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Giantslayer Map : Senate

@Damrak Acrobatics, Disguise, Perform (act, comedy, or dance), or Sleight of Hand. Honestly this makes no sense at all with the first reward so I am going to say you can use Perception to, but only up to the 1st tier influence reward. The first reward is clearly based on what you see.

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Giantslayer Map : Senate

The Count chuckles, "Ah, you are in the right place my Dear, all us stuffy history buffs will be congealing here sooner or later, once you have caught the bug you are quite doomed!" He happily writes the details of a half dozen books with scrawled notes as to why they of interest.

"Now as to the Vernisant wines I have not had the pleasure, but they are difficult to miss for some reason that family chose to use bottles far larger than the typical. One might assume they were compensating for something, haha, oh dear, I told you I was overfond of wine!"

Smiling he waves over a couple of gentleman of similar age and nods to Amandine, "The Lady is interested in history and wine, if I was twenty years younger! My goodness you would be in trouble, if you consider some tom fool making moon eyes at you while being too cowardly to make a move trouble, that is!"

Two other greying men move over and greet Amandine politely, "Viscount Nall Vercander, Charmed my Lady, I do not suppose you have a fondness for handsome imbeciles? I have a son I am trying to offload on some poor woman, preferably one with a brain to stop him selling my estates for magic beans the moment I keel over."

The other slightly portly man simply waves and colors standing a few paces behind Viscount Vercander.

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Giantslayer Map : Senate

Oppara is Taldor's thriving capital — a shining monument to the grandeur and majesty once common to the entire Taldan empire. Seated on the black cliffs of the River Porthmos in Opparos Prefecture, Oppara bears all the gravitas and extravagance that 6,000 years of history have conferred upon it. The roofs and domes of Oppara were once plated with gold, earning it the nickname "the Gilded City," and though past rulers stripped the gold away long ago to pay for the empire's follies, the wealth and decadence of Taldor's capital keep the spirit of that name alive.

Oppara serves as Taldor's primary trade center, with traffic coming both from Taldor's interior via the River Porthmos and from the steady stream of international vessels sailing in from the Inner Sea. It is also the home of Taldor's government, hosting both the Imperial Palace of the grand prince and the polished marble halls of the senate. As the economic and political hub of Taldor, Oppara is the beating heart of the empire and the center of Taldan culture. Twin harbors provide goods to the city’s thriving marketplaces and restaurants, and they're often so crammed with ships that the river cannot be seen. Public fountains and marble statues can be found at many major crossroads and plazas. Columned villas and grandiose temples from every age of Taldor's history line the streets, and even the humbler merchant districts are holdovers from an unparalleled age of glory. Most of Oppara's buildings are made of carved stone, and the roads are paved with either intricate mosaics or well-fitted cobblestones. Much of the city's advanced public works have withstood the test of time, including its labyrinthine sewer system and the network of stone gutters that keep the streets clear of summer rain. The Grand Bridge of the Empire, emerging from the southeastern shore of the city's heart to cross the massive Porthmos, remains one of the most ambitious and impressive engineering marvels in the Inner Sea. Two magically animated lion sculptures stand sentinel atop Oppara's main gate, offering a glimpse into the greatness that currently lies dormant within the empire. At night, the city is lit with tens of thousands of lanterns, causing it to shine like a beacon in the darkness.

Every year, the empire of Taldor celebrates the Grand Day of Exaltation. On this prestigious day, the Grand Prince is empowered to elevate a commoner to the ranks of nobility. The event itself is the embodiment of formality, with the elevated commoner selected months or years in advance. What makes the day truly special is that the preceding week is a holiday throughout the empire. Nobles, senators, and hopeful petitioners fill the capital city of Oppara for galas, performances, and parades. To the nobility, the week before the Grand Day of Exaltation is a time to conduct important business deals, issue noble proclamations, and hold private parties. With so many prominent politicians arriving from across the empire, the Taldan senate uses Exaltation Week to vote on matters of nationwide importance.

Visitors flock to Oppara in the days leading up to the Grand Day of Exaltation. The populace of the city doubles during this time, making Oppara larger than any other city in the Inner Sea region, save Absalom. The self-importance of the already prideful Taldan people swells in equal measure. Street vendors sell traditional Taldan foods—anchovy skewers, anglebobs, canal crossings, clamguards, jubilee pie, honeyflake, long wine, yonder tarts, and more—including regional delicacies from separated provinces such as Andoran mince and Chelish raven cake. Family banners and provincial flags drape the sides of most buildings, with merchants hawking heraldry ranging from replica banners of the old Armies of Exploration to wooden swords and handheld Taldan flags for children. Taverns offer themed drink and food, with varying bars adopting well-known nobles from the long history of the empire as their mascot or self-declared patron.

Alongside all the pomp and circumstance filling Oppara is a noteworthy moment in history: the imperial senate is poised to hold a historic vote to end primogeniture. The potential end of the millennia-standing law of succession is the talk of the town. Streets and taverns are abuzz with conversations; some wish to see the law thrown down to pave a way for Princess Eutropia to ascend to the throne, while hardliners (especially elder nobles) believe the vote to be another wound in the great history of the empire, allowing not only the rabble-rousing Eutropia to inherit family power, but every ill-deserving woman. Regardless of the outcome, both sides of the debate agree that life will go on, and despite the serious ramifications of primogeniture's potential end, the streets of Oppara hold no signs of unrest during the jubilant celebrations of the Grand Day of Exaltation.

Each of you has another reason to be excited for the Grand Day of Exaltation. You have each been contacted by Lady Martella Lotheed, the illegitimate daughter of the prestigious Lotheed noble family and a burgeoning spymaster. She has hired you to serve as her covert agents at the Grand Day of Exaltation festivities at the senate buiding. She has promised each of you 150 gp the next day for completing your missions, in addition to the extraordinary access and prestige granted by attending one of Taldor's most exclusive and high-profile political events. She has also provided each of you a 30-gp line of credit at her favorite tailor shop, Thread Rare.

This is enough to acquire a courtier's outfit at no cost, or you can provide the remaining 45 gp for a noble's outfit for the senate festivities; in either case, Martella also arranges the loan of enough high-quality costume jewelry to complete each outfit.

The Grand Day of Exaltation has finally arrived! Martella has asked that each of you meet with her an hour before the Exaltation Gala to familiarize yourselves with your fellow agents and to answer any remaining questions you may have. The meetup is to take place at a small cafe several blocks from the senate building.

Before you head to the meetup, you can shop or handle any business you wish to. You may make either Diplomacy, Knowledge (local), or Knowledge (nobility) checks to learn more about your employer or the political scene in Oppara. Any given player character may roll only once for each given subject. The available subjects are: the Grand Day of Exaltation, Grand Prince Stavian III, Martella Lotheed, and Princess Eutropia.

You may also each attempt a DC 15 Diplomacy check to gather information and hear a rumor that is currently circling throughout Oppara.

Intro post copied from DM Brainiac's with his permission, because it was excellent and I get lazy sometimes ;)

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Male Human Wizard 1, Init +3; Perception +7 (+5 if no Peeko); 16/16 HP, 13 AC 13 Touch 10 FF; Fort +2, Ref +3, Will +3, Splintered Spear 7/7

Apologies for the delay, very scary yesterday getting mildly interrogated as a drug smuggler in Holland after driving my brothers dogs there. The bloody lab had eaten balloons and I work in a prison so they put 2 and 2 together and got, well, something in grams, or ounces. 10 hours waiting for drug test results on the blasted beast - he's a good boy really.

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War for the Crown Player's Guide

Taldor was once a vibrant and vigorous Empire that dominated the Inner Sea region, but no more; For six thousand years Taldor has withered to become a place of stagnation, where tradition trumps innovation, and where decadence has replaced drive. On the eve of a historic senatorial vote to overturn the rule of primogeniture, or not, and allow the progressive Princess Eutropia to become heir to the throne, the very Empire's future seems to hang in the balance...

AP Background:
Crownfall wrote:

This year’s Grand Day of Exaltation is poised to mark a historic shift in the governance of the empire. Princess Eutropia, daughter of Grand Prince Stavian III, has forged a powerful coalition of noble bastard children, reformers, and—perhaps, most importantly—senators to vote down the ancient law of primogeniture. The law states that royal power can pass only to a male heir — a succession that cannot be enacted due to Eutropia’s status as the current Grand Prince’s sole heir.

Rumors have circulated about the princess’s quest to strike down
primogeniture for years, and the nation remains divided on the vote, with several nobles viewing it as a shameless power grab by Princess Eutropia. Others see Eutropia as a stabilizing force that could unify the empire and usher in a new golden age for Taldor.

Princess Eutropia is the firstborn child of Grand Prince Stavian III. She stepped forth into the political arena only following the death of her younger brother 20 years ago. Prince Carrius II, like Eutropia, was beloved by the people of Taldor, and many hoped the boy would succeed his ineffective father and usher in an era of change. When the prince died in what was reported as a riding accident, Eutropia’s grief uncovered a deep well of empathy. More understanding of death and suffering, she became a crusader for the poor and for the basic rights of every Taldan citizen. As her work repeatedly ran up against the old-fashioned values of Taldor, Eutropia became a crusader for women’s rights as well.

What to Expect:
Crownfall wrote:

Welcome to the War for the Crown Adventure Path, where the safety of the world, or even just a single nation, isn’t necessarily at stake. Instead, the PCs will help shape history and determine the political course for Taldor, one of Avistan’s oldest modern nations. Slowly suffocating under the weight of its own past glories and blind adherence to tradition, Taldor has ignored its internal problems for far too long. Crumbling infrastructure, a stagnant bureaucracy, and a ruling class steeped in the racism and sexism much of Golarion began discarding long ago—these all weigh down what was once perhaps the most ambitious, innovative, and tenacious nation of the Inner Sea. And now our heroes have a chance to change the course of that nation.

The PCs are the agents of change, battling the status quo. If they fail, no dark overlord arises—just another grand prince who pushes the same agenda of clinging to relevance. And maybe war. But war has hardly been the end of Taldor in the past.

War for the Crown assumes that the PCs want to see Taldor improve, not merely endure, and that they’re the sort of nontraditional thinkers who can love their past while acknowledging the ugly warts. Since her first introduction in the Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting a decade ago, Princess Eutropia has been the figure poised to reform Taldor and bring it into the modern world—a symbol the PCs support in their own quests to help their homeland.

I will be running the War for the Crown Adventure Path, and I am looking for 5 more players with 1st level characters to join us. Based on an agreement with another GM, the 6th seat is already filled, by a character yet to be determined.

Characters must meet the assumption of the AP, which broadly is to support the revitalization of Taldor, and specifically support Princess Eutropia - or at least have no objection to doing so when it comes up.


-Post once per day, or give instructions for botting your character if you require an extended absence.

-Bold your speech.

-Italicise your thoughts.

-Try to put as little OOC commentary as possibly in the gameplay thread - and ensure it is in OOC tags when you must.

-High is good for all percentile rolls.

-If you have immediate action interrupts you must give me a brief summary of when you will use them. This is to discourage them being used or not used depending on the roll. Swashbucker's Parry and Riposte, or Charmed Life being good examples.

-Don't be a jerk.

Character Creation Guidelines:

-Select your ability scores using a 20 point buy, with maximum hit points at first level.

-Choose your race from among the following: changeling, dwarf, elf, gnome, half-elf, halfling, half-orc, human.

-Choose your class, equipment, feats, skills, any archetypes, etc. from any Paizo source, using the optional Background Skills system (for 2 extra select skill ranks per level), and with maximum gold for your class to start.

-Choose 1 campaign trait and 1 other traits (following the standard rule of no more than 1 from a single category). You have the option of taking 1 additional trait if you choose a drawback, but the traits and drawbacks should all be closely tied in to your character's backstory. War for the Crown Player's Guide

-Provide a written backstory in your own preferred format. I want a feel for your character, and for them to be specifically and distinctly Taldoran. As mentioned above they also needs to conform to the assumptions of the AP, which are to want to improve Taldor, and support progressive ideals - like women being able to do stuff that does not in some way involve flowers.

What to Expect of your GM:

I will use Google slides to handle maps, post NPC pics, and tally loot.

I will try to post multiple times a day, and will do all within my power to finish each part of the AP. But life being what it is and circumstances changes I will take a brief period to access before starting each part of the AP - though I certainly hope to finish it.

I try to stay as close to the rules as possible, but encourage you to correct me if I am wrong - which I frequently am :)

I will make many rolls for the players in the interests of keeping the games pace as brisk as it can be for PBP. For example, initiative, perception, and saves will be rolled by me. Knowledges will generally be in spoilers with the listed DCs so you may check if you meet the roll.

Please ensure you read the War for the Crown Player's Guide!

Recruitment will continue for 1-2 weeks, and I will give at least 2 days notice before bringing it to a close.

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Giantslayer Map : Senate

Agreed, I just want to head of potential problems rather than as seeing it as one at present :) I do enjoy a low diplomacy character RPing to, it is not like Gimli never spoke because he had low diplomacy, etc. I do love a bit of inter character friction, The Guardians of the Galaxy for example do some great bickering.

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Giantslayer Map : Senate

*Plots encounters for when Ivan has to go to the bathroom.*

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Giantslayer Map : Senate

Not for long, I will make another post tonight to bring in those sleeping elsewhere :)

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Giantslayer Map : Senate

@Ivan not a problem, I am about to sleep anyway :)

@Scuttler my apologies for sending you 2 invites, I noticed I had not switched to the GM alias at the last second and thought I had been able to catch it, but evidently had not.

@All I really should have sent links to the threads in your invites, but it only occurred in hindsight.

Please note that unless there are significant deviations from the AP I will be awarding levels where the AP suggests to rather than tracking XP. Happy to here arguments against this if you have them :)

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Okay recruitment officially closed. I would like to thank everyone for complying with my somewhat exacting requirements! I will go through all the applications today and expect to post the list of successful applicants in approximately ten hours from now.

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@ScegfOd thanks :) Kaer Maga should be fine, it is listed as having a population of 100 elves so all good.

@PCScipio appreciate you mentioning the podcast, I do not see that as a big problem given that you are prepared to hold back at appropriate points. Truthfully I loved Psionics in 3.5, and Masters of the Unseen Hand, and from the sound of things a lot of the mechanics are pretty similar. And as I said to Scrabbler this is probably one of the better APs for a goblin, you would face some prejudice for sure, but probably much less than a half orc.

@ALL just about to start reading over some backgrounds with the view to advice/comments, check back in a few hours :)

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@Holone Carynore I should have put this in the first post really.

If you wish to link an individual post, for your example, go to that post then click on the time which should be to the top right of the post to the left of flag, list, reply. The link in your browser will now be set to that specific post. Copy and paste the link from your broswer into url tags, which are (url=www.yourbroswerlink.com]Example Post[/url) but with all square brackets. That is how I do it at least :)

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Male Thrush Familiar, Init +2; Perception +9; 8/8 HP, 17 AC 16 Touch 15 FF; Fort +0, Ref +4, Will +4

"Peeko is not talking to you, because your hair is stupid! Peeko is not talking!" The thrush hisses fluffing up angrily as he lands upon the birdman's body and gives it a vicious peck.

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An additional thought I should have placed in the first post... I will not be selecting based upon party composition, I find it rarely matters that much and it is often more fun to have an unconventional party. If the best submissions are all halfling bards, well, tamp your pipeweed and get ready to from a band?

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Giantslayer Player's Guide

Fee Fi Foe Fum, if you like Giants here they come!

I solemnly swear I am up to not good... And that I will do my damndest to complete at least the first part of this AP. Given the time frames inherent to PBP I will likely take time to reaccess before, hopefully, continuing on to part 2, likely after a short break of a week or so.

Please do not apply if...
* You cannot make at least one post every day, including weekends.
* You are not prepared to make your average post substantive. 2 paragraphs should be the target. I do not care if you are just making a quick roll, etc. try to add in a little witty banter or internal monologue - I believe this serves to form characters more fully.
* You are not a fan of following the rules to the letter; because outside of Craft Skills I will - and I am happy to hear if I have gotten rules wrong and correct accordingly.

What I am looking for

1. Substantive characters. By which I mean I want to feel I know your character and have at least a decent guess how they would react to scenarios where there are two obvious diametrically opposed choices. This does not mean your character needs a long melodramatic backstory, though that is not necessarily a problem, a well written farmers son will trump Captain McBadass the Dragontickler every time.
2. Clear signs that you have read and digested the Players Guide, it is a free download HERE. Your character should be strongly routed in Trunau somehow, if you are from somewhere else you need to come up with a convincing link and attachment for the town.
3. Mid to high powered characters - but we can work on that if chosen and I am worried, so it is not too big an issue. The first part of this AP is fairly brutal so on a power scale of 1-10 I am probably after 6-8.5s, no one man parties, but tough customers all. Please bear in mind that characters who are weak at low levels, looking at you 1st level Wizards, will want to choose their abilities carefully to negate that weakness as much as possible. Being viable over multiple, possibly even double digit, encounters per day will be important.
4. A range between five hundred to a thousand words to give a very rough guideline. I leave the format to you, but I should get an idea what your character looks like, what has happened in their life so far, how they typically behave, attitude, etc., who are the people most important to them. Please try to space things out one way or another so it is not a solid wall of text.
5. Extra brownie points if you link me to an in character post in a game you are particularly proud of; Or if you are not in any games you can produce a "dummy post" for me to look at.

Character Creation Guidelines

* 20 Point Buy (place as you wish, but be sure to justify especially low scores in your write-up and play your character accordingly.)
* Max HP at 1st level high average thereafter, so 4 for d6, 5 for d8, etc.
* All Paizo sources allowed, but in all honesty I am not familiar with the various Occult classes so might be a bit inclined against them - give me a nice write-up and a brief explanation of what I can expect your character to do and you should be on equal footing.
* Background skills are in effect. So you get extra 2 skill points per level to spend on Craft of Profession skills, and a few selected Knowledges, etc.
* Please note we will be using alternate crafting rules found HERE you need to scroll down to Making Craft Work [Alternative Crafting Rules]
* I am strongly considering giving Unchained Crafting to everyone for free at 5th level, but need to explore the possible ramifications before I lock it in.
* I know there was quite a bit about crafting there, but do not necessarily expect to have a great deal of time for it.
* Starting gold is average for your class +30gp.
* 2 Traits one of which must be a Campaign Trait, and a 3rd trait if you take a drawback - drawbacks must be at least alluded to in your writeup, and cannot effect things you would never do; Your 5 charisma Dwarf cannot take Dependent, for example, as it is unlikely he would ever make a diplomacy check.

I will be using Google Slides for Maps, every combat will have a map, I will use your character avatars as tokens so please select them carefully.

Most of the time I will post your opponents vital stats so you can accurately include descriptions of hitting, killing, enspelling, etc. If I do not either I forgot or there is reason, like they are concealing strengths, or disguised as something else, etc. Please try not to abuse this by say, noticing you are not going to hit the high AC guy and changing your attack to the low AC guy.

Recruitment will run until Sunday Morning April the 8th at 10 AM GMT. I will make selections the same day.

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Swashbuckler 1: HP 33/33; Init +8; AC 19/15/14; Fort +2, Ref +7, Will +0; Panache 3/5; Perception +1 Darkvision; Resist cold, fire, electricity 5; Charmed Life 3/3

Ranveer's preexistant grin widens revealing gleaming feline teeth and he positively struts out raises his tail high above his head holding a hip flask and then executes a back flip snatching it in his teeth, a tad clumsily, as he does so and downing the contents,

"Ahhhhh! That is better! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! We are The Breakers, XCrawls latest sensation, remember this day for you were there at the beginning of a legend! I do not ask you to believe the braggadocio of a drunken cat man like me - a poor fool cast against fate of his tainted blood and only saved from a fate as a monster thanks to your kind indulgence! No! I only ask you to give us a chance to show you what we can do, and if we are able to entertain you then we would love you to be a part of our inevitable rise to glory!"

"Now let me introduce the members of my team! With more charisma than a chocolate cheerleader, more bang than a million bucks, and more sass than any Sasquatch, Lora, The Miner's Daughter, Lawson!"

He pauses for breath, hoping for Lora to emerge on que, but thick faced enough not to let whether or not she chooses to meet his mark, then bellows,

"Next the real San Fransico treat, a man no nun would chuck, nothing finer has come by way of China, born right here in the NAE! Presently poised to punch his way into your hearts, and into those of our foes - via their ribcages - Juice Lee!"

"Next we have a chosen of Vesta, husband and father, you betcha! The healer and appealer, you won't meet a sweller fella! Ready to show that age and experience are no bar to a mighty spirit, make his kids proud as punch, and make you all want to be part of his family Arthur Dents!"

"And from the New Orleans, by any means, an orc with swagger, haughty, but not too naughty! When you look into his eyes you'll see he is a prize, when you see him scout you'll put away your doubt! Green, mean, and keen to show the world just what he can do, Virgil Geryon!"

"Then every Cider needs a bad apple to give it bite. For the Breakers ours also brings the might! With a sword that's broad, and a body that matches, he'll tread, on his foes and batter in their hatches! Glade - the Big Bad - Wolf!"

"Last, and probably least, I present my humble self. From an unholy union, a spawn of hell who only wants to entertain you well, and punish my liver for the crimes of the world with the aid of enough vodka to kill a bear! I am Ranveer Ortenza, if you are not rolling the R for at least two seconds you are mispronouncing it, but that is okay I can tell I am going to like you! The truth is only luck sees me able to come to you as a Crawler, and I well know that only your grace will allow me to keep on giving you my all!"

Throwing his arms out in a gesture that encompasses the groups he roars, "Together we are The Breakers, winners, bruisers, and history makers! We invite you all onto our side, trust me you are about to witness the birth of a legend, the blood and the gore, the thrill of the fight! This night, this Crawl, this team, you will be telling your Grand children that you were here when it all began!"

"And every other team here, well I admire you all, but get ready to taste the bittersweet flavour of second best!"

Acrobatics with Panache: 1d20 + 9 + 1 + 1d6 ⇒ (2) + 9 + 1 + (4) = 16
Sleight of Hand: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (4) + 7 = 11
Grandstanding: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (19) + 9 = 28
Diplomacy: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (12) + 11 = 23

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Have a great game :)

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Male Thrush Familiar, Init +2; Perception +9; 8/8 HP, 17 AC 16 Touch 15 FF; Fort +0, Ref +4, Will +4

"Peeko squashes you like a juicy bug, you impotent worm! Peeko squashes you!" The familiar bellows as he follows along inside his Master's illusion, staying within the head well out of range of melee weapons.

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I should note I have done this, and though I suspect I meet all the criteria I will double check. Please note that Marcian has his alchemy lab and his MW Craft Clothing tools in his mules Pack Saddle, so herolab does not include them in his stats his actual Craft scores will be +11 for alchemy and +10 for clothing I believe that covers everything I have had him craft. He also has ready access to Crafter's Fortune for a +5 which he would have used if preparing anything difficult.

I used herolab and have paid one third instead of one quarter, but if you do not object I would rather stick with that higher amount than go back and do the math :) In the future I would happily use the lower amount!

Since he starts with Brew Potion I have also crafted 4 potions of Cure Light Wounds.

Edit: Checked and he covers everything under option A. Not sure if craft clothing can fairly be applied to a tent, but it seems like the tools would be largely applicable, so even untrained he ought to be fine with Crafter's Fortune.

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Nass Marlus has been a wanderer since his Da kicked him out for being an "ugly freak" in his early teens. After years of living as a hunter and trapper in the wilds he rescued a freezing young woman, Kella, from the river nursed her back to health and fell in love. Kella did not care about his appearance, and for two years they lived in simple contentment until her witch Mistress tracked her down dominated Nass and forced him to kill Kella then jump off a cliff.

Born with an angry lumpy red birthmark that covers two thirds of his face Nass has a massive inferiority complex and prefers the company of animals to people. He would be a human Hunter with an Aristotherium AC, its essentially a double horned hairy rhino. They would attack in melee together, and I might consider the Mammoth Rider PRC down the line.

Nass always covers his lower face, usually with a simple piece of cloth, walks with a stoop, and rarely meets any bodies eyes. He is invariably self deprecating and hates to argue with others. He is truly terrified of being mind controlled again, loathes those who do such things, and seeks methods to guard against being manipulated again.

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Male Human Wizard 1, Init +3; Perception +7 (+5 if no Peeko); 16/16 HP, 13 AC 13 Touch 10 FF; Fort +2, Ref +3, Will +3, Splintered Spear 7/7

More than a little terrified Salonius assures himself, this is fine, an opportunity for growth. You are an intelligent, man, and most criminals are not your intellectual match, so this should be easy. Peeko is here to, so everything is fine...

Once he and Peeko ensure nobody is near he casts prestidigitation and scours the cell and blanket from top to bottom. He makes a patch of the back wall smell of blueberries, and after triple checking there are no guards near, and having Peeko stand guard he withdraws his dissertation and shreds it into fine pieces before placing them in the chamberpot and urinating on them. He prestidigitates the resultant slurry until it smells like clean earth.

Settling down he contemplates whether he should have assailed the men who arrested him, a quick color spray? Perhaps it would have worked, but the odds were maybe fifty fifty, to many unknown variables... He would spend the next few days learning the arbitrarily imposed rules, and accessing the jail and his jailers; afterall one or more of his female relatives was bound to end up in here eventually. It is rather galling that I was the first to be arrested by these mouth breathing turd brained knuckle draggers.

To entertain himself he sits back and using prestidigitation creates a number of slightly deformed chess pieces and begins trying to teach the game, in whispers, to the attentive, but slightly bemused, thrush.

Later he takes the freshly prestidigitated straw and begins weaving it into a number of mats. Peeko's enthusiastic help, is almost useful, and for the most part things come together well.

This is really quite restful...

Craft Weaving: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (10) + 4 = 14
Peeko C Weaving Aide: 1d20 - 2 ⇒ (11) - 2 = 9