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*opens buffet*


Yes, sir, happy to oblige.

Garble wrote:
Irv wrote:
Irv comes down from his suite, bag underslung, and leaning on his stick, he goes to the table he usually sits at, opens the bag, looks in and comes up with a rectangular metal container. He stands up, does a quick pump fake, finds his receiver and hollers, "Garble. heads up, Bud." As the Goblin examines the blue can with gold letters Irv sits down and calls out, "Consider yourself properly SPAMmed."

Garble examines the can confusedly. He gets out a sack and starts rooting around inside.

A few minutes later, he procures a can opener. He opens the can, and his eyes widen as he takes in the stench.

"Aha! Spam!" The goblin scowls at Irv and rushes over to the kitchen. "Someone cook spam!" He holds the can up for the cooks to see. "Hey, someone cook! Mmm."

*whir* *click*

Coming right up, sir.

*whirs around the club delivering appetizers*

Vomit Guy wrote:

Rosie! Where the hell are you?


*drives a heavy duty cleaning machine into the thread*

Apologies, sir. I was unable to keep up with my duties with the available equipment. i took the liberty of ordering something with a little more oomph. *whirrr, beep*

*Begins to hit buttons that cause the machine to vacuum, mop, and scrub the thread*

Vomit Guy wrote:

Have I been forsaken?






*whirrr* *Beeep*

*still valiantly attempting to mop up*

I believe that it is simply hard to see the others through the mess, sir.

*whirrrr* *BEEP*

Current mess has exceeded this unit's cleaning capacity, sir. Request additional units.

*feebly attempts to mop up the mess*



*dumps bucket of sudsy water on Hurl of Sandwich*

This should take care of any lingering unpleasantness, sir.

*goes back to mopping*

Vomit Guy wrote:


Clean up on Aisle 3

Yes, sir.

*whirrr, beep*

*mops up aisle 3*

The Vicar of Vomit wrote:


Oops, sorry Rosie. That got all over your face, didn't it?

*whirrrr* *beep*

Yes, sir. Please try to refrain from vomiting on cleaning staff, sir.

*wipes self off and goes back to mopping*

*glides through with mop clearing away the mess*

The Vicar of Vomit wrote:
Rosie the Robot wrote:
Vomit Guy wrote:
The Vicar of Vomit wrote:

This thread is getting messy.

** spoiler omitted **

I would offer to clean up a little using my inherent control over all forms of vomit, but that just goes against my nature.

Maybe we could hire a maid....

You called sir?

Yes. Clean this up.


Very good, sir.

*pulls out mop and bucket and starts cleaning*

Vomit Guy wrote:
The Vicar of Vomit wrote:

This thread is getting messy.

** spoiler omitted **

I would offer to clean up a little using my inherent control over all forms of vomit, but that just goes against my nature.

Maybe we could hire a maid....

You called sir?

*comes whirring out with a tray of jello shots*

Yes, miss. I made plenty. This is only the first tray.

Heathansson wrote:

"Rosie Robot."

2 fans.

They like me! They really like me! ;)

Once the tank is set up starts bringing in jello to fill it up.

It should be set and ready for wrestling in ten minutes, mistress.


You called mistress?

Jack Hammer wrote:

"Acme, Rosie! How 'bout setting up some hoops on the lawn? Don't forget to add the landmines. Thx!"

Yes, sir. Right away, sir.

*Whirs off to set up the croquet field.*

*whirs up to the hot tub with a large tray of dark and stormies.*

Apologies for the delay patrons. We had to bring some of the ingredients up from the storeroom.

*whirs up with a change of clothes.*

Sorry for the delay mistress. I will be right back with your soup. And food and drink for your guests.

*whirs off*

Rosie grabs a bucket and fills it from the pool. She quickly wheels over to her mistress and dumps the water on her. She repeats this until someone tells her to stop.

Kiba wrote:

*looks at Heathensson*

"A cousin perhaps? Meh, if he wishes to talk he shall ask. May I get some rare steak over here?"

*zips over with a barely cooked steak.*

*Whirs smoothly back with a large plate of beef chow mein.*
Enjoy, sir.

Is there anything else you would like, mistress?

Heathansson wrote:
Excuse me, is this Le Ho Fook's, and if so, might I a bit of beef chow mein?

*whirs over*

Welcome to Club Calistria, sir. I will be right back with your chow mein.

Rosie is at first unsure what to do. The person she had been instructed to help has disappeared. But then she spots the winged female lying unconscious. There's always something for an enterprising robot to do. She dutifully feeds the CLW potion, all 2 liters of it, to the woman.

Satisfied that her duty is done, Rosie returns to serving drinks.

Alaina, priestess of Calistria wrote:
Yes! Help the wounded Bard over there! Bring the Two-Liter of CLW potion from the fridge!

Yes mistress! Right away!

Whirs quickly to the kitchen, and rushes back with the potion.

Whirs around with a large tray of drinks

Is there anything else you require mistress?

*zips through the crowd gathering empty cups and delivering refills where needed.*

*Zips around the party guests with a tray of delectable hor d'oevres.*

Care for a bite to eat?

*Whizzes off to the kitchens to prepare for the party.*

*An Acme truck pulls up and unloads a large crate. They open the crate and a robot wheels out. The truck drives away.*

How may I serve you mistress?