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Not sure if it was already discussed (I tried to scan through the whole thread) but what is the word on the new ranger thrown weapon style? And any new feats that fit well with thrown weapons?

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So after looking at your hp per level, your feat selection makes the build not terrible but it is still far from decent. Lets compare your hp outlay vs a monk with 12 Con and a Wizard with 12 Con (assuming they do NOT take Tribal Scares or Toughness).

Level : Your Build : Monk, 12 Con : Wizard, 12 Con

1 : 15 : 9 : 7
2 : 18 : 15 : 12
3 : 21 : 21 : 17
4 : 25 : 27 : 22
5 : 29 : 33 : 27
6 : 33 : 39 : 32
7 : 37 : 45 : 37
8 : 41 : 54 : 42
9 : 45 : 57 : 47
10 : 49 : 63 : 52
11 : 53 : 69 : 57
12 : 57 : 75 : 62

Some things of note, you spend 2 of your feats and a Monk with 12 Con will have equal hp to you at 3rd level and a Wizard will have equal hp to you at 7th level but you are pretty close to each other level 5 and on. Now consider you are a front line fighter, as a couple of other people mentioned, a critical or a couple of hits in a row from even a mediocre damage dealer and you are most likely dead.

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You should just be a Elven Wizard with a 5 Con, that way you will have a whole 14hp by the time you retire at 12th level!

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Skulking Slayer lets you replace any attack with a dirty trick or steal combat maneuver in place of SA damage. Then you only have to deal with getting that original SA set up and the rest of your attacks are good once he's blind.

Net Trickery is a little more feat intensive but is easier to pull off and can be done more consistently. And you can pair that with Net and Trident for a bit more damage.

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Hmm, your further then I thought. That far ahead I don't have any good ideas on items/powers to give them to replace Mythic. However, I would recommend a couple of things.

First: Maximize the HP for the enemies.

Second: Advanced and Mythic Templates are your friend, sprinkle them on everything if your party is rolling over their enemies.

Third: Add more, the book only has one big bad? Throw in two, and modify the fluff to make it work.

Fourth: Don't worry about what the original CR of each encounter, a maximized party should be able to handle something 2 or 3 CR above them. Increasing the CR (without increasing the xp) will slow them down.

Fifth: They are fighting a semi organized enemy (at least as far as we are); survivors, observers, and rumors can reveal your part's tactics to other enemies who can take precautions against them. I'm sure they've all heard of the Sleep/Coup de Grace king in your party and will have spells or items to shore up their weakness to that... play smart enemies like they are smart, that means preping for possible encounters against the party. But don't make all of the enemies immune or resistant to it.

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How far into the book are you? I'm about half way through the second and I can tell you my PCs would be dead without Mythic several times over. Depending on how far you've gone I might be able to think of a couple of things.

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One level of Cleric gives you Channel Energy, which can be converted to Ki with a Bronze Gong. That means you will have an additional Cha+3 Ki points per day giving you additional Smite Evil/Chaos each day. Also you can qualify for guided hand if you don't mind spending the feats once you go Cleric, letting you use Wis to hit.

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Ninja would work well for a 2 level dip, you don't get refreshable Ki points like a Drunken Monk but you get it a level earlier and you get some Ninja Tricks. Also, dip one level of Cleric and grab a Bronze Gong.

At 9th level you have the following:
1+Cha Ki points from Ninja (Interchangeable with Arcana)
3+Int Arcana points from Magus (Interchangeable with Ki)
3+Cha Channels (Convertible to Ki with Bronze Gong)

So you potentially have 7+2*Cha+Int Ki or Arcana points, 1st Level cleric spells, 2 domains, +1d6 Sneak Attack, poison use, a Ninja Trick, and your Magus stuff. You can also take vows to boost your Ki or Arcana points.

Not over powered but opens up doors for Ki or Arcana intensive builds, throw in Magical Lineage and your CL for Magus is only down 1 level (doesn't help with spell progression though).

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Sean K Reynolds wrote:
Please Don't Kill Me wrote:
Would a barbarian gain Rage Powers from his own class features as well as the Skalds if he chooses to accept the Skald's Raging Song and activate his own Rage?

As written, no, but I can see the case for making it work that way.

As of right now, that would be my only suggestion for this class.

If another class has rage or rage like ability, the character receives the better of the morale bonuses, the more detrimental AC penalty, and he would gain Rage Powers (if any) from both sources with duplicate Rage Powers not stacking*.

*Or potentially adding an additional use per rage/day/round.

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Would a barbarian gain Rage Powers from his own class features as well as the Skalds if he chooses to accept the Skald's Raging Song and activate his own Rage?

Edit: By the way, I love these classes so far. Thank you and the design team for the fantastic work so far.

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Mark_Twain007 wrote:
I do however like that it automatically affects unconscious allies, so you can keep them alive with more CON.

This. Your buddy falls unconscious? Start your battle song and depending on his level and the severity he may by standing again.

I'm pretty sure that you can use Su and Ex abilities while raging, that would make a lot of class features still useable while the Skald sings his songs of violence and death...

As for the Str and Con bonus not staking with a Barbarians, that sucks but he still benefits. He gains all of the Rage Powers of the Skald which can potentially more than double his rage powers. That could give a Barbarian access to two separate Totem Rage Power lines, one from his own class feature and the other from the Skald.

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I think one of the best parts of this class lies in the Rage Powers he can grant to his allies. Take Extra Rage Power for the rest of your feats (or a good portion of them) and not only can you give allies a +2 or higher to Str and Con, you give them a bunch of rage powers.

Want to take down spellcasters with your team? Take the Superstition line.
How about granting your team DR/-? Can do.
Greater to Hit? How about Reckless Abandon.
Pounce for your entire team? No problem.
Increase your party's land speed? Up to 15ft if you want.
Add a variety of natural attacks to everyone? Yup.

With complete focus on Rage Powers, you can provide your entire party (if they want) a huge number of buffs at the cost of a single standard action (or less at higher levels). That is all in addition to the extra HP, damage, and attack that you get from the standard song.

I love this class, just like I love most of the new classes.

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;__; They haven't shipped mine yet...

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Be whatever Magus you want that doesn't give up the your first arcana and use a whip and at 3rd level take the Wand Wielder arcana. Grab yourself a wand of true strike (only 2PP!) and Bam! Do whatever maneuver your little heart desires... just try not to provoke, you don't want to get yourself killed after all.

You get your BAB + Str Mod + Misc Bonuses + 20

I've seen it work extremely well.

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Celestine8 wrote:
Can't... wait... for... shipping... ;__;

I feel the same ;__;

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I would say just build up a nice little stock of utility and specialty potions so you can use them as needed. I would use something like Bull's Strength, Enlarge Person, Fly, Haste, or Cure Serious Wounds.

Combine this extract with a couple of hollow pummel weapons and accelerated drinker and your action economy shouldn't hurt to much.

Round one: Drink Extract and move towards enemy while drawing the appropriate weapon with your desired potion stored inside.

Round two: As a move action drink your potion, spit it back as a free action, and proceed to attack the enemy.

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Liz Courts wrote:
Nate Z wrote:
Sometimes....I think they watch these parts of product threads and giggle at our impatient suffering...
We're actually pretty frustrated, because we *want* to be able to talk about the awesome stuff in the new releases, and share the details, but can't until it's starting to release to customers. :(

Just out of curiosity, do you know when these should start shipping to subscribers? I really can't wait to get my hands on the pdf and see all of the juicy content inside and I don't think checking my email every 30 min is helping... but of course I would never do that...

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CRobledo wrote:

Gunslinger 5/Fighter 1/Horizon Walker 3?

You can Dervish, and go shooting into rooms, around corners, around cover, around allies, then end up back in safe range.

Gunslinger 5 for Dex to damage. Fighter level for extra feat. I guess all you really need is Rapid Reload, Rapid Shot and Deadly Aim...

Plus, Wisdom synergy? Goign HW over EK means you don't need to be a specific race, you you could be one of the Heritages with +Dex and +Wis.

I like this idea, okay so we take Dimensional Agility at 9th level and spend 10 prestige to retrain 2 feats into Dimensional Assault and Dervish. We also need to take Endurance for access into Horizon Walker.

A non Human or Half Orc (Shaman's Apprentice) will have 3 feats to spend giving you Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot, and Deadly Aim or Rapid Shot. If you are a Musket Master you get Rapid Reload for free and if you are a Human or Half Orc you can grab all four of the feats I listed.

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Ninja 6/Horizon Walker 3

3 + Wis Mod/Day you can Dimension Door your way around the battlefield and make full attacks, never have to worry about tumbling or positioning again! Of course you have to wait until 11th level to flank with yourself with Dimensional Savant.

I was thinking you could be a Tiefling and you have yourself Nightcrawler for 9-18 games depending on what track you play.

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I would love a Summoner/Alchemist combo that bonds to a suit of armor and or a weapon. Have those be customizable like an Eidolon but powered by the awesomeness of alchemy. Give them some extracts, throw anything like an alchemist, and a new SLA to summon things like a Summoner but more fitting to weapons and armor.

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Albatoonoe wrote:
Are we talking about the Thassilonian specialist wizard here? It doesn't really matter, but since SRD got all crazy, I'm finding it hard to know what class/archetype some people are talking about.

I am talking about the Thassilonian Specialist. Also, that would be real nifty if they would maintain their bonus spells while taking prestige classes, it would make a Sin Mage/Bloatmage a fairly versatile combination.

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Would a Sin Mage gain the additional 2 spell slots per level even if casting is progressed through a prestige class? Would a Sin Mage Wizard 5/Bloatmage X still gain the 2 additional spell slots for his 4th, 5th, ect level spells?

I ask because this clarification about their school powers seems to imply the archetype modifies spell casting rather than schools. So it seems to me that the prestige class would indeed grant those bonus spell slots. However, I could be wrong, so I figured I would ask.

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What I really want... I want a cleric/wizard, a sorcerer/oracle, or something along those lines. I know there is already a prestige class but I want something that is nice and pretty, wrapped up in the from of a new hybrid class!

Give 6th level casting in both arcane and divine spells, poor BAB, poor saves, and some neato new features... I would be the happiest camper ever!

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Noether wrote:
Please Don't Kill Me wrote:

I'm a little rusty on my stats but it should be 120 assuming you can have a two bonuses to a physical or mental stat, which you normally you don't see. If you keep it to one +2 for physical and one +2 for mental with a floating -2 then you should only have 36 options.

Math for the first one: (6 choose 1)*(5 choose 1)*(4 choose 1) = 120
Math for the second: (3 choose 1)*(3 choose 1)*(4 choose 1) = 36

Like I said my stats are a bit rusty so I apologize if I'm incorrect.

For the first it's (6 choose 2)*(4 choose 1) = 60, since the order you choose the +2's doesn't matter.

For the second your math is correct.

Duh, on my part. That will teach me to think before I math.

Sovereign Court

I'm a little rusty on my stats but it should be 120 assuming you can have a two bonuses to a physical or mental stat, which you normally you don't see. If you keep it to one +2 for physical and one +2 for mental with a floating -2 then you should only have 36 options.

Math for the first one: (6 choose 1)*(5 choose 1)*(4 choose 1) = 120
Math for the second: (3 choose 1)*(3 choose 1)*(4 choose 1) = 36

Like I said my stats are a bit rusty so I apologize if I'm incorrect.

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I would probably trade it out for Tenacious Survivor. That way, even death isn't an issue.

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blackbloodtroll wrote:

I am cool with this.

I feel like someone got chocolate on my peanut butter.

Sorry to correct you but I believe someone got peanut butter on your chocolate. Your way just sounds silly...

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I would like to add another level 12 to the list.

Zoidberg the Great... he has performed many surgeries with his trusty musket!

Taldorian Human - 5 Musket Master/4 Weapon Master/2 Martial Artist/1 Inquisitor

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Looks for Kobolds of Golarion and finds nothing.

*Sigh* Nothing from Kobold's of Golarion *Sigh*

I was really hoping that the Kobold Style feat chain would be allowed... so many options and possibilities... and you don't even have to be a kobold to join in all the fun!

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Lakesidefantasy wrote:

Oh, this is good.

Awhile back I did some analysis on ability score arrays and your results match what I found as well. Which is good, because it involved some of the toughest mathematics I have ever subjected myself to.

Nice job!

I also ran a 10 point buy. Could you confirm my results?

** spoiler omitted **

Thanks, except I cheated and used a program to do the heavy lifting. I just set the parameters and took the credit...

I won't be able to confirm anything until monday but everything looks fine from a quick look over except Max ability score modifier should be 5 not 7, I think you forgot to change that one.

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Porphyrogenitus wrote:


It probably won't change how PCs build their characters but I can see using this for certain types of NPCs when wanting to branch out from just assigning them one of the "Arrays."

Yeah, I wasn't trying to change the hearts and minds of the masses. It started while I was trying to build a stat array for a PFS character (GM baby) that has a boon allowing an additional point to be spent like at 4th level. Then I thought, how can I get him to be strong but well rounded in terms of having bonuses in all my ability scores.

I mean, looking at it 14, 14, 14, 13, 12, 10 pre racial in 20 point buy is not bad. Races with +2/+2/-2 can end up with two 16s and a 14. Thats not terrible, especially for support and buff characters, even switch hitters wouldn't do terrible with that array. While this isn't a new revelation, actually seeing those numbers pop up as not only a well rounded outcome but a decently strong array made me stop and think.

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Ezzran wrote:
I'll throw in "Have to have a 17 pre racial? Best you can aspire to:" as a suggestion. It's a pretty common one, in order to get the attribute gains from level up at an even number for level 20 (or for most games, 12)

Yeah, I can throw that one up on monday.

Sovereign Court

So I had a bit of free time on my hands and I wanted to figure out the highest (and lowest) total ability score modifiers you can get under several conditions (via some nifty problem solving software curtesy of my employer).

Total ability score modifiers will be defined as the sum of all ability scores for a given stat array, ignoring any racial modifiers. Racial modifiers play no real part in this analysis though, as the standard array and human array both simply add 1 to the totals that will be given. Note that this is not a guide to maxing out your character, just the best (or worst) way to have the most bonuses on your character. Again, this is pre racial bonuses and I'll add in a sample array.


Max ability score modifiers: 10
ex. 14, 14, 14, 14, 13, 12

Min ability score modifiers: 3
ex. 18, 18, 9, 8, 8, 7

Have to have a 18 pre racial? Best you can aspire to: 8
ex. 18, 12, 12, 12, 12, 10

Have to have a 16 pre racial? Best you can aspire to: 9
ex. 16, 14, 13, 13, 12, 12


Max ability score modifiers: 8
ex. 14, 14, 13, 13, 12, 12

Min ability score modifiers: 1
ex. 18, 18, 8, 7, 7, 7

Have to have a 18 pre racial? Best you can aspire to: 5
ex. 18, 12, 12, 11, 10, 8

Have to have a 16 pre racial? Best you can aspire to: 8
ex. 16, 12, 12, 12, 12, 12


Max ability score modifiers: 7
ex. 14, 12, 12, 12, 12, 12

Min ability score modifiers: 0
ex. 17, 17, 9, 8, 7, 7

Have to have a 18 pre racial? Best you can aspire to: 3
ex. 18, 12, 12, 12, 7, 7

Have to have a 16 pre racial? Best you can aspire to: 5
ex. 16, 12, 12, 12, 11, 8

These should be correct barring and oversight I made when setting the parameters of the solver, if you would like me to add another scenario just let me know and I'll run it monday. Also note, the examples are just one way to arrive at the max (or min) ability score modifiers, which is made evident in the 20 point buy scenario.

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Convoluted Character wrote:

For the ARG they had additional restrictions, but not for other sources (such as the race guides). You could not use Racial Heritage to be a Treesinger [ARG], but you could for a Brightness Seeker [Elves of Golarion].

If I invoke the name Michael Brock, will he come and say whether a human with goblin heritage is goblin enough to access feats from Goblins of Golarion?

No, here is the entire quote from the additional resources page, note the bolding is already in the original text as Belafon pointed out.

Additional Resources wrote:

Pathfinder Player Companion: Goblins of Golarion

To create a goblin character, you must have a Chronicle sheet that opens the race as a legal option at character creation. Only legal goblin PCs are allowed to choose anything from this book.
Equipment: all equipment in the table on page 12 except cobbled item are legal for play; Feats: all feats on pages 24–25 are legal for play; Magic Items: all magic items on page 29 are legal for play; Misc.: all goblin gods and subdomains except flotsam on pages 26–27 are legal for play; Spells: all spells on pages 28–29 except limp lash are legal for play; Traits: all traits on pages 15–16 are legal for play

Note the line Only legal goblin PCs are allowed to choose anything from this book. If you do not have a boon that allows you to play a goblin then nothing in this book is considered a legal option to you.

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Chris Mortika wrote:
Last weekend, I ran a game where the party faced a redcap. Which critted on its first attack: that's 8d4 + 40, against a flat-footed 4th-level inquisitor.

It was something like this if I remember correctly...

Redcap to the Monk: "Hello, I have to go kill people..." redcap walks past the monk up the stairs.
Inquisitor on the stairs: "What the... *gargle gargle gargle*" as he chokes to death on his own blood...

It was a really fun scenario though and as others have said death happens, you have to accept it and move on unfortunately. I mean death happens so often to that inquisitor that he died in Bonekeep the night before and would die in the scenario after his run in with the redcap. Thats right, he died in three consecutive scenarios lol!

Sovereign Court

What I would suggest is be a Gnome with Spell Focus Illusion and at 6th level go into Veiled Illusionist so that you can get a whole host of Illusion spells. With that I would recommend the Blackened Curse for fire spells. That way you are a full divine caster with a focus on Illusion spells and a decent backup of fire spells.

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Alexander Augunas wrote:
Haunted's biggest drawback is that it makes you take longer to draw goods. However, the jury is out on whether or not the Quick Draw feat can override that limitation.

The jury got back in a couple of weeks ago and Haunted curse has no effect on drawing weapons unless they where stored in your backpack or something...

FAQ wrote:

Oracle: Does the haunted curse affect how long it takes to draw a weapon?

No. The curse affects the "retrieve a stored item" action. If you are using the "draw a weapon" action (such as to draw a dagger from a belt sheath), that is a different kind of action and the haunted curse does not affect it.
If you were attempting to retrieve a dagger from your backpack, that would count as a "retrieve a stored item" action and the curse would interfere.

—Pathfinder Design Team, 04/05/13

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CombatTacos wrote:
Would it a bad choice to pick up Extra Revelation at level one though? It seemed worth the feat.

IMO, Extra Revelation is really nice at the early level and then later you look back and say, "well I wish I would have taken x." Illusion based Oracles are always fun, just go to Veiled Illusionist and you have a really good spell diversity. To do that you have to have Spell Focus (Illusion) and probably want Effortless Trickery, which means Racial Heritage (Gnome), which also means you need all the feats you can afford... leaving little room for Extra Revelation...

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Just stick with it, Misfortune will make save or suck spells your bread and butter because characters essentially have to save twice against the spell. Once you get to fourth level, pick up a pick axe (doesn't matter that your not proficient) and the spell hold person Hold Person.

Round One: Hold Person as a standard, move to enemy.
Round Two: Coup de Grace
Round Three: ???
Round Four: Profit

Also, you should stay away from Extra Revelation from now on. Mysteries are good but you will get a lot more as a Dual Cursed Oracle, if you front load now your choice latter will be meh. Pick things like Abundant Revelation so you can use Erase from Time more often.

One last thing, your human FCB will be nice once you get to 4th level. That way you can start picking up spells that you really wanted but you needed to grab a more useful one, look in to situational and utility spells because if you use it correctly you will have pretty good versatility with your casting.

Alternatively, at 6th level you can go into Veiled Illusionist since you have the Haunted Curse. Pick up Spell Focus Illusion at 3rd, Racial Heritage (Gnome) at 5th, and Effortless Trickery at 7th. You will be a full divine caster with a nice list of illusion spells, for which you can concentrate on as a swift or move action, and enemies that disbelieve can be made to re roll their saves...

Edit: Also, regardless of what you do pick up some Breastplate and a Buckler... you need some more AC my friend!

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Roll With It wrote:
If this movement would make you strike an object or creature of your size or larger, the movement immediately ends, you take 1d4 points of damage, and fall prone in that square.

For the prone issue: You are only prone if you hit something and the goblins get to choose which direction they go flying, so make them choose an open direction.

For the staggered issue: Staggered is a lame condition, limiting you to a move or a standard action. However, you can make use of this and charge! What I mean is that you should charge your opponents because you can charge while staggered.

Charge wrote:
If you are able to take only a standard action on your turn, you can still charge, but you are only allowed to move up to your speed (instead of up to double your speed) and you cannot draw a weapon unless you possess the Quick Draw feat. You can't use this option unless you are restricted to taking only a standard action on your turn.

And lastly, to improve your charging ability give all those cuddly goblins Improved Unarmed Strike and Dragon Style so they can charge through allies and difficult terrain with a little extra oomph from their tiny little fists. It will make your life so much easier and your pcs will hate you for it.

Sovereign Court

I have only ever seen two Inquisitors played and one is my own. I also feel like they fill in a lot of gaps with their ability to be so versatile, picking up melee/ranged/tanking/healing with their judgments if you build them right. While they won't outshine anyone at any of the above tasks, they do a damn good job of staying relevant and picking up any slack in the party.

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GM Arkwright wrote:
My understanding was that the ONLY way to take a race-specific class was to take the Racial heritage feat, requiring you to be human.

I'm sorry for any confusion but I'm only interested in race specific feats. I'm aware of the FAQ for subtypes and archetypes, for which you are correct, I'm just not sure if that extends to feats as well.

Sovereign Court

Note: This is for PFS, so there is no asking a GM for permission...

I had a quick question, is there anyway to gain the orc subtype besides the Orc Bloodline or Racial Heritage (Orc)?

I ask because I'm looking into being a Dwarf Fighter (Viking or Lore Warden) and taking advantage of Goblin Cleaver Feat, Accelerated Drink Trait, and lots of potions of Enlarge Person. Then I noticed Surprise Follow Through for Orcs/Half-Orcs and thought that would make a good mechanical addition to my build as well as a funny fluff thing (aka I have killed so many filthy Orcs in my time that there blood has contaminated my pure Dwarven blood!).

The only thing is I plan on dumping my Cha and I would like to avoid burning two feats to be able to pick up a third. Also, a level dip would be somewhat of a drag considering the crappy Cha score and not being able to use my spells and what not. Eventually I would like to do something a bit more exciting than fighter with him as well, maybe branch out into Inquisitor but thats another story.

So are there any ways to pick up the Orc subtype other than the two above methods?

Bonus Question: Is there a way to get the Dwarven subtype besides besides Racial Heritage? Would a Half-Orc with Racial Heritage (Dwarf) be a viable option in PFS (is it legal I mean)? Because I might be able to work that Idea out.

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The Weapon Style trait from Lantern Lodge gives you proficiency in a single weapon with the monk quality... in case you where wondering, yes, the Dan Bong has the monk quality...

Sovereign Court

Shameless Bump!

Also, I was thinking an Aasimar or Human (with the adopted trait and Enlightened Warrior) Barbarian with levels of Unarmed Fighter or Monk. That way I can get Panther Claw pretty early as well as a nice bonus to speed (+10 from Monk at third, +10 from Barbarian at first).

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So has anyone submitted a character yet?

Sovereign Court

So I came across the feat Roll With It and I really want to use it with a new character. Creation guidelines are anything Paizo with a 20pt build and I would like to avoid being a summoner but I have no qualms with using Racial Heritage (Goblin) to gain access to the feat. I don't know what level I will be starting at but any help with the build would be appreciated.

I was a bit put off by the staggered bit of the feat until I realized that I can still charge while staggered which is really nice. Then I realized that if I managed to get pounce somehow I would be making full attacks while staggered which is even better. So I think the best build to use in conjunction with Roll With It is a build that can do some cool stuff (or decent damage output) on a charge with no mount. I'm open to any other suggestions though, so please hit me with your best shot...

Also, for those that don't want to click the link above:

Roll With It wrote:

Prerequisite: Goblin, Acrobatics 1 rank.

Benefit: If you are struck by a melee weapon you can try to convert some or all of that damage into movement that sends you off in an uncontrolled bouncing roll. To do so, you must make an Acrobatics check (DC = 5 + the damage dealt from the attack) as an immediate action. If you succeed in this check, you take no damage from the actual attack but instead convert that damage into movement with each point equating to 1 foot of movement.

For example, if you would have taken 6 points of damage, you would convert that into 6 feet of movement. You immediately move in a straight line in a direction of your choice this number of feet (rounded up to the nearest 5-foot-square), halting if you reach a distance equal to your actual speed. If this movement would make you strike an object or creature of your size or larger, the movement immediately ends, you take 1d4 points of damage, and fall prone in that square. This involuntary movement provokes attacks of opportunity normally if you move through threatened squares, but does not provoke an attack of opportunity from the creature that struck you in the first place.

You are staggered for 1 round after you attempt to use this feat, whether or not you succeed.

Edit: As an after thought Panther Claw and Panther Style might be kind of cool to use with this too... don't know quite how to work that in but hey, thats what you guys are here for.

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I'm open for either game. I'm just curious, will the new game be lower level so its not a game of rocket hide and seek tag?

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What about the Arcane Bomber Wizard archetype? You're a full wizard with full bomb progression!

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So.... I'm assuming this game is dead...

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