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Does the idea of "Planeswalker" and the concept of "1. level character" fit each other?

The sub-attribute system was broken as hell. Monumentally stupidly broken.

Race: Ratfolk.

Man, there's a loooooot of knejerking going on in here.

Look, the item is explicitly meant to be a serious power-up for the character in question.

Call it a lesser artifact to kill any arguments about pricing, have merchants offer 40-60k for it if relevant, and count it as, I dunno, just a +1 brilliant weapon for WBL if you track these things.

blackbloodtroll wrote:
You can find the Launching Crossbow here.

Huh. Grenadier Alchemist. Explosive Missile discovery. Launching crossbow.

Move action: Use the Grenadier ability to add acid damage. Standard action: Load and fire a fire flask imbued with bomb damage. Damage: 1d6+Int fire (+ignition +splash) +1d6+Int acid + 2d6+Int bobmb. AND it's a touch attack at any range. Not bad.

EDIT: If it works.

Did Cross-blooded wild-blooded ever get resolved for Society play?

If you go with a familiar, you can use your caster level for the racial SLA to qualify for Improved Familiar later.

If you're going martial, the trick is to get multiple full-power attacks. The 3 easiest ways are reach, Cleave and Cleaving Finish.

Personally, I like Human Gendarme Cavalier (Order of the Seal). Feats: Power Attack, Cleave, Cleaving Finish. Get a greatsword for indoors work, a lance for outdoors work, and go into either Fighter or Barbarian from here.

Commoner 7. Because I wouldn't want to play in that game. Every time you play in a "low magic world" with D&D rules (or derivates), a unicorn steps on a kitten and an orphan drops his ice cream cone.

No love for Serpent Lash or Greater Serpent Lash?

There are 2 arguments in favor of "The 10' Exception"

The semantic: "diagonals count double" is introduced under Movement in the combat chapter. Spell area effects reference back to that in the magic chapter. The descriptions of reach under equipment and under large creatures do NOT reference that ruling, and are not related to movement and AoE.

The legalistic: The actual laws as they are currently written are not the sole source of jurisprudence. The 10´exception existed in earlier editions. It has not been specifically invalidated, neither in the law (core rulebook) or the pre- or post-law material (years and years of blog posts and designer statements). Furthermore, the book has examples of reach, none of which invalidate the 10' exception.

So far, not a strong case. But look at this:

Core Rulebook, p. 195 wrote:
A creature with greater than normal natural reach usually gets an attack of opportunity against you if you approach it, because you must enter and move within the range of its reach before you can attack it. This attack of opportunity is not provoked if you take a 5-foot step.

To summarize: The rules plainly state that result X is the intended outcome. Method Y used to produce outcome X. Method Y is not specifically in the new edition, but it's not specifically out either, despite several examples and illustrations offering the opportunity to illustrate the nullification of method Y. Therefore, method Y (10' exception) is still valid.

Counterargument: The usual "assumption of perfection". But that's a weak argument, especially in the face of the quoted paragraph.

EDIT: The quoted text has "usually". Given Spring Attack, Ride-by Attack, cover, concealment and exhausted #AoO as exceptions, I think it's fair to say that "usually" should not be taken to mean "unless approached diagonally".


It's enhanced by things that enhances your actual CL and stat modifier (rare), not by effects that add to CL checks or [ability] checks (common). However, plenty of effects specifically add to concentration checks.

Certainly not seeing anything overpowered.

Justin Ricobaldi wrote:

However, I have seen many power gamers disregard letting a single one of these choices actually be reflected in their role-playing. Even if the choices are oddly specific and miss-matched to one another, they were purely chosen out of an end result of a powerful character and never addressed or mentioned by the offending player's character.

I'm not 100% sure what you mean. Could you look over my "Ranger Archetype" post (on the first page of this thread) and tell me if that's the problem as you see it?

Justin Ricobaldi wrote:

What's most hurtful is the fact that these "power-characters" have flat static personalities that you could copy paste onto anyone you wanted. Rather than having a character in mind and then choosing statistics to create that character, they create a powerful combination of numbers and then slip the character over it like a mask or costume. And while that is not a crime in and of itself, it is a lost opportunity...

Guilty as charged. I HAVE been spending too much time at the table optimizing my choices instead of getting into the fun. But, on the other hand, stormwind fallacy. "Powergaming" does not require bad roleplaying. Making unoptimized (or sandbagged) characters does not automatically make you a good roleplayer either.

Artanthos wrote:
Rasmus Wagner wrote:

stats or it didn't happen.

Sent via PM. As I am involved in an area match I don't plan on posting the specifics on the forums.

Caps at values include full buffs (Protection from Spells, Greater Heroism, Barkskin, Haste, Foresight) and full defensive.

Very nice build, and it does what you say it does. Well designed.

However, it IS a level 20 build. IME, the game is already completely disintegrating around level 14 or so, and hat happens at level 20 isn't really relevant to "the game". If you were playing that character across a level range, when would you make the sacrifices made to defense, f.ex?

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Artanthos wrote:
Zardnaar wrote:
IN D&D/PF offense is always better than defense and has been since 1st and second ed.

Not true. There are defensive builds even a pure fighter cannot hit with less than a natural 20. The problem is, if people actually use them the rage fueled screams of NERF by the DPR builds are deafening.

I have a build I am currently using that can hit 80 AC, lowest save caps at 50, has evasion, and can Greater Invis + Mind Blank.

stats or it didn't happen.

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There's a Ranger archetype I like, because I like shouty leader-type fighting men.

With this archetype, I can give my allies a combat bonus against a designated target, instead of having favored enemy. And instead of having Hunter's Bond, I can give my allies extra bonus when flanking. Also, at level 7, I lose a minor ability I don't care about in exchange for another minor ability I don't care about, but I'm not taking the 7th level of Ranger anyway.

This is all the archetype does. so, I'm making my gruff shouty ranger-sergeant. He likes game meat, dark beer and soft beds. He dislikes crackers, rum and hammocks.

The name of the archetype? Freebooter. It's from Pirates of Golarion. Mechanically, it's a perfect fit for my shouty ranger-sergeant (who is not, never was, never will be, a pirate).

Is this bad roleplaying? Not only do I not think so, I don't even think it's a matter of taste, I think it's a matter of not being a f%%$ing idiot.

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martryn wrote:

I'm not saying roll a generic character. You can easily play a swashbuckling fighter pirate with a dash of magic using one or two books. Generally if you're using a book to pick out a single feat, and you do this multiple times, you're guilty of over-optimizing.

And if you listen to both Eric Clapton AND Turisas, you're a bad person.

If you wear both cotton AND nylon, you're a bad person (that one is in the bible, btw).

What level do you start at? what level do you expect to finish at?

*insert-name-here* wrote:
I'm kind of bad at making characters, and I have the worst character in the party. I need help making a broken character to get on the same level as the broken summoner in my party. I want to know good builds (preferably not spellcasters), but also advice on making characters in the future.
*insert-name-here* wrote:

At level 7, and i want to focus on either damage or ability to hit on most attacks.

If you're not interested in playing a caster, I guess half-dragon barbarian 6 is your best bet (at level 7). Try getting your GM to allow that.

Lucifer doesn't have
a) True Seeing, or any other relevant detection ability other than constant see invisible
b) Freedom of Movement
c) Swift-action teleportation.

Also, he doesn't have proper gaze attacks, he has standard action single-target debuffs.

So, any competent party can last a good while in this fight. I'm stumped on how to actually kill him though.

Deane Beman wrote:
Rasmus Wagner wrote:
Silus wrote:

So for #3 I think I've decided on a Garuda Blooded Aasimar that goes Musket Master => Luring Luring Cavalier x4 => Gunslinger+.

You need a boon sheet to play non-core races.
Not after Thursday you don't: PFS Guide To Organized Play v 4.2

Well roll me in eggs and flour and bake me in the oven for 20 minutes! :-P

Silus wrote:

So for #3 I think I've decided on a Garuda Blooded Aasimar that goes Musket Master => Luring Luring Cavalier x4 => Gunslinger+.

You need a boon sheet to play non-core races.

Your guy has spell slots at 1. level but no spells known.

The Monster Nemesis ability needs a rewrite for clarity.

Tracking is blah, make it optional.

You could buff the curse ability by saying that a succesful save doesn't count against the daily uses.

Basically, I have one question: What does this guy do? What's his schtick, what makes him work as a 3/4 BAB fighting class?

You should probably clarify - I assume you mean "wave my sword in the air instead of wiggling my fingers", not "make an attack while casting the spell".

It should be fine as a +2 property, and a slight stealth buff to blasters at +1.

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Artanthos wrote:

If all your playing is hack & slash then by all means: dump your int and cha down to 7 and just "forget" to roleplay it.

Jesus f&$%, this Real Roleplayer(tm) b@@##&$@ is tiresome.

Artanthos wrote:

A gm running this style of game at home is probably never going to require individual players to take a test vs mental stats anyways.

Tests vs mental stats are really not a thing in 3.X games. What are some situations where you would call for a test vs. a mental stat?

Also, has *nobody* at paizo read 3.5 optimization forums ever? Aptitude weapons, from Tome of Battle - sound familiar? It's a weapon quality rather than a feat, but it used the same sloppy writing to inspire the same (beautiful!) crazy ideas - 6 years ago.

Yeah, Martial Mastery is pretty obviously meant to apply to Weapon Focus and Improved Critical, not Dervish Dance.

Played as intended, it's a g## d*#n terrible feat. Martial Versatility, the lvl 16 feat, would be pretty decent for a restricted lvl 4 feat, but Martial Mastery, as intended, is nothing but a slap in the face.

Xander Davis wrote:
Maneuver Master Monk, Heirloom Weapon: Guisarme, Improved Trip at 1 and Improved Dirty Trick at 2. Flurry of Maneuvers can be done with any weapon, and adjacent enemies safe from your guisarme are threatened by your unarmed strikes/maneuvers (feet, legs, etc). Huge saves, decent AC, ranged trip AoOs with combat reflexes, can entangle/sicken or entangle/blind with a Flurry of Dirty Tricks.

Replace Heirloom Weapon with a rank in Profession: Gardener and the Rough & Ready trait, and use a gardening tool as an improvised Guisarme, for +1 to hit and no great problem if your weapon is destroyed or lost.

I like Human Gendarme-Cavalier, Order of the seal. Power Attack, Cleave, Cleaving Finish, and the challenge ability for free trip attempts.

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There's a big difference between a +10 total skill modifier and a +6, but no difference at all between +2 and -2.

And I will roleplay my character based on what he can and cannot do, not based on your interpretation of what ability score levels mean, thank you very much.

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Everybody has Combat Expertise. There, done!

DrDeth wrote:

Ah, so his 4th level party is gonna need 100 hps of healing a round? Hmm, how many HP do you think they will have?

No - but his 4th level party doesn't need a dedicated healer.

Highglander wrote:

According to the monster building guidelines, a healing action giving more than 16 HP is not a waste @lvl4, the monster is not supposed to deal more on a given round.

A life oracle can do it.

Eh, if it's a CR4 encounter at level 4, save your highest level spells for a challenging encounter.

What's an iconic CR 4 straight fight encounter, two ogres (wait, those are CR 3 now...2 gorillas instead)? A grizzly bear? I'm not cherrypicking to support my argument here, just picking "iconic" simple fights.

Grizzly bear does 3d6+15 on a full attack routine, BTW.

Highglander wrote:

To see a damage output close to 100 you'll have to wait until level 15+

Lvl 6 sorceror (CR 5) with just 2 charmed hill giants (CR 7 each). Easily north of 100 DPR.

standard-action in-combat healing of less than 100 points a pop doesn't keep the party alive, disabling enemies (by death or other debuff) keeps the party alive.

Cleric 1, Repose domain, maybe the Domain Strike feat.

Talonhawke wrote:
Don't know lassos but for a whip you'll need the whip mastery line to be able to grapple them or the feat Serpent lash to reposition them.

You can Drag or Reposition with any Trip weapon straight out of the box.

Phasics wrote:

This is true
also if you couple this with alchemist you can use discoveries to enhance the potion your drink to last longer and work at your caster level which is very handy. Plus you can even use alchemical allocation extract to drink and potion without using it up.

however neither accelerated drink or drunken brute will work with extracts they are not classed as potions

James Jacobs even said specifically that Accelerated Drinker+extracts don't work.

Midnight_Angel wrote:

What exactly does Augment Summoning work on?

a) all spells with 'Summon' in their name?
b) all conjuration (summoning) spells?

i.e. are Vomit Swarm, Insect Plague, Creeping Doom, Mount, Rain of Frogs and the like affected by this feat, or do I have to stick to Summon Monster, Summon Nature's Ally, Summon Eidolon, Summon Swarm and their brethren?

As written (and probably intended), A). The spell text doesn't say "summoning spell", it says "summon spell", which is usually the shorthand for "spell with summon in the title".

Ughbash wrote:
Fighter counters paladin, just as long as fighter is not evil.

Yeah, no. Assuming characters that aren't PVP Arena one-shot builds, the Paladin not only has swift action self-healing, he'll also get the first Full Attack, because spellcasting means he can force the fighter to close in (or wait while the Paladin out-buffs him).

They apply. If you need to back up your argument, CTRL+F for "Spell Focus" through the bestiaries; critters with SF apply them to (Sp) as well.

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Check this out. Bard with the Buccaneer archetype gets this little beauty:


Knock Out (Ex)

At 5th level, a buccaneer may focus his blows in an attempt to knock out an opponent. Once per day as a swift action, the buccaneer can choose one target to attempt to knock out. The buccaneer adds his Charisma bonus (if any) on his attack roll and adds his buccaneer level on any nonlethal damage rolls made against the target. The bonus lasts until the buccaneer deals nonlethal damage to his target or until the buccaneer chooses a new target to attempt to knock out. He can use this ability one additional time per day for every six levels he possesses beyond 5th, to a maximum of three times per day at 17th level.

This ability replaces lore master.

Cha to hit, level to non-lethal damage, ends when you deal non-lethal damage to the target. Nothing keeps you from doing lethal damage, getting your Cha to attack rolls.

Umbranus wrote:

Step one: take the ring of force shield as a base. Double the price for double effect


Seriously, it's quadruple cost for double effect. same as everything else.

second, don't use spells for persistent numerical bonuses. Use Table: Estimating Magic Item Gold Piece Values.

shield bonus should probably be priced at 1,000 gp like an armor bonus rather than the more expensive "other", so...16k, ballpark figure.

Dawn Reed-Burton wrote:
I have used that spell a little differently;I cast it before going into combat with more than 1 enemy, move into combat, then next round make my attack vs 2 enemies. Sometimes you can move to where not only are you flanked but you are also flanking.

Sure. But if you had a round to buff before engaging, you could have cast True Strike, Shocking Grasp, Shield or Vanish instead, at the very least.

It's a terrible spell. That's basically it.

Also, it's written by that guy on the team who still hasn't learned how crit confirmation works. same guy who wrote Death or Glory, I suppose.

Best case, facing two enemies, it's kinda like having a re-roll for your standard action single attack. Which is a terrible use of a spell slot and a standard action. If this spell was a swift action, it would probably be just about right - "never taking this, but you only have to ban like 5 1. level spells before i'd consider it".

"But a Magus could cast this with spell combat" you might say. And you'd be a terrible person, banished to the corner, wearing the dunce cap for the rest of the week. A Magus doing that loses: An attack from spell strike this turn. The effect of a 1. level spell this turn. The opportunity to use spell combat next turn.

Whooever wrote this doesn't understand action economy either.


Batman beats up the poor and the mentally ill to work through his own trauma, while dressed up to protect his civilian identity. Textbook Chaotic Evil

No - it's against RAW and RAI. You're spending the same dollar (your 2. domain) twice.

As I said, RAW yes. Unambiguously yes. My table? No. Commoner Railgun or Wresteball Transcontinental Express don't work either.

chaoseffect wrote:
Rasmus Wagner wrote:
RAW, yes. My table, no.
There's really nothing ambiguous or "that makes no sense even though the rules allow it" about doing so.

Getting a higher Rate Of Fireballs by passing a staff back and forth between two guys makes no sense at all to me, so it doesn't work.

RAW, yes. My table, no.

Insignificant nerf.

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