How to get more AoOs with low dexterity?


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I'm working up an Abyssal Bloodrager build. They grow up so fast, and get lots of reach for AoOs. However, going big is bad for Dex and so bad for Combat Reflexes. And AC.

I was thinking about using Lore Oracle to use Charisma for AC instead Dex, since it doesn't go down when you go Large. However, that doesn't help for AoOs.

So, does anyone know good ways to get at more AoOs per round?

There's a rage power for an extra one. Honestly, after playing a reach build with 16 dex to level 6 in PFS, I've only ran into a situation where I've used more than 2 aoos twice. I feel like 3+ aoos are likely to go to waste more times than not. I play with a barbarian/reach cleric that enlarges and uses the rage power for another aoo and he's only been tapped out on aoos once.

I don't know... Like Drogos said, in an average game with an average group and an average GM, you hardly need to use AoOs that much.

However, in an epic game with an epic group and an epic GM, things might be different. When a GM would go through a painfully long encounter by throwing countless creatures against you, or your epic team of fighters has some chain trip/bullrush tactic team build going on, it's when you need that many AoOs.

Only way I can think of would be Combat Reflex, Mythic. It allows reach fighter to enter the realm of god on the battle field against armies as he can kill countless as long as it is on a difficult terrain and have protection against range attacks.

Elves (& so half-elves) can get the elven battle training feat for another AoO.

There's a weird magic item called the Arms of the Marilith in the Melee Tactics Toolbox which looks like it can give up to 4 extra AoOs. Expensive though at 30K.

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The shaman battle spirit has a hex that grants another AoO and some other benifit also.

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A Fortuitous weapon is going to be very useful. If you are an elf or half elf, elven battle training will give you an extra AoO.

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Try drawing a line in the sand...

As the proud owner of a stupid reach Aberrant Bloodrager, I can tell you that 16 dex is enough until you get Greater Trip. I had to make some sacrifices to get there (like 12 con), but it's going well at level 9. Point of note, though, is that I only have 4 levels in Bloodrager.

Hmmm...UMD a wand for "line in the sand" could be interesting....

The character is a bloodrager; they don't need to UMD it.

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I've seen an abyssal bloodrager in action before, and between the Enlarge-on-Rage ability and Reach weapons, I've seen him get lots and lots of AoOs. Enemies just didn't have a choice, the threatened area was just too big.

However, this is for PFS, so mythic stuff doesn't really work.

Line in the Sand is only within 5ft, and the casting time isn't helping either.

Avoron: I was actually thinking of a character of my own. Hadn't noticed the spell before and it might help

Oh, forgot you playing PFS... My bad... Well, all I can see you can do is getting a belt for Dex and tome for Dex. +2 belt of Dex cost around 2000gp I think.

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