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aw, e-hugs?

If only Snowball didn't have a breath weapon, then she wouldn't feel left out ;p

you might need to use italics or something
I vaguely recall some tags not working in alias profiles...

Karkala the Dweomercat Cub wrote:
You never said anything about class levels adding CRs.

I'd like to say that it could've been more clearly spelled out, however:

GM Monster (in Character creation mechanics spoiler) wrote:

For the most part, your stats will be the same as those of the monsters you chose from the bestiary (HP and background skills being the main differences as explained below). Whatever skill ranks, racial bonuses, feats, etc that monster has it what you have. Those stats can then be modified as you take templates, class levels, or grow into a more powerful but very similar monster (e.g. a ghoul becoming a draugr) such that you still have continuity of the same character.

You will start off as CR 2 monsters. You may apply non-mythic templates as long as you keep a net CR of no more than 2 and as long as you have no more than a total of three zero or negative CR templates. No humanoid (or monstrous humanoid) creature types!

You may play any non-humanoid monster that could reasonably work for an evil wizard in her lair in the woods and then go adventuring. So poltergeist is out, for example, because it is bound to a specific site. But whatever you play must be capable of communicating with the other party members. So you have to be capable of speaking some language or telepathy. And the party will need to have some language in common.

To help with that, you get two background skills ranks for every CR you have. Max ranks in a skill will be based on your CR or HD, whichever is higher.

You will want to consider level-up possibilities when you choose your monster. Monsters may take class levels (with each level counting as one CR) but class levels may never be more than half your CR. You might want to play a monster that has a power progression already, such as most elementals, dragons, etc. You can take and re-spec as we level to make things work out. For example, your young blue dragon monk 2 (CR 11) can become a young (-1) adult blue dragon (CR 12). There will be a lot of options for how to do your progression. But your character shouldn't change so much as to disrupt the concept. E.g. your advanced dryad warpriest 4 shouldn't become a vampire. In addition, there should be a match between what your monster is RPing, learning, practicing, how its changing, etc that matches the mechanical change upon leveling up to a higher CR.

Players should be ready for the mechanical work of building and playing a monster. It will be significantly different than our classic PCs and will require some level of attention to detail. Players who aren’t ready to keep track of their monsters’ abilities won’t be well-suited for this game. Players who like mechanical challenges and building well will do well. A certain amount of power gaming will be fine as long as the RP does not suffer for it. Occasionally, an overpowered combo or element may arise which I will ban as necessary, e.g. the blood money spell is banned. When this comes up, I will just discuss it with the player(s) involved and we will find a solution that is as satisfactory as possible.

Banned templates: Class templates (e.g. wizard creature), mythic templates, anything that comes up as game-breaking
Allowed templates: All paizo and some 3rd party upon request and GM review.

No starting equipment except for what the bestiary says you would have.

When you take your first class level, you may take traits.

The first hit die that you gain you get full hp. After that, you get the avg rounded up (d8->5, d10-> 6, etc) at each hit die. Monsters don't get favored class bonuses.

Emphasis added.

Which reminds me, did I explain Snowball's character progression? I'll be alternating between using the Advanced Template and going up to the next age category (always 1 or 2 CR above the previous category, so that's all I'll need)

After losing the drunk template, of course. That template suuuucks (though not as bad as a -4 int from degenerate or w/e. that'd drop snowball to 0 int, lol)

Just add the BAB from different sources. Straight summation.
CMD is BAB + Strmod + size. If you're medium sized and your strength is ten, then you just have CMB = BAB.
CMD is CMB + 10 + Dexmod (+the rarer modifiers to AC, like insight, deflection, sacred/profane, etc)
You also get +4 vs trip for having 2 extra legs (4 legs = 2 +2 legs; +2 legs multiplied by 2 gives +4 vs trip)

edit: tiny sized creatures have +2 AC and -2 to CMB/CMD (among other things), so if your Dex and Str are 10, you'll have
CMD 11

edit2: looking at the dweomercat cub entry, the only reason it could have +3 CMB instead of +0 CMB is if it only ever uses its natural weapons for combat maneuvers (e.g. never uses bull rush) and therefore gets to use its Dex instead of Str for those maneuvers

If she had treasure but not friends/family, I think she'd find a way to be some poor animal's or magical beast's mommy and then be a good mom conduct an endless series of horrible thaumaturgical experiments. Probably replacing each of her unfortunate captives as they expire, possibly eating them, and proooobably feeling bad about it yet repeating the cycle.

Snowball is just a bit messed up xD

I'm not sure that she could end up with friends/family but no treasure. I'm not sure if she'd want to experiment on any of her combat buddies, but she might try to adopt someone, hehehehe

Hmmm, maybe I'll add some variation on that into the backstory section xD

...also, after thinking about it, maybe she should be chaotic evil after all. She's crazy enough for it xD

OK, I'm now reasonably (though not 100%) sure that Snowball's alias is ready for show time. I might change my mind about not including all mutations from the mutant template (I didn't add Fast Healing (Ex), for example; I simply put fast healing 5 next to the HP like in an imp's statblock)

Snowball has 1 point in linguistics for any language we want our monsters to speak. I think we should coordinate and have a different language maybe (except our team face definitely needs to speak taldane/common...)
If we want Draconic for our team language, I'll move that point from linguistics back to craft (bone carving) ^_^

Also, the 'drunk' template gives Snowball the sickened condition, which represents the side effects of her experimentation mechanically (that, -2 to int/wise, and Fractured Mind to be precise).
For now, in large part because of the -2 atk/dmg from being sickened, Snowball's only good combat ability is her breath weapon. The bonus Con from being a mutant and the lack of a penalty from 'drunk' actually makes it above average for a white wyrmling, having DC 14 instead of 12 to halve 2d4 cold damage ^^

As for her preferred part of the dungeon, she has a swim speed and will like to spend time in the watery areas. Occasionally turning parts of them in to skating rinks for short periods. She can also burrow, apparently, and might prefer that to traversing some of the rooms (in particular, any hotter areas)

Karkala the Dweomercat Cub wrote:
If Weapon Finesse Mythic is off the table, that leaves some sort of spontaneous caster like a sorcerer with fey bloodline, or a mesmerist or medium as the best fit for Karkala’s stats. No one has applied to be a blaster yet (and I assume blaster means someone who casts a lot of offensive spells), so I could go that route...

I think blaster means AoE attack capable, but now that you mention it, maybe we should ask :3

@GM Monster: Whats a paladin blaster?

Also, we actually do have a blaster, ready with a cone attack every d4 rounds :P

@GM Monster: I think you mentioned that the skills we get are supposed to match those given on the bestiary entry, but what if we get a penalty to int from a template? (e.g. mutant gives -2 to two ability scores)?
Also, what if we get a boost to int? (Mutant and advanced templates boost ability scores)

Mat_H wrote:

Side note - I finished catching up on submissions and don't want to step too much on Snowball's feet so if he'd prefer I drop the Mommy angle I'll be happy to find a new motivation. Being able to play a creature that has a sliver of a sacrifice's soul allows for LOTS of motivation possibilities

It'd be great, they'd be able to compete for mommy's attention xD

But that reminds me: part of me wants everyone to make mutant wyrms, just so our GM has to say something like "the wizard had a thing for experimenting on dragons..."

Will change 'pets' to 'annoying-to-acquire sword fodder' xD

Luckily, the name 'Snowball' was already meant to be demeaning. Snowball doesn't know that yet, though.

Here is my first official pass at Snowball's backstory ^^

Will get crunch ready later...

Snowball's background:
Backstory (bullet points 1 & 3)
Lucian Aldor was in need of some way to avoid restocking the monsters her pets every time nosey people with sharp objects showed up at her doorstep, and she thought a baby dragon might be just the thing she needed for her experiments.
Snowball ended up in Ms. Aldor's home before hatching, but the mutant-dragon to be never found out how. Snowball always thought that the wizard was her mommy; no reason to look for mommy when you can see her every day. And anyway, thaumaturgical experimentation is how all good mommies take care of their babies, right?
Eventually, the wizard's experiments bore fruit in Snowball's fast healing and improved constitution. The magic took its toll on Snowball's mind, but having a more pliable test subject didn't seem like a drawback to Lucian. Not as long as it wasn't her own mind.
One of the side effects was somewhat cat-like behavior. That, combined with the dragon being the size of a large house cat, inspired the spell caster to give Snowball her name.
After trying everything she could think of, yet failing to extend Snowball's regenerative abilities beyond the dragon's body, Lucian declared the experiment a failure. Snowball was relegated to guard duty.
These days Snowball misses her mommy, but she contents herself with freezing and then consuming any meat that wanders into reach.

Motivations and plans (bullet points 2 & 5)
I'm not sure what normally motivates white dragons besides a safe pile of treasure to sleep on, good cold meals every day, and the frozen tears of defeated foes.
In Snowball's case, she'll also be (at least somewhat) motivated to find out what happened to her mommy. In the future she'll almost certainly discover that her real mommy is a dragon, but how she feels about that will mostly depend on how she finds out and what she learns beforehand.

Description (bullet point 3)
Snowball's head is slightly deformed, looking rounded in front (a bit like the blue-eyes white dragon from Yu-Gi-Oh). She otherwise looks much like every other white-scaled, ice-breathing, flying lizard-of-death.
If we get more beneficial mutations later, some of her armored scales will become more like armor plating.

FWIW, Life Link can heal undead and constructs since it isn't a positive energy effect...

I'll take that as a yes.

And I can't figure out how to make Undead Lord work here, so I'm mostly just interested in playing a dragon. Healing just seems like a thing we'll have most trouble with (and with only single target healing, we might want a second healer anyway), but thanks for the heads up :3

Also, I'll be busy IRL this week, so I might be a little slow to get all the details ready...

I think I'll give up on using spells for healing and just do the life-link thing. Can I start with a Young (-1) Drunk (-1) Mutant (+1) White Wyrmling (cr 2 normally) with a level in Oracle? :3

If so, I'll figure something out fluff-wise for my fountain of fast-healing-5

You know, beyond wizard's experiment and stolen egg xD

Good point about the lifelink thing.

I'll think about what I wanna do xD

@GM Monster: Oh yeah, the PvP tourny.
I'm still not sure if I'm happier that I used my fun wizard build instead of the What-The-Feta super cheesy one, but that was fun xD

As for this game, I think I'll have to look into those 3pp negative traits so that I can play a dragon that tends to her master's flock (of undead) hehehe...
Which reminds me that I'll need a wand of CLW or infernal healing in order to be the team medic, but I'm not sure if I can start with a wand. Wyrmlings get "triple treasure", but I have no idea what that means. Triple what? Is there a table that lists encounter treasure by CR? Would I get triple what it lists for CR 2?

Also, I'm thinking cleric of Baalzebul would be most convenient so that I can grab the Undeath domain and worship one of the archdevils. Would the wizard have any tomes or servants from any archdevils? :3

Aaaand just so I can say "I told you so" later, I'd like to point out that half leveled full casters are going to have spells a bit more in line with paladins and rangers (either at that level or just above spell slot wise, and lagging behind very much CL wise).
Imagine your primary healer being a ranger instead of a cleric of Baalzebul.
At least I'm planning on stacking wands...

edit: finally found treasure per encounter table. Should I use 3x the medium progression for my starting equipment?

darn, being the wizard's pet/experiment was mostly ninja'd xD

@Dαedαlus: The only good negative template from paizo I can find is Degenerate (Young is specifically called out as not applying to things that gain power with age, like dragons)
Still, CR-1 is enough to make black dragon wyrmlings an option (that I'll probably be taking if I can get off the fence about throwing my hat in the ring...)

Have fun guys ^^

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Are you sure you don't want an Undead Lord on your team? :P

more and more good choices :3

I'm finally reasonably happy with Stronk
I fluffed up his fluff, moved a couple skills around, and also swapped out Grasp for Disrupt Undead

Stronk is probably done crunch-wise.
I feel like I should fix his fluff a bit more,
Basically hes like a Battle Scout, running amok in the name of Iomedae while wielding a bow.
He comes with trap handling skillz, but even when he fails, he can disarm traps with his face and get some use out of his +11/+11/+12 saves.
Also, I decided to go with Overprotective instead of Unlearned.
He already has a -2 intmod and that kind of feels like Unlearned already xD

I feel like I should do a bit more for the fluffy bits, but here's the first pass:

Stronk’s fluff:

"Stronk" is six and a half feet tall, two hundred and twenty pounds, and twenty years old. This imposing gentleman wears a perfectly clean mithral chain shirt over a simple white shirt. He also wears a red cloak, black boots, and white pants, all pristine.

"Stronk" is a faithful, if intellectually challanged, follower of Iomedae. When he was a young squire, he somehow concluded that longswords were good because they were long, and that a longer ranged weapon would be even better. He settled on making the longbow his primary weapon, a choice which has been reasonably well tolerated by his fellow crusaders ever since.
He has recently been led by visions to visit the city of Xer...

"Stronk" is an optimistic and brave fellow, very enthusiastic about vanquishing evil. He also rarely uses more than four syllables at a time unless it involves the name "Iomedae" or "Incredibly-handsome".
His primarily uses his longbow to fight, but oddly his favorite battle cry is "Stronk smash!"
Perhaps it's not entirely odd though, since he has a miniscule vocabulary as well as a proclivity for poor grammar.
In spite of his general intellectual inferiority, or perhaps because he's an idiot savant, "Stronk" has a knack for disassembling small complex devices like locks and traps. He enjoys disabling devices and jumps at every legal opportunity that arises.

His crunchy bits aren't quite done either, but he'll have at least +12 to will saves :D

Paladin/Scout sounds about right, flavorwise. If the GM allows the campaign trait that grants the ability to disarm magical traps, then I could just grab that.
It wouldn't fit badly with the character concept either :3

By the way, how bad would the Unlearned drawback be? 'cause either that or Overprotective would fit pretty well...

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We could say the choice would be... unfortunate? :D

amusingly enough, I'd only ever get 9 levels in the paladin class :3

Specifically: paladin 6 / sorc 1 / arcane archer 10 / paladin 3
The only thing that changes from a standard paladin from that archetype (by 9th level) is the 6th level mercy is replaced with that confusion remover thing. It's basically just for flavor, though I suppose I might remove confusion at some point? xD

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Maybe an Undead Lord wouldn't be a great fit then, huh?

How about an archer paladin on some sort of quest? Are there any paladins in that vile country? Maybe he'd need to be from far away?
Any suggestion for which gods might send a paladin (Soul Sentinel) after Lowl or something else in the area? Maybe a vague prophecy or something? :3

@Tylur: nice xD
After poking around the different weapons a bit more, I'm beginning to think that you can't have too much enough of the heavy weapons, so I might just get that anyway xD

@Sybil: Thanks for the welcome and quick run down ^_^

@DM Nex: What should I "Lefty" have equipment-wise? :3

also backstory brainfarts:
got his arm bitten off at a young age and has had a prosthetic for basically ever
at some point become a "mechanic" and further augmented himself (and his fake arm) with the custom rig and exocortex
likes exploring/nature (part of why he lost an arm)
has psycho powers, yay weird antennae dudes :D
Lashuntas like to perfect their skills/powers: in Lefty's case that means hacking (computer skill or maybe a large sharp object) and maybe explosions :D

Conveniently, I really like the look of the Mechanic class, especially with the Exocortex. Also, does it use up a place ("System"?) that I could normally place cybernetics into? 'cause I was thinking it'd be neat to have a cybernetic arm anyway, hehehehe...

Anyone have heavy weapons? I might get heavy weapons proficiency if no one else has it.
...I might also just stick with longarms either way xD

Also, I'm thinking Lashunta (Korasha) for race 'cause they seem neat (and plentiful in the area) xD

And how does over-enthusiastic university (soon to be ex-) staff sound? DM Nex mentioned something about you guys becoming famous... :3

I heard that you guys are in need of a new engineer :D

Have fun guys ^^

sounds good

Also, added spells for Thawm and remembered an any-tool I had forgotten xD

Also, for the consideration of everyone who's going to have a say:
Thawm will have pretty low DCs on her spells and bonus to hit (both around 2~5 less than what you'd expect from a single classed caster), so she'll mostly use buff spells and other no-save no-attack-roll spells

Definitely min-maxy in places, gotta do something to make up for being 1~2 full spell levels behind full casters xD
For example: if I'm going to lose access to armor anyway, I can at least trade it for a neat at-will that ends up kind of being an at-range aid-another xD

the second bonded item is actually pretty nice though, as long as no one sunders it :D

Still went with a few less good things e.g. the knowledge (secondary) domain and thirst for knowledge just to suit the fluff better xD
Even beast bond isn't too helpful mechanically, but with Thawm growing up somewhat far from town it seemed important fluff-wise...

TBH, I almost said forget the thirst for knowledge + beast bond traits in order to save the feat for Craft Wondrous Item or maybe Technologist, but that's too much cheese even for me xD

The +2 CL was one of the things; there are other things, like the skill ranks (favored class bonus for the 19th non-background rank), picking cleric at first level for a single extra hp, and the super will save (wiz+clrk = 1st level +2 to will twice!)
That reminds me, there's a simple "Fractional Base Bonuses" system from unchained that would make the will save less ridiculously high as well as remove the slight disadvantage to BaB and the other saves from multiclassing...

Anyway, to actually answer your question xD
Yes it'd normally be CL 1; the +2 CL was from Magical Knack. (+2 to CL for one class only and only as long as the buffed CL isn't higher than total HD.)

@DM Nex especially:
Also, Thawm's alias

not done with spells, and I'll probably want to craft some scrolls with that 400+ gp... but she's like 90% done crunch-wise and 100% done fluff-wise (assuming I don't have yet another change of heart about the backstory or decide to add more details to it...) xD

I think I mentioned shennanigans to make MT less bad, yeah? Well... lemme know if you want me to put more of the math into the Alias or something, it's annoyingly complex xD

After thinking about it a bit more and finding out 'bout the Burleev, I decided to forget about the Fey stuff xD

Thawm Uhturj’s backstory, take 1:

Thawm was an only child. She spent most of her youth only a day's travel from Torch, playing near a small ruin that her parents had discovered. What no one knew at the time was that most of it was actually a small piece of spaceship. Eventually, after a large number of failed magical experiements, a Burleev was bound to aid them. Fortunately, for everyone involved, Xzron, the Burleev, happened to have an interest in investigating technological artifacts, and it ended up cooperating with the couple with as much enthusiasm as a Burleev can muster.

Thawm wasn't very old when she first met the extraplanar creature. She quickly learned not to touch it (luckily without getting burned or frostbitten). Unlike the family horse, Xzron wasn't soft and fluffy, and it wasn't amenable to petting either. With the outsider's help, Thawm's parents finally made progress on the alien artifacts. They eventually began searching for more technology, and soon after misfortune found them.

It was the third site they had found. The Technic League had found it first. Thawm never saw her parents again after they went back to the site to collect a second set of samples. Xzron left after helping to look for them for just a week.

Thawm was alone.

Thawm hitchhiked her way to a temple of Nethys, where she lived and worked until coming of age. She went out into the world again, this time on a quest to master the arcane arts. Eventually, she heard that Torch's namesake had somehow been extinguished. Reminded of her purple friend and then her parents, she suspected the Technic League, and she wasn't a powerless child anymore, she decided that it was time to go back…

Also, spending a feat (on Additional Traits) to get 4 traits is okay, right? xD

oooh, great idea. My character can be growing up while they study stuff over in the river kingdoms, and the technic league does bad things to them when they move to numeria to study something new (in order to keep their "pet" outsider happy with new discoveries)
It'll be great, I even have a good reason to hate the technic league now xD

I think I'm going to try to go for the big MT after all, DM Nex xD

I think I've also got a reasonable start on a backstory:

step 1) become adopted by fey at a very young age, hang out with them for a few years
step 2) get saved by some followers of Nethys that are friends with said fey and think the kid must be magic
step 3) become obsessed with knowledge, including arcane, divine, and technological
step 4) visit torch and pick fight with Technic League
step 5) ???
step 6) profit!

Okay, silly version of the outline aside, are there any good Fey/animal places in/near Numeria that would also have at least a small group of worshipers of Nethys?
Or can I make such a group/place up? (If so, is there a particularly good place? Or does some-cardinal-direction + not-too-far-away seem good?)
Or does such a set of circumstances seem too strange? I don't have a good feel for Nethys and how his followers operate xD
Would studying fey creatures be a thing they do, for example?

Thanks for the list xD
Looking through those gods I noticed that Nethys is listed as being worshipped by Mystic Theurges.
I've always wanted to figure out if I can find enough shenanigans to make one of those seem like a good idea instead of a bad idea... and being obsessed with knowledge might extend to technology and disliking people that hoard that technology... HMMmmmmmmm

lol, I'm all over the place xD

@DM Nex: thanks for the input on deities. I actually couldn't find one that does community + protection except for the dwarven god Grundinnar xD

While looking, though, I came up with a not entirely different idea involving Milani, 'cause hates slavery.
I'm thinking of abandoning the silly com+prot combo in favor of Milani, maybe traveling from elsewhere to free the slaves. Is there any particular group that would be picked on or enslaved by the technic league? I feel like it's best to have a personal grudge xD

local ties is close enough to the technologist feat for the important lewt-getting bits, I'm sure :P

It seems like Kellids don't like any spell casters at all; does that extend to clerics?
'cause I'm thinking of maybe a cleric with the protection/community domains that's against the technic league and their slavery xD

hmmm, which campaign traits are in use by the people who aren't applying to be replacements? :3

BTW, I forgot to ask (not that it matters this level, since I got a potion of CLW instead of 4 level 1 scrolls...)

Can we craft stuff for half price? Is there a limit of time or money? (e.g. can I spend literally all my gold on crafting scrolls if I think that's a good idea for some stupid reason?)

awesome xD

@Delmoth: Ah, I figured you'd save us from magic traps too, my mistake xD

I can't decide, Bar'Tard-barian with 7 int or a Wizard with 7 Cha and 7 Wis?
Mr. Stronk "Am Stronk" or the insufferable and commonsense-less wizard?

They'd both be so much fun to RP...
Since we have two guys that seem interested in becoming monks, how do you guys feel about insufferable teammates/PCs? xD


checking in! ^^

I'm not sure what I'd like to play yet, though there's this amusing barbarian concept I've been meaning to find a place for, and this rather silly/foolish wizard/servant-of-shelyn I haven't gotten to try out xD

edit: (leaning more towards wizard 'cause he has the sexy 20th level capstone...)

This sounds neat. I'd love to give it a shot if there's enough interest.

Welp, good luck everyone ^^

Velkan is ready for showtime.

I might eventually think/hear of a better way to list his various bombs, but that'd just be a formatting thing xD

Yay IRL friends xD
Welcome back!

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