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I was not able to locate a answer in this forum, so I hope to find one in my specific posting. I have a character that is a Samurai and a Ronin that I played last night. A question came to me on the challenge abilities. Are the class challenge abilities and the order challenge abilities treated as two separate abilities or does the order ability replace the class ability. Any help will be greatly appreciated and I thank you in advance.

The order ability modifies the class ability.

So if you're a level 1 Ronin, your challenge will do the following:

* +1 morale bonus on attack rolls against your challenged target
* +1 Dodge bonus to AC against your challenged target
* +1 damage against your challenged target
* -2 AC against non-challenged target foes

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Thanks Cheapy. Just a clarification, as a Ronin you can still challenge a target that challenges you in combat. Wanted to make sure the iaijitsu strike still works (my samurai is a Sword Saint - left that information out for simplicity) as a Ronin.

Yep, I believe you can still challenge someone challenging you.

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