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What is Confirming a Critical Threat? Looking at the Seize the Moment feat and can't figure it out? Is it just when someone roll within their crit range and have a chance to confirm a critical hit?

How did you guys handle this from a GM's perspective? Is there a write-up out there that I can pass out? Has anyone written one? Did you just tell them what they learned, or did you make up actual entries? If anyone wrote anything up, could you post it please as I need ideas for my game.

Vic Wertz wrote:
We could *make* it consider that, of course, but I really don't think that giving con pickup people a free pass to the front of the PDF line would be fair to those subscribers who aren't going to Gen Con anyway.

I would agree. It'd be like a double whammy. "You don't get to go to Gencon and because you don't get to go to Gencon, you also don't get to enjoy your PDF as early as those who are."

Vic Wertz wrote:
Paul Watson wrote:
Gern Blacktusk wrote:
At what time is the PDF version likely to be available? I'd love a Hardcover version, but living all the way out in Australia makes shipping costs prohibitive and my local game-store (three hours away and $80 worth of fuel!) hasn't stocked Pathfinder items since the Dungeon & Dragon magazines were cancelled.
The PDF will be available when the hardcover goes on sale. This is expected to be at GenCon, so 4th August seems likely. Subscribers get it a few days earlier when their book is shipped.

Yep—August 4.

The specific time will be when the Gen Con hall is opened to the general public: 10 AM Indianapolis time, 7 AM Pacific (Paizo) time.

So will the subscribers get any sort of benefit on this? I know I am picking up my copy at Gencon, so it won't necessarily ship, but will I have access to the PDF whenever I am billed as I have previously? Or will it release August 4th for everyone regardless?

My group is notorious for playing through campaigns super quickly. We play about 4 hours a night and we're at like 8 sessions for Carrion Crown and we've barely gotten into the 2nd book.

As it looks like I won't be getting mine tonight, I should probably start rolling up a Magus off the playtest one, so can anyone tell me how different the published magus is to the last round of testing?

Ashanderai wrote:
Phone wrote:
How does shipping pan out? I'd like to make a Magus for use in tonight's session, but I /just/ became a subscriber. I assume that mine will get printed after everyone else's meaning that I won't have the PDF by tonight's session?

I'm afraid you might need a few ranks in Knowledge (arcana) to understand how it plays out. I have been a subscriber for many moons and I still don't have my UM PDF. I think they ship orders out based on how similar most of the orders are. So, if most orders are 1 book they ship all of those first. Then, if the second largest group of orders are 2 of the same books, they send those next, and so on. I think my hold up is that I am expecting three (Ultimate Magic, Carrion Crown 3, and Rival Guide). Having that many items probably puts me near the tail end of everything.

*Le sigh*

Ah, lucky for me, I spoiled myself with separate shipping. Let's just hope you're right. Come on, Paizo. Mama needs a new pair of spells!

How does shipping pan out? I'd like to make a Magus for use in tonight's session, but I /just/ became a subscriber. I assume that mine will get printed after everyone else's meaning that I won't have the PDF by tonight's session?

Erik Freund wrote:

One balatant stretching strategy that might also help RP:

The PCs are going to the dungeon for the first time next session? Then the timing for this is perfect. Run the prison riot from 50 years ago.

Tell them to put aside their character sheets. Give them 2nd and 3rd level Warriors: the original prison guards. Give them little build up or explanation, but have them RP out the prison riot sequence, getting attacked by the Splatter Man, the great fire, and end it with a TPK. Then have all the PCs wake up in a cold sweat.

A) will eat up at least an hour or so if time
B) will show them backstory they might not have cared to learn, and now they'll be more interested in the location as they explore it (looking for things that are familiar from the dream)
C) hypes the end boss so that when they see/recogize him they'll go "oh sh--!"
D) the fact that this drams happens makes sense: the evil of the prison is projecting into people's minds in town

That is an awesome idea! Better get to making the character sheets!

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I'm fairly new to GMing and as my players have a tendency to not RP, I tend to be very cut and dried. The problem I'm running in to is that they're gearing up to go to the prison tomorrow and there's still a few weeks before the next adventure path. I'd hate to take a week off. How can I drag the prison out? We usually play for 3 or 4 hours once a week. I'm trying to make it so I can get the next section of the AP and flow in flawlessly, but I'm worried they will just sword and board their way through this prison and wreck everything. How can I stretch it out a few weeks, or is it denser than it looks?

calagnar wrote:

Level 3 Bard

Skill Rank 3
Class skill 3
Cha Mod. 5
Skill Focus Preform Oratary 3
Total 14
Versatal preformance oratary (Diplomacy,Sense Motive) 14
Versatal preformance Act (Bluff,Disquise) At level 6

Just need to look at geting more with less. Versatal Preformance is one thing that realy makes bards. They can use more skills with fewer points spent.

I looked at that, but I don't think I'd be able to get the skills individually as high, since I'm still missing +2 from deceitful and whatever the similar feat is for Intimidate/Diplomacy. I'm not short on skill points, so I'm not overly worried about getting things for less (I get 10 skill points a level.)

Using only Pathfinder stuff, I am trying to optimize my Bard for diplomancing around situations. I don't want to straight up try to get out of encounters with it, just get more money, get my way, and generally trick people. Right now I am level 3. I have 20 cha (gnome), 17 Bluff, 12 diplomacy, and 14 disguise. Is there any way I can possibly get these numbers higher? 3 ranks in each, 5 cha bonus, 3 trained bonus, deceitful, Skill Focus (Bluff) and the Street Performer alternate starting package is what I've used so far. I only have 1,800 GP and any help would be appreciated.

In the group I GM we have:

Elmo Ironbeard - Dwarven Fighter. Lawful Neutral. Him and his brother Grunyar are the last of the Ironbeard clan, but their intentions are to restore this clan and make it a prominent part of Korvosa.

Grunyar Ironbeard - Dwarven Druid. Lawful Neutral. Elmo's brother, personal chef, and best friend. He, along with Elmo (and his bear, Scruffy), have vowed their lives to protect Korvosa and have a severe respect for the Korvosan royalty.

Evelynn du Coteau - Half-elf Rogue. Chaotic Evil. Adopted by the temple of Calistria after her parents' deaths, she soon discovered that prostitution was not the only thing her clients were looking for and soon began to handle matter os assassination, blackmail, etc. for them as well.

Deaf Center is awesome, particularly the Pale Ravine album, which can be purchased for 7.99 on Amazon here. EBC0BD3EC4651C0E&index=3&playnext=4

There's a playlist for them on Youtube.

Kwoon - The Beast is also great.

I have a player rolling up a Monk for our new campaign. After reading the text, it seems like his Flurry of Blows should be -4/-4 at level 1. I don't see where they are getting the -1/-1 from. Furthermore, I don't understand why sometimes the BaB remains the same from level to level, but the FoB goes up, or where they're getting the extra attack at level 6, etc. Can someone please explain these to me?