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Title says it all really. I'm having trouble finding a good picture of a fire giant and my google-fu is pants! :/

Can anyone help?

Oh... linkage: Official Site



Anyone watched this new vampire series yet? Reminds me a little of American Gothic. Only seen the first two episodes as of yet but it has horror, interesting characters and some great acting.

I like this series of stealth em ups big time... Not very popular but somehow they keep plodding along...

Anyone else like them? Two player cat and mouse is great fun!

What should I wear today?

Boxers or briefs?

Bootcut jeans or straight leg? Light blue or diesel?

Orange and black striped top or a white shirt?

Silver trainers or the weird black ones that pinch?

Hair up or down?


So who loves a bit of Namco fighty goodness?!

I'm completely creaming my pants over the coming release for PS3! I really, really, really can't wait! I'm like a little kid on Christmas eve!

So who is your favorite character?

What would you like to see in future editions?

I love Forest/Marshall Law and challenge ANYONE to a button-bash-a-rama anytime anywhere! :P I'm also a fan of Yoshimitsu.

What I'd love to see is a proper in depth customization mode like you see in WWE games Smackdown vs Raw type thing...

Erm... I'll shut up now.

Ey'up geeks! Anyone about down south in Blighty?

We're going to a wedding in May and my other half was asked to sing a song by the bride (his best friend). We've been wracking our brains for weeks about the right song to sing for this occasion but nothing seems to fit.

The couple (man and woman) are in their thirties and kinda mainstream/pop/eighties inclined musically speaking. Also German is their first language and 90% of the people there are going to be German so the song would have to be quite well known.

Thought about all sorts of songs -from oldies like Stand by Me to newer 'classics' by artists like The Pretenders, INXS and Cyndi Lauper.

Any ideas?

Oh.. -and it needs to be something he can sing along to an acoustic guitar. :)

Name and shame bad television here. And don't say something obvious like Pop Idol or Americas Next Stickinsect. Go for something controversial that people here may actually like! :P

Here goes:

Mutant X

Took itself way too seriously and failed to deliver the weekly 'Live action X-men' that it promised.

LOST -who is still watching this? Why? Its like when your Uncle tells you he's gonna take you to the zoo one weekend and never does, yet every time he turns up on a Saturday morning your little eyes light up in hope that THIS will be the day you see the Orangutan that looks like your primary school teacher.

Ok, so I'm gonna be in and around SF for a few days soon, apart from all the touristy stuff and popular spots -what geeky fun is to be found in and around the city and perhaps beyond?

The Ruins Looks like it may be a corker!

Clicky click click...


A film by him who did Dog Soldiers and Decent with a nod to the Mad Max movies and escape from NewYork -only in the UK! :)

I have decided to adopt a furry child substitute. What breed shall I go for?

I've had dogs before (well kind of they were always family pets really or came with partner etc), we had a couple of poodles when I was a kid which were fun and dead clever -did tricks and things.

Later on in life I shared a german shepard and a sort of black and white mongrel thing. But they were very old and passed away some years back.

I feel like I'm ready to get my own very first proper K9 -starting out as a puppy and everything!

Now, I have a little more 'me time' these days so I can devote a fair bit of attention to this little beast and I love going out for walks etc so a breed that enjoys all that would be cool. Erm... I like jumping around and playing etc -so something fun loving/energetic would be ace.

Not into those little handbag dogs or anything thats too big either. Something that gets on with cats would be important.

Anyone have any ideas? (Nothing slobbery either, don't do drool!) :)

R-type wrote:

Tell everyone about the new stuff that makes you go: *SQUEEEEEE!* :)

Wolverine movie

Magneto movie

The Thing Sequel?

In other movies news... I've heard of a third 28 Days/Weeks movie! Called '28 Months Later' lol! Also Danny Boyle is set to return to direct it. THe movie will be set in Russia. Thats all I have.. :)

And how cool does this awesome comicbook movie look?


Mad Max 4

Resident Evil 4

And a JLA movie are perhaps going to happen!

I just watched this and it was very good. Enjoyed it lots, quite tense.

Check it out. :)


Tell me the name of the artist and the song....

OR 'sing' the next line or two and leave people guessing!

Lyric: I would go out tonight but I haven't got a stitch to wear...

Game on! :)


A thread for music begging, swapping and asking questions.

I'm looking for some awesome traditional japanese (sampled or otherwise) drum music with a modern twist (like the Battle against the Clowns theme from Akira but more electro/ambient and now?

Shot in the dark.

Also I am really into the Beta Band but they spilt -any Beta Band'ish bands out there I should know about?

MY PLAYERS -Please Stay Out.


or else...



I mean it....


















I’m ripping off the plot from the realms novel Depths of Madness by Erik Scott de Bie (well, not really because I’ve done something very much like it before -years ago and reading the novel recently just made me want to DM a ‘sequel’ of sorts if anything.)

…So anyhow, the game will start with each character waking up in a dungeon with amnesia, I’m going to keep the players character sheets behind the DM screen and just have them roll the dice so they have hardly any idea what’s going on. Who they are, how they got there and what they can do. I’m going to give each player a blank character sheet which they can fill in as they learn things about themselves. I know many, many a DM has done this kind of thing before.

Now I’m a little conflicted over just how much they should know about themselves to start off with. They all have ‘magical memory loss’ (which is convenient for me and the story of course) and explains away most hiccups one might expect to come across or get asked about -but I’d like to hear your thoughts on what you think would be an appropriate amount of ‘starting knowledge’.

I suppose one would know things like what race they are, maybe their own name… (They would be comfortable in their own skin etc) and that’s about it really. I would like to start them completely ‘blank’ as well though, each character finding out what they look like after finding a dagger and checking out their reflection in the blade etc… Also do you think I should write an alignment on each of their character sheets just so they have something to roleplay.


What would you find most fun?

I loved these books as a kid and am desperately trying to collect them all now. Anyone else love the pintsized gaul and his faithful companions?

Check this out! And best of all I saw it to buy in ADSA (Walmart) yesterday for under ten pounds! Must get it! :)

A place to tell the whole wide web what it is you really, really WANT! MUST HAVE!

I have a fondness for these old 80's phones! I WANT ONE NOW!!
Monster Phone

I also really gotta have one of these dragons -they're just SO CUTE! I know a guy who knows a guy who has one and he tells me wonderful things about them. I was in the pet shop and nearly bought one last Monday but a little voice told me I was stupid and need to think things through properly before rushing into getting an exotic animal that I know almost next to nothing about, so I didn't bother... but....

These trainers are super fantastically brilliant! -look at the curve, the grace, the sexiness! My friend is a dancer and she has a similar pair -I know if I got my footsies these babies then I would be the talk of the indie disco fashionistas! If only they had a big yellow line on them –Oh! Maybe I could get them and customise them a bit?

Anyway, what is it you want and why?

Korea does it again with the monster movie madness! :)

Say if you were an explorer type just coming to spend a few days in the city maybes to stock up then set off to Cauldron etc...

The Golden Compass

A player in my game has a wooden sword (he's playing a lawful good paladin type) and uses the sword as a deterrent more than a lethal weapon, however for really dangerous situations in which lethal force must be used etc (and for general coolness) he wishes to have the wooden blade enchanted so it becomes magically 'sharp' on command. How much would this enchantment cost in your opinion?

And at later levels instead of a mount he was wanting the ability to temporally (X amount of times per day or whatever) turn his wings (he's an aassimar with wings) into adamantine so he can do the whole Get behind me! protector bit -using his metal wings as shields for him and whoever is stood by him etc. Any idea on how this might work mechanically?

I am at a loss! Just can't find the issue I'm looking for! Arrgh! HELP?!

Having failed to secure part nine of the path (and a bit disappointed at missing an issue of Dungeon mag which normally never happens!) -I am going to roll with this punch and take this as an opportunity to change things up a bit more for our campaign. :) Yay! Happy!

I was wondering what you would think might make a cool swap for 'Into the Maw' but at the same time flow back into 'Wells of Darkness' (Which I hopefully will get hold of!) near seamlessly. I have a hefty collection of magazines, sourcebooks and things I could possibly use as a substitute so feel free to mention anything you feel would fit.

I like animals, I like hanging out with animals. Animals are fascinating and deserve a thread of their own. So post you’re pets!

Well... Go on then!

Little ginger prince.


Hello sailor!

Plants count as pets... right? :)

What do you people think of this?

Anyone here like to play with clothing/image?

Got any body modifications? Whether it be a simple pierced ear lobe or something like a transdermal calf implant, it’s a body mod! Got a tat? A golden crown? A split tongue? A ‘PA’? Get you’re nails done? Dye the hair now and then? Wear coloured contacts?

How come?

Why do it?

What does it say about you/culture etc?

In my teens and early twents, I went through a phase where I got a few piercings: nose, tongue, lip, ears, nipple etc (not all at once mind you –always thought one or two at a time was enough for myself). Bit of a punk back then I suppose.

I like change, often revamp my wardrobe and image, trying out different characters IRL.

At the moment I’m into power dressing (three piece suit, neat hair and shiny shoes –going for a ‘Gabriel from Constantine’ look) it's crazy how people react to this compared to when I'm just wearing jeans and t-shirt etc.

In the next few weeks I plan on shaving my head and dressing like a football (soccer) lout. It’s amazing the things you can do (or not) depending on how you present yourself.

I have recently become interested in getting a new tat or possibly scarification/branding but can’t quite decide on a specific image that I want to carry around with me forever.

Anyone else care to share?

I haven’t yet started Savage Tide, mainly due to everyone’s schedule being crazy and the group not having time for D&D (What with things like: births, marriages, holidays, moving homes, changing jobs etc). After months of hovering around this forum and getting some great tips for when we finally do play the ST –we are ready to embark on this exciting new campaign! I’m so nervous and just hope I can do the adventure path justice!

So what I wanted to ask was:

Where in the path are you up to now?

How’s it all been going (story/combats) etc any pitfalls to avoid? Anything you’d change or urge a rusty DM (such as myself) to watch out for?

Have the alignment/class and race choices made by the players during character generation affected the campaign a lot IYO?

How much time (in real life) has it taken you to get to where you are now?

What do you think of the advancement rate of the player characters?

I have picked up three new players and have three old experienced gamers –what’s your view on new/inexperienced players and Savage Tide? (Death trap/tons of fun/both?)

My players all have a back-up character (or four in one paranoid players case) and I have informed them it’s going to be a toughy. Good idea?

How do you feel mixed alignment parties will fare in the ST?

Do you use miniatures in the path? What is you're opinion of them? Do they add or take away from the game/roleplaying?

That’s all folks. :)

Anyone got/found a chart showing the size differences between the various breeds of dino with an average human adult? I want something like this to show my players and also to help me when buying suitable toy dinosaurs so I get them right compared to miniatures. :)


I like to take pictures and I like painting, drawing, modelling –lately I got a new camera and scanner and have started uploading pics to my computer and have had lots of fun enhancing them (in the most very basic ways) etc.

I can’t afford ‘Photoshop’ or any of those uber-expensive software packages (that everyone else seems to have) right at the moment -but I really, really want to start messing around with some of the pics and pieces I’ve done –adding FX and fun stuff like that.

Simple things like: putting anime style ‘speed lines’ behind a picture of my friend sprinting and perhaps adding some Cyclops-like optic blasts to a photo of my cat as she stares intently at a bird would be wonderful.

I got that free picasa thing and it’s a little rubbish.

Has anyone got any advice on purchasing some software that may fill my needs?

Thinking of doing a comic also.

'New McFarlane’s Dragons'

Each dragon in this latest series is really cool! Why can't DDM dragons be this good?

Anyone use them in their games of D&D?

And this LOTR’s GW one sucks:

My girl is doing quite well!

Bring it on if you DARE! :)

They gave Optimus Prime a mouth. :(


I would like to have a nice picture I've taken of the tree in my garden as my avatar or perhaps use the 'self portrait' miniature I've made/painted. Will this happen at some point? :) Not important of course, everything is quite fine as it is -just wondering.


pleasebegoodpleasebegoodpleasebegood! :D

Who here is from UK? Just curious. :)

And how did you come to play D&D as it's not exactly popular over here is it?

I kinda like seeing new heroes come along (as long as they offer something new) and can capture my interest by putting a fresh spin on superheroics.

In recent years Marvel have given me such gems as Runnaways, Young Avengers, Toxin and Gravity all of these are really good.

What new stuff do you guys like?

A place for those tiny day to day fumbles and small regrets you may have.

Here's mine:

My old kettle died –it was the filament and sadly untreatable.

So off I ventured to the shops in search of something new and exciting to boil water in.

I spotted many modern kettle designs, tall ones, fat ones, sloped ones and even novelty ones like cows and pigs –with toasters and sandwich makers to match them!
Some with see-thru glass fish-bowls and others with silver chrome effects and neon boiling lights!

I spent a good two hours hunting for my new love and was about to ‘just get any old thing that matched the kitchen colour scheme’ when suddenly I fell in love… There it was – a retro black and chrome hob kettle with a stumpy little spout and skinny little handle and a big shiny whistle! It was perfect; it wasn’t just any old kettle but a feature -a talking point! ‘How quaint, I didn’t think you could get those anymore!’ said my auntie. ‘Old school!’ said the SO. My how the cats freaked out when they heard its whistle for the first time. Good times.

But it’s started to annoy me.

The whistle is very loud and if you want to make a cup of tea in the early morning or late at night you have to rush to the kitchen to stop the thing from making its screechy racket and waking people up! I tried leaving the whistle off but then on a couple of occasions’ I've forgotten the thing was boiling away on the stove and it's nearly boiled dry and burnt the house down! I think I might go looking for another ‘boring’ old electric kettle but feel guilty about benching my new kitsch 70's beloved boiling baby.

I regret buying it. :(

My friend says their not legally allowed to call it Kentucky Fried Chicken because it (the mystery meat) isn't legally 'chicken'.

What gives?

Looking for that Dragon mag with the chromatic dragons made into playable monster levels...?


Where in Sasserine would one expect to hold a big public event such as some local hero getting the key to the city, or something along those lines. Someplace everyone can mix from the toffs to the plebs?

In our STAP we’re using the FR setting. We’re going to start in the late spring of 1375 dr. This means that Sasserine has already went through the huge lightning storms of the previous year and the worst dragon rage ever the year before that. While I don’t have to use either of these big happenings in our campaign I can’t help but think I would be missing out on a great opportunity as two players have ties to dragons in their backstories or have taken or plan on choosing draconic classes.

I was thinking of maybe having something happen to Sasserine during these years, perhaps a dragon turtle attack or some other dragon went mad and ravaged the city? During the year of lighting storms I was toying with the idea of having a couple of those ‘special’ lightening strikes blast the region in certain areas and now the churches of Tiamat and Bahamut are sending agents to Sasserine in order to launch expeditions into the surrounding jungle in an effort to bring back any dragon eggs that may or may not have been left by the lighting.

This would possibly make an excellent side adventure or intro adventure for PC’s that could be hired by one draconic group as guides/henchmen/slaves or similar.

What do you guys and gals think?

Reading the last issue of Dragon has made one of our group (the nearest to a true power gamer we have) really want to roll up an archer and become the parties 'Legolas' when we start our STAP. The player is not really a fan of elves but loves the idea of never missing a shot and performing exceptional displays of marksmanship. Perhaps another dexterous race would be more to his liking as long as it does not have a level adjustment of course.

Dex+ race/ranger looks the most obvious choice but what with all the choices of feats, classes etc out there now we don’t really know where to start.

Has anyone gone down the supreme archer path before, does it hold up well compared to other combat choices and how did you do it?

I think Mr average human fighter with your best score put into dex would be best. Only because we're playing STAP he could make things a little more exotic and play a tribal person from the jungle, perhaps even using a variety of poisons etc.

I have a high-level (19) wizard who is an ex-necromancer who now uses his skills to fight undead.

I was thinking of creating a nasty spell that momentarily makes all the mindless undead around you suddenly become aware of who they once were and what they now are. The spell also gives them the ability to speak and feel for a short time, though this is mainly for flavour.

Game effects wise it makes all the undead in a radius around the caster fall to their knees and become shaken, prone, generally in shock. Imagine their rotten skull like faces howling in shock, surprise and agony! You would hear them crying "What am I?" "What happened?" "NoooOOOoo!" as they realise they are disgusting rotten monsters by awakening them.

After the spell has done its work I imagine the undead would either want to be dead or seek revenge against whom ever animated or created them.

I’m stuck as to what the spell should do next, any ideas?

Should it allow the caster to suggest things to them, should they just fade away?

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