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Does an Invulnerable Rager (barbarian archetype) damage reduction (EX ability) go away if subject to a polymorph spell?

Does an Abyssal bloodline (sorcerer) claws (SU ability to grow claws that last 1 round) and Demon Resistance (EX ability that gives electricity damage resistance and a save vs. point effects) go away if subject to a polymorph spell?

Does a Draconic bloodline (sorcerer) Dragon Resistances (EX ability that gives energy resistance and a natural armor bonus) go away if subject to a polymorph spell?

Hi All,

We had two questions come up yesterday in a PFS game.

Can you draw a wand without an AOO?

GM said, "No, not without being stored in a sheath or equivalent (ex: bandoleer). And all of those things are from Ultimate Equipment."

This was resolved in game by asking the GM the next morning specifically what I needed and shopped for it. I own Ultimate Equipment. I took a couple of AOOs for drawing wands in an initial encounter, but no big deal as the scenario did allow for near instant shopping.

However, this precludes a PFS Core Wizard from drawing a wand without an AOO. A PFS Core Wizard should be able to draw a wand without an AOO somehow, because it is in the Core rules to do so. How?

To my understanding, an Adventurer's Outfit should be all that is required at most. Is this wrong?

Do Spiked Gauntlets threaten... ever?

Gm said, "no, never" but would research it and get back later.

So, do spiked gauntlets threaten at all, ever?

The exact scenario was that my sorcerer simply moved into flank position for a rogue to help give a sneak attack. I was surprised that I was considered not flanking.

Thanks All!

Is there a way for an oracle (PFS-restricted) to gain a "bonus" spell from a different mystery?

I have a Life mystery oracle with a level 9 feat. Is there any feat, item, curse, etc. that can add the Spiritual Weapon or Spiritual Ally spell from the Ancestor mystery to a Life mystery oracle?

Yes, oracles already gain that spell naturally, so this appears to be a crazy question, but there is a HUGE difference for PFS.

Oracles that gain Spiritual Weapon (or Ally) from the cleric list must use their Wisdom for the spell. Oracles that gain the spell(s) via a mystery get to use their Charisma for the spell.

(or if there are any new methods introduced oracles to use CHA for Spiritual Weapon or Spiritual Ally, I'm all ears)

When I hit the (normal) PRD link at the left of the page, it goes to a PDR introduction without a link (that I can see) that goes to the PDR.

What happened to the PRD link?

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1. Can a flag be attached to a pole (quarterstaff), lance, or polearm?

2. If you are holding a flag with two hands (on a pole, lance, or polearm), is that also encompassing the requirement to hold the flag with one hand for Flagbearer?

3. Does the Flagbearer feat require a flag that in turn requires a free hand to use (similar to a Magus requiring a free hand to use Spell Combat)?

The answers are muddied per past forum responses, but here is my shot at interpretation.

1. Yes. See the rules for banners. It specifically says that a banner is a flag (or banner or pennant).

2. Yes and No. Two hands are not one hand, but one hand can be interpreted as a subset of two hands. It makes more sense (my opinion) that holding a flag in two hands meets the requirements of Flagbearer.

3. No. The "free hand" verbiage was just included so a character isn't carrying it on a pole strapped to their back. It is redundant to the text of one hand requirement and muddies the water.

My reasons for asking...

My PFS Life Oracle is thinking about getting the Flagbearer feat. I plan to hold a flag in the hand that is also bearing a light shield (or buckler). I'll keep the other hand free and wear a pair of spiked gauntlets to maintain threat.

I'm also interested in an Arcane Duelist bard with the Flagbearer feat that places a flag on a quarterstaff. The bard would two weapon wield the quarterstaff. This is a bit more liberal in the questions above,and is arguably in a gray area of interpretation.




Prerequisites: Cha 15.

Benefit: As long as you hold your clan, house, or party’s flag, members of that allegiance within 30 feet who can see the flag (including yourself ) gain a +1 morale bonus on attack rolls, weapon damage rolls, and saving throws against fear and charm effects. You must hold the flag in one hand in order to grant this bonus. If the standard is taken by the enemy or destroyed, this bonus becomes a penalty, affecting all creatures that the bonus previously affected for 1 hour (or until you reclaim the lost flag).


A flag is a colorful banner that bears the heraldry or symbol of a nation or organization. A character with the Flagbearer feat who bears a flag can grant additional combat bonuses to nearby allies. Carrying a flag in combat requires a free hand.


Price 1–20 gp; Weight 2 lbs.

This is a banner, flag, or pennant. You tie it to a pole, lance, or polearm. Most are woven, dyed, or painted with a pattern or symbol, such as a knight's crest or a country's flag. A simple banner with one field color and a simple insignia such as a weapon or shield costs 1 gp. A banner with two to four field colors and a complex insignia such as a lion or dragon costs 5 gp. A detailed banner with four or more field colors and a very complex insignia, such as a heraldic device with eight or more sections, costs 20 gp.

I once read about a 2nd level cleric spell that added +5 to hit for one melee attack as a swift action. I'm not actually certain on the specifics on any of this though.

I can't find the spell name now to look it up. Does anyone recognize the spell with the above description?

Thanks in advance!

Is there a means to be a Natural Weapon Ranger with a claw-claw-bite attack that has a spell-like ability to use with Arcane Strike?

A natural weapons ranger can select the Aspect of the Beast feat to get two claws. So, a bite plus spell-like ability is all that is missing.

...tiefling can get a bite, but lose their spell-like ability doing so.

...gnomes and aasimars have the spell-like ability, but don't have the bite.

...tengus can get the claw-claw-bite, but are missing the spell-like ability.

The end goal is a Skirmisher Guide Ranger character that uses natural weapons.

Is there any RAW method that increases the rate of fire for a halfling sling staff?

Per the FAQ, the halfling warslinger racial trait does not because it only applies to "a sling" and not all sling types. In similar vein, the halfling feats would not apply to the halfling sling staff either, but at least apply to the double sling.

Halfling, Warslinger: What kind of slings does the this reload ability work with?

The warslinger ability says, "Halflings with this racial trait can reload a sling as a free action." It doesn't say "any type of sling" or "all slings," just "a sling." The ability only affects standard slings, not halfling sling staffs or any other kind of sling.

Reference the Halflings of Golarion feats:

Ammo Drop (Combat)
Your coordination is so perfect that you can simply drop ammunition from your hand at the exact moment required for it to fall into an open sling as your twirl it around.
Prerequisites: Sleight of Hand 1 rank, proficient with sling.
Benefit: You can load a sling or one end of a double sling with one hand as a swift action or move action. This does not provoke an attack of opportunity.

Juggle Load (Combat)
Your fingers are so nimble that reloading your sling is almost effortless for you.
Prerequisites: Ammo Drop, Sleight of Hand 1 rank, proficient with sling.
Benefit: You can load a sling or double sling as a free action. This does not provoke attacks of opportunity. This feat allows you to fire your sling as many times in a full-attack action as you could attack if you were using a bow.

I ran my first PFS game this past Sunday. I was able to introduce 8 new people to the PFS world in two sessions. It was my first foray into GMing PFS, and now I've come to reporting.

I've got the character ID numbers set for the first session to be reported. However, the form for reporting is missing the header.

I see the instructions, a 3" tall blank space, and then the character information where I can add the characters. The form is "active" as I can enter in the character IDs and it recognizes them. However, I need to fill out the header (I think) because the instructions say to fill out GM information prior to the character information and the form won't save because I am missing information.

Can someone point out what mistake I might be making? Or confirm that I'm missing the GM info header portion of the form as suspected?

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Does PFS rule that only the wisdom casting stat affects Spiritual Weapon and Spiritual Ally, or is Charisma used for Oracles?


Hi All,

I've never played in a PFS game before and Gen Con seems like a good opportunity. Couple questions...

Is it too late to even consider Gen Con this year as a PFS potential?

How would you go about signing up for a PFS game? Even if it is to late, this information would be useful in the future.

I've never been to Gen Con either, so I don't know much about signing up for any game there.

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Hey All,

I have a campaign I'm GMing that has an Alchemist in it. He absolutely loves to craft, but the crafting rules are not very adventurer friendly. I'm trying to draft some quick rules for easier crafting that are also potentially more fun.

Any thoughts or ideas or critiques?

Thanks in advance!


Homebrew Crafting In Pathfinder

Crafting is accomplished in a two step procedure by:

#1 calculating the days of skill usage (skill-days) to create an item
#2 spending time and money to create the item

Base Skill-Day Calculation:

Weapon Skill-Days = 1 skill-day per 1 lb of weight
Armor Skill-Days = 1 skill-day per 3 lb of weight (round down)
Poison Skill-Days = save DC
Alchemical Items = 1 skill-day per 10 gp value


- Every item with a cost of 1 gp or more takes a minimum of 1 skill-day
- Ammo is made in the bundle quanitity listed in Core Rules.

Skill-Day Modifiers:

Master Work items have a +100% skill-day modifier.

Special Material armor and weapons have a +100% skill-day modifier.

Creation Time:

Each 8 hours spent towards an items creation accrues 1 skill-day per rank in the appropriate craft or profession skill.

Creation Cost:

The material costs to create an item are 50% of the list purchase price.


Min has 3 ranks of Craft: Armor. He wants to make a masterwork breastplate. A breastplate weighs 30 lbs yielding a base skill-day score of 10 (= 30 lbs / 3). Making it master work will add +100% to the skill-days, yielding a total skill-days of 20 for a masterwork breast plate. Max accrues 3 skill-days (1 for each rank) per day spent making the armor. Max can complete the armor in 7 days, not all of which must be consecutive. It will cost him 175 gold in materials (= half of the cost of a master work breastplate).

Max the Alchemist (level 10) has 10 ranks of Craft: Poison. He wants to make a dose of Black Lotus Extract (save DC 20). That will require 20 skill-days (= save DC 20) to make. Max accrues 10 skill-days (1 for each rank) per day. He can make the poison in two days. It will cost him 2250 gold in materials (= half the cost of the poison).

Max the Alchemist is still waiting on Min to finish the armor. He decides to create some vials of Antitoxin (50gp value). They each take 5 skill-days each, but Max as an Alchemist can make them twice as fast (Swift Alchemy ability), yielding 2.5 skill-days each. Max has a Craft: Alchemy skill of 10, which yields 10 skill-days per day. Max can make 4 Antitoxin per day at a material cost of 25gp each.

From the Core Rulebook FAQ:

Ray: Do rays count as weapons for the purpose of spells and effects that affect weapons?
Yes. (See also this FAQ item for a similar question about rays and weapon feats.)

For example, a bard's inspire courage says it affects "weapon damage rolls," which is worded that way so don't try to add the bonus to a spell like fireball. However, rays are treated as weapons, whether they're from spells, a monster ability, a class ability, or some other source, so the inspire courage bonus applies to ray attack rolls and ray damage rolls.

The same rule applies to weapon-like spells such as flame blade, mage's sword, and spiritual weapon--effects that affect weapons work on these spells.


What other spell effects affect Spiritual Weapon...

...Good Hope?

(the extra attack from Haste I think would be right out, but the +1 to hit from it would be a gray area)

I was under the previous impression that nothing added to or changed the damage from Spiritual Weapon. The FAQ boldly states at least one buff, Inspire Courage, works on it, as well as implying others.

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Care to share your arcane bond item and how you enhanced it?

I'm playing a wizard who just made 6th level. I spent the first 6 levels with a ring arcane bond. At 7th, I get to "enchant" it.

I've been a piddler with collecting Pearls of Power. Some say these are sub-optimal, but let's ignore that part. I'd like to continue piddling in this regard with the arcane bond.

Strategy? Cost? Even Possible?

Market Pricing:
1000gp Pearl of Power (1st)
4000gp Pearl of Power (2nd)
9000gp Pearl of Power (3rd)

What would the cost be to "enchant" my arcane bond with these abilities per RAW? What would the cost be to add the Ring of Sustenance (2500gp market price) to the ring as well?

My Guess:

1st enchant: Pearl of Power (level 1)
-> 1000gp base market price
-> 500gp (removed the double price for a "slotless item")
-> 750gp (added +50% for the "wrong slot" for the enchantment)
-> 375gp (final crafting cost, half the market price)

2nd enchant: Pearl of Power (level 2)
-> 4000gp base market price
-> 2000gp (removed the double price for a "slotless item")
-> 4000gp (+50% for "wrong slot", +50% for 2nd enchant)
-> 2000gp (final crafting cost, half the market price)

3rd enchant: Ring of Sustenance
-> 2500gp base market price
-> 3750gp (+50% for 3rd enchant)
-> 1875gp (final crafting cost, half the market price)


I am sure I have made incorrect assumptions. Please enlighten me, thanks!

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Wizard evocation specialist can gain the ability "Intense Spells", which adds +1 damage per 2 levels to evocation hitpoint damage spells.

For spells like Wall of Fire or Flaming Sphere, does that add to damage every time something takes damage from it, even over multiple rounds?

I play a wizard in a game, and I have Scribe Scroll as a class feat. There is a ranger in the party that can cast the spell Gravity Bow, which happens to also be on my wizard's spell list.

I understand that my wizard can't cast Gravity Bow on the ranger, but can I scribe scrolls of Gravity Bow and let the ranger use them to cast it himself?

Further, can a cleric in the group, who picked Scribe Scroll as a feat, scribe the spell Summon Monster III and allow my wizard to learn the spell from that scroll as it is on both our spell lists?

Thanks in Advance!