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It is that time of year again and Paizo Organized Play of the Inland Northwest will be once again assisting The Gamer's Haven in Spokane Valley, WA with their annual 30 Hour Food Drive to help Spokane Valley Partners help those in need.

We will be offering Pathfinder and Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Games from 12/15/17 at 12:00 PM to 12/16/17 at 12:00 AM and, after a short rest, we will return on 12/17/17 from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Cash and Food Donations are welcome!!

If you're in the area, hope to see you there!! Questions about the event can be directed to myself by PM or E-Mail at

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Congratulations to all the new 5 star GMs!! Thank you for all you have done for your local communities as well as the Global Organized Play community!!

Congratulations to Glen Shackleton on being the latest recipient of a Campaign Service Coin!! Thank you for all your hard work!!

I do like the convention listing as is and part of this type of blog. It is nice to see all that is happening in one spot.


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Congratulations to all of y'all, but an extra big personal shout-out from me to our local yokels, Heather Vigil and David Setty! You rock.

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Congratulations to our new five star GMs!! Thanks for your hard work on behalf of PFS!

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As much as I love Osirion (Egyptian themes), right now I am extremely excited for this Season and for when my set arrives!!

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More Pathfinder Society goodness coming soon!! Looking forward to the upcoming Season of Plundered Tombs for the ACG.

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Hey everyone!!

If you happen to find yourself in the area of Spokane, Washington; come and join us on 11/3 to 11/6 at two of our local retailers:

Uncle's Games - Spokane Valley Mall
14700 E Indiana Ave, Spokane Valley, WA 99216
11/3 - 12:00 PM to 10:00 PM

The Gamer's Haven - Spokane Valley
2114 N Pines Rd #1, Spokane Valley, WA 9920
11/4 - 11/6

Come and play both Pathfinder Society Roleplaying and Adventure Card Guild games plus help kids at the same time.

To view our game schedule you can check out our Warhorn page.

Hope to see you there!!

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Come on out and join us for some Pathfinder Roleplaying and Adventure Card Guild games as we mark the Spokane Area official kick off to Season 8.

We will be playing at the following locations and times:

Friday; August 19th - The Gamer's Haven
2:00 PM to 6:00 PM
7:00 PM to 12:00 PM

Saturday; August 20th - ITT Technical Institute
10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
3:00 PM to 7:00 PM
8:00 PM to 12:00 AM

Sunday; August 21st - ITT Technical Institute
10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

You can sign up to both GM and Play the games scheduled for this weekend at our Warhorn site. Admission is Free to any of the game days. Donations for Backpacks for Kids are accepted and appreciated.

Hope to see you there!!

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Thanks to both you and Linda for your work on this. I've been really impressed with, and thankful for, the work you've both done sanctioning new material for the campaign(especially Iron Gods.) Purely out of curiosity are any of the older AP's being considered for sanctioning?

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As the Venture-Captain for Northeastern Washington and Northern Idaho, I am working to gather a complete listing of GMs/Event Coordinators in the region.

Please send an E-Mail to with the following information:

Public, Private, or both types of PFS Games:
Dates and Times of PFS Games:
Contact Information:

I am here to provide what support I am able to in order to help make your PFS events/game days a success. Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns and I will get them addressed as quickly as possible.

Remember to Explore, Report, Cooperate, and have fun!!!

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Wow, I never thought I would make this announcement ever in my time as a PFS GM and VO. My wife, who I never thought would ever sit behind the GM screen and is the Venture-Agent for The Gamer's Haven in Spokane Valley, ran Black Waters last night which signaled her 100th table and her 4th GM star.

Thank you for your contributions to our local PFS community and the global community as a whole!!

Now, what is she going to run for her 5th star evaluation game? Only time will tell.


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20 Kuthona 4715

On the first day of Kuthona in the year 4715, the establishment of the Evergreen Panhandle Area Pathfinder Lodge has hereby been decreed by the Deceverite of the Pathfinder Society (Campaign Leadership). This lodge has been established to serve Pathfinders (Venture-Officers, Event Coordinators, GMs, Players, and new Pathfinder Agents) in the Northeastern Washington and Northern Idaho areas to continue to maintain the tenets of the Pathfinder Society (Explore, Report, Cooperate) and establish growth in that area.

If you have questions, comments, or concerns; please contact me at

If you are a Pathfinder Society Player in either the Roleplaying Guild, Adventure Card Guild, or both and there is no regular presence in your area; please contact me at

We are currently working on an Annual Event Calendar and right now we have the following events:

Summerfest (Name Changing) - August 2016
Extra Life Weekend (Name Changing) - Novmeber 4th-6th, 2016

If you have an event or convention that you would like to have a Pathfinder Society presence at, please contact at least six weeks before the event and we will add it to our schedule.

Preston Hudson
Venture-Captain - Northeastern Washington/Northern Idaho
North West Region

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I am pleased to announce that we now have two new 1 star GMs in our area as of this weekend.

First, congratulations to Kristy Carey!!

She earned her first star Destiny In The Sands Part 3:Sanctum of the Sages. After some improvisation during part of the scenario due a difficult chase, she managed to salvage the game and turn it into a successful game. Great job and thanks for getting behind the screen.

Next, after taking a table through the Silverhex Chronicles, Joe Morbeer (as well call him). Has also achieved his 1st GM star this weekend during our 48 Hour Gaming Marathon for Spokane Partners. Players had a great time playing the scenario and running with classes they would normally not play.

Congratulations to your both and thanks for giving back to the global Pathfinder Society Community. Huzzah!!

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Congratulations to Andrew Hollingshead for achieving his 5th star!!

Andrew GMd the Season 3 scenario The Immortal Conundrum on 10/30/15 with the party was able to stay well engaged and enjoy one of the many role playing specific scenarios. It was a great time.

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The Gamer's Haven will be hosting a 48 hour gaming marathon to help support the local food banks. This event will start at 5:00 PM on 12/11 and end at 5:00 PM on 12/13. There will be plenty of Pathfinder Society Role Playing and Adventure Card Guild action going on during this event! Watch this thread for more details and where to sign up for games!!

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If you happen to find yourself in the Spokane Area, please join us at the Spokane Community College Lair Building for our Extra Life Weekend to help raise money for the local Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.

More details are here.

Sign up for games on our Warhorn page.

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Well now that it is official I can state that Spokane now has its second 5 star GM. I would like to congradulate Jonathan Nollan on achieving his 5th star with his run of Lyrics of Extinction.

Thank you Jonathan for all your work in the Spokane PFS Community and beyond. Congratulations and welcome to the ranks!!

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I was not sure if I would be putting a post like this up ever but here I am posting congratulations to my wife Shelly on achieving her third GM star. She ran a great table of We Be Goblins Free this evening and we had a blast (no pun intended).

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I am pleased to announce that Andrew Hollingshead has just earned his 4th star with a run of Dawn of the Scarlet Sun. His players seemed to have a blast with that game. Looking forward to seeing you hit 150. Congratulations Andrew!!

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It is great to see this kind of growth and congratulations to the VO staff in both of these countries. I have had the joy of seeing the exponential growth of PFS worldwide in the 3+ years I have been part of this campaign (both as a player and a VO) and I am sure we will see continued growth in 2015 and beyond. Congratulations!!

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The Haven Pathfinder Lodge in Spokane Valley, WA will be hosting the Season 4 Special, Race for the Runecarved Key. This event will be held at The Gamer's Haven from 7:00 PM to 12:00 PM in place of our regular weekly game. If you are interested in attending, please sign up in advance on the Spokane Special Events Warhorn page. Hope to see you there!

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I was curious if King of Chaos will be, like the other Pathfinder Tales books, available on the iBookstore or has that stopped after the last book released? Thank you in advance for your response.

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There was a player who came to our PFS Session at the Gamer's Haven and ran the Penumbral Accords for one of our tables when we were in need of a GM. If you left your Bestiary at the session or if anyone else had left it there at the shop. Please contact either myself of the staff at the Gamer's Haven so we can assure its return. Thank you for your time.

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I have a level 5 Druid that I am hoping to change deities from Nethys to Green Faith so I can take the Green Faith Acolyte feat and go into the Green Faith Acolyte prestige class. My Druid is neutral so there will be no alignment changes at all.

The questions I have are this:

Can I change deities at this point or am I out of luck?
If it is possible to make the change, is there anything I need to do to make that change possible?
If I make the change, do I lose any abilities or spell casting?

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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This is my question. I will be attending my first Paizocon this year and I just saw the blog call out for volunteers. Now I am contemplating if I should volunteer for a couple of slots and still enjoy the convention or if I should wait until next year and possibly pick up more than just a couple of slots. I did purchase my badge and banquet ticket for the event and am looking forward to it no matter what my final decision.

Thank you in advance for your input.

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I was not able to locate a answer in this forum, so I hope to find one in my specific posting. I have a character that is a Samurai and a Ronin that I played last night. A question came to me on the challenge abilities. Are the class challenge abilities and the order challenge abilities treated as two separate abilities or does the order ability replace the class ability. Any help will be greatly appreciated and I thank you in advance.

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As of last night, I have received my first GM star and it was before the end of the year. My thanks to all of you here on the message boards, my players, and those who have mentored me in my initial sessions. Without your guidance, I am not sure where I would have been in my progress as a GM. Now to start planning for my second star.

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Recently, I was party to a disagreement concerning 0 Level Cantrips/Orisons. My original understanding was that you can prepare your daily limit of those spells but you can cast a single one of them as many times you wish up to your 0 level spells per day limit.

According to what I have seen so far in my search on this topic was that 0 level spells do not expend the spell slot after they are cast (like spells of level 1 and up) and have no limit on the number of times they can be cast.

If the player has a spell component pouch and any of their spells require a material component, it is my thought that there is no way they can have an unlimited supply of that particular component (firefly for light as an example).

I hope to get this cleared up once and for all so I can insure my understanding of this topic is correct or bring myself to the correct understanding. Thank you everyone for your time and patience.

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We are currently looking for an additional GM (or two) to help our expanding presence at the Gamer's Haven in the Spokane Valley. Our normal night run Fridays at 8:00 PM and go until 11:00 (or sometimes later) due to being close to adding another table to our mix.

Also, we are looking for a GM to start a group at another FLGS in Northtown Mall. If you are interested, please message me here and I will fill you in on the details. Thank you.

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The Gamer's Haven will be hosting a charity gaming marathon to benefit our area food banks, The American Cancer Society, Toys for Tots, and the Wounded Warrior Project. This event will start at 12:00 PM on Saturday 12/15 and end on Sunday at 12:00 PM on 12/16. We will be having Pathfinder Society Games starting at 8:00 PM until ? with the following games:

8:00 PM to 11:00 PM - Completion of In Wrath's Shadow (Friday PFS)
12:00 AM to 4:00 AM - Murder on the Throaty Mermaid (6)
5:00 AM to ? - We Be Goblins

Players will be allowed to purchase Player or GM Rerolls with a $1.00 or $2.00 (GM) donation to any of the above mentioned charities. Players rerolls are transferrable but not allowed to be used against another player.

Game schedule is subject to change or adjustments due to player number or additional GM availability.

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We had a situation at our game this evening that the GM and I were not 100% sure on the proper handling. Another player decided to kill his character and come back in as a pregen, essentially starting over as he will be applying the chronicle he received tonight to a brand new character. The dead character was level 1 and played in a Tier 1-5 scenario in subtler 1-2 prior to the PC death this evening. From my understanding of the replayability rules, unless this player GMs the scenario he played in prior to his death he cannot play in that scenario again as a player since replayability is tied to the player and not the character (Tier 1 scenarios and Tier 1-2 module exception understood).

Any help on this will be appreciated as this is something I have not seen yet or was able to find on the forum or in the GtoPFSOP. Thank you in advance.

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As most of you probably know, I have not been a GM for very long. I wanted to take a moment to thank each and every person who has helped me on my journey as a GM. I just finished posting my congratulations to our newest 5 star GM and it made me think about the help I have received myself during times where I had questions or when I needed the classic sanity check. I can't say enough how great this community is and it makes me glad for my choice to GM. Thank you all.

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Hi everyone. I have seen some conflicting information concerning faction missions and I am hoping to clear this up for good. I am aware in the season 0-2 scenarios, if two different factions get the same mission and one of those players completes the faction mission it is considered complete by both factions. Would both players get the PP or just the player completing the faction mission?

Would this apply if there were more than one member of the same faction at the table and only one of them actually completes the faction mission?

Would the application of the faction mission PP be a GM call if the other member of the faction was working on the overall mission completion and the faction mission was completed by another within the faction?

Thanks in advance for the responses.

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I apologize if this actually belongs in the rules questions forum but since the question involves a society character, I thought it would work here and answer both regular play as well as society.

Does your class, race, or both determine your weapon proficiency?

I am asking this as I thought of purchasing a bow for my elf druid but the GM states that your class determines your final weapon proficiency. I know the elf has proficiency with longbows (including composite longbows), longswords, rapiers, and shortbows (including composite shortbows), and treat any weapon with the word “elven” in its name as a martial weapon.

The Druid does not carry any of these proficiencies including martial weapons.

If it were me as GM, I would allow it as the race granted the proficiency and the only time martial weapons came into play was if Elven was in the name as stated in the race description. I am sure this question will come up again in my sessions and I wanted to make sure that my ruling or the GM I play with have the correct ruling. Thank you again in advance as I stand by the fact this is a great community.

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Everyone in the Spokane Area, I wanted to make sure it was known that there are a few games that occur in our area each week. The games I am currently am aware of taking place are:

Thursdays - Uncle's Games in the Spokane Valley Mall 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
All are welcome
Group alternates between PFS, Adventure Paths, and Home Brew

Fridays - The Gamer's Haven 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM
2114 N. Pines St Suites 1 + 2
Spokane Valley, WA 99206
All are welcome
Currently PFS Only

These are the only games that I am aware of occurring. If you have a game going in the area that you would like to mention here, please feel free. If you are a game store and looking to get a Pathfinder Society Game started, please feel free to post here as well and we can try to help get that going.

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I am aware that WBG comes with 4 pregen goblins. The group I usually have at my PFS nights may be 5 or more. It is possible for me to legally run WBG with 5 players or is 4 the absolute table limit for that module. Thanks you all your help in this and my many other questions I have approached the community in the past.

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I apologize for coming to the forums with all my questions but as a relatively new GM (Started 8/31/12) I would like to insure that I am doing things correctly. My question is about event reporting and table credit. I currently coordinate a PFS weekly game at one of our FLGS and I have seen some changes on my player log (I play at a different store from where I GM) that has brought a concern on if I am reporting correctly. Do you report each session that you run or do you report at the end of a scenario or module? Thank you in advance for your responses and I am appreciative of all of the assistance I have been getting from my postings on the forums.

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I am going to preface this with an apology that if anything I address here has been brought up in another posting, please accept my apologies (any references you can provide will be appreciated). I am trying to not only clarify some things for myself but to help the GM who has been mentoring me so both of us can be better at what we do in our games.

1.). Scenarios give 1 PP for completion and 1 PP for completion of the faction mission. Sanctioned modules give 4 PP for completion. XP is 1 per scenario and 3 per module.
(All based on standard advancement track and is halved for slow adv. track)

2.). Fame is the accumulated PP received over the career of the character and PP awarded is the spendable component.

3.) All items that the party found during the scenario/module and listed on the chronicle sheet are purchasable for 1/2 of what is listed on the chronicle sheet or is the price listed what the party has to pay for the item,

4.) items listed on the chronicle sheet that have successfully been found by the party. Are they considered as already having been sold to the Society or does any of the listed pricing need to be adjusted.

The objective to this posting is to insure that I am doing things correctly and to clear up conflicting information I have been receiving. Thank you in advance for all your help and I do apologize for anything mentioned here that has been previously addressed.

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I apologize if this question is obvious or has been discussed in a thread that I did not catch. I have been GMing for about 2 months now and have been applying my GM credit to a character that I am also actively playing (currently the only PFS character I have).

My question is if this is legal or do I need to set up a character just to apply my GM credit towards?

Additional Information: Currently I am going to be finishing a scenario with a group tonight as a player and starting the third of the First Steps series tomorrow night as a GM.

Thank you in advance for your help in this matter.

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I have to apologize as I have just recently started playing both D&D as well as Pathfinder. This past Thursday, I created my first society character but am not sure if it is completely legal. The DM of the group I was playing with was not completely sure either. I have the character registered but I am not sure what information is required. Any assistance anyone can be will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your time.