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This started as an invite only game and we lost a few players. I am recruiting two additions to my roster for Jade Regent.

We are at the start of the second book so you would be starting at level 4.

20 Point Boy
No weaknesses
No third party

Review the current thread and the players. You can easily see the current makeup.

Let me know if you have much knowledge of the AP, it will not rule out out I just like to know.

Male Know Checks | Iron Gods Map ---- Jade Regent Maps ------ Reign of Winter Maps

Exactly 1,400 years ago, a powerful witch from another world named Baba Yaga arrived on Golarion with her Dancing Hut, a formidable artifact that can travel between worlds and even between the planes. In a quick, brutal conf lict known as the Winter War, the self- proclaimed Queen of Witches conquered the eastern Linnorm Kingdoms of Raemerrund and the Djurstor Confederacy and founded a new nation locked in eternal winter—the land of Irrisen.

After installing her daughter Jadwiga on the throne as Irrisen’s first queen, Baba Yaga departed in her Dancing Hut, but she returned to Irrisen exactly 100 years later to replace Jadwiga with a new daughter, Morgannan, taking the former queen and the first generation of her descendants with her when she left again. Baba Yaga has continued this tradition every 100 years for the last 14 centuries, resulting in a succession of 14 queens of Irrisen. Most people assume Baba Yaga takes her daughters to explore strange new worlds, times, and dimensions, sharing with them the secrets of the multiverse. But the truth, hidden even from Baba Yaga’s daughters, is far darker

Please 'dot and delete.'

Male Know Checks | Iron Gods Map ---- Jade Regent Maps ------ Reign of Winter Maps

Please make an initial post here and have any discussion that needs to take place. I plan to start the game on Monday if there are not outstanding issues.

Welcome to my recruitment thread. Just over a year ago I decided to start GMing PbP. To that end I have an Iron Gods run near the end of the 2nd book and a Jade Regent starting the 2nd book. I want to run one more Pathfinder 1.0 AP before 2.0 comes out and I gradually switch to that system. To be clear this game will still be going and will remain as it was started unless all the players want to give me a migraine and make me change.

For my next GMing experience I am going to run Reign of Winter as a PbP adventure. AP’s are designed for four players, so I intend to only take four to five players.

I am going to run this a little differently then past games. I going to use actual XP which seems to be a rarity in a PbP game. Now this means if I take five players you will be a little behind the times on level but with how the action economy works that should not matter. [u] I am doing XP in this fashion to incentivize role play and will reward good role play. [/u]

[u] Submissions [/u]
[u] Questionnaire [/u]

  • How much experience do you have in RPG’s?
  • How many PbP games are you currently in? GMing?
  • Have you played, GMed or read Reign of Winter? Note that experience will not rule you out.
  • Can you post at least once per day M-F 90% of the time?
  • Would you, if requested, provide an actual email for contact if you ghost the game?
  • As there any other information you would like to share?
  • Do you understand that you need to track XP and other resources for yourself?

[u] Character Rules [/u]

  • Each submittal should have backstory and crunch though it does not need to be an alias. The backstory does not need to go overboard.
  • 20pt buy / Max HP at 1st Roll for all other levels / Max gold for class
  • No ability scores, before racial modifiers, above 16
  • 2 Traits 1 from the AP (weaknesses need to be pre-approved by me as I do not love the system)
  • All Paizo materials are valid, no third party
  • Use background skills
  • Cast your character (who plays them in the movie/TV show and budget is no limit)

[u] NOTE [/u]
Again, be prepared to track your own XP.
Again, I am doing XP this way to incentive role play. To put another way to incentive three-dimensional characters.
I copy, and past initiative and some other rolls from forms on my maps document. Be prepared to keep it up to date.
Gunslinger: Not against them but hitting against touch with full BAB [u] can [/u] be OP. Be prepared that I may give some defense against bullets to reflect something more in line with the rest of the classes.
Don’t ask me, can I play X race or X class, I already said all Paizo materials are valid.

As a GM and player I do not like heavy min/max characters. This doesn’t mean you can’t have some elements but let’s be reasonable.

Submissions end July 2nd 2018 I will have selections made shortly after July 4th.

So I am thinking about going Eldrich Archer with a character. Nothing to outlandish but I am thinking about a 1 level dip in Ranger to pick up a bonus against Giants (in Giantslayer) which would overcome the attack penalty and make rapid-shot viable.

It is pretty easy to justify once the group moves out of town and we have another full caster in the gorup.


Male Know Checks | Iron Gods Map ---- Jade Regent Maps ------ Reign of Winter Maps

Welcome party. Please create a post and then delete it so that the next visible post starts the game.

This will make the Gameplay thread show up in your Campaigns tab.

I would like to start this week if possible.

Male Know Checks | Iron Gods Map ---- Jade Regent Maps ------ Reign of Winter Maps

Please dot in if you have been contacted and post where you are in your character concept. Once all four of you have dotted in and the discussion is going I will see if I am going to invite anyone else.

20 Point Buy
Background Skills if you like
Unchained only in classes that have it
Max starting gold
Archetypes are fine
2 traits, one must be campaign
Bench Mark Leveling: no XP tracking
Races: You are starting in sandpoint so check the demographics. Breaking the mold is fine but have a good justification and don't pick a crazy OP race if you are doing so.
Initiative: I will roll all initiatives. Each party member will be unique and the enemies will act together.

Check the players guide for ideas of tieing your character to the adventure.


Loot Tracking
I will create a loot sheet and add thing to it as found. I will not get involved in how the loot is divided from there unless I have to. The loot-sheet will have a place that you can track purchases vs a master GP total. If you want to do individual gold, mark it on the sheet like a purchase.

When you roll the attack always roll the damage even if you are sure you missed, you never know.

Critical Hits
If you roll a critical always roll to confirm and always roll critical damage as a secondary roll. I will apply max damage if the crit is not confirmed.

Initative, Saves and Perception
As I said I will always toll initative and I will also sometimes roll saves if everyone has to save. To that end there will be a page in my tactical maps that has a nice chart that I will be copying and pasting in. The players are responsible for updating these lists when you level. If you do not and a roll is made with an old number it will stand. (not being a hard ass but I like to be clear)

GM Cheating
In a real life game a GM rolls behind a screen. You will see most my rolls but I reserve the right to override the dice. This will mostly only happen if I think a character death should not occur as it would derail the story or multiple bad perception rolls are going to make you miss the only clue.

So I am starting to GM AP's and I have a question.

As I do my research I also like to look at what is going on in other game play threads. Would it be frowned upon to crib bits from other GM's?

To be more specific, I ask because I am personally good with maps and logistics but not great at unique voices for NPC's. Is taking bits of dialogue from other games a bad thing?

PbP is a unique medium and in a real life game this would never come up.

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I feel I need to thank the online game-play community, specifically PbP.

This will mean nothing to most but as a married guys who runs a company and has a kid I felt my ability to play RPG's ws non-existent. I joined the forum for real the end of November and now am GMing an AP and participating in several games.

I never thought I would get to play like this again but after a 20+ year hiatus here I am. Everyone on these boards, that has built this community, thank you.


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Male Know Checks | Iron Gods Map ---- Jade Regent Maps ------ Reign of Winter Maps

You have all arrived, early in the morning as is custom, at the Town Hall each for your own reasons but knowing the same general information..

Like most of the buildings in Torch the Town Hall is stone construction though of a higher quality than most. At three stories tall it is one of the grander buildings in town and it is evident that local artisans have taken the opportunity to shows their skill. Over the years someone has installed artful metal shutters depecting either torch itself of things they have created. The shutters along with the high quality ceramic roof tiles show that the town takes pride in its work.

Inside the main meeting room is plain but well appointed. There is a large table used by the council members as well as plenty of room for town functions such as dances.. Behind the table there is a large (10ft tall) sculpture of a blacksmith.


The council has not arrived yet but should be in at any moment.

Extinguished Torch:

Extinguished Torch: The violet flame that has burned atop Black Hill for over a century has gone out, leaving a strangely seeping pit of rubble and bubbling fluids where the town’s livelihood once glowed day and night.

Missing Councilor:

Missing Councilor: Ever since Councilor Khonnir Baine, one of Torch’s more powerful wizards and a well-liked individual, went missing on his second expedition under Black Hill, the citizens of the nervous town have edged closer to outright panic.

With their hands full handling the growing refuse and waste problems in town now that their primary disposal method is gone, the town council is eager to find out what happened to Khonnir and rescue him— they’ve made public a reward of 4,000 gp to any group that can recover Khonnir’s body; if he can be returned alive, they’ve promised to throw in the scroll of resurrection they’ve been holding on to in case they need to revive him. Interested parties are invited to speak to the council at Town Hall

Black Hills:

Black Hill Caves: Khonnir Baine discovered the signs of unusual traffic on the banks of Weeping Pond, and shortly thereafter, the submerged tunnel that provides access to several heretofore unknown tunnels under Black Hill. His emergence from the caves with a deactivated semi-humanoid automaton sparked worries that something strange might be going on in the caverns, but when he failed to return from his second expedition a few days ago, those worries turned to outright fear. Several other adventuring parties have gone missing in the caves, and Torch finds itself running short on new volunteers

[color=Red] Each player who has been in town for more than two weeks roll a d20. [/color]

Male Know Checks | Iron Gods Map ---- Jade Regent Maps ------ Reign of Winter Maps

Welcome players. Please post that you are here and get to know each other. I will start the game play thread once everyone has checked in and I feel we are ready to roll.

Also please note that I have added a shared document called "Notes". This is for everyone to use as they need. I will be posting things to it for our collective memory as well but I would encourage you all to use it. I started with a PC list, feel free to add to or changer as needed.

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Open Until Sometime on the 24th

I am new to PbP GMing but I have given this a lot of thought and I am going to jump in with both feet and run Iron Gods

My goal is five players but I may go with six.

There are two players that have already been accepted who will be playing an Investigator / Gunslinger and a Cleric. I do not have a problem with characters of the same class but wow me with the character build or something

Ground Rules
1. Don’t min/max – if that is what makes the game fun this isn’t the game for you.
2. If you have run or read Iron Gods before please let me know. I do not mind but would like to know.
3. Post as much as you can. Sure once a day is fine but it is just fine. I will encourage RP and that might take more at times.
4. Be patient if I screw up. We all do from time to time.

Character Creation
1. Make an alias (bonus if you link a character sheet)
2. 20 point buy
3. Races: Open to anything but justify it in the backstory. I would prefer no androids.
4. Class: Open to anything though I don’t love the dual personality of Vigilantes.
5. Traits: 2, one can be from players guide.
6. Wealth: Average starting gold for your class
7. Alignment: If you character is evil you’re going to have to do some work convincing me
8. If you want your character to be from Torch that is fine but they do not get extra resources; by this I mean they cannot own an inn or some such.


In race please list:
Class & Level | HP X/X | Init X | Per X | AC X | T X | FF X | Fort +X | Ref +X | Will +X | Weapon +X (dam)
In Class Level:
Spoiler with prepared spells or perishables or consumables

Important Notes:

1. I am an adult with a career and a family so I will be stable and stick it out and I would like you too as well. Therefor if I am doing something annoying or incorrectly please tell me.
2. If you are chosen and need or want to bail let me know first, don’t just ghost. I understand life happens. I understand life happens, personally I was just trapped in Fla for a week due to snow at home.

Grand Lodge

I am preparing to start GMing some PbP, I will dip my toes in with some PFS games I imagine. I am doing my homework and trying to get things set as I normally would but I have a couple very basic question and rather than poke around on the boards for ever looking for the answer I thought I would just ask.

1. How do you actually create a campaign on the message boards? I have yet to see a button labeled "Start a Campign Thread". (i am sure this answer will make me feel stupid)

2. If I want to turn avatars into tokens on a map in google docs what is the best way to save them from the Paizo page.

Beyond that I would like to give a big thank you to the people who started the four sticky threads here, they have been a big help in gaining the confidence to move from irl GMing to PbP GMing.

Just got back into comics and picked up a couple of one of my childhood favorites, Silver Surfer. When and why did he become a quirky / light hearted book with a hipster girlfriend? Did his entire backstory get reworked at some past point because Fantastic Four ruined him in a movie?

I am not sure where else to post this so if it is the wrong thread let me know.

I am a long time Pathfinder / other game player who now has things like a baby , wife and management job making IRL games and even online the require a specific time difficult. My IRL game is made up of 40+ers like myself so meets one every month or two and that is not enough. So....

I am looking for a game on here. The recruitment threads are quite full at this point and I am not willing to GM in a new format so if anyone needs a player let me know. I have characters I can use of most classes though I tend to shy away from fighter and barbarian.