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Varl wrote:

The new season is great as is the show.

I was wondering whether there will ever come a time in the series or movies where the past gets left behind. Skynet blows it all up, and the series or movies move on to the future battles with the terminators. Those would be a very intriguing and fun sci-fi series to watch too imo. A survivalist series.

There will be... It is call Terminator Salvation, coming in May 09.

Liberty's Edge

Just saw "The Mousetrap" and...

I can't help but wonder how Charlie must feel right now--if he had never met Sarah and John, then the follow-on circumstances in which he met his wife would never have occurred, and she'd still be alive. I didn't expect he would be so welcoming to John outside the ER.

Last night's episode just added a new layer of complexity onto Cameron.

Real emotion from a Terminator, not the mocking emotion used to get what they want. Very nice! If the writers remember that and use it, there's the possibility way down the road that Cameron could be the catalyst to some level of empathy towards humanity, and as long as episode disconnects don't become widespread.

What a great show. It just keep getting better with every episode.

Dark Archive

Last nights episode was pretty cool. I felt that it tugged a little too hard at the obvious cliches (gung-ho cadets, dressing down from grizzled vet), but it was still a good ep.

When Cameron asked Sarah pointedly if she wanted Cameron to protect the parents, and Sarah just said that she wanted the situation contained, I really expected Cameron to just go blow the parents away, rather than have the T-888 use them to get to the kid...

Has there been a new episode aired this week?

R-type wrote:
Has there been a new episode aired this week?

No. They took last Monday off. It returns this coming Monday.

Yet another terrific episode!

I loved how Cameron turned the other T into a pretzel. Special effects, or was that the superlimber contortionist on the internet they got for a cameo?

That scene where the little girl is talking to the psychiatrist, and she shows him the afraid card, and gives him that look.....creepy! I got chills from that one. LOL! This show is awesome!!

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