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Since Alien Archives 2 released and brought us the glorious Uplifted Bear as a playable race, I've been thinking what other animals would be fun to uplift?

Reflecting on all the playable alien races that have released in only the past 2 years I noticed how other than the Strix there aren't a lot of feathered species to point out.

Which leads to my vote for next big uplifted animal on the docket
*drum roll*


Ability Adjustments: +2 Int, -2 Wis

Hit Points: 2

Darkvision: 60 feet

Dense Feathers: Uplifted penguins feathers help insulate their temperature giving them a 5 resistance against cold damage.

Innate Toughness: Uplifted penguins are made for harsh long journeys and the cold weather they get a +4 bonus for Constitution checks against forced marches and a +4 bonus to Fortitude checks against taking damage in cold environments. (These bonuses don't stack with the Toughness feat)

Limited Augmentation: The only augmentation that can be installed into an uplifted penguin's brain are datajacks and the mechanic's custom rig.

Limited Telepathy: Uplifted penguins have limited telepathy with a range of 30 feet.

Modified Lungs: Uplifted penguins can hold their breathe for up to 30 mins underwater.

Natural Survivor: Uplifted penguins have a +2 racial bonus to Life Science and Survival skill checks.

Variant Sizes: You can choose to be a small size uplifted penguin or a medium size uplifted penguin. If you go with a small species you gain a + 2 to Dex, while medium penguins have a + 2 to Con. An uplifted penguin is no taller than 4 feet tall.

Webbed feet: Uplifted penguins have a land speed of 20 feet, and a swim speed of 60 feet.

As you can see I have reused some of the racial traits from the uplifted bear in my design but I thought that would make sense seeing that they are both augmented animals.

What are your thoughts, what animals would you like to see?

And ostriches

Apes. a few chimps, orangs, and gorillas for all those early space missions found and uplifted by aliens.

'Domestic' cats. Someone's sure to have made that mistake at some point.

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Ascalaphus wrote:

How do you uplift something thats already at the top?

Sovereign Court

BigNorseWolf wrote:
Ascalaphus wrote:
How do you uplift something thats already at the top?

Uplifted velociraptors don't need five minutes to learn how to work a doorknob.

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My top picks would be Moose, gecko, honey badger, bat, sloth... all of these have exellent role playing potential.
I would have the bat fly and have blindsense sound but give it really good range.the gecko would have a decent climb speed, a scent ability and other goodies.Moose would be large have natural weapons reach and perhaps a charge attack or bull rush bonus.Sloth has climb speed and is SLOW but very hard to spook and dosent eat as often as other races.Honey badger is very scary, super difficult to intimidate, with a natural weapon, and several bonuses to different saves.. I hope something happens with all of these suggestions we all have.

If thwy do bat i would want them to be a tiny race ;)

Rabbit and Raccoon because those were my childhood favorite animals. Yasoki just isn't right.

Also Tiger, because Tiger

Gorillas, chimps, bonobos, orangutans, gigantapithicus, megaprimatus.

Put them together with kech, charu-ka, derhii, baregara, and various other ape-based monsters for a full Angazhan-worshiping Planet of the Apes ap.

But of course the bat is small with like 2HP. I love the idea of a climb speed for the bat and gecko, but I want the gecko to be really fast as well so a climb speed of 40 for them and 20ish for bats.

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Here are some of the uplifted races I already made.
I reskinned other races ability’s like the Halfings sneaky power, the Gripplis tongue feat from pathfinder and the Bolidas defensive ball.

Also from what i can tell for race hp the rule is small = 2 hp,
medium = 4 hp, large = 6 hp and you add 2 hp if the race has plus to Con

Uplifted Chameleon
Ability Adjustments: (+2 Dex +2 Cha –2 Str)

Hit Points 2

Size and Type: Uplifted chameleons are Small magical beasts with the chameleon subtype.

Slow: Uplifted chameleons have a land speed of 20 feet.

Climber: Uplifted chameleons have a climb speed of 30 feet.

Social Chameleon: Uplifted chameleons are socially adaptable and gain a +2 racial bonus to Culture and Diplomacy checks.

Sneaky: Uplifted chameleons receive a +2 racial bonus to Stealth checks. In addition, Uplifted chameleons reduce the penalty for using Stealth while moving by 5, and reduce the Stealth check penalty for sniping by 10.

Agile Tongue: Uplifted chameleons have a prehensile tongue with a range of 10 feet. You can pick up items weighing no more than 5 pounds, make Sleight of Hand checks, perform the disarm combat maneuvers, or make melee touch attacks with your tongue.

360 Vision: Uplifted chameleons have a unique eye structure that allows them to look in different directions at the same time. As a swift action they can choses to watch behind them self-becoming unflankable but take a –2 to hit on all attacks they make and –2 vs gaze attack saves until they switch their vision back for as a swift action.

Complex Augmentation: Because of the complex nature of the uplifted chameleon’s eyes it is very costly to install eye augmentation in their race so the cost to install them are three times (3X) as expansive.

Uplifted chameleon’s average height is 3ft-4ft and weight is 35-60

Age/Maximum Age
Uplifted chameleons age of maturity is 16 years/ maximum age 120 +3d20 years

Uplifted Turtle
Racial Traits
Ability Adjustments: (See Subspecies Below)

Hit Points 6

Size and Type: Uplifted turtles are Medium magical beasts with the Turtle subtype.

Slow: Uplifted Turtles have a land speed of 20 feet.

Natural Weapons: Uplifted turtles are always considered armed. They can deal 1d3 lethal slashing damage with a Bite and the attack doesn’t count as archaic. Uplifted Turtles gain a unique weapon specialization with their natural weapons at 3rd level, allowing them to add 1–1/2 × their character level to their damage rolls for their natural weapons (instead of just adding their character level, as usual).

Limited Augmentation: Because the uplifted turtle’s spine is fused with their shell they are unable to have spine augmentations installed.

Shelled: Uplifted Turtles gain a +1 racial bonus to KAC because of their tough shell.

Subspecies: Uplifted turtles belong to one of two subspecies: terrapin or tortoise.
All uplifted turtles start with +2 Con at Character Creation and gain extra racial traits and ability adjustments based on Subspecies selected.

Terrapins are very social (+2 Charisma) but are weaker than their cousins (-2
Strength). They gain the racial traits Swimming, Sprint and Blindsense (water) 40ft.

Swimming: Uplifted Turtles gain a swim speed of 40ft and can hold their breath for five time (5X) as many rounds as normal.

Sprint: You may move two time your normal movement speed as a move action this ability is limited to one uses per encounter.

Blindsense (water) 30ft: Uplifted turtles can sense what is around it while in water.

Tortoises are wise (+2 Wisdom) but are more (-2 Charisma).
They gain the racial traits Steady and Defensive Shell.

Steady: Uplifted Turtles speed is never modified when they are encumbered or wearing heavy armor.

Defensive Shell: As a move action, an uplifted turtles can retreat into their shell. While in their shell, an uplifted Turtles can only uncurl itself as a move action or take the total defense action. If they take the total defense action, its bonus to KAC is increased to +5.

Terrapins average height is 5ft-5.5ft and weight is 160-200
Tortoises average height is 6ft-7ft and weight is 240-280

Age/Maximum Age
Terrapin’s age of maturity is 30 years/ maximum age 200 +3d20 years
Tortoise’s age of maturity is 40 years/ maximum age 250 +6d20 years

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Octopus. I'm happy we have have weird cuttlefish though.

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Dolphins don't have to be uplifted, they are fully sapient already.

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Dolphins, kangaroos, lions and eagles so we can have a full party from Brute Force.

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EltonJ wrote:

Dolphins don't have to be uplifted, they are fully sapient already.

Yeah, and they're Chaotic Evil.

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