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Giantslayer Combat Map

I disagree this would be akin to a shop owner inviting a unit from a hostile army into their premises and then attempting to claim privacy rights. Also it isn't Tsuto's business is it? It is his fathers and he just sent a letter we have seen saying his father is dealing with goblins, if that isn't probable cause I don't know what is. There is not a country, real or imaginary, that would allow that. Goblins have just invaded the town, and the Paizo concept of them basically amounts to homicidal maniacs.

Elery sees Ameiko as someone she looks up to and is grateful for her recent kindness and is anxious to save her. If someone is in danger she won't be prepared to wait around without some concrete reason.

Giantslayer Combat Map

We did see the corpses of glassworks workers though right? Or am I misrecalling, sick and cannot be bothered to check back through posts.

Giantslayer Combat Map

LOL "Twice!"

Apologies for the slow posting, took a bunch of extra shifts and overextended myself a bit :p

Giantslayer Combat Map

The is a sort of curved arrow pointing to the left which is an undo command in the bar atop the map Nerak. To move you should see a cross icon with arrows on the end of each point, if its just a line with an arrow on either end that alters the size of your avatar. Basically make sure you click on the centre of your token rather than the edges.

Will this background work @GM Pendrak? I have gone with someone who wanted to forget.

Lorn Tilernos was born into a noble house in Lastwall intimately associated with the Knights of Ozem. His older sister Jessa was already a Knight of growing renown, and his father had served until having to cut off his own arm to prevent the spread of a necromantic rot while putting down an undead assault. He was everything expected of a young Knight to be, brave, handsome, strong, until while out riding with his older sister they were captured by orcs.

Jessa fought bravely, but was simply out matched by a full orc raiding party. Lorn was simply no match for the hulking brutes fury, he barely managed to wound an orc before being knocked from his horse and then into unconscious ness as he struggled to rise.

Given over to the orc shaman Lorn was bound and helpless as he watched the creature torture and sully his sister before him. All his dreams of bright valour were relentlessly crushed, as he was beaten and humiliated again and again. Eventually he managed to free himself of his bindings, and drag himself over to Jessa, who could only plead with him with her eyes such a ruin had been made of her, as they heard the orcs returning. Lorn covered her mouth and nose with his hands and by the time he was torn away by the orcs she had passed.

Two days later the Knights came, Lorn had been captive for three weeks, and was a physical and emotional wreck. After months of treatment, and healing he was unable to see in himself the proud young Knight he took his arms and left trying to find some form of redemption, or forgetfulness. Every night he dreamed of Jessa convulsing under his grip, dreamed of her eyes, going from grateful to panicked, he relived her death and the tortures inflicted upon him.

As a wandering warrior he had some small success, saving a village from ghouls in company with the militia, and saving a woman from thugs. But he was ever haunted by his past. Eventually he approached Thrushmore...

Lorn was raised to be devoted to Iomedae, his mother is a Priestess, his sister a Paladin, and his father a devoted Knight. It was never something he questioned until the ordeal with the orcs. Now he is wracked with doubt, is Iomedae worth following, is he worthy of following her?

The Shaman enjoyed testing his magic and alchemy upon his victims and Lorn's torso bears all manner of gruesome burns and marks from such tortures. His face remains completely unmarred, the shaman deliberately leaving it undamaged for some perverse reason.

Lorn's former fiance Kerriyan Maybliss, a few years younger than him, and essentially an arranged Marriage between noble families tied with the Knights of Ozem was deeply in love with him. They had only been courting for a few months before his capture and Kerriyan was heart broken, first when he was taken, and then when after returning he told he he felt he had to go and that she should forget about him. Kerriyan hopes to become a Knight now, though she had been training as a Priestess. Lorn had loved her to, but after his rescue he did not feel worthy of her.

The orcs of the small Screaming Nail Tribe who captured Lorn have been wiped out. Lorn has a burning desire for vengeance, but nowhere to direct it. Truth be told the ease with which the orcs took him down still terrifies him.

Given that our characters have lost their memories, according to the Players Guide, do we select partial memories for our backstory, and leave the rest to the GM, or do we write up the whole thing and specify what we recall?

PMed this, but thought getting an answer here might be helpful all round :)

I'll be submitting a Kraken Caller Druid for Ruins of Azlantz! Sounds awesome, will you start separate recruitment threads? Probably a Qlippoth-Spawn (the Motherless) variant tiefling if that is an acceptable option? For a character interested in exploring the dark roots that are a part of himself, etc. I want tentacles!

Definitely interested in Ironfang Invasion and Ruins of Azlant.

Well if you are thinking of another iteration of Rappan Athuk I would be all over that - wanted to play that for an age and only every gotten to the character intros.

I am playing in Hell's Rebels, great so far.

As for other APs I would be enthusiastic about most, except Giantslayer, and Rise of the Runelords - running Giantslayer playing in RotRLs. Not wild about mythic, but would love to play a none mythic Wrath of the Righteous.

And for a suggestion out of left field Age of Worms? Given you enjoyed Rappan Athuk it might be right up your alley, and my understanding is that the conversion work is fairly minimal, I would be surprised if you could not find it already done online.

Giantslayer Combat Map

Welcome :)

Giantslayer Combat Map

LOL, how are you with overbearing Aunts?

Welcome aboard Tessa :)

Best of luck with the game and congratulations to those selected

Giantslayer Combat Map

Ah great, as long as we got it I know Paizo APs can be pretty brutal and they usually give wealth to balance that - I think everyone I have run or played in has slightly upped wealth per level.

Yeah, I remember that being rather bleak, isn't there a dead puppy? I am happy we are fast approaching the extent of my knowledge of the AP.

Giantslayer Combat Map

We never really checked, but Elery asked for any claimed I do know there is supposed to be a fair bit, I think they all have potions, maybe a few bits of masterwork weaponry?

As for the Tomb I thought they got in through the front door and it being open was what tipped off the guards?

Giantslayer Combat Map

What about the loot from the goblins?

Giantslayer Combat Map

Definitely the best way anything else is just awkward.

GM RelicBlackOUT wrote:

The cut off for applications will end Monday April 23rd by noon central time. This will give interested parties two weeks to full flesh out their characters.


@Dalron Northfield, if you look beneath the box you enter your post in you will see a "button" next to the words "How to format your text" all of the various forum text options are there for easy access. In this case it is {ooc}Wow that was a good roll!{/ooc} but with {} replaced with [].

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Grump away :) 4 plays as fun as 5 or 6 to me, but it is nice to have the buffer.

Giantslayer Combat Map

I don't trust that Sergeant Gaz, I ain't picking up no bridge man! ;)

Giantslayer Combat Map

To be honest I am really not having to restrain my metagaming, it was at least five years ago when I ran in this AP :) Also whoops on posting as Elery here last time, sorry.

I do love some old school. Can I ask about the setting, is this Golarion, or Greyhawk, other?

Congratulations guys, best wishes for the game :)

Ah I see, thank you, I'll definitely submit something. Nobody point out my secret shame, that I kinda forgot what concurrent meant :)

Definitely interested, can I ask about expected posting rates and whether these games will run concurrently?

Its interesting, though it does seem like it might be problematic for PBP. To play Devil's Advocate how do you plan on marrying a PBP and a RL campaign, given that PBP advances at a comparative crawl, or will they be almost entirely separate?

How would you structure things? One thread, or two threads with one dictating the actions that occur in the other? Or perhaps you could sort of cut between the two with breaks for the "real group" to react, chug Mountain Dew, etc.

I trust you have read The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss, if not it sounds very much up your alley, being a story about stories :) Possibly my favourite novel to.

Thanks, its not something that would be mentioned just sort of allows me to make sense of things for myself :)

Would you mind me reflavouring a Roc as a wounded, three legged, hippogriff? I would be going human so no flying before 7th level, same as a Hippogriff taken via Monsterous Mount, and Monstrous Mastery. It is just that taking two feats to get a hippogriff that is significantly worse than a Roc which costs no feats - planning to run a Hunter - seems very painful. I like to think I am not much of a minmaxer, but wow, paying two feats to be much worse than a normal free option is not appealing despite the cool flavor.

I am considering making a retired Sable Company marine whose wife and daughter were killed while he was out of Korvosa working. Distraught he took to drink and drugs and was kicked out of the Company - though still on a friendly basis since his distress was understandable if not excusable. Now he has received a report that his daughter has been spotted alive and he needs to pull himself back together and find her.

My main question is, is it alright to have him previously have been higher level, if it does not effect his starting stats in any way? Mechanically he probably needs to have been 7th level or so. I believe that 3 years as a drunk could reasonably atrophy skills that much, but obviously there is no mechanic so I just want to check before I do a detailed background write-up, etc.

Giantslayer Combat Map

Ugh, I was so tempted to Create Water over his head, but I suppose being angry and tamping it down is not a crime.

When I played the early parts of this game previously the DM made Aldern Foxglove smooth as hell, but he is definitely coming across as a real creep here!

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Have a great game :)

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Sorry this sounds cranky, but tired and irritable, and need sleep so too tired to edit into none grouch mode.

Puzzled about that healing info, knowledge religion should have nothing to do with healing magic, bards and druids can heal just as well as clerics and there is no rules connection - I sometimes flavour clerk s as chosen without formal religious education and that ought not to effect healing magic. 3d6 of channeling, plus the other clerics channels, really ought to heal everyone in the place, unless there was something other than goblins? If the villagers are rocking HP high enough that they need more healing how did they get hurt by goblins?

In character Elery would stay and tend any injured, but I do not really want her doing it when it does not make sense. Unless there was something beyond normal goblins doing somekind of different damage like poison?

The heal rules pretty much mean I would need to have her stay for 8+ hours to be effective which I am not keen on. Just not sure how this all makes sense in Golarion with the info we have, etc.

Giantslayer Combat Map

That sounds worse than the sprained ankle! See your health care provide ;)

Giantslayer Combat Map

Ouch! Feel better, hope they gave you the good pain killers!

Giantslayer Combat Map

What is the best Adventure Path and why? And what style of play each AP offers. How to improve APs for GMs. Whether to allow certain material, such as Summoners for balance purposes.

What was Paizo smoking when they published the Druidic Herbalism Natural Bond Variant Option? It must be good stuff because I have never seen an ability so designed to snap a game over its knee!

I had read that text, in a thread calling for errata on this ability - one of several. I did miss the any level of potion bit, which makes it even worse. Selling these free potions, which seems implicitly allowed is a license to print money, running around with triple your highest level of spells with only minor restrictions imposed on potions is game breaking. The Wizard has 2 Ninth level spells and a couple of scrolls he needed to pay for, the Druid takes a day of before the adventure and has his normal spells plus a dozen potions of Shapechange and the hundreds of accumulated potions from lower levels.

We have been allowed to craft before this that ability makes it perfectly reasonable, in rules terms, for you to begin play with lets say two weeks of potions. First level character beginning play with 50+ potions. The fact that no GM would allow it, and no reasonable player would do it should demonstrate that this is in no way a reasonable ability.

I love the flavour of this, and I would love it to be viable, but as written... What were they smoking?

Unsolicited Suggestion for Druidic Herbalism:
Sure, and I love the intent of it, but an ability that requires intentional self gimping is inherently problematic. And this seems to be a game where the party might get a lot of down time between fights. If the settlement does not get attacked for a week that is 24 free potions, which used well should throw balance out of whack.

My suggested fix would be to limit it to Wisdom times a day, have them only last a day, not require spell expenditure, and alter the 3rd level cap on potions to 6th level.

I think on balance that would make me seriously consider taking it over an Animal Companion - though an obvious choice is to take it and feat buy an animal companion who can glug potions like a champ.

Good Lord that is broken as hell! That is a free money factory a first level druid potentially being able to sell potions for 200gp per day. 3rd level for 1200gp a day, 5th level for 3750gp a day - assuming 18 Wisdom and a Wis boosting item at or before 5th level.

I cannot believe Paizo published that! *Starts making a druid.*

A druid with this ability would own the settlement within a month as written.

Giantslayer Combat Map

Congrats, good luck with the new job :)

Giantslayer Combat Map

Yup, a common and generally expedient way of handling things I am all for - anything that speeds up PBP is great :)

Giantslayer Combat Map

Elery hurries over taking up a position next to Girnt, eyes locked on the mounted goblin and its grotesque dog.

Double move.

Giantslayer Combat Map

To clarify is Snyk actually injured? The arrow did not seem to hit his 18 AC, but he was described as being cut?

When I attempt to select the sign in link at the top of the page on my android phone it does not work simply highlighting the words, etc. The same occurs with the My Account link on my android tablet - I do not want to logout. Any advice appreciated.

Have a fun game :)

Giantslayer Combat Map

I think I moved me someone moved me back and then I moved me again? Its all good :) Just a tad confusing.

Giantslayer Combat Map
Zamdoc wrote:
Who did move Elery a 5ft step to her lower left corner? Now I can't flank... And seems like she did no action this turn yet.

I moved Elery, tried to post this morning several times but Paizo kept giving me that goblin tangled up in computer innards page. I could preview, but not get the actual post through very frustrating! I think I moved her first and just forgot about it after 20 minutes of trying to post.

I had the text saved via copy and just reposted it once I got home. Sorry for the confusion!

Giantslayer Combat Map
GM Sphen wrote:
Yes, yes it should have been. I misunderstood due to the flavor text which one you were attacking. Normally I'd do some retcon to fix this, but you guys are doing great. So in this case I'll just award extra exp. for the fight. Sound fair?

Sounds more than fair, and lets Fela get off a tasty crit after so much savouring of the dubious joy that is low level caster crossbowery ;)

Giantslayer Combat Map

Very nice! But shouldn't you get double damage? 2d3? I thought that was how it worked for spells, though I am a bit rusty and have not looked it up.

Hmmmm, very interesting... Disgraced Noble and Rising Star both seem likely to appeal. It has been a food while since I played a bard, so that would likely be my choice.

Giantslayer Combat Map

I always used to give out the monsters basic stats so that PCs could post whether they hit, etc., with confidence. Then combat can be resolved in post order and dead foes can be removed from the map, etc. The only times I would refrain from doing this were with weird unknown monsters or foes for which such information might be obscured - say if a Wizard was disguised as a Warrior or some such.

Certainly not for everyone, and a lot of GMs do not like to do it, but since most of us are likely able to ballpark the figures anyway it might help.

I prefer a player to know if they have killed a baddie and be able to describe an appropriately brutal attack, etc. I guess the downside is opening up for meta gaming, but that seems a pretty small issue to me in most circumstances.

I would just stick enemy stats in a little spoiler and repost with each of my posts.

Giantslayer Combat Map

You can always move up and delay an attack for when they come up to you. Worst case you are positioned to charge next turn.

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