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A couple of things are odd about the Oil item:
1) they're listed as being a pint, which would put them in the .5 to 1 lb range, and yet they're listed as having negligible bulk instead of L. Is a pint too large, or is their bulk too small?
2) their traits for when they're used as a thrown weapon are missing.
2a) Most importantly, do they get a range increment of 20' like Alchemical Bombs? (I'd guess so)
2b) Also, do they have the Thrown trait? (But then they'd get +Str to damage since they aren't splash weapons...)

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The ancestral feat Razor Teeth gives the PC a bite attack that does 1d6 P damage (pg 31), but doesn't list any traits associated with the weapon. Instead it references the Unarmed Attacks in the equipment section (pg 178), which states that unarmed attacks use the statistics for the Fist weapon.

The problem is this:
RAW seems to state that these "Razor Teeth" have the traits of the Fist: "agile, finesse, nonlethal, unarmed"
but how can sharp teeth be nonlethal by default?

I think the RAI is for the Razor Teeth to only have the unarmed trait, or maybe even more likely to have three traits: "agile, finesse, unarmed"

Is this an oversight? Am I missing something?