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Publisher, Frog God Games

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Wizards Feud is written

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Edit (30 minutes left)

Ok, Wizard’s Feud is written, leaving only the introduction and dedication to scribe! The editing process (especially for Pathfinder) will take a couple of months. That being said, the book is essentially all done from a writing standpoint. I still need to say nice things about my wife, kids and the countless players who have helped develop this over the years, but otherwise (assuming Skeeter and James do not have me assassinated during the editing process), I am calling the text done. Maps and art are in process, and I have reassigned the missing artwork (missing artist) to another artist. I still believe we will complete the project by Christmas (except that pesky blacksmith, who has to wait for the bound text copies).

I am VERY pleased with how this all came together, so please enjoy a little teaser from my text… Wizard’s Feud

Once upon a time there was an engineer.

Drove a locomotive both far and near.

Accompanied by a monkey that would sit on a stool Watching everything the engineer would do

One day the engineer wanted a bite to eat,

He left the monkey sitting on the driver's seat,

The monkey pulled the throttle, the locomotive jumped the gun

And did 80 miles an hour down the mainline run.

Big locomotive right on time, big locomotive coming down the line. Big locomotive no. 99, left the engineer with a worried mind.

Lyrics by Jesse Fuller

The Monkey and the Engineer

One thing about sand-box style adventures, as well as basically anything I write, in any case, is that I am not going to tell you exactly how to get to the end. The whole point of a huge adventure like this is that the journey matters more than the destination. There are thousands of hours of play material here, in addition to a carefully crafted adventure. The main adventure can be played as a directed main theme or alternatively as something the player characters stumble upon from time to time, slowly building bits and pieces until they finally take on the main path.

No railroad conductor here. I can be the monkey, but you have to drive the train.

What I will do is provide you with the tools and references to allow you as a GM to run the adventure at your own pace, seeding in diversions and distractions as desired, yet all the while allowing the main pathway to continue. Throughout this tome are hundreds of adventure areas.

The plots and subplots sometimes link together, and sometimes they do not. There is no set order to how you should “run” this series, eventually ending up with the players in the Hel’s Temple dungeon or the Lost City of Tsen. What this chapter contains is a synopsis of clues and tidbits from all of the other chapters that provides a cross-reference for you for the main bits and pieces for the overall Sword of Air campaign. How you piece and puzzle them together is up to you. At the end of this synopsis is a brief introduction for the way I have run this adventure in the past. You are free to take or leave it as you see fit.

Perhaps the largest piece of advice a GM should give their players is that they need to use their heads on this quest. Heavy reliance on information gathering, divination spells, consultation with sages, reading things they find and carefully searching for clues before they dash into a boss fight may well make the difference between success and failure at any point in the adventure.

By the way, if you are a player and reading beyond this, may Tsathogga curse you with a green and slimy death. Go away!


BW 16 Jun 14

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Bill, Thank you for all the work you do so my players can die horribly in ways I could have never conceived on my own. I am really looking forward to this and I love everything the Frogs have done.

Bravo! Can't wait to read it and as Shem said, I've got em all and have enjoyed each and everyone!

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I was one of the new converts that was sucked in by the Lost City of Barakus, so naturally I missed everthing preceding that kick starter. That being said, when I read stuff like Bill's post it does 2 things to me as I sit here in my office at work.

A) It reminds me of when I used to play back in High School and the old-school nostalgia bug hits me hard.

B) I start getting the inclination that this Lost Lands place may be home for me in the Fantasy RPG world. I can visualize years of building a campaign experience for players to just barely keep the forces of Orcus, Tsathogga, Nergal, Hel, etc, etc at bay from claiming this world, soon to be their world as I mold it to my tastes and shaped by their actions.

Then my reverie is interuppted by my boss chiming in with..."what are you working on??", which makes me jump back to reality. Oh well, always time to read and plan tonight.

Sooooo, in closing, I guess when this book comes out, I'll need to purchase it. Time to start collecting my pennies again. Cheers.

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Any word when this will be out for sale :)

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Early 2015

Publisher, Frog God Games

Working hard on this--its just so bloody big. I have three frogs on it almost full time, and my personal rules mechanics totally suck. I sent an update out this evening.

Pathfinder Creative Director, Frog God Games

Principal editing and canon continuity edit are done. Now it's just getting converted between systems and waiting on some art I believe.

Layout and Design, Frog God Games

Art is almost finished.

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Cannot wait. This is my most eagerly anticipated RPG release since the RotRLAE and Rappan Athuk. :)

Been waiting for this one since, what, 2002?

I can wait 4 more months. :)

Pathfinder Creative Director, Frog God Games

I don't think you'll be disappointed when you see it, DaveMage. Bill weaves a pretty cool tale.

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Let's put some music to those lyrics.

Monkey and the Engineer

Publisher, Frog God Games

Awesome. Good link

Grand Lodge

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awesome can't wait, well done

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