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Joan H. wrote:

Hello Pseudodult,

I have cancelled all of your subscriptions except the Starfinder Maps subscription! Thanks for your patience!

I appreciate it, but I kinda made a HUGE mistake, please relist me for the Pathfinder and Starfinder society scenarios subscriptions since I receive them as being a Venture Lieutenant and they help me with running games. MY BAD..... wasn't even considering them because I get the notification about them in a different email entirely. Again TY

Thanks, I thought there was a way to do it in manage subscriptions but I couldn't find it.

FireElemental wrote:
Any idea when this scenario will be reportable? I have two reporting sheets burning a hole on my dinning room table.

Same -_-

1/5 5/5

I have a player that just did the interactive and made a new character that is 2nd level with the boon and was questioned about the credits do we have an answer on that is it the listed amount or do they get another 1000 like all new society characters?

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When Thursty teased this scenario on the Know Direction Beyond, I was ecstatic to find out we are finally going to Daimalko. Written by the one and only Amanda Hamon the one behind the damai and the planet. This scenario's premise is proper high-end content as we will be going in the belly of the beast!

Lol, love the art for the raxilite the pistol on it's back looks like a heavy weapon.

1/5 5/5

Preston Hudson wrote:
I am running 2-01 tomorrow!! Looking forward to another play of Zo!.


Dope spell tease, I can't wait to get my hands on it!!!

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1/5 5/5

Alex Augunas wrote:
John Brinkman wrote:
That Ysoki in the logo looks a little ominous. Looking forward to Year 2. Year of the Hungry Ysoki - A thousand bites.
I don’t think that’s a Ysoki. I *think* that is the unholy symbol of Lao Sho Po, Grandmother Rat....

It would be extremely unnerving to know that the unholy symbol of Lao Sho Po now consists the bitten remains of the second seeker's logo.

Will do, thank you Sam.

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Glad to see Crystal is going to make an appearance! I enjoy watching her GM, War for The Crown, on Know Direction channel.

I'm requesting a new tracking number since in the email it says the package is leaving the Paizo warehouse on March 22nd, but on Ups-mi tracker it says that it is transferred to my post office on the 19th on the same month. Then on their website, it says it was delivered on March 18th. I contacted My post office and they don't know of any package, so I contacted UPS and the tracking number I gave UPS help isn't clearing on their database. UPS help told me to contact you guys.

I love this art! Side note: As someone who has been playing Keyforge looking at Navasi's Gloves one more black dot on the white part and she is house shadows.

Stewards Questions!

Do the Stewards have a special task force that deals specifically with space pirates?

We've seen art and stat blocks for Iomedaen starships, and Hellknight starships. Any clues or teases on when we will be seeing the Steward's starship stat blocks/art?

This is why I love Paizo, you guys are on the case. All of this can be resolved on the forums, I didn't have to worry about writing a ticket or anything. Simply lovely, keep up the good work!

Thanks, I got it!

Sara Marie wrote:
The autogrant for those of you who are getting scenarios due to your Venture status in the Organized Play Foundation is currently running. If you have not seen your scenarios in your My Downloads by tomorrow morning, please let us know. Keep in mind you may not get an automated email as we are still experiencing some issues with that.

This would definitely apply to me I got the Feb 26th drop with ACG material but still have not received Pathfinder or Starfinder scenarios.

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Marco Massoudi wrote:
bananahell wrote:
Any idea what level this Adventure Path runs to? Stopping a demi-god should be a pretty high-level task.

Level 13.

I really hope that the next AP starts and ends at a higher level.
A three-part AP could look like this:
#1: Levels 13-15
#2: Levels 15-17
#3: Levels 17-19

Such an Adventure Path could allow the pcs from "Dead Suns", "Signal of Screams" and "Dawn of Flame" to be played further.

I love this idea! Then after that, they can make high-level modules/ super dungeons where you start them as 19 and then level up in them gaining your capstone abilities.

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Firat Solhan did an amazing job with the page border art on this series. All the art in this book simply looks wonderful!

It's just disheartening that we are going to get formian minis from WizKids with PF battles sets before we even have another public release from these ND guys.

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I'm loving all these repeatable 1-4's that have been released in the first season of Starfinder.

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Alexa play The Prodigy - Firestarter

QuidEst wrote:
Pseudodult wrote:

Yes, I seriously don't understand why this class cannot shape it's infinite worlds ability on top of that even nullify difficult terrain and nullify energy damage in a field outright.

Turning off difficult terrain does sound nice. But, turning off hazards entirely seems really strong.

I realize that but as a twice a day ability why not? Yes, that utility is strong but by level 4 most adventurers have jump jets or jetpacks. I would have it cost an extra resolve point to nullify energy field damage and have it last rounds equal to half your witchwarper level.

Yes, I seriously don't understand why this class cannot shape it's infinite worlds ability on top of that even nullify difficult terrain and nullify energy damage in a field outright.

This class presents itself that you are a mere sculptor and battlefield is your medium, but the fact you have limits on the area of effect, can summon difficult terrain but can't suppress it, and not be able to turn lava into water is upsetting.

Hiruma Kai wrote:
I just played in a 4th level SFS session as a Biohacker (along with 2 Vanguards, another Biohacker, and a Witchwarper - so a 100% playtest session).

(Offtopic) Do you remember what scenario # was just curious?

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The change should be either make Instinctive gain skill ranks with Wis or remove the Int modifier on will saves for Studious.

I prefer more the ladder but either one would be a healthy change.

Also only enable the ability to benefit from either one until you gain 3 levels in biohacker, because like someone mentioned earlier the level dip is real for that to be a level one passive. Unless your design standpoint is we want to enable multiclassing, that is fine and all. If that is the case, then you should focus on releasing books which include capstone options for characters that multiclass. (I'll stop ranting)

On the Spark of Ingenuity for Instinctive it isn't that bad, yes dazzled is a weak condition by itself but you are adding it, KEYWORD adding it, to a counteragent. Yes, the double duration on injections is strong but the average goon lifespan is like 3-5 rounds so if anything that would be good if you are playing the altruistic biohacker, someone would be really getting those gains on the restoratives.

Yeah looking at an average ranged based, Studious, biohacker build. It is funny how, in general, when it comes to it's saving scores in later levels their worst saves, like will and reflex actually succeed their fort.

Neume wrote:
Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:
And I LOVE the illustration of the Critamander!
And now we need a Critamander plushie.

Yes, Plushie with special starfinder blue d20!

Cellion wrote:

The Vanguard sounds all noble and heroic, but all I see is a class that wants people and things to hurt it so it can get stronger. At least in my case, I'll want to play with so-so AC so that things hit me often enough to stack up tons of EP.

Yeah Vanguard sounds too positive, my solution would be Endmaker or Endseeker, but those sound too negative. I can see how it is hard to come up with class names. Another point, while we are on the Vanguard, is that they have two disciplines that basically do somewhat of the same thing and have titles for those abilities that sound the same, that would be Interfere and Intervene. I think as a GM if my vanguard said they are going to one of these actions I might confuse it for the other.

1/5 5/5

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BigNorseWolf wrote:
Erf. Not happy about starting a character and then having to shelve them for a year before I can really pick them back up again.

Yes remember these are beta characters, so don't get attached to them. Go ahead and make your Wyonna Warpsalot, Shieldy Mcsheilds, and Kneedles. Have your fun get data and gather an educated opinion on them. Then cast them off into an undisclosed location in the vast with a one-way ticket, on their beta ship, nonstop in the drift.

Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:
An x-foot cube is a cube that is x feet per side.

Wait so the world isn't flat??????? :O

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I just want to say I'm really happy with the turn out of these streams.

It is incredible that you guys put on a weekly show that various devs come on to talk about what they've made. To then follow it up with a free QnA open to the audience, it's all quite excellent.

Keep it up! :D

I mean if you want to use the Mazecore rules for it that should work, but not thematically making it a mazecore in game.

Hmm wrote:
I think we should produce the Ultimate Gap coloring book!

It's an educational children's coloring book filled with busts of important historical key figures of the pact worlds with empty heads so you fill in their thoughts.

.....OH look it's Aleksana Guryari!

......let's get inside that android's head and see what they saw on the first known travel through the drift!

Xenocrat wrote:

The latest AP has some new player option feats, spells, and one theme.


3. Startled Scream: Scream as a combat starts to warn your allies (and yourself). If you or allies would have been surprised, you're not flat footed. If you're/they're not surprised, get a +1 insight to initiative. But there's a price - you might draw others with your scream, and you're shaken until the end of your next turn.

Shaken is a pretty bad condition, probably only worth it if the whole party is being surprised by multiple enemies. And better if you're a spellcaster and not attacking physically on your turn.

Startled Scream is effectively on my top ten worst feats in Starfinder list. They should of ditched the int bonus and just made this an action one character can choose to make. Eliminating the unnecessary feat taxed tied to simply screaming. I mean how long does it take to scream, more than 6 seconds? Everything else is gravy, absolutely wonderful additions, the spells, other feats, and the theme are all healthy add-ons to Starfinder especially for horror.

Yqatuba wrote:
I assume FTL is possible in Starfinder considering that in Pathfinder there is a spell (interplanetary teleport) which can teleport you to another planet instantly even if it's millions of light years away.

It isn't really FTL, it is more PPT ( planar piercing travel) with a device called the drift engine.

Interplanetary travel is a spell in Starfinder it is just a 6th level spell which is the highest caster level in the system.

HammerJack wrote:
My wishlist also includes solarian armor mote crystals that provide utility benefits while the armor is active. Little stuff like your armor providing an addition bonus to saves vs radiation, or lowering your personal gravity a bit to increase carrying capacity.

Oh answers my question earlier.

HammerJack wrote:
I don't even think special armor would be needed, just a single crystal going into the mote would do the trick, probably. Also, that would keep it consistent with how weapon crystals work.

Yes I guess that would make it less restrictive on the solarian to have to always use that one specific type of armor. I'm curious what benefit would you want to see the crystal grant?

A simple flat AC/DR buff seems boring to me since the class feature already does that.

How about if the crystal does a damage type whenever you are attuned and a foe is near you, you deal that damage type and dice, and a reflex save for half so it would be like an aura effect. If the crystal has a critical effect it would proc if someone rolled a nat 1 to hit you.

JiCi wrote:
- Solarian armor crystals; ok, listen, the Solar Armor downright suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks, when compared to the Solar Weapon. Many of the Solarian's abilities are more beneficial to the weapon than they are for the armor, so can we please have SOMETHING that buffs the armor to the same level as the weapon?

Yes having tailor-made light armor that has specified armor slots that are intended for solarian crystals would be the greatest thing to happen to armor route solarians.

They could even implement the dent system to the crystal where you would use mysticism to mend it after a beating.

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Since Alien Archives 2 released and brought us the glorious Uplifted Bear as a playable race, I've been thinking what other animals would be fun to uplift?

Reflecting on all the playable alien races that have released in only the past 2 years I noticed how other than the Strix there aren't a lot of feathered species to point out.

Which leads to my vote for next big uplifted animal on the docket
*drum roll*


Ability Adjustments: +2 Int, -2 Wis

Hit Points: 2

Darkvision: 60 feet

Dense Feathers: Uplifted penguins feathers help insulate their temperature giving them a 5 resistance against cold damage.

Innate Toughness: Uplifted penguins are made for harsh long journeys and the cold weather they get a +4 bonus for Constitution checks against forced marches and a +4 bonus to Fortitude checks against taking damage in cold environments. (These bonuses don't stack with the Toughness feat)

Limited Augmentation: The only augmentation that can be installed into an uplifted penguin's brain are datajacks and the mechanic's custom rig.

Limited Telepathy: Uplifted penguins have limited telepathy with a range of 30 feet.

Modified Lungs: Uplifted penguins can hold their breathe for up to 30 mins underwater.

Natural Survivor: Uplifted penguins have a +2 racial bonus to Life Science and Survival skill checks.

Variant Sizes: You can choose to be a small size uplifted penguin or a medium size uplifted penguin. If you go with a small species you gain a + 2 to Dex, while medium penguins have a + 2 to Con. An uplifted penguin is no taller than 4 feet tall.

Webbed feet: Uplifted penguins have a land speed of 20 feet, and a swim speed of 60 feet.

As you can see I have reused some of the racial traits from the uplifted bear in my design but I thought that would make sense seeing that they are both augmented animals.

What are your thoughts, what animals would you like to see?

Let me start out with saying that I am subbed to the Starfinder flip maps and have been loving the graphic art on them, but it would be cool if we had more options size wise. I'm making this post to see if anyone else would be interested in seeing Paizo sell flip tiles for Starfinder, or if this is just a one man army ordeal.

This idea all started when I was running a game in SFS, it was scenario 1-10 The Half-Alive Street. NO spoilers don't worry! The Scenario has your group starting in the Freemarkets of Absalom Station. Freemarkets is basically a space mall/ outlet, SO running this I was like it would be nice to have a variety of places to choose from that depict a room of sci-fi/fantasy commerce. A map in general doesn't fit well for single little shops, so having modular tiles that would make up the mall or outlet made more sense to me. You could have a barber shop tile that had a spa type style on the other side. An Iomedaen military surplus on one side, and a high luxurious spacewear tailor on the otherside. You could even have a Cybernetics enhancement lab on one side, and bionics on the other.

Oh I am aware that pathfinder has map packs for starship corridors and chambers which are nice, but if anyone has any other ideas for areas that they think would look good as Starfinder flip-tiles. I would love to know about them, both existing or some you want to see made or have made yourselves.

Archpaladin Zousha wrote:
Claxon wrote:

Starfinder physics don't work that way.

You don't accelerate, mostly because the rules don't say you do. You fly at a speed of 20ft per action, that's it.

The ultimate answer is: You starve to death trying to traverse the vast distance of space or spend an incredibly boring amount of time to travel.

So make sure you bring snacks! :)

There is an aeon stone, clear spindle, that gives you sustenance so you are not required to eat or drink water. Nevertheless you would probably die of boredom or go insane in the process of travel.

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Neriathale wrote:

So you have to be able to see your target to determine that they are your 'favoured enemy'?

I'm sort of sad that you loose the 'I have been hunting dragons all my life, and I am particularly skilled at spotting evidence of their presence by the slightest signs' flavour as a result. The new version is probably mechanically stronger, but less character defining.

What would be nice if they made favoured enemy ability as an archetype feat so any class can be like I've been hunting/studying this creature all my life. I've always like the idea of a barbarian with a favored enemy.

Evil beast specific litanies is so good, soo soo damn juicy good.

I can actually play a paladin in a tabletop rpg and when I say, "Down you filthy beast!" it means something mechanically?!?! Oh my, you done did it, it's perfect.

Just perfect!

I can see a scenario in the future, where you will deal with a Hesper using this map.