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Yes... yes...


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The other funny thing that happened that session isn't really a one-liner, it's more of a sight gag. But I managed to find a pawn that looked very close to the one I had been using for my character up till that point--except this guy had a goatee and was wearing black and red. Since we play at my place and the pawns are mine, I usually get them out before hand and put everyone's at their place at the table. I had the new "evil twin" version out, but didn't even acknowledge it... until one of the other guys said "hey, wait, who's that guy on the map?"

"Why that's your old boon comrade in arms, Yurig," I said. And left it at that...

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DungeonmasterCal wrote:
I love the BoVD. I used a spell and weapon quality from it a few games back. My players, who haven't even examined most of the spells available to them, didn't notice its origin. Except for this one guy, who loves when I pull something on the group that's not expected. He always puts on this maniacal grin and mutters "Sweeeet" under his breath.

I'm having a lot of fun with it. It was in a super-duper locked chest in the module we're running through. I had to buff myself as much as possible and take 20 to open the lock, that's how tough it was. And, since I figured whatever was in there probably would be trapped, I made sure to open it alone. I wasn't expecting... well... what I found.

It took my perfectly neutral roguish aasimar and turned him into a cleric of Barbatos with just a month of study. Last session was the first time I've used any of its abilities--we really needed the summoned bone devil. However, now there's a 2% chance a powerful devil will show up to claim my soul the next time I use it. That 1% more of a chance every time is going to eventually get tense... but sometimes you just have to make a dark bargain, yada yada, Padme and so forth...

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DungeonmasterCal wrote:
Hell, I'd relive those years if I could.

Oh really...

Just sign here. And here. Initial there, there, and there...

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Well first you have to sign this NDA... don't bother reading it, it's just boilerplate...

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Heh. Desouled.

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Quibblemodeus wrote:
Today I debut my post-reading-the-book-of-the-damned character. Very excited. I keep humming "I Know Things Now" from Into the Woods...

Heh, heh, heh...

It went over perfectly. For the first part of the session, I did all my usual roguish stuff (I had been a telekineticist/rogue). Then the barbarian got trapped in a weird endless hallway prison that only teleportation magic could escape from. I dimensionally hopped in (per the Travel domain ability). Weird, everyone thought. But my guy does weird stuff all the time... could just be a different kinetic ability...

On we went. Nobody noticed I wasn't doing UMD checks on the cure wand any more... and then we came across a bebilith. I produced my unholy symbol of Barbatos, cast dismissal, (the first time I'd cast a spell) he failed the save, and that was that.

There was a moment of stunned silence as everyone put it together.


"I... learned things in the past month. Shall we continue?"

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Today I debut my post-reading-the-book-of-the-damned character. Very excited. I keep humming "I Know Things Now" from Into the Woods...

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Silence, fools! Even Mr. T pities ye not!

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I can pull a rabbit out of anywhere. But you won’t want to see the rabbit when I’m done...

Did Quibblemodeus respond to your post before you wrote it? Yes, Quibblemodeus did. ALL HAIL QUIBBLEMODEUS!

DungeonmasterCal wrote:
Devil worshiping snobs, all.

You can tell because they extend their pinkies when holding the pitchforks.

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You just want an invitation to the Hellfire Club, mate. Give it up—they’re too exclusive.

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Pah. All shall bow, now or later, all shall bow.

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Belabras wrote:
quibblemuch wrote:
DungeonmasterCal wrote:
I just choked on my Poptart.

I disavow all responsibility for any Poptart related fatalities...

The quip in question was from yesterday's session, where my character met a priest of Asmodeus and was ready to fake-pledge his allegiance to the Dark Lord about .0002 seconds after finding out how much money that could make him... Hail Asmodeus... until someone more profitable makes me a better offer...

I think Asmodeus would completely approve of a pledge made with that intent.

Yes... yes... *dry washes hands*

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MageHunter wrote:

I'm pretty sure you could temporarily hire some devils that could get the work done quickly.

For a price

Hey, as long as they're licensed and bonded...

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The Mad Comrade wrote:
Go back with about 50 pounds of lead ingots and a caster with fabricate that has an Int bonus of at least zero. Set lead ingots about the blade. fabricate crafts on take 10 a simple block of lead encasing the intelligent sword. If it can't move on its own accord, it gets no saving throw as the result is harmless. Now that it is safely ensconced in at least an inch think membrane of lead, go on an ocean cruise and huck that damned thing overboard when you're over the deepest part of the seas. Problem solved for, oh, a few centuries at least. ;)

Just like we did to old Grandma...

You could play them as an appeaser. A worshiper of a deity doesn't necessarily have to love/agree with/be happy about that deity. They could simply be a neutral person who feels that these very powerful beings are better left placated than opposed. Lots of "real" gods in human mythology are pretty awful, but people who weren't themselves awful still worshiped them and did whatever was necessary to keep them happy.

And don't listen to those voices who say that's the smooth, gentle, broad road to Hell. They're just trying to distract you from keeping the evil deities at peace with your worship...

Claxon wrote:
quibblemuch wrote:
Rysky wrote:


Well it makes sense, since it's still a subtype, you'd just be limiting yourself in your targets.

Well, if you were a devil, you might not want to create an Outsider (evil) bane weapon for stabbing demons with... just in case someone took it away from you :)
Which is why you would make it a weapon that banes chaotic outsiders, not evil.

Only if that is what the original contract stipulated.

Those are both very good ideas, thank you.

I do still have Tayacet in reserve--only one PC has met her, but with Rizovair's destruction, she's probably ready to openly side with the Silver Ravens. I could have her escape the Temple of Asmodeus, bringing news of the Mephisto Manifestation.

Has anyone had any experience with Corinstian finishing the Mephisto Manifestation? My players aren't taking the hints... by my reckoning, 6 pit fiends are a CR 26...

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GM_Beernorg wrote:
Also laughed hard, despite how SO very wrong this is...special hell, I R going there

Excellent... I'll surely meet my quota this month!