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I loved the Duskblade when I played it.

I suggest strength based over dexterity based

It is very feasible to just go straight classed but it is also with taking a look at multi classing with a level of war blade from book of nine swords and then entering the prestige class Jade Phoenix Mage. Advise you take at least 4 levels of DB first so you can jump into second level maneuvers right away Sith the way other classes act as half class levels for maneuver prerequisites. Getting a second level spell at DB 5 is also a great power up if you don't male level 5 when you start warblade. I suggest DB 6 and WB 1 before JPM at level 8.

Look forward to coming back to read and write more comments about the DB.

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Thank you all for the insights.

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Does any class have both sneak attack(or similar) and medium armor?

Trying to find an option for a friend with a character unwilling to spend the feat for medium armor.

Closest I can think of if the old 3.0/5 alternate fighter called Thug with sneak attack instead of bonus feats.

Sources from Pathfinder 1st Ed and D&D 3.0/5 all welcome.

Thank you.

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littlediegito wrote:
Try right clicking the crossbow on the action bar. That's how I have been able to set default actions.

Thank you for trying to help. I have tried adding the regular weapons to the action bar but I don't see an option of how to do such.

Guess I can try with using the arrow but as it is a ps4 controller instead of a mouse, I'll try a bunch of bottom combos trying out the right side buttons first.

I find it odd I can do both ranged bow attack or a I'd splash attacks with Lethal the undead justices and have no trouble going back and forth between bow/spell/scythe but no luck with the bard or wiz/rog

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I'm wondering how to highlight and interact with the rectangle boxes above the action bar. The ones that list move,standard,free,swift actions. Maybe that would let me change the 0 level spell default attack to a crossbow or rapier attack.

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As soon as I got w more members I booted Linzi since I cannot even try to do her crossbow anymore. Now I have the same problem with Octavia, As soon as I used a 0 level spell, she refuses to use either a ranged or melee weapon.

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I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get Linux the bard To use her crossbow again.early on she shot a few times.Then after telling her to use a spell, she never lets me attack with the crossbow ever again. Cannot usr a short sword either, the only standard actions I can take with her are spells. It has been going on for over 3,000 experience points already!

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I was recently watching a video on youtube of evil clown pranks. A friend joked and said in a creepy voice "Come play in the woods!" I laughed out loud and thought it would be a funny encounter when my players exit the woods on their next game or two. Any suggestions?

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Thank you all for the insight. Campaign got delayed till next week so I have some time to research these suggestions.

It might be helpful to mention that my lizardfork is more likely to be the climber variety and from an arid I environment than the standard swimmer type from a swamp.

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I may begin a new campaign tomorrow, I might be playing a Lizardfolk. I will definitely play a ACG shaman with a spirit familiar. I found a familiar archetype I am interested in that requires worship of one one God. I'm now wondering if reptiles in general have commonly worshiped gods. It does not have to be specific to Lizardfolk. My familiar spirit ability will be from the stone spirit so it would be cool to get something related to that. I already know some Nagaji revere Nagas, I might even try playing something like a half breed Nagaji blooded Lizardfolk.

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That mother's fang archetype sounds very interesting. Never heard of it before. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

Thanks for the mailer info, I will see if I can use it.

I feel the Shaman is feat starved. That is why I was looking at another class instead of taking the feat for heavy armor. Same goes for all martial weapons. Getting a bonus feat from a level of either Fighter or cavalier(with an challenge and mount to boot). I know conventional wisdom is to take full caster levels. I have forfeited that before and was happy with a one level dip before. I am confident I will be again.

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Thank you for the feedback so far.

That Draconic Shaman definitely fits the theme but the pros and cons of the class seem way too heavy on the con side for my gaming taste.

I did think the giant gecko might be a solution but it does not exactly fit the bill for a medium sized PC. The "giant" gecko is itself size medium so it would not be big enough to serve as a mount for another medium creature. I might be able to get around that by picking it at regular size just as a pack animal and attack "dog" at first. Then maybe get the creature templated to a large size creature somehow around d level 3 when I think I would take cavalier level. Might be able to justify it with the boon companion feat at that level. All that would be hoping a GM goes along with it though, I Ave a bit of doubt there.

I saw monitor lizards were listed as a possible mount for orcs but they are also size medium so that would be odd.

Does anyone know of a feat or archetype that allows a rider to use a mount the same size as itself?

I saw a Cavalier archetype that replaces a mount with a dog and liked it but it losing heavy armor killed it for me. I would also Wan t a reptile I stead of a dog.

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I thought it might be fun to emphasize being a reptile character. Part of the plan is being at least dubious, if not outright disdainful of mammals. As such, I am looking for more thematic choices for animals that I adventure with. I noticed Pathfinder seems to have reptile humanoids, but lists lizards and dinosaurs as animals instead of as reptiles.

My plan is to take almost exclusively levels of Shaman. I really want to play the Shaman class. I know some would suggest I do a Druid  instead but while I respect that class, I don't want to play one. I also want to take one level of either Fighter, Cavalier, or another class(down to archetypes now I think) with both martial weapons(I am definitely going to use a reach weapon) and heavy armor proficiencies . I might be persuaded to take the boon companion feat to go with one level of Cavalier. That feat might matter early on, but since
this is for an AP, it will not matter for long.

My character will likely be a Lizardfolk, but with some alterations. I'm trying to use the race builder to swap the claws for something else. Maybe a stronger bite, or poison from saying he is half Lizardfolk & half Nagaji. Also happy for any advice there. I also plan to swap the swimmer trait for the climber trait. Another player will be a swimmer Lizardfolk, so I thought it would be Funny to instead play a climber and then we can roleplay back and forth about is life is harder in the swamp or an arid environment.

So I am looking for reptiles to serve as either a spirit animal for the Shaman and/or a mount, even if not as a Cavalier mount, some sort of mount down the road.

I saw some of the dinosaurs and lizards came close to fitting the bill but nothing that seems ready to propose to the GM as a suitable Cavalier mount. I also don't want the lizard that is too small to threaten on his own. I really like the goat and dodo bird since they can threaten instead of having a zero reach. Any suggestions?

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As the original poster, I want to say THANK YOU!

I was a bit sad that I got out of work so late tonight, I wouldn't be able to visit the friends I had looked forward to seeing. Some of these entries were so good that I got A laughed out loud and really appreciate the act of cracking up from them.I

My favorite lines were the dual entry about how the worst part is when fools show up and need to be recued!

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I am hoping to get one of my CO players to join me in a running gag of Roleplaying for our upcoming campaign.

I and another player are both going to play Lizardfolk. I thought it would be fun if one of us played the standard swimmer type, while the other played the variant climber. Then we could bicker back and forth about how life is harder in the swamp or in the desert.

Even if the other Lizardfolk does not want to play along, maybe I can get the Hydro Kinetisist to play along with the swamp role. Or the other player, I know nothing about his character yet.

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I found it helpful to listen to the song amazing grace on bagpipes.

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Thanks for the reminder. That actually helps the theory I wondered about. Getting at least a minute per use out of a melee weapon is still going to be cheaper than a use per shot. Even when a melee weapon uses 4 charges a minute, I think combats will last longer and eat up battery charges faster at a shot per round, or worse if doing full attacks, auto fire and similar options.

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I really miss the guns in Mass Effect 1 that essentially had unlimited ammo, but needed to cool down if shot too often in rapid succession. I used those old fashioned guns in ME3 when the DLC made them available again. I haven't play ME: Andromeda yet, but was very pleased to hear they are an option again there.

I wonder if the expensive cost of ammo is part of what keeps melee viable in the game? I have a hard time believing such since some of those melee weapons also need batteries. Sometimes 4 charges per hit no less.

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You can try looking at the Pathfinder rules for Bayonets as a starting point. You can think of those rules as a legacy or president. I copied and pasted the Pathfinder entry below.

Bayonet: Bayonets are close combat weapons designed to fit into the grooves or muzzles of crossbows and firearms. They allow you to make melee attacks with these weapons but render them temporarily useless as ranged weapons. Attaching or removing a bayonet is a move action.

Weapon stats were a nightmare to copy from on my tiny touch screen phone so please forgive me not adding them here. I recall it did 1d6 damage. I would rule it a 2 handed weapon on a rifle and one handed on a pistol(I would knock it down to a d4 on a pistol), not sure sure how feasible a bayonet on a pistol is. Don't think I ever saw that anywhere but the Fallout and Boarderlands video games. But I do know some fencing swords use a pistol grip.

I was very surprised the Pathfinder version prevents the weapon from shooting. After a little research I discovered old bayonets from long ago did prevent rifles from from shooting. I found modern Bayonets do allow shooting while mounted but decrease accuracy and make the rifle more of a nuisance to handle. Almost all engagements in the modern world are between forces so far apart, where a bayonet is not needed that the nuisance of handling a mounted bayonet makes actually mounting them extremely rare. You might want to consider a mounted bayonet as increasing the weapons bulk by one to represent the nuisance of the extra length and weight of the weapon with a mounted bayonet. Even if you don't think the weight matters, that extra length seems to matter a lot. The increased bulk can represent the extra care needed to ensure not hurting yourself, allies and the environment.

I suspect melee combat will still be extremely common in StarFinder. An always or frequently mounted bayonet could be much more useful in StarFinder. I would still suggest applying a penalty to the attack roll. With no rifle experience of my own, I would not want to guess if it should be - 1 or - 2, I suspect less than the penalty for shooting fully automatic. You could argue that future weapons can easily account for extra barrel vibrations from a mounted bayonet and maybe eliminate such, perhaps require a swift action to switch setting between mounted and unmounted mode, similar to the safety switch or incorporate it into that safety switch. I wonder if a laser or plasma gun would still have issues?

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Thank you all.

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Without much time to dig in yet, but a clock ticking on my first game soon, I am wondering if the rulebfor precise shot is removed? Maybe it was renamed? Maybe the anticipation of prevalent use of guns resulted in a rules system a bit more forgiving to ranged combat? How about cover?

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I'll look deeper into some of these options, some have already raised my eyebrow in anticipation.

I hope to see more suggestions posted aswell.

Thanks all!

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I wanted to ask for advice on how to build a PFS Tiefling charcter. I have an old character from a prior year when anyone could build a tiefling without a cert. For years, the character's first 2 chronicles from GM credit and a pre gen play just gathered dust because there wasn't a race/class combo that excited me back then. I hope requesting advice now with any more class options available will present an option I would be excited to play. By the way, I own legitimate PDF's of both the ARG & Blood of Fiends softcover book specializing in Tiefling options so any PFS legal content within those is fair game. I have a legitimate PDF of all the hard covers until Horror adventures, I might get the newer hardcovers soon, PDF's at least. I do not have many soft covers(or PDF) but do not rule out getting another 1 or 2 for a character in PDF.

I have a preference for high strength builds on 3/4 BAB casters and am even open to multi classing. I am very open to trying something different. The only request that I have is that no individual class have more than 1 archetype.

I hope someone in the group is passionate about tieflings and gets some fun sharing their knowledge of such.


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Were elephants always banned or does anyone have stories about how they they became bsnned?

Guessing they were too cheap gp wise for a creature with their stats or their 3by3 size were thought to be such a problem for many indoor maps that they were always considered too problematic? Guess the one combat animal rule for pfs is also an issue.

Are tigers legal for purchase these days?

Anything better than a riding dog, warhorse or riding lizard recomended as a combat animal. Not just a mount but a viabke combat animal worth buying and bringing along for fights? Even if thought of as a consumable since I doubt most would last more than one or two combats, especially the higher level the adventure?

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Thank you.

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A few of my fellow card/board gaming friends said they would be willing to try playing pathfinder for a few nights, ONLY a FEW nights. They would really like to be agents working for House Thrune or at least to uphold the laws of Cheliax and help keep House Thrune in power.

They don't want to devote too many nights to such a game so the APs would be too long. I don't wat to just run the first book of an AP either.

I am hoping to run it at level 3 but am very willibg to run a different adventure powered up or down for 3rd level PCs.

Any advice on what adventure to pick?

So far by best guess is to do the old 3.5 adventure Tower of the Last Barron but rewrite it as coming in on the side of getti g the tower to support Cheliax instead of Andoran.

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Thanks BadBird!

Never heard about Dodging Panache and Swordmaster's Flair: Blue Scarf before. Will look them up. Thanks for the update on Amateur Swashbuckler no longer allows Opportune Parry and Riposte.

Sounds like a bastard sword and similar single/double handed weapons mught be better forthe crane wing option if I go that route. Is there concensus that swithing grips on other peoples turns is allowed? Even as I free action, I would raise an eyebrow and be unsure of that when I judge. I know talking on anithers turn is allowed.

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Thank you pulseoptional. I feel foolish for having failed to go check Path of War's feats. I actually own the PDF, but without any expectation of being able to play it with any of my recent GMs, I never felt much of a need to review the material. I shiuld still get around to it, I do GM myself, so I could use that book for NPCs.

I forgot to mention earlier that I plan to focus on Devoted spirit maneuvers. I am tempted to take some white raven because this will likely be the only crusader I ever play. The chance of playing a warblade in the future become slimmer and slimmer as the years role on, so this might be the last time I ever get a chance ti play with White Raven maneuvers. I prefer stone dragon but I already had fun with it with a prior character.

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I wish the system did have this sort of priority.

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I still have time to be advised and influenced before my next campaign, Wrath of the Righteous begins this weekend.

GM already approved a Crusader from the Book of Nine Swords, a product from 3.5 D&D. He told other players he was going to leave behind 3.5 stuff, but he felt I did a good job not getting crazy playing a Sword Sage from the same book in out last campaign, so he gave me a thumbs up for the Crusader. Maybe because he already told me I could play one before deciding to otherwise leave 3.5 behind. I suspect other 3.5 material will be unlikely.

We all begin at "5th" level with 2 negative levels we cannot get rid of before playing. Standard wealth by level for 5th level. We have a 20 point buy. I am still flexible on the exact stats and will likely decide their final numbers, only after determining if I decide to primarily fight With a two handed weapon or one handed weapon. I am highly opposed to to a high dexterity build though. I plan on a 12 dex in full plate or 13 for dodge.

I was thinking about what feats to take and felt some of them, while staples from my past, are a little boring, most just adding a +1 to die rolls. I also don't recall the name of one I recently heard about that interests me. It was printed in one of the soft cover books within the last few years, it allows use of a buckler with 2 handed weapons. So I am asking for advice on what feats to take. Below are the feats I already had in mind, I am still flexible on them.
Weapon focus(advice for weapons to pick also welcome), shield focus, dodge, toughness, “buckler with two handed weapon,” godless healing if adapting the class from religious to regional, combat reflexes if I concentrate on a reach weapon

From Bo9S: vital recovery(worried it might not work with high AC and Crusader maneuver recharge mechanic), extra granted maneuver, sudden recovery

Any more feats you can recommend? I am not glued to a one handed or two handed weapon yet. I will refuse to do two weapon fighting and highly doubtful of bothering with dexterity based fighting/AC.

I just thought that maybe amateur swashbuckler with reposte might be interesting, and maybe the only way I could justify some points in charisma that I otherwise thought about dumping, even at the cost of a class feature and reduction in benefit of another class feature.

Now I am wondering about checking the current crane wing feat, I doubt I would want to give up the AC boost of a magic shield but I am at least open to considering it.

I am also interested in maybe making one or more adaptations. Please share your feedback on such:

Changing from a religious theme to a regional them, as suggested within Bo9S itself

Swapping out the class feature of charisma bonus to will saves for instead fighters bravery(DM said he was making fear effects more powerful in his campaign and even paladins are not immune). Or something, anything else, I am really tempted to dump charisma so anything not relying on Charisma would be a better option. Maybe once a day, I can reroll a will save?

Boosting their will power saves to a good category, same as how Paladins went from poor to good will save progression from 3.0/5 to PF.

Should I use the smite as written in the Bo9S or as written in PF?

Thank you to anyone willing to offer feedback!

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Giving up one spell list after 7 levels of it to start another class with spells starting at caster level one of only the slots of a first level character for that class again is usually not a good idea. A bard 3/magus could have a few 1st level bard spells or a magus 10 have have a 4th level spell plus one or two spells of 1st/2nd/3d, all at full caster level. You better be getting really kick ass class abilities to justifly the loss of signifigantly more powerful spells with full caster level. The bard would not even increase your bab, doing 7 levels of magus could get you another bab+1 at magus 8 but instead as a 1st level bard, you get +0bab and fall behind even other single clessed PC who stick with just one 3/4 class. Maybe do eight levels of magus to get that extra bab and. Boost to both fort/will saves before looking for another class or prestige class.

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To my GM's credit, he has on several ocations listened to discussions on disagreements on the rules and learned from them. So he is open to debate and being convinced to change how he runs the game.

The flavor text and name does include an Energy Missle(actually a psionic power from both 3.5 and PF 3rd party publishing Dreamscared Press) shooting out, but again, it is flavor text. There is no attack roll, only a saving throw by the target.

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Before I discuss this with my GM, I am asking if anyone is familiar with something I may be over looking. My understanding is that a PC or NPC will not block line of sight or line of effect. For example, people can shoot through cover. Even if you count a body as a solid barrier, later in the rules, it mentions that an opening 1 square foot is enough to target through a wall. Are we suppose to abstract that the body takes up the entire 5’ square? I understand that sometimes, abstracting to 5’ cubes helps but when I can target through a window, I should be able to target between someone’s legs or to the side of their shoulder.

My GM keeps telling me I cannot see everyone on the field who I try to target. I could accept that if there was a mob of people, I might not be able to always target a specific person within that mob. That many people might prevent me from keeping the person in sight. What I believe is a problem is how he sometimes tells me I cannot see someone because there are only 2 or 3 people between them and myself, spread out over at least 15 feet, sometimes more space.

Thank you all for any feedback.

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I found this thread helpful for building my PCfor this weekend so I do think it is worth neroing in hopes it helps someone else in the future. Though please forgive the descriptions being a bit more than a single sentence.

I'm thinking about doing a take on The Mechanist from both Fallout 3 and 4.

In Fallout 3, The Mechanist used robots to defend his town. I can say my synthesist summoned monsters to protect their town. Maybe after she got banned from town after actcidentally sending her summons against a local half Orc who she thought was one of the raiding orcs. It was easy to make the mistake, especially from far away. to avoid such again, she found a way to envelop her self in a combat suite that aloowed her to get into the thick of things and see the enemy up close to never make the same mistake again. Or maybe she feared that if she did not leave, her arch rival would hurt innocent bystanders trying to eliminate the synthesist.

Fallout 4 spoiler
In 4, The Mechanist didn't feel confident in social interactions with other people. When wearing The Mechanist suite that changed the sound of her voice, she gained much more confidence. I might try role playing this angle as well. I' thinking about taking some popular wrestler personality and acting like that in the suite.

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I second Red Hand of DOOM. I like to pre face it with the speech from the 1970's movie called "The Warriors." the speech is given by a charismatic gang leader who brought all the gangs of NYC into a truce to convince them to team up against all the cops of the city! It is a great movie. You can even make a campaign out of the film.

I also recommend a Paizo module written in i'ts 3.5 days called Conquest of the Bloodsworn Vale, a place in the Golarion setting.

You could even run red hand of doom and later make reference to the goblinoid uprising in the nearby region as the Red Hand of DOOM. The Bloodsworn vale even has a group of surviving goblinoids from a failed uprising of their people.

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82. Dice rolls landing on the floor may only be accepted if the player then licks the floor clean afterward. If they are too sick to game next week, they gain a negative level.

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Keep in mind that with dex 15, you could qualify for twf without ranger.

A race with int +2 can get you 2nd Lv bonus spells, you could multi class with such a caster and a more martial class.

While an 11 or 13 wisdom doesn't get you enough bonus spells for my taste, I usually just don't bother with saving throw spells. You could also stat bump at level 4 or 8 to get those bonus spells I think are critical. Though waiting that long, even with a multiclass could feel pretty lacking. Especially since you likely want to put that Lv4 stat into Str, maybe even Dex. But you could do something like a 4Ftr(specialization and 2 other bonus feats) or another full bab class and take something like Magus or War priest 4 and then you would not even have had access to those 2nd level spells until 8th level. I don't think i would be satisfied, I would rather take a 1 level of full BAB, at least levels 2-5 as a caster then consider going back to martial classes so I had those spells earlier.

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For the prehensile hair, consider getting a helmet that would have a plume or hair sticking out the top to look fancy, then pull/push your own hair through to attack with it in style. Dye your hair different color every week. Maybe replace the metal visor with a holographic, illusion display that looks onto targets like a HUD heads up display in fighter jets like in the movie top gun.

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You said he complained about some of you and your groups suggestions were too complicated or over powered. He cannot legitimately complain that he is too weak and refuse what would make him on par with the others. It sounds to me like he thinks everyone else is over powered and wants them brought down to his level but knows that would not fly with them so he instead complains about his failure to match others shoulder to shoulder. It also sounds to me like there will be no satisfying the guy.

Since he likes anime, he might like the wuxia inspired 3.5 product titled Book of the Nine Swords, the swordsage class is similar to a magus in anime style.

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I don't want people playing other games simultaneously at my table. My Campaign
Standards call this out and I would remind such a player the behavior was already banned in such. If they continued, I would give them an ultimatum, pay full attention to the game or leave. It is one thing to accept important phone calls and reply a quick text message but I don't want someone so unengeged with the game itself that they are constantly asking, so which opponent is wounded, who looks close to dead already?

Sadly, as I wrote that I began asking, where should the line be drawn, I guess I would not feel anywhere as disrespected if two players held a side conversation but that could also lead them to not really pay attention. I guess they would at least be showing interest in engaging another player, a friend or build it into a friendship. I just answered my own question, I guess the line should be engagement with someone at the table or even just a family member/roommate who also lives there. I still think it is rather disrespectful to the DM to play other games while their character is in the current scene. Of course if the party thought stealthy players should go investigate ahead while the non stealth players hung back, I might not mind in that case them pulling out that ipad game.

Does he at least enjoy hanging out with the crowd? He may be getting more of a social experience hanging out with the group then you realize.

Has your group considered letting him concentrate on a single foe so he does not waste any action and spell hurting someone only to have another player one shot kill so strongly that it would have killed from full HP?

Have you encouraged him to think outside the box and come up with unorthodox tactics that would effect things more than just damage on someone?

If his damage is a problem, does his spell list contain battlefield control spells that could be more useful to the overall flow of the combat than damage? You could throw such a spell at him in,party treasure as a scroll so even if he does not want to scribe the spell or prepare it, he still has the scroll just in case.

Maybe drop equipment that really fits the class well in a treasure hoard.

Maybe he could delay his action to finish off people who don,t go down with a one shot by another player. If he is one of those really high init maguy, delaying might be a strong turn off.

Maybe he can focus on protecting a full caster or NPC.

Has he gotten much use out of knowledge skills, languages or stealth? Look over his skills and spells( scrolls, wands, ect) and see if you can find something that springs to mind as something he can do nobody else in the group can.

Throw a monster with DR he can overcome but others cannot. Maybe make a quite deal with another player to have their weapon break a fight or 3 before with a DM assurance you will make it up to them and not hose them over to much in the meantime except for the one fight you both want the magus to shine. Make sure that player has something they can do that encounter, like concentrate on another opponent.

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Bare in mind those feats don't look like they would work for summoners either but that class did get them to work for them. They were an exception to the rule but maybe there could be another exception to the rule.

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This equipment load out seems really odd. Does the GM know about the wealth by level equipment chart on paper page 399 of the core rules? It says a 5th level PC.should.have approximately 10,500 gp of total gear. And why the limitations on magic items?

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One of the 3.5 monster manuals had a secontion on leveled gnolls, much like what I imagine the mo.ster codex is like now, but I have not read the codex yet. I think it was MM 4, if I come across it I will come back but u think I loaned it it out to who knows who. WotC even had several minis for these gnolls, one was something like a 4th level ranger, another a warlock class from tve 3.5 boom complete arecane. And one or two other non standard knows also.

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Your high wisdom does give you an extra spell per day but it is not an extra domain slot.

You can also cast your domain spells a second time by useing a pearl of power to get the slot back. Useful when you have a domain spell that is not part of the regular cleric spell list.

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people who do not even text or call that they have to cancel or will be more than 20 minutes late.

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I steal a term that Faux, a super mutant from the Fallout 3 vidogame prefers to use over super mutant, meta human. I like to play alchemists with discoveries: vestigial arm(x2), tentacle, forgot the name of the discovery that let's you self heal, even when unconscious, can be taken twice.

So.wine told me Marvel has a copyright or trademark or something about mutant so DC.uses meta human.

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I have had too many campaigns get ruined by GMs who don't understand that letting other players in the party get 1/2 cost items is a formula for ruining the campaign when the PCs are then way over powered by being way over equipped. I would neither extend the saving to others nor keep the other 1/2 of the gold for myself. You have however opened my eyes up to the fact u should have thought about mire than ny own access to items but other PCs access also, so thank you for that.

Currently the group is I think 8 with adult realizations that so Many adumts cannot synch their schedule so we should be getting togetger once a mionth wgenevever week we can get at least 4 pmayers.

What I know I'd then so far, only one game in myself and we just turned level 4.
Varient channel cleric
a full arcan caster that I don't recall if a wiz/sor/arcanist.
a tengue I never met.
An unknown caster/martial.

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The shaman battle spirit has a hex that grants another AoO and some other benifit also.

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You say your PC is pretty rich. Is the GM know that having PCs equipped above the recommended gear values on page 399 is often bad for a campaign? Especially if only some PCs are while others are not, or others are even below. It often leads to the GM feeling a necessity to over challenge the over geared PC which then can too far out pace anothef PC not so over equipped.

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Highly considering the hex that grants craft wondrous items but unsure of what to build. As effective as they are, it also seems rather dull to just use it to save money on cloak of resistance, headband wisdom, whatever physical belt I end up choosing, pearls if power.

I was hoping people could recommend other items The shaman spell list & craft wondrous items can handle. Stuff beyond those core items might make the hex/feat choice seem more interesting. we are playing Crimson Thrown AP so I doubt we will find many items.outside the core rulebook in treasure. This is part if why I think taking the hex/feat can seem good to me, it would allow me to build items we would likly never find.

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