate action, allowing you to make an Escape Artist check to escape with a competence bonus on the check equal to twice your caster level.

PCs are framed and spend the AP on the run, until the final instalment when they catch up with the BBEG who was ultimately responsible for the crime.

Peter Stewart wrote:
Maybe it's a swift action because the area on it, like the area on cone of cold, is so atrocious. I've NEVER seen cold of cold used in play. My party received staff of frost and promptly sold it for exactly that reason. With that in mind I'm not terribly shaken up about this. You are looking at a very situational spell that basically requires you be in front of your fighters with the bad guys within charging distance of you to affect them.

Not if your wizard has the Selective Spell feat...

Absolutely superb job - well done to everyone who wrote / illustrated this book.

Great NPCs, plot hooks, new spells, magic items...

What's not to like?


+1 to the ?????!!!!! camp for Scrollmaster.

Fingers crossed for Inner Sea Magic...

I'd like one 1st level spell that makes me as happy as Flash/Bang did (Freeport Companion - Pathfinder Edition)...