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I just ate 21 rashers of bacon.

American Gothic was completely fantastic.

The US remake of The Office is pretty cool; its become its own thing. The WORST remake the US has done is Kath and Kim! It's awful.

Life on Mars in it's UK form was probably too in-jokey and needed to be remade for those colonists... :P *scarpers off, quick smart*

I'm reading The Lyonsblood Chronicles: Slave to the Mind, By G.C. Jones and it's fantastic!

My sister gave birth to a brilliant baby boy! I'm an Uncle! *WOOT!* :)

Google 'ITV DEMONS UK' or something like that and it's bound to pop up. Basically it's British low budget Buffy inspired rubbish that doesn't work.

The Gate is scary.

The new guy seems like a really nice chap, I remember him in 'Secret Diary of a Call Girl' with Billy Piper and he was ok in that. He has a real love and respect for the show and looks-wise -is interesting and quite appealing -he kinda of 'has youth' but what seems like an 'old soul' which is spot on for the role.

My only gripe is I hope they are NOT trying to simply replicate Tennant. I'd like to see the new lad play the Doctor in a 'Dorien Grey' stylee with a bit of venom and playful arrogance.

If I could of picked the Doctor I'd of chosen an older actor again, perhaps someone in the forties - fifties. Like Philip Glenister, only he's in that piece of crap 'Demons' show that has just started. Bah!


As a scorpion breeder it's a bit too cruel and horrible for me to watch... but part of me did cheer the scorp over the big black T. :/

My town 'Portsmouth' is known for being all Military and Naval, covered in forts and has lots of ships and is twinned with other towns all over the world. Also it's where Charles Dickens was born and is a rather important 'Historic Dockyard' that people visit to see things like HMS Victory, The Mary Rose and that.

Icewind Dale 1 and 2 are really, really great. Also you get to pick your own party from the get go. ;) I enjoyed them even more than BG.

Title says it all really. I'm having trouble finding a good picture of a fire giant and my google-fu is pants! :/

Can anyone help?

may be a red herring though. ;)

'the new doctor'

An hour or so ago tonight a sneak preview of the Dr Who Christmas special was shown with what could be the new doctor... ;)

The Doctor has been humorless before -Colin Baker! :P

Hey, anyone remember when the rumour that Jason Stateham (the bald dude from the cheapo kicksplosion flicks/whatever he's called) was gonna be the next Doctor was floating around?! Imagine that!

I just noticed Erik Mona spells his name with a 'k' not a 'c'...

That is all.

Well, The Sun isn't always right but we shall see. ;)

Apparently the next Doctor is Colin Salmon (from the bond movies). According to todays Sun newsrag.

Krypter wrote:
I think it's about time for a fat, bald-headed guy in a seersucker suit to step up to the plate. What a fab Doctor that would be!

Yes, I would like a chubby timelord.

Strangely enough, I'm listening to Radio one now and lots of people are saying David Mitchell (from Peep Show). He's a little posh fat guy, pretty good actor and witty to boot!


flash_cxxi wrote:
R-type wrote:
BBC radio one just announced that the role of the doctor is up for grabs and its open to anyone male or female.
But, but... what if you're both? There's no and/or in there, just an or!

True, I think 'anyone' covers that though. BUCK ANGEL as the next Doctor anyone?! :D

Hmmmmm... David Morrissey is in the special next year called 'The Next Doctor'.

BBC radio one just announced that the role of the doctor is up for grabs and its open to anyone male or female.

Yep, very funny. :)

Snorter wrote:
R-type wrote:

I think I recall the ring as well.

Hey, Russell Brand should be the new Doc, lol!

Rather unlikely, given the current embarrasment he caused the BBC.

** spoiler omitted **

How about Jonathan Ross instead?! ;)

Ubermench wrote:
Eddie Izzard gets my vote. He's very funny and a great actor as well.

I'd go for that!

I think I recall the ring as well.

Hey, Russell Brand should be the new Doc, lol!

I would quite like to see Philip Glenister play the Doctor.

There was once a rule where each Time Lord got only thirteen regens each, then there was an episode (80's) in which The Master was given another thirteen by the Council. New Who may have changed this or perhaps being 'the last Timelord' this no longer applies to The Doctor.

Vigil wrote:
Matthew Morris wrote:

Problem with your theory R-type is we do have the Doctor regenerating from Sylverster McCoy to Paul McGann.

Now it's true that David's doctor could be the 11th, 12th or 13th doctor, but Paul's is the 8th.

I recall hearing somewhere that every twelfth regeneration is supposed to be an evil Doctor. Is that true? If it is, we can rule out David's Doctor as the 13th, since he's clearly not evil.

One weird rumour doing the rounds is that John Simm (who we last saw playing The Master) might be playing the new Doctor. I hope not.

Matthew Morris wrote:

Problem with your theory R-type is we do have the Doctor regenerating from Sylverster McCoy to Paul McGann.

Now it's true that David's doctor could be the 11th, 12th or 13th doctor, but Paul's is the 8th.

Sorry if I wasn't clear (it was typed fast). Yeah, we saw McCoy turn into McGann but I mean we didn't ever see McGann's 8th Doc regenerate into Christopher Eccleston. So there is room for a Doctor (or lots) in between McGann (Doctor eight) and Eccleston (generally assumed Doctor nine. ;)

I can't go to Zombie Pride this weekend, arrgh! :(

I'd like to see an old duffer in the role again.

Oh... linkage: Official Site



This Big Brother flavoured Zombie horror Halloween treat is utterly amazing and has shot right up the list of my favorite Zombie flesh eating movies/series ever!

It pisses all over Romero's rather lackluster and silly 'Diary of the Dead' -When I first heard about Dead Set I was only expecting something cheesy from channel four as a festive cash in but it's actually very good!

Love it, love it, love it. Gritty, gory and scary.

Jamie Winstone is really great in it as the hero-girl and seeing Davina McCall as a raving flesh chomping infected was ace!

Fast Zombies are so much more terrifying as well, I'm glad they went with those!

Second last part tonight, then the DVD is out next week!


If anything, change is one of the main reasons I love WHO.

I'm really glad to see Tennant leave (my favorite doctor by the way) but it's good to shake things up and there are TONS of great actors that could bring something new to the show.

I wonder what the new personality of our favorite Time Lord will be like?

James Nesbitt was hotly tipped to be the next Doctor, although today the radio said he says he wont be doing it. (Yay! Can't stand his work and dislike his voice.)

Robert Carlise (Begby from Trainspotting) is also strongly rumoured to be the new guy in the policebox.

Richard E Grant is another one people keep bringing up along with Rhys Ifans.

But I think it may actually be Paul McGann (the 8th doc returning) as Russell T Davis said recently that it's never been stated in the show what number Doctor Christopher Eccleston or David Tennant were playing. Therefore there may even be people (and new stories) in between McGann and Eccleston's adventures.

Also the newspapers here (a couple of months ago) leaked that McGann has been filming parts set after or during the timewar to be shown in the specials with Tennant next year....


My theory is that Mcgann will be doc for a little bit, dies and passes the torch to a new actor and we get a series set before the 'new Who' for lots of time loopy weirdness that's also right up (the new man in charge) Steven Moffat's alley!

Cue: Russell Tovey (who RTD loves big time and wishes was the next Doctor?!)

Or I may be completely wrong, lol! :P

Has there been a new episode aired this week?

I love the confrontation and Hybrid miniatures -they're really beautifully sculpted. Like many, I think the Wulfen brought me to Rackhams models.

I used one as a Chosen of Malar in a Forgotten Realms game. Players freaked when I placed him on the table! :D

I'd also say they are harder to paint than your average Reaper or GW mini as well, the detail on Rackhams figs is a lot finer in some cases and you really have to be careful, keeping the paints very thin.

I've read over the rules and I have to say it reads like a fast and dynamic system -maybe one day I will actually play! :)

Is the dvd/blueray out in the UK yet?

Karl Urban as Thor? The guy can act, looks great and can certainly handle physical roles yet isn't too expensive to use. A rising star I think. How about having a female for Loki that could work?

Set wrote:
Jal Dorak wrote:
Set, I agree on AvP. What did you think of AvP: Requiem? I thought it was much closer to the feel of the respective series, especially Predator.

I did not see it, having been pretty let down by the first one.

The Dark Horse Alien vs. Predator comics (which start with a story about an older grizzled Hicks and a teenaged Newt and later had a story about the mayor of a colony world whose cattle-town is overrun with aliens & predators) are freaking amazing. Either of those turned into a movie would have been many times cooler, IMO.


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The dumbest movies ever made are anything by the Wayans Brothers.

Plus: Superhero Movie, Epic Movie, Disaster Movie, Meet the Spartans etc

Oh and the Scary Movie series are unfunny crap as well.

Isn't the sword made from metal that fell from space? Or am I thinking of every other sword from sci-fi/fantasy? :)

This series is pretty dire IMO. The main character can't act and it's full of z-list celebs! I can't believe the guy from Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps is in it... :O

The announcer at Tournament of Kings is more believable and has a more rounded character than the drek in this. :P


Anyone know of any really great costume sites/shops?

I've tried looking but just find the usual rubbishy cheapo stuff that sells 'Jack Sparrow', 'Padded Superman costume' and 'Spiderman with eyeholes' crap?

Crowheart wrote:

Anything Uwe Boll does.

He has graced us with such masterpieces of awful as "Bloodrayne" and "House of the Dead."

P.S. Nothing But Trouble is stupid, but it is funny. ;)

And Fifth Element?? Come on! That movie was all kinds of awesome!

So true. Bloodrayne even has a suckquel out now I think.

I'm watching The Next Karate Kid right now. It isn't very good at all. I was happy to leave it on in the background while I'm doing housework but then the 'Zen bowling' part happened and I nearly cringed myself inside out.

Watched the latest two eppys of series three today and was a little disapointed. So now they have introduced another old X-men plotline into the show...

MGH/Kick created/discovered...

And they've even introduced their own version of the Marvel character 'Gateway' by the looks of things. Also I'm reminded of when Karma (psionic mutant) got really over weight and was transported to the desert where she had to survive and became slim, lol!

Looking forward to the bad guys getting the spotlight though, should be fun. :)

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