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An Addition to my Top Scenario List

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I was able to GM this scenario to open the month of July and I really enjoyed running this and my players had a lot of fun. My table played in the 1-2 subtier, had no struggles with the needed checks, and actually payed attention to the briefing. This scenario has taken its place as one of my favorites (I guess I am pretty partial to elves) and one I will gladly run multiple times.

Edit: One of the players at the table described the scenario as

Player Comment wrote:
exciting, fun, and rewarding enjoyment. The best Season 7 Scenario I have played to date.

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Great Timing on this Volume

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This book was both greatly timed and well worth the money in my opinion. The character backstory ideas alone are great for fleshing out your character to create a better role playing experience. The material within will provide a great tool for character creation and other campaign aspects. It was worth the wait.