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I am not sure where else to post this so if it is the wrong thread let me know.

I am a long time Pathfinder / other game player who now has things like a baby , wife and management job making IRL games and even online the require a specific time difficult. My IRL game is made up of 40+ers like myself so meets one every month or two and that is not enough. So....

I am looking for a game on here. The recruitment threads are quite full at this point and I am not willing to GM in a new format so if anyone needs a player let me know. I have characters I can use of most classes though I tend to shy away from fighter and barbarian.

Welcome to the boards!

Joining a game is usually a proactive endeavor on the player's part-- you might get lucky and some kind GM will offer to run one for you, but usually you'll want to apply to a recruitment thread. And yes, they often fill up fast-- "post early, post often" is a good rule to follow if you're trolling the boards for game openings. GM's will usually have their own build rules (if it isn't a PFS game, which has its own build rules too), so if you want to play an existing character of yours you might have to adjust its stats.

Good luck!

if you have a specific scenario or AP in mind you might have better luck finding a GM to run it for you.

Excellent idea Andygal. I will keep trolling the recruitment threads and maybe pick an interesting AP and ask for GM and players.

One recommendation--if you create a thread to find a GM and players and no one bites after a few hours, don't bump it. People post to the boards from pretty much every time zone, so give it a day or two.

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