30 Hour Food Drive - Spokane Valley, WA

Local Play

Scarab Sages 5/5 Venture-Captain, Washington—Spokane

It is that time of year again and Paizo Organized Play of the Inland Northwest will be once again assisting The Gamer's Haven in Spokane Valley, WA with their annual 30 Hour Food Drive to help Spokane Valley Partners help those in need.

We will be offering Pathfinder and Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Games from 12/15/17 at 12:00 PM to 12/16/17 at 12:00 AM and, after a short rest, we will return on 12/17/17 from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Cash and Food Donations are welcome!!

If you're in the area, hope to see you there!! Questions about the event can be directed to myself by PM or E-Mail at spokanepfs@gmail.com.

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