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I have one each for RotRL and S&S... if anyone has a new one, I would love to see a pic of it.

No, that ability does not add the magic trait, magic is a separate trait of its own.

There are a lot of unforgiving banes in the B set that are making things much harder than they should. Me and my GF, running two characters each, have played 3 scenarios and so far, there has been at least 1 character in each game that had to sit out half the game because they were down to 1 or 2 cards in their deck.

For banes included in the B set, there are way too many that hand out damage like candy.

ryric wrote:

Ok, I'm curious - what's so bad about the tree barrier? I'm not seeing it. Sure, everyone fights a slightly obnoxious tree with 1 before and 1 after combat damage, but the damage can be armored - am I missing something?

I've been playing solo Alain so I pretty easily get d10+2d8+2 for combat checks - is it that the 13 is tough to make for the whole group? I can see how things will get nasty later with the whole double veteran thing, but as of set 0-1 it doesn't seem too bad.

Its awful for spell casters right now. Especially when its flipped as the first card of the game. Having to use spells right off the bat that doesn't involve explorations can set the whole game back.

Its disappointing that they didn't drop down to 3 total characters, but hopefully the decks are refined much better than the original 7.

Hi Diego,

Everything looks good now. Thank you very much!

I have an order for the Pathfinder Iconic Mini's and I cannot seem to get the order to go through. I had pre-ordered these a while back and now, when I try to use the "Ship this item as soon as possible" option, it takes me through the payment steps, and then it puts the item right back in to the sidecart.

Any help would be appreciated.


How are people getting these? I pre-ordered mine a while back and have since attempted to use the "Ship as soon as possible" option, but nothing ever happens, it just continues to sit in the sidecart.

Two things I see right off the bat:

- Choose 1 ([] 2) spell(s) with that don't have the divine trait. When you cast these spells treat them as a reveal instead of a discard.

When do you choose this? At the beginning of each game?

- When casting a combat spell you may, reveal,recharge,discard,bury, or banish for a d4, d6 ,d8 ,10, or d12 respectively.

What are you revealing, recharging, discarding, or banishing? Another spell from your hand? Another card?

I really don't want to speak about the balance until at least those 2 powers are a little more clear.

philosorapt0r wrote:
ThreeEyedSloth wrote:
He is correct. You earn your role card and power feat at the end of Adventure 4.

This seems like a gratuitously unfun way to balance things. Only getting to specialize with a role for half the campaign is a long enough wait as it is--having the coolest part of many characters be usable for less of OP than a regular path seems unnecessary, when there are so many other ways to ensure an appropriate difficulty-to-character-power ratio.


And the fact that the adventures are 4 scenarios a piece makes it even worse. That is a whole 8 scenarios with your role card.

"It happens NOW because YOU are there" is the most vague rule/trigger I have ever heard an explanation for in a game. It happens NOW when I start my turn there? It happens NOW when I end my turn there? It happens NOW when I explore? Move there? Encounter a bane? Encounter a boon? Recharge a card? Play a spell?

All of those have very different and significant results that alter strategy. Like Hawkmoon said, without a trigger, anyone could argue that you would have to check for the teleportation every single time you did anything there short of breathing.

Yes, as B and C are both treated as 0 and are essentially the same (though the extra boons/banes are supposed to be added when you are playing with more than 4 people).

All I got with Deck 4 was Magpie Princess and another Blessing.

Just posting to see if anyone else has had any success with this scenario yet.

Me and the girlfriend run a 4 character party (her with Merisiel and Velendron, me with Kyra and Tontelizi). We have run all of the scenarios in the Card Guild fine with absolutely no problems... then this one came along. We have tried this 3 times now without getting anywhere near beating it.

If anyone has completed this one yet, please post some pointers. We are stumped.

There is no errata to that... it works exactly as written.

The scenario specifically states "check EACH location deck"... it does not care if its open or closed.

In other words, if you close a location and empty it of cards, you will lose the scenario.

Given that, it also states "when you defeat an Enemy Ship henchman, place it on top of its location deck". So, if you defeat the henchman, you place it on top... unless I am understanding the timing incorrectly, you IMMEDIATELY attempt to close the location, which, if successful, means you empty it of cards and THEN place the Enemy Ship back on top.

Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

Text for those that would like it:

The Free Captains' Regatta:
Shuffle an Enemy Ship henchman into each location deck. If you defeat an Enemy Ship, put it on top of its location deck.

After your move step, you may examine the top card of your location deck; you may shuffle that deck. If the blessings deck is empty, examine the top card of each location deck. You win the scenario only if each is an Enemy Ship

Maybe it would be better to have "Advance the Blessings Deck" as its own out-of-turn procedure. This way, when the next player goes to flip to blessing and there isn't one, then the game immediately ends with no one resetting their hand as it technically is not anyone's turn.

This removes the "unfairness" of singling out the next player, but keeps the danger of a blessing being flipped DURING a players turn (by other effects, of course) and forcing them to reset their hand before the end of the game.

This falls apart with the "undefeated" rule. You can't funnel any of the villains because:

"If the other 2 villains are not in the location deck, it is undefeated".

This means that the location you beat it at does not close, meaning the villain will always be able to escape to the same location you just beat him at. This boils down to scouting/evading the villains to find where they are at, closing all of the non-villain locations... and then continuously fighting the villains until you get lucky and all 3 were shuffled into the same location (all the while losing blessings from the deck instead of the box, since they are "undefeated").

Theryon Stormrune wrote:
NOG the Demoralizer wrote:

So, roll once on the booty table, count blessings as a 6, and then everyone pulls from their class deck the appropriate card type... easy.

Feedback: allow a reroll for any character that is barred from that initial random result... spell for Valeros as an example, or at least allow for a reward not taken for such a character so they can replay and try again.

NOG, I'd agree with you about the re-roll. For a boon that is completely useless to a character like a spell for Valeros or a blessing for Ezren, then re-roll. As long as that boon type is on the card type recipe for a character then that's the random boon. You may not like the boon that is selected and choose not to add it to your deck at that point.

I do have a question, though. This relates to this, Salvage Operations and Ghosts of the Deep and any scenario that rewards a card. In Ghosts of the Deep, if you pick a spell or weapon but don't like what comes up and decide not to add it to your deck, are you still Taking the Reward? I've been saying no. Only if you accept the (random) choice and put it into your deck have we checked Yes. Is that wrong?

I would believe that "taking the reward" is different than "keeping the reward". Once you agree to randomly pull a card from the box, then the reward has been given... whether or not you keep it is a different story. This is how we play it in the base games anyway, so I wouldn't feel it would be any different in OP.

But that's just my take on it. Would be interested to see what the developers intended.

Edge of Dreams wrote:
Raynair wrote:
The_Napier wrote:
I'm sure I just be missing something, but surely there's always an open location for the villain to escape to when it's undefeated because there will always at least be the location it was encountered at?

That's exactly what I am thinking as well. With the villain always able to escape to the same location you just encountered it at, it seems like its going to turn into another crap-shoot like Toll of the Bell, where you are hoping against hope that somehow all the villains get shuffled into the right spot with no real way to control it.

That's a really interesting point. Which also opens the question, when would the below line of rules on the scenario card ever matter?

Scenario wrote:
If the villain cannot escape to an open location, shuffle the villain into a random location, opening it.
An undefeated villain always has a place to escape to, its own location that it just was found in. And if you defeat the villain, you immediately win, so it doesn't matter if all the locations are closed or not.

That's a good point, Edge of Dreams, I had forgotten about that line of text on the Scenario card. Since none of the villains are EVER defeated unless all 3 are together, then they will ALWAYS have 1 open location and that line of text will never come into play.

Unless there is some unwritten rule about being able to temp close the location you encountered a villain, which I have NEVER heard of before...

The_Napier wrote:
I'm sure I just be missing something, but surely there's always an open location for the villain to escape to when it's undefeated because there will always at least be the location it was encountered at?

That's exactly what I am thinking as well. With the villain always able to escape to the same location you just encountered it at, it seems like its going to turn into another crap-shoot like Toll of the Bell, where you are hoping against hope that somehow all the villains get shuffled into the right spot with no real way to control it.

The way I see it is, for example, you can scout to your hearts content and, even if you get 2 of the villains to one location and then find the location of the third, when you encounter the third you obviously make sure all others are temp closed or closed (leaving only the one with the other 2 villains open). Then you defeat the third, which means hes undefeated and has a chance to get shuffled right back into the same location, losing a blessing from the stack in the process.

Its pretty awesome to see his makeup is almost identical to our 6 person group that is playing through S&S right now (with the exception of Valeros instead of Ranzak).

Good job though, Malcolm. And I would also like to hear about what worked and what didn't.

jones314 wrote:
Looking again at the Amulet of Fortitude, it's second power lets you recharge to succeed at your Fortitude check. So it can be used to auto-kill any monster that doesn't have immunities to Attack spells or those like trolls that need fire or acid to kill. Very powerful so yeah, I think you gotta change the power feat on it. The Amulet is so good for her that when I played the fourth scenario and beat it, I passed on giving her the Pearl of Wisdom because she can only keep one item.

The good thing is that the Amulet has to be recharged, and the character herself has no reliable way to cycle or pull cards from the bottom of her deck.

I like the uniqueness of her rolling her Fort skill as a spell... and it makes sense, thematically, being a Geomancer. Might I suggest either adding a stipulation to the power that says "You may not use items on this check" or dropping the Items she can have in her deck to 0? That is how Seelah was in RotRL and she didn't suffer very much from it.

Ya, I think maybe changing her (recharge) power feat to a d6 (or d8 or maybe even 2d4) would be better, like this:

For your combat check, you may discard a card to roll you Fortitude Skill + 1d4 ([]d6) with the attack and magic traits. This counts as playing a spell.

And then, for the fourth power feat on her base card make it:

At the start of your turn, you may display a blessing. Add +2 (+3) to your check to close a location...

Hawkmoon269 wrote:

Also, notice that the power feat for using undead monsters to add to his checks works on any of his checks. He can use that to help with his recharge checks too, once you get it.

The only problem here is that he doesn't even start with this power... you have to wait until your first power feat to unlock it. This, coupled with his extraordinarily horrible itemization (2 weapons and 2 armors... no way to specialize in either) and he has easily been the biggest disappointment for me in all of the class decks.

cartmanbeck wrote:

See, I don't think you're supposed to have Lonely Island if you have more than 1 player. If you look at the scenario sheet, it shows the locations as:

1 Lonely Island
1-6 Shark Island

I'm pretty sure that means that with more than 1 character, you're supposed to JUST have the Shark Island locations. Perhaps this could use some clarification, though.

I would actually read this more as:

If you are by yourself you play with a Lonely Island AND a Shark Island, as both locations are included for the 1 player situation... then you would add Shark Islands to fill in for additional players.

ZenionGames wrote:

One thing that I'm not grasping intuitively is stat balance. I'm very open to suggestions there regarding how to make her feel balanced while staying true to her Geomancy roots - I was thinking as a Geomancer she'd have a high CON (roughing it and fending for herself in the wild) high WIS (stolen from her Druidic inspiration).

In keeping with that logic, though, I could see her STR bumping up slightly? If we're seeing her as a Druidic loner that spends time in the wild, STR would make sense. Thoughts?

Also, great insight on her attack ability, isaic16 - I had actually thought of it as a spell called "Stone Fist", where she projects a...wait for it...stone fist from the land at a short distance, but it's very reassuring from a design perspective to see that someone else landed in the same headspace with no prompting.

Maybe drop her WIS to a d10 and bump her STR to a d6... still having 2 d10's is pretty good.

Also, non gameplay related, you have a couple of grammatical errors on her first role card's flavor text.

isaic16 wrote:

I agree this looks like a very interesting character. I am a bit worried about the power feat to recharge for the Rock Throw. I don't know if I've ever seen a sorceror with a power like that which was able to get that bonus. Now, since you're not using your primary casting stat, that may turn out fine, but it's something to monitor.

I agree with others that the blessing to close is a bit weak.I'd change it to either display any card, or give +2 (an argument could be made for both)

Also, you have 3 d4's. That is a very unbalanced stat display, moreso than I've seen before. You might want to bump something up to a d6, and drop either the d12 or d8 to compensate.

I thought all of the sorcerers had an ability to discard a card to "cast a spell", much like Seoni... and even for her, its her Arcane skill (d12+2) plus a d6.

I do agree with the 3 separate d4's... that is very painful.

I would say that, since it is all part of the same sentence separated by commas, then all of it is conditional on the "other cards in the location deck" stipulation.

Zhadum wrote:

I wanted to ask if we are running this scenario right...

We are all staying together because the scenario reads if an enemy ship is undefeated lose a d6 from the blessings deck. We are taking this as if an enemy ship can't be encountered because our ship is not present then it goes undefeated and we lose those cards. Is that correct? or should we not lose those cards if we can't encounter the enemy ship because our ship is not present?

I am only asking because our group failed twice on it and failed badly. To much room to lose a large percentage of the blessings deck due to a bad role?

Any pointers to clearing this scenario?

We have:
War Priest

That is an impossible situation you are referencing. For the scenario, The Black Flag, your ship is not anchored anywhere, which means, the ship is always present at the location of the current turns player. Even if your ship is wrecked, it is still present and being commanded by the current-turns player, its just that other people can not choose to move along with them.

In other words, whenever you encounter an Enemy Ship henchman in this scenario, you will be fighting a random enemy ship.

I would think her first power would be better as:

For your combat check, you may discard (recharge) a card to roll your Fortitude Skill + 1d6 with the attack and magic traits. This counts as playing a spell.

ZenionGames wrote:

Hey Mike,

I made a home-brew character, and I felt like she might be overpowered. However, after looking at the numbers you provided, I feel like she might actually be a little weak.

Serrica Undermoon

STR D4 (+1) (+2)
DEX D4 (+1)
CON D10 (+1) (+2) (+3) (+4)
INT D4 (+1) (+2)
WIS D12 (+1) (+2) (+3) (+4)
CHA D8 (+1) (+2)

Hand Size - 5 (6)

For your combat check, you may discard (recharge) a card to roll your CON die + 1d4 with the attack and magic traits. This counts as playing a spell.

During any other player's turn, you may recharge a random card from your hand (discard pile) to move to another location with a character at it.

Proficient with: X Light Armors


Weapon --
Spell 5 (6) (7) (8)
Armour 1 (2) (3)
Item 1 (2)
Ally 4 (5) (6)
Blessing 4 (5)

I also made her Roles and her token with storyline, but they're lengthy. Interested in any thoughts or help balancing her or making her more "geomancer-like".

I see right off the bat that she has no secondary skills what so ever (such as Fortitude, Arcane, etc..). Is this intentional?

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Andrew K wrote:
On reducing characters per deck -- there is a hell of lot more customization in one character between skills, card feats, and all the powers, than 3 cards will ever get you.

The point isn't removing the characters cards and having 3 additional slots for deck-cards.

For example: If Tarlin was removed from the Cleric class deck, then they wouldn't have needed to worry so much about having Aristocrat/Hireling allies, and they could have lowered the amount of Armor's in the deck by a lot. That would give them much more room to support Heggal, Kyra, and Zarlova. (I am in no way saying that Tarlin is bad, just using it as an example).

Ilpalazo wrote:
Gunslinger679 wrote:
It is definitely one enemy ship and that is clarified in an example on page 7 of the rule book under 'add villains and henchmen'. Confused me at first too.

Holy crap I just reread that. Is that different from ROTR then? I always remember just adding henchman in numbers from the top on down. Maybe we were always playing it wrong?

Guess we will replay it then. We got so much loot from the enemy ships too :)

Ya, you were playing it wrong, but, mistakes happen, haha.

From the RotRL rule book(I put the important part in quotes):

Make a stack of cards starting with the villain(s), then add henchmen, working from the top of the list down, until your stack has as many cards as you have locations. "Use multiple copies of the henchman at the bottom of the list as needed".

Ilpalazo wrote:

Hmmm....I think it does say put them in your hand. How is that different from acquiring them though? Not sure I have seen the term "acquire" specifically defined as a game term. Totally agreed that either way you would only explore once.

Wait wait wait. For Island Hopping we are only supposed to add one ship and the rest is sharks? Are you sure? That wasn't very clear to me. Usually you fill up location with the named henchman on top until you run out, then you add the bottom one. We did that very wrong then.

Ya, you did it the opposite way. You use one of each henchman starting from the TOP of the list, working down. The last henchman in the list is the one that is used to fill in remaining locations.

Potion of Glibness is a Basic card and a very good choice to have in Damiel's deck since he has the lowest possible charisma, that could have helped a lot as well.

ThreeEyedSloth wrote:

Yeah, the card count is tied to the number of cards that are printed per sheet I believe. I don't know what that exact number is off the top of my head, which is why I just spitballed something random.

I know I'm probably in the minority, but I'd even be okay with dropping the number of characters in a Class Deck to 3. That gives a couple of extra cards to play with, but also grants a bit more flexibility to cater the card selection to only three characters instead of spreading them out over four.

I like this suggestion a lot... if the deck amount has to stay at 110, drop the amount of characters to 3. This would give the deck A LOT more room to cater to each character individually.

Other related questions would be "Why are there no Arcane specific spells in the Cleric deck?" (for Zarlova) and "Why does a character that has ally specific powers only have a max of 2 ally slots?" (for Tarlin). I was very excited to get the Cleric deck, but when I busted it open and started reviewing a lot of what was included, I found myself scratching my head quite a few times.

Hawkmoon269 wrote:
It isn't too wishful.

As always, thanks for the link Hawkmoon, very good to see they would be willing to do that for the ACG players, provided that these sell well.

These will be really awesome. Really stoked about these.

Hopefully they will keep this line going and branch out into the class deck heroes as well... would love one of these for Wu Shen and Darago.

Of course... the title is "Iconic Heroes Miniature Sets", so wishful thinking.

Hawkmoon269 wrote:
Lukas Klausner wrote:
Will there be a subscription for these? :)

They won't be part of a subscription, but you can get a discount on them as a subscriber.

The question is though, will card game subscriber discounts apply? When I add these to my cart, I'm not seeing any discount. I'm not an adventure path subscriber, but since the card game was a big part of the reason for this line, I'm really hoping card game subscribers will get a discount on them.

I mean, it would make perfect sense since it comes specifically with cards not available anywhere else.

I believe that you can't seize the Devil's Pallor, as the wording on Enemy Ship specifies "If the SUMMONED ship is defeated". Since the Devil's Pallor is moved from location to location and isn't actually summoned, then it circumvents the wording on Enemy Ship.

I would also suggest Alahazra and Jirelle. Alahazra is just amazing with her scouting abilities and Jirelle is an all around strong character (good secondary stats, lowers structural damage, etc.).

RotRL Lem could get up to 6 spells and also had the ability to trade cards from his hand and discard pile at the start of his turn (and end of the turn with a role power). This made him a very effective healer, as he would rarely want to recharge his Cure spells and just swap it for something else in his hand. The additional spells allowed him much more versatility in which spells to carry as well (couple of Cures, couple of cloud spells, find traps, Haste, Swipe, etc.).

One thing that sticks out for me is the Melee: Dexterity + 3
This isn't going to work because of weapons that say "For your combat check, reveal this card to roll your Strength or Melee skill...". That is why other Dexterity based fighters have the power "When you attempt a check with or against a card that has the Finesse trait, you gain Melee: Dexterity + X. This keeps the Dexterity fighters from using brutish type weapons that they were not meant to use.

strgzr wrote:

Well I checked the contents of RotFS Adventure Pack and they

appear to be correct.

However, there was no additional copy of Blessing of Zogmugot
as was outlined in Paizo's email of 9/19/



Did you get at least 1 copy? There wasn't supposed to be 2.

Ya, Deck 3 was pushed back to November due to all of the recent delays. If you check the stickies at the top of the customer service forum, you can see the Deck 4 was pushed to December with no PACG products at all being released in October, so more than likely the whole AP is going to be running a month behind.

I would assume that you "finish one thing before you start another". Meaning, Ambush went undefeated forcing you to go through the deck and fight the first monster, which was the henchmen. The henchman was defeated, which reads "if defeated, you may immediately attempt to close this location"... this, to me, seems like an effect that is still nested within the result of NOT defeating the barrier.

All that being said, I would assume that you could then close the location. Once all of that is done, you go back to the original effect of the location "if undefeated, each character at this location randomly chooses a location and moves to it". I don't think closing the location nullifies this since you still failed to defeat the Ambush originally.

Of course, we could just wait for someone else to come along and prove all of this wrong, haha.

Andrew K wrote:
Orbis Orboros wrote:
Mad Jack Deacon wrote:

I'm going to have to take a closer look at Oloch now. I was doing some solo play with him for a couple of the basic scenarios and was a bit non-plussed about him.

Not completely turned off, but starting to wonder if he's got what it takes to play long term...

Long term is the only game he's got. Until he gets two or three power feats, Oloch is pretty awful. In my opinion, at least.

Our Oloch has been pretty beastly so far, great as support and good as a healer. It all depends on how you play him. Especially now that he took a feat to get his displays back at the start of his turn (I'm all for people having fun their own way, but if that isn't your first feat in multiplayer you're playing him wrong!) he's amazing!

He's not a fullblood caster, and it seems like anything besides that is usually awful in your opinion due to your play style.

Our Oloch took a handsize increase with his first power feat simply because a handsize of 4 sucks no matter what your other powers are... but returning his weapons/blessings to his hand is 100% his next investment.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

In our group of 6 that has played all 10 of the available scenarios so far, Oloch has pulled as much weight as everyone else in the group. His ability to display Weapons and Blessings to add to other checks has been pretty helpful, as has his built in ability to heal. He isn't afraid to explore with all of his weapons displayed (leaving nothing in his hand), as a natural d12 Strength with +2 melee is nothing to scoff at when someone else throws him a blessing... which isn't hard with 5 other people.

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