Do Evil Clown Monsters or Organizations exist?


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I was recently watching a video on youtube of evil clown pranks. A friend joked and said in a creepy voice "Come play in the woods!" I laughed out loud and thought it would be a funny encounter when my players exit the woods on their next game or two. Any suggestions?

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The evil carnival in Villain Codex has a CE clown slayer statblock that starts "Clowns are barely restrained forces of chaos and destruction that the carnival troupe sometimes unleashes upon its foes."

There's a couple of minor deities of hell which might have followers like that - Ruzel and Alichino.

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At a con a couple years ago, I saw a book for Pathfinder called Killer Clowns from Hell. Can’t remember the publisher, but I’m sure it would have something that would work.

The bogeyman from Bestiary 3 could easy be reskinned as a psycho clown killer.

(There is also a harlequin demon in The Book of Fiends, by Green Ronin, but that's for 3.5, not PF.)

Really, anything can be a killer clown from somewhere evil if you believe in it enough and give it enough grease paint.

And really enormous shoes.

(which is my way of saying that all of the previous ideas are what I found in my search, so now I'm here to suggest that you can also reskin your favorite monster as a clown and watch the terror ensue.)

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The Skinsaw Cult wear colorful costumes that look perfect for a carnival. Having a sect posing as a traveling circus doesn't sound half bad.

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GM MacShack, the book is published by Legendary Games. Here's a link.

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