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DualJay wrote:
Feral wrote:
If there was ever a time for the electoral college to buck the trend now would be it.
Electoral college should follow the votes of the people. They should not just decide to change because 45% of America don't like Trump.

Considering its looking like she won the popular vote I'm inclined to agree. Down with the pointless and undemocratic electoral college.

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doc roc wrote:
BigNorseWolf wrote:
If your options are tread water or "here hold this anchor" ... you tread water.

There is waaaaaaay too much doom monegring and hyperbole regarding Donald Trump and what will happen if he gets in.... its all a tad childish IMO

If he was this complete basket case with his finger just itching to wipe us all off the face of the planet... how on earth has he come to be in his position today?

The fact is he has made a success in life OUTSIDE politics which is a damn sight more than can be said for 95% of politicians.

HC has gone her entire life trying 100% just to be beige, safe in the knowledge that most people are deep down sheep like creatures and will go for the "safe and sensible" vote...... she sknew that if she hang around long enough in Washington and said middle of the road things, that she would get given a go.

Has Donald Trump said things in his life that have come back to haunt him?.... ABSOLUTELY.

But then lets not pretend that various presidents over the years have been paragons of virtue shall we?

LOL..... BC spent most of his time in office trying to get laid for gods sake!

The great and "can do no wrong" JFK only got into office cos he was in bed with the mob!!!

Trump might make a mess if he gets in (extremely unlikely).... but I tell you this with complete certainty, he is also 20x more likely to achieve something of real worth than HC, who will achieve nothing.

This is a microcosm of the entire election.

"He's good at X"
"Heres a bunch of evidence that he's not good at X"
"He's good at X and she's horrible about Y"
"Actually here's a bunch of evidence she's not horrible about Y"
"Well she's still bad and he's so good at X I think it won't matter."

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MeriDoc- wrote:

If you follow the post line upwards, you will see to what I am referring. You may haved joined in at the end of that topic and missed it.

Regarding your topic
Trump has displayed the ability to run a sizable company, so yes.

Considering he has been bought out of almost every company he's ever had a Board Position on so that the board could accept the losses he'd forced on them and move forward to actually making money...

Not so much.

He's a conman, a shyster. He's been gaming every system for so long he's forgotten it's not a game for the people he ruins.

Quark Blast wrote:
BigNorseWolf wrote:
Quark Blast wrote:


In fact, if I couldn't write-in a candidate, I wouldn't be voting here in November.

So what IS dominick the christmas donkey going to do with the honor of coming in ahead of jill stein?

Please tell me you're not in a purple state.

Not sure. Voting for Bernie. And not sure.

Ah, throwing your vote away. Productive. Will you be wiping your nose with it as well?

The Doomkitten wrote:

I have a theory! It's a demon! A dancing demon, no, something isn't right there...

According to the alignment of the stars and the ancient prophecies of Atlantis, one day, when the galaxies are right, all other voice actors shall merge with Nolan North for those who are men, and Jennifer Hale for those who are women.

Ugh. Kill me before this happens. Jennifer Hale is pretty good but Nolan North is the epitome of the "Boring White Bread" voice. I groan anytime I hear him in anything at this point.

RainyDayNinja wrote:
Lost Legions wrote:
Sundakan wrote:
From what I've been told, the moves known DO have one effect: If you evolve an Eeevee, the moves determine what Eeveelution it randomly turns into.

This has been disproven definitively both by experimentation and by the developers.

However, I read on Reddit that naming your Eevee after one of the trainers in the TV show that had the evolved versions (Rainer, Pyro, and Sparky, or something like that), it will determine which version it evolves into. Not sure if it's for real, but worth a try, I guess.

Read this myself and tried it. Only 2 evolutions so far but both were what I wanted so 100% auccess rate with a tiny sample size.

It is intentional that the turret is immune to some ultimates. Like D.Vas nuke or Hanzo's Dragonstrike. Really not sure why though.

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I can't speak for anyone else but I hated Witcher 2 after only an hour or two, while I was hooked on 3 by Hour 1 and have put over 150 hours into it and loved damn near all of it. The games a masterpiece.

I'll be avoiding replaying the series because I'd prefer not to start the new one with that bad taste in my mouth thanks.

Still, excited for this, as much as I probably shouldn't be. Hoping Bioware can remember they make RPGs this time around.

Well I'm on the Xbone, for Tels and anyone else. Send me an invite: Zeer0c00l

You know that name you picked that's actually really dumb? That's my Xbox name lol.

My laptop runs Civ 5 OK at the lowest levels... Think I'd manage to run this?

Worst part is that since he hated streaming and free video I can't even listen to him in remembrance today.

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

Sorry about the long weekend. Post incoming in the next couple hours.

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

This was not the best couple weeks to start a PbP, stupid humble bundle traffic.

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

We're gonna go with suspicion or cost, either some of the guests will find it suspicious you were so willing to uncuff a man you knew nothing about, or you damage one of your tools, meaning you'll take a -1 Ongoing to Tricks of the Trade until you can get it repaired or replaced. Up to you.

"Thank you. Truly." The man says in his smooth baritone. "I am Jask, scribe and devotee of Nethys, framed for a crime I did not commit." He bows his braided head through the introduction. "I will be happy to come and help with exploring our recent quarters." He stretches widely and rubs his wrists, then picks up a hefty chunk of driftwood. "I'm afraid I'm not much of a warrior, but I can attempt to help where I can, and I have a few healing tricks."

"Ishirou..." The Tien man says while pointing to himself, then points toward those leaving toward the ship and then back to the group gathering toward the camp, shrugging his shoulders in a universal gesture.

I'm going to go with removing a spell as one of many options for a failure of a spell. And likely the one I'll go with in this case.

As Iron Tom attempts to call upon Sarenrae, the words of his old master come to mind. Sarenrae is sometimes a harsh mistress. She loves to bring secrets to light, but if you're searching for yourself well... sometimes she decides you owe her something, and she don't like if you're taking advantage. A feeling of stern disapproval fills Iron Tom as he finishes the spell, and he feels it suddenly disappear from his fingers like a wool cloth with a string pulled too far.

How did you part ways with your old master?

"I suppose that puts us on getting a new campsite placed. What do you think?" Aerys asks, looking at everyone else on the camping group.

Both groups are looking to Undertake a Perilous Journey, which will require a Quartermaster, Scout and Trailblazer for each, note that the NPCs with Tracker are excellent choices for these positions.

What do you do?

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

Alright, moving forward the NPCs here will act as hirelings, with the current cost of keeping them alive, though as always giving them something more than they expect will help with loyalty. They have bonuses as follows.

Protector +2
Warrior +1
Loyalty +0

Minstrel +2
Adept +1
Loyalty +0

Warrior +2
Tracker +1
Loyalty +0

Priest +2
Protector +1
Loyalty +0 (Mock takes +1 forward for freeing him)

Tracker +2
Burglary +1
Loyalty +0

Anyone not familiar with what hirelings can do I urge you to check Here. Remember that bonuses are only gained when you describe using the hireling or having them assist you.

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

He seems to post a bit slower than the rest of us, I'm not ready to call him gone yet, but if we go another day or two without contact I can start seeing if there's anyone else who may wish to take the spot.

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

"Moving straight south might be tough. The Shiv's a jungle, tough to get through. Not to mention there's some... rumors." Aerys says ominously. "Hear there's cannibals somewhere inland, and plenty of nasty wildlife."

"Cannibals? Ugh." Sasha Nevah pulls a pair of matching serrated blades from the pile of gear and straps them to her hips. "I'm fine roughing it a bit, but I do have somewhere to be."

"I suppose adding myself that makes for 3 votes to make a camp. Somewhere fortifiable I suppose, and I'd dreadfully like to be out of muck if possible." Grelik continues to twist dials and knobs on his sextant, then smacks his lips and tries to hold it more level. "Damned these calibrations to the Abyss."

The large Tien man clearly does not understand the conversation and stands befuddled.

The garundi man levers himself to his feet awkwardly with his chained hands. "I vote to press on. Can anyone take a look at getting me out of these?"

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

I think for languages I'll address it via a couple methods. Firstly, if your character would probably know the language per Pathfinder lore/backstory concerns, then you know it, that's fine (ex: Mock likely knows Varisian, perhaps Fiendish or Abyssal, Common), if there's no way you were exposed to it then you don't know it. The next move is for the inbetween times.

When you attempt to speak, read or write a language you may reasonably have learned but could have conceivably encountered before roll+INT:

On a 10+ you know the language well enough to converse comfortably, though intricacies may challenge you.

On a 7-9 Choose 1:

  • You only have a rudimentary understanding (Food, water, sleep, basic words only)
  • It takes a long time to translate
  • You learned a different dialect, misunderstandings may be common

You may reroll this move anytime you have a considerable amount of time with a tutor or study.

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

"Well I'm not too knowledgeable about these waters my good lady." He says as he dusts himself off and beats sand off his bright purple pantaloons. "But perhaps with my tools I could determine where we are." He digs through the pile of gear for a moment before emerging with a small fanny pack. "Aha! A bare moment my dear and I'll have our location. I am Master Grelik Amberwhinge, Collector and Chronicler of Relics for the Pathfinder Society, and your name was...?"

"Don't bother Master Fancypants." Aerys says as she pulls herself to her feet. "Only one island this big in the waters we sailed. We're on Smuggler's Shiv." She looks around and puts a thumb up toward the sun. "The northern shore looks like. Damn... southern shore is used by smugglers, north sinks everyone who comes close." She shakes her head and looks toward the listing wreck of the Jenivere. "The hell was Cap'n thinking taking us by this way?"

The Tien brute finds a fine katana in the gear and straps it to himself with a satisfied smile, then points towards the ship. "Antariwa?"

Check the Discussion thread for languages.

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

No worries, I was sick for a while so it was slow going. Also if you click the (x new) link next to the thread title it will take you to posts you haven't seen yet.

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

Sasha seems to relax at Rhys' charming words and seems to notice her bandaged injury for the first time. "Right... fine. Sorry. Just not used to people sneaking up on me." She steps out of her fighting stance and makes a disgusted face toward the sea scorpions. "Ugh. Ugly bastards aren't they? Where's my swords?"

The others awaken slowly under Tom's ministrations, though none are injured. "Ugghhh... Last time I woke up like this I was pantsless on the floor of a dockside tavern in Sandpoint." Aerys opens her eyes gingerly and looks around. "Well the company is prettier here at least." She rolls to her side and retches into the sand. "What happened?"

The Garundi man awakens quickly, striking out ineffectually with his manacled hands before calming quickly. "My apologies..." He mutters as he looks around. "Out of the frying pan..."

The hulking Tien awakens with questioning eyes and asks several of what are likely questions in a strange tongue. Upon realizing he isn't being understood easily he rolls his eyes, then feels above his shoulder, a shocked look opens in his eyes and then he stands. The man makes several gestures towards his back and asks more questions angrily.

The gnome awakens with a groan of discomfort and scrambles to his finely shod feet with Mock's help. "Oh my..." He pales at the sights around him and then sighs deeply. "Well then... I suppose moving would be good. I assume our possessions would be on the ship?"

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

Is that what the issue is? I tried to write a post for the other game three times and bad it eaten each time. That makes more sense now.

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

"I'm no maiden." She spits angrily. "And I don't take kindly to dirty men trying to touch me when I'm out. What the hell happened?"

Calming her will take a DD with CHA

Gonna guess Mock's question is 'What has happened here recently?'

There is a clear landing in the sand where it has been smoothed by the prow of a small ship, along with one set of large bootprints and drag marks leading to both where the gear has been gathered and where each body lay before they got up and started moving around. From the size of the mark you would guess that the ship was a dinghy or lifeboat. There are no tracks away from the area, and no boat in sight.

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10
Mockery the Thief wrote:
Ouch. I'll take the XP and the Hard Move. Was trying to figure out who was missing, but at least my Burglar background lets me always ask "What here is useful or valuable to me?"

Missed this earlier, sorry

Mock notices that in the pile of gear is a statuette, several inches across made of darkwood, with emerald studs. It looks quite valuable, though you'd guess it belongs to one of the other guests. In all the hubbub, you could likely casually grab it without notice.

The woman's bloodred nails flash out toward Praedonus' eyes, but as Iron Tom throws him out of the way they slash across his face, not deeply but painfully. Sasha takes the momentary shock of the group to contort her body and leap to her feet without using her hands, raising her hands palm down in a motion reminiscent of a striking insect. "You'll not touch a hair on my beautiful head you bastards! I'll tear your balls from your stem!" She yells as she slides into a martial stance.

Tom takes 1d4

What do you do?

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

The guest missing is a plain varisian scholar named Ieina. She was friendly enough among the crew, but seemed close with the captain. Rumors on the ship called her his secret lover.

The half elf in the captain's uniform is named Aerys, a hard drinking girl who got along famously with the crew, after socking a man who made lewd advances in the jaw on her first day on ship, but no grudge was held and she drank with the man later that day.

The gnome had introduced himself to any who asked as "Master Grelik Amberwhinge, Collector and Chronicler of Relics for the Pathfinder Society!" and had stayed far from the crew in his own rooms, taking expensive wine at dinner from his own chests and spending his days alone.

The tien man spoke very little of the common tongue and communicated mostly through gesures, pointing to himself and calling himself Ishirou, though it was anyone who couldn't speak Tiens guess as to whether or not that was a name or some description.

The shackled Garundi had not spoken to anyone, being locked in a cabin the captain had ordered off limits shortly after boarding.

The last introduced herself as Sasha Nevah, an adventurer, though she seemed to have quite the temper, but her mood shifted very quickly, though her laughter afterward always had a bit of a manic quality.

As Tom and Praedonus attempt to minister to the redheaded woman her eyes snap open and her hands shoot from her sides, sharpened nails moving quickly towards the men's eyes!

What do you do?

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

There is one guest missing.

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

Iron Tom slams the creatures jaws shut, which leaves the strange thing finally unmoving. The corpses float softly in the water.

Finally having a chance to look around a bit, the beach is empty of any signs of human habitation, though through squinting you can see far to the north against a large rock half of the form of the Jenivere, listing heavily to port. No movement is visible from here.

The bodies on the beach are a varied bunch, each one of the other guests you saw upon the ship, lacking one. The first is a human woman with pale skin and long red hair, sporting a small circular wound on her upper leg where the creature got at her. The second a large muscular tien man with leathery skin and a white topknot. The third was Garundi, and lithe, with thin dreadlocked hair and hands manacled together. The fourth was a half elf in what looks to be a sea captains uniform, complete with tricorn hat, her dark hair spilling under it around a sharp face. The final person is a small gnome in fine attire with a sharply groomed goatee.

Upon thinking back, each of you has the same final memory: sitting to have a meal on the Jenivere with the crew at mess. After that comes only flashes of movement, discomfort, and the impression of screams.

What do you do?

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

Ok guys, sorry about the long wait, sickness over, internet troubles done. No further barriers to posting, new post coming momentarily.

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

Sorry for the long waits on posts guys. I'm really sick and it's kinda killing my vibe.

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

The creature skitters about a moment, seeming unable to decide which target to strike out at as it finds itself surrounded by foes. It whirls, claws clicking, and churns through the surf on many legs, an orange blur as it rushes at Mock!

What do you do?

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

I'm more waiting on anyone. Tom's move doesn't give me much to work from and I'd rather not damage Rhys without at least giving him a chance to respond.

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

The creature slams into the trident, which punches deep into it's plated body, ripping out a pale orange goo from it's sides. It scratches awkwardly at Praedonus' side as he throws it from himself, skidding past him onto the beach, landing right next to Rhys!

Take 1d6-1 damage. If any gets through your armor then DD using Con again.

Rhys' dark energy takes the creature nearly dead center, slamming it backwards and away into the waves, where it seems to stop moving and drift with the tides, but the closer one flips itself awkwardly over and raises it's tail to sink into Rhys' thigh.

What do you do?

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

Mock's rapier slips between the plates near the sea scorpion's claws, biting deeply. The creature lashes and rises off the body below it, revealing a small circular hole in the woman's thigh leaking blood. The creature rears in anger, it's remaining working claw clicking, as it rushes Mock in a staggering movement.

Rhys is able to pull the bodies quickly above the high tide line, avoiding any chance of them drowning anytime soon, he's able to snatch his grimoire and turns to see Mock being rushed by an angry, but clearly damaged crab-beast.

What do you do?

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

Way to go Mock! You get 2 things off the list and deal your damage. Also, you guys can preview the post to see what your roll is so that you can make those choices as the roll happens.

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

Yes to both, Mock can backstab and you can use your bonds with Praedonus to interfere against the enemy. Since Praedonus' choice is a pure damage one the crab would get -1 damage. Or another aid could make him able to damage the creature without any retaliation!

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

Also, I know I'm posting a lot right now. I'm currently in a position to be on a computer all day, once I start a new job that may change, so this posting pace is not what I'm expecting normally. I'm just really excited to get started.

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

Deeper in the surf, an armored man and crustacean face off with a trident between them, while nearer you can see that one of the other unconscious forms, a pale redheaded woman, is beneath the bulk of a second armored creature, and blood is staining the inch deep waves pinkish around it. On the other side of the beach is a bearded man in common garb, raising a small symbol upward from his staff. There are four other unconscious forms in the surf, and if the tide continues to roll in you begin to worry they could drown.

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

Alrighty then, that seems pretty close to my thoughts. Good. Just wanted to make sure I had it kinda down. I also might play it up a bit like a debt at times (i.e. you can ask for a boon, but you're going to owe Sarenrae a secret)

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

Regarding the cleric's Divine Guidance move, does anyone else who may have played before have a bit more input on what it does? It seemed to me that the cleric uses it when he has just fulfilled or is in the process of fulfilling petition (in this case gaining secrets) and then is given a boon relating to the deities domain, but I could see it going other ways and I don't want to be reading it too out there.

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

Taking the cleric discussion to OOC, to figure it out moving forward.

Tom can see a brilliant sunburst shine in his sight, moving to shine around Praedonus, whom Tom, with eyes now unclouded can see fighting desperately with a strange crablike creature nearby. The beach is entirely clear of any wreckage one would expect from the ship running aground or breaking up here. Nearby are two other figures fighting off their own crab monster, though the woman runs it through with her rapier as you watch. You feel something almost ripple within the air as your spell finishes, and a presence like a dark shadow gives a chill down your spine.

Praedonus quickly sees that he could focus on getting out of the way of the creature, thus grabbing the trident smoothly but leaving it fine, or setting the butt hard in the sand, eating a faceful of crustacean fury to drive the tines into it.

What do you do?

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

I did reveal an unwelcome truth. Turns out these things are poisonous! *evil DM grin* In all seriousness I am being a little light on this combat. It is the first one and I don't wanna ruin you guys, as well as feeling out how this works. I'm not gonna let you walk all over it, but these are not particularly tough foes, and I am still working out the game. Also, you didn't answer my question posed from Spout Lore.

Praedonus hurls the scorpion out into the surf by it's tail, but between them lands a trident, tines down, tossed by Mockery from the pile. The creature rears and skitters forward like a centipede. Praedonus could definitely get to the weapon, but he's unlikely to get it back up in time to avoid taking another sting from the creature. What do you do?

Tom, from what I can see the Divine Guidance move requires you to fulfill your petition. I'll allow it this time, but in the future you'd need to either be working toward or have just managed to reveal a secret before you could use that move.

Tom feels a rush of warmth through his chest, the purging fire of Sarenrae which burns away the impurities of his body, leaving him suddenly feeling much more alert, just as he looks up and sees that his staff is framed in a sunbeam near him, his driftwood holy symbol hanging from a leather thong around it.

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YoricksRequiem wrote:
The inclusion of both ability scores and modifiers is one of the only things that I don't like about Dungeon World. It's completely pointless and confuses many new players.

Why is that cow glowing?

It's sacred in this culture! How dare you?!?

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

You are able to take further actions Tom, you just will have the Sick debility until further notice, which gives a -1 on CON rolls.

I believe your load is 9+STR Bonus, not raw STR score. That's how I did it, but if I'm wrong let me know, I'm still pretty new to the system.

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

Sorry about that, kinda forgot this was a backstab, not a hack and slash, you can get the extra damage without taking any since you chose to avoid melee. Still learning the system.

Mockery's darting blade sinks deeply between two plates, piercing almost all the way through the creature near it's head. The creature thrashes for a few moments, then drops limp over Rhys.

Further into the surf, Praedonus, now almost waist deep in the water, has an attached scorpion stinging his thigh, while a third of the creatures moves forward, seeming to be cautious at the scent of it's bretheren's blood. It turns toward a female body on the beach, moving toward's it carefully.

Iron Tom attempts to rise, but something within his stomach twists and coils, causing him to retch. Clearly whatever has effected all of you caused considerably more distress to him. Could be a larger dose.

Can I get a DD with CON Tom? On a failure you'll be Sick until you can get a bit of rest.

What do you do?

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

Mockery Hack & Slash: 2d6 + 3 ⇒ (4, 5) + 3 = 12

An excellent roll for Mock, who gets her backstab effect due in part to Rhys' aid, whatever she chooses, and may also get an additional 1d6 damage if she presses the advantage, but that might cause a bit of damage to Rhys as well. Otherwise she will deal her damage and backstab effect with no counter.

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

Praedonus recalls long lazy days by the docks as his father spoke of all the hazards of sea travel. "Sea Scorpions!" The big man said, mimicking a striking tail with his hands, "Ugly buggers are like crabs big as a man's torso, they'll clamp on and try to sting you to death with their tails! Gotta watch for their venom too! It'll leave a man shaky and weak."

Those were heady days, before the first voyage. What is the one thing you wish your dad had warned you about on sea voyages?

The creature clamps around your leg like an ugly boot, tail rising to pin into your thigh.

Take 1d6 damage and defy danger with CON

As Rhys awakens and charges across the beach the hissing creature with a dagger buried in it's side charges on a parallel course, Rhys zigs, the sea scorpion zags, and both of them go down in a pile of limbs, the angry scorpion chittering and attempting to get a hold on the lithe wizard.

What do you do?

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

Cool, no problem at all. Good to get started. I'm gonna wait a bit for our other two.

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

As Praedonus rushes toward the crab-beast it turns, upraised and hissing toward his boot. You doubt you could manage to kick it off without it grabbing onto you, but if you tried to stop in this surf it would likely end with you on your back in front of the thing.

What do you do?

Mock finds her rapier scabbard a tad wet but unharmed. Though her aim is a little off from the wet sand and her own wobbliness, Mockery's dagger flies true, sinking to the hilt in the side of one of the abominations, who angrily chitters and turns toward her.

What do you do?

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