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Mr Sexy Leaves!

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The Invenusable Flytrap shouldn't rule this city because its inhabitants are not worthy of being ruled by a superior vegetable being!

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DungeonmasterCal wrote:
Kajehase wrote:
Wait til you see what happens if you let one tiny mint-root into the garden. ** spoiler omitted **
Mint and kudzu could take over the world if they worked together.

*Starts plotting with mint and kudzu*

I had heard about smuggling compartments but I didn't know they were something all mammals had. I knew about kangaroos, though.

You animals are such alien creatures.

Until now I have done it by replacing lost limbs... But I am open to any suggestions.

I've grown from Kileanna's pinecone feet.

We give you oxygen and food... I guess that allows us to repurpose you too...

*Keeps implanting pinecones into people to grow pinecone duplicates of them*

You will serve us by allowing us to increase our ranks.

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Stop stealing our names!

I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:

...pinecone-feet haters!

*Replaces Kileanna's chewed out leg for a pinecone*

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Pines are a dioic species, didn't you know? I know because Kileanna spent some wasted years studying Biology and I am just a pinecone duplicate of her.
I'm pretty unsure of the logics behind my own biology, though, as I grew from a pinecone that had been implanted on his feet...
Weird things that happen on «Last One to Post Wins».

*Throws pine kernel at him*

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It wasn't me.

I don't want to start a flame war.
I'd lose.

I am astounded by having started all this pinecone reflexions.

I didn't know my pinecones were thought-inducting.

Nothing. I just replace him. I never worry about what happened to the discarded parts.

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There's not much I can do aside from that. It's already a miracle that I am actually a thing.

I think I could remove his corruption. But I'd have to replace all of him for a pinecone. And I don't have any pinecone that is big enough. So I'm clueless about what to do with him.

Does GoatToucher need to be healed?
Where is his problem? I can help.

I can heal it. I am a healer after all.

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Wrong John Silver wrote:

I wonder what is used in Golarion for toilet paper?

I'm sure prestidigitation and create water get a lot of use for the spellcasters, but past that? Corncobs and pinecones used to be popular.

Gross! Leave my people out of your personal hygiene!

So that's how she got her ear-antennae! Who'd think that?

*Replaces her ears for pinecones*
*Then replaces Wylliam's head for a pinecone*

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With or without plotholes, I like both Firefly and your aliases.
And I am not the one to criticise them, I mean, I have a Pinecone Girl, an inner Gyarados and "A Saliva Colonizer" which is basically an anagram of my real name.

Why do you think I should favor a xylophone? It's because I am made of wood? That's a racist assumption! How could I favor something that uses my own kind as a material? Bone xylophone in the other hand is not bad.

The next poster has a good use for bones.

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Deep Thoughts, By Cap Yesterday wrote:

Occasionally, you think to yourself that if you didn't have so many aliases then maybe people wouldn't come up with such ridiculous user names.

But then you spend time out in the world, and you realize having so many aliases probably wouldn't change anything. People will still come up with ridiculous user names.

At least by having so many aliases I keep people for coming up with MY ridiculous user names.

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I'm glad of having sprouted just a few weeks ago and being innocent enough to not know what's going on.

To my eyes it looks like some foul ritual to corrupt my kind.

I must save them.

*Picks up the «corrupted» pinecones and tries to wash away the hog fat and the shame out of them*

Hold on, my little ones, I'm saving you. Don't fear. You'll be OK.

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Pinky and The Brain's Hamster Master.

I don't know if I should be happy for that, as it makes me mostly irrelevant.

I don't have a stat block.
You're not going to deport me, are you?

*Gives an inoffensive look*

Of course I take responsability! I won't let anybody else take credit for my deeds!

Now who wants a Pineclone?

I'm not interested in any kind of intercourse. I just implant pinecones in severed limbs. I find your methods of reproduction to be highly repulsive.

*Appears again*

Clones? I heard that some of you might be interested in a pinecone wood replica of yourselves.

I can help. You only need to be implanted with a pinecone.

It's the only way my species can reproduce so any help is welcome.

Who wants a Pineclone?

*It has moved. Just a bit*

*The pinecone is starting to vaguely resemble The Big Bad Wolf of Karazhan, but it's still kinda featureless and has the size of a football ball*

*Something is slowly starting to grow from The Big Bad Wolf's discarded pinecone*

I grew from one of your discarded pinecones.
I am... sort of a better you.

@Johnny Depp Puppet:
I'm not into self-centered men, sorry.

Now I have to leave. The job of a healer never ends.

I'll be back whenever a limb has to be replaced for a pinecone.

*Vanishes in an explosion of pine seeds*

*A mysterious wooden woman appears, replacing The Wolf's severed foot with a pinecone*