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I am preparing to start GMing some PbP, I will dip my toes in with some PFS games I imagine. I am doing my homework and trying to get things set as I normally would but I have a couple very basic question and rather than poke around on the boards for ever looking for the answer I thought I would just ask.

1. How do you actually create a campaign on the message boards? I have yet to see a button labeled "Start a Campign Thread". (i am sure this answer will make me feel stupid)

2. If I want to turn avatars into tokens on a map in google docs what is the best way to save them from the Paizo page.

Beyond that I would like to give a big thank you to the people who started the four sticky threads here, they have been a big help in gaining the confidence to move from irl GMing to PbP GMing.

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Hello there Rast. Thank you for joining the GM collective. I want to commend on the wise choice of starting PbP with PFS game. Better to go in small and expand later.

1) Under the each of the Online Campaign Headings, there will be a link in the upper right corner titled Add New Thread. Typically, you want to start with the Recruitment page to put out call for players and select from the masses that apply.

Once you are ready to start your game, open a thread under the "Play by Post" section. Typically you want to have a strong introduction/narrative to your game typed here. I like to do something akin to a Star Wars crawl or some way to draw in your players. After this thread has be created, there will be options to attach or create a Discussion Thread or Recruitment thread. You can attach your Recruitment thread you've already created.

Created a Campaign thread is lends to itself well once to get in and start creating the threads.

2) I just copy the image, then paste it directly onto either Google Slides or Drawings. Then from there you can resize the images to taste.

I hope this answers your questions. If not, I'm somebody more capable then I will come along =v)

Good luck in your games.

1. As Nebten says, you can start a campaign in the recruitment, discussion, or gameplay forums. After that, you'll have a prompt under the other two tabs of the campaign to add the other threads. You don't have to have all three threads; if you already have players lined up, for example, you don't need a Recruitment thread and can just open up a discussion thread to discuss character creation (but you can still add a recruitment thread at a later date if you need reinforcements).

One important note: DO NOT create a gameplay thread until you are ready with an opening post you are happy to stick with. Many people think they can create a gameplay thread with a "dot"-style post and then delete it, but deleting the first post of a gameplay thread borks the whole thread so Customer Service will have to detach it and let you start a new one. Either wait until you're ready to start the game, or live with "dot" or "Our story begins..." as a permanent first post.

Thank you guys those are great bits of advice and thank answered my question. Now I just wished I had started this under my GM Alias lol.

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Thanks. Great advice... I will also run things at some point.

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