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Curse of the Crimson Throne

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Our groups after A History of Ashes. Starting Skeletons of Scarwall in a week.

Galbraith NG Human Cleric 8 / Holy Vindicator 4 of Iomedae

Main healer and tank in group.

Eluveitie CG Elf Wizard (Transmuter) 5 / Fighter 4 / Arcane Archer 3

Ranged Dps and some support spells.

Neji N Gnome Druid 12 and Gira cheetah companion

Favors elemental forms, rarely seen in gnome form outside cities.

Syeira N Half-Elf Rogue 2 / Witch 10

She is specialized to lower opponents stats, levels and damage with spells like enervation, stinking cloud etc.

Krogario N Dwarf Rogue 12? (Merchant)

Bookdealer, with hidden agendas

John Doe Fighter 12? (just joined our campaign in ashes.)

Can't find character sheet anywhere...

Died and retired characters

Gabriel NG Human Oracle of Iomedae (retired)
Azrael CG Elf Wizard / Fighter / Eldrich Knight (Died in Arkona's palace)
Wondering Monk (Name forgotten and died as a hero long time a go in end combat of Seven days to the Grave saving party from wiping, as only other character consious was Eluveitie with 4 hit points, who finally killed Daughter of Urgothoa with lucky bow-critical).

Now party looks quite a good, but sometime ago it had 4 arcane caster and druid (when Azrael was in party and John Doe was not in group, and yes our rogue is also arcane caster :), was bit low on healing and hit points :)

Liberty's Edge

Lets see, they have just received the sphere-walker's mark. The party as it stands now is:

Mikhail, Human(Chelaxian) Rogue 11
Mikhail makes a living as a barber, wields a Silver War Razor, is jokingly referred to as "The Devil Barber of Wave Street", and is the unknown bastard son of King Eodred. (I made sure the other PCs were okay with this detail before allowing it.)

Vanozza, Human(Varisian) Barbarian 11
Vanozza makes a living as a Fortune Teller, wields an Earthbreaker, and carries the deck of Zellara.

Galtherion, Half-Elf Sorcerer(Celestial Bloodline) 11
Galtherion is a Magic Item Shop owner, spells are his weapon of choice, and he has recently taken to assuming the form of an elemental in battle when possible.

Jared, Elf Summoner 11
Jarrod makes his living as an herbalist/sage and wields Dr. Davaulus's Rapier. His Eidolon is a Large disturbing cat-like thing with 6 limbs(4 legs and 2 arms).

Xanthus, Human(Taldan) Cleric(Cayden Cailean) 11
Xanthus is an NPC I added after the group lost there regular Oracle to Real Life time constraints, we had no luck finding a replacement player.

Along with the PC's is one "Cohort" and one lost character:

Majenko The Great, Pseudodragon Wizard(Transmuter) 9
Majenko is the pseudodragon held captive by Devargo Barvasi who the PCs rescued and who offered a year and a day in service to as a thank you. Upon attaining his freedom he began to advance his knowledge of the Arcane so as to be of more assistance to the party.

Ausk, Half-Orc Oracle(Battle) 11?
Ausk makes his living as a brewer, wields a Falchion, and is not as dumb as he sometimes acts. Ausk's player has been unable to make games of late and this occured around the time that the AP takes them out of Korvosa, so Ausk has stayed behind to form/aid the revolution against Queen Illeosa.

To provide more connection to the city I gave the characters 2 additional skill points per level that could only be put on Profession, Craft, or Knowledge skills as well as two additional class skills from with those categories to represent how they made their living in the city. The choices simply had to support that connection.

I ran part one this weekend (using pathfinder rules, with the APG), I hope to be able to run part two in a couple of weeks.

The characters that participated in "The Edge of Anarchy" were:

Yuki Arowaka A female Human Paladin.
Yuki's father is from Minkai, the child of a servant of the Kiajitsu family of Sandpoint that came with them into their exile, her mother is a varisian woman. Her half-sister Aoki was framed for a murder by Gaedren Lamm, eventually Yuki managed to trick the fisherman who was the main witness against her sister into revealing that he was being intimidated into providing false witness, and that he had even been forced to plant the murder weapon.

Aoki Arowaka A female Half-Elf Witch.
Aoki is Yuki's older half-sister, they share the same father, but Aoki's mother was an elf woman that their father spent a lot of time with before he met and settled down with Yuki's mother. Despite only being half-siblings the two are very close. Geadren Lamm attempted to frame Aoki for a murder, although the case was eventually dropped, the damage to her reputation was substantial.

Barak Dragonpunch A male Halfling Ranger.
Barak's parents were merchants who came to Korvosa on a trading trip when Barak was a child. One day the young halfling was snatched from the market place while his parents were intent on making a sale and not paying as much attention to their child as they should have been. Thus began the halflings unhappy time as the 'littlest lamm', the smallest member of the 'orphans' that Gaedren Lamm employed as pick pockets and laborers in his nefarious schemes and operations. Five years later Gaedron tired of the halfling, and after spending an evening torturing the poor little fellow, he left him for dead partialy burried in the back of a dung cart bound for some farmland along the Jaggare river to be used as fertilizer. Barak survived however, and taken in by a family in the rural community that he found himself in became as killed hunter, recently he has ventured back to Korvosa to see if he can find out any information about his parents (though it has been nearly 15 years since he was taken from them).

Dusoma A male Dwarf Cleric of Nethys.
Dusoma came to Korvosa at a young age, when his parents moved from Janderhoff to open an armorer shop in old Korvosa. Dusoma was always a disappointment to his father though, somewhat lazy and not at all interested in the family business, being more interested in watching magic shows (both real and prestidigitory). Dusoma began hanging out with the wrong crowd and the next thing he knew he was addicted to shiver which had been introduced to him by Gaedren Lamm, when his parents found out they disowned him and exiled him from their household. Dusoma spent the next two miserable years as a homeless drug addict squatting where ever he could find shelter in the shingles. eventually he overdosed on shiver, and would have never woken up if he had not had the good fortune to be lying in the doorway of a local cleric of Nethys at the time. The kindly old cleric saved the dwarfs life and then took him in and nursed him back to health. Dusoma has since devoted his life to Nethys and become a cleric of the All Seeing Eye.

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I ended up with a large party for this one, though actually even when set to medium EXP for PFRGP, this has worked pretty well, and the party is on track with where they should be heading into "A History of Ashes" at this point. I only had to run a single in-between adventure, which was a short delve looking for Rolth (who got away in 7 days). They got him this time.
Some long stories with the background of these characters, so I attached a spoilers notes to each on if someone actually wants to read them.

Franczeska A human fighter, LN, (She has since become a Hellknight of the Order of the Scourge). She is in Korvosa investigating the disapparance of the son of her best friend she grew up with in Cheliax. Brute intimidation and sharp objects have since pointed her in the direction of a petty crimelord named Graeden Lamm.
Franczeska's Story

Though she has always been an aspirant to become a Hellknight, when growing up in Egorian, she was best friends of a merchant's son. The two of them were good friends, even considering running away and getting married in a far off was never to be, and the day came for them both to go their separate ways in pursuit of the lives their parents sought for them. She went to become an initiate in the Order of the Scourge, while he went on to marry the bride of his father's choosing, and become a merchant plying the sea lanes from Cheliax to Korvosa (and even Magnimar), seeking to expand his family fortunes. He eventually married, and had a son. It was a great tragedy when his son went with him on a trip to Korvosa, then disappeared. He exhausted his fortunes, and eventually his health, looking for his lost son, all to no avail. It wasn't until a chance encounter that the two friends met again, and she stopped to listen to a sad, tired beggars tale...She swore and oath upon her friends grave that she would seek justice, either finding his son or avenging his death...

Nuna Cracked-claw Half-Orc (Shoanti descent) Witch (Neutral Good), raised by a local hedge-witch after some of Lamm's thugs murdered her mother...
Nuna's Story

Nuna's mother chose to risk everything, and leave her people to bring her unborn daughter to Korvosa, hoping that the cruelties she would suffer would be less than those she would suffer among the Shoanti. Nuna's mother was killed by a gang of Graeden Lamm's thugs after she beat one of them nearly to death for attempting to kidnap her daughter. Nuna was taken in by a friend of her mothers, a local hedge-witch who made a living selling minor potions and alchemical concoctions.

Lirai a very talented Half-Elf conjurer (Lawful Neutral), and Academae Graduate, (later turned Diabolist), she is recoving from an addiction to Shiver she fostered seeking to escape the pressures of being a student at the Academae, and a secret affair with a tiefling guard named Maelkus...
Lirai's Story

Lirai always sought the easy way, the path of least resistance. Never seeking to assert herself, always preferring to make life easier on herself by avoiding problems, or acceding to the demands of others. Her mother was a well of merchant's daughter, who married young when she found herself in a "family way" after a dalliance with a member of the enclave from Mierani Forest. Lirai's step-father was never cruel, but always cold and distant, and expected her to behave properly, always finding fault in everything she did. When it turned out she had significant intellectual capability and a talent for conjuration, she leapt at the chance to get into the Academae, seeing it as an easy road to power, self-respect, and a way to get away from her family. She never once anticipated the truth. She was overwhelmed with the demands of academic life, the harsh instructions and criticisms, the rivalries with the other students, and the often bloody conflicts with the tiefling guards. Initially, it was into the arms of one of these teifling guards that she turned, seeking companionship in someone who would never be a rival, and could understand the hardships she was enduring. But Maelkus had needs of his own, and was never happy with this just being a fling, and as time went on, life at the campus only got harder. Starting the buckle under the pressures of the Academae, her own feelings for Maelkus, and the need to keep their affair a secret, she sought the easiest escape she could...and Graeden Lamm and his minions were only to happy to provide her with all the Shiver she wanted for the right price. In the end, it almost cost her everything, and it did cost her relationship with Maelkus....

Maelkus Arkona a Neutral Rakshasa spawned Tiefling Magus, Maelkus was generated using the random talbes in the "Tieflings of Golarion" article in AP #25 Council of Thieves, the Bastards of Erebus. I love seeing those tables making it into the game, I was always a fan of adding randomness to the Tiefling since such ideas originally appeared in the Planescape setting's "Planar Handbook."
Maelkus is the other half of the Story of Lirai, or perhaps she is the other half of his, as both are tied in together. Seeking always to protect Lirai from herself and the help her with the rigors of Academae life, he was trying to put a stop to her drug addiction by tracking it to the source, when he found himself accused of murdering her drug dealer by a fisherman who eventually admited to framing him on behalf of Graeden Lamm, before turning up dead himself...It still cost him Lirai and his job at the Academae...
Maelkus's Story

"A tiefling is always a bastard in the eyes of his father..." (kudos if someone can ID the original quote, which uses a word other than tiefling, and where it's from) A motto that Maelkus has learned to live by since almost the day of his birth to a minor branch of the extended family of House Arkona. In spite of all divinations indicating his mother had never been anything other than absolutely faithful to his father, Maelkus spent much of his young life at the edges of everything, hardly even noticed by anyone who was not part of his immediate family. Even the house servants felt free to ignore him when his father wasn't paying attention. When he came of age, he applied to the Academae to join the ranks of the Tiefling guards constantly patrolling and protecting the campus. A move his father and even Glorio Arkona supported, for once seeming to see some sort of potential in him, even paying to equip him with the best equipment worthy of House Arkona. He never expected to love anyone, much less meet the love of his life at the Academae. He first noticed Lirai while she was watching the usual conflicts between the tieflings and the students, but not really taking part. He decided he wanted her the moment he met her, suprised that she wasn't intimidated by him (not that he was exceptionally unusual looking, having really only a tail and a backwards left hand). For a time things went well, the two of them meeting in secret in quiet places on the campus, and an inn room they decided to share away from campus during shared time off. In spite of her lack of fear of him, he knew she was weak, and not really cut out for life on campus, and did what he could to protect her, even sometimes using his authority to bully some of her more dangerous rivals. When she started using shiver, though, he had no idea what to do. He was afraid that, more than anything, would garuntee her eventual failure as a student. He took matters into his own hands, attempting to find out more about where she was getting the drugs, and either doing something himself, or getting the Korvosan Guard to do something. He was getting close to Graeden Lamm when he was accused of murdering the man who was acting as one of Lamm's drug the end, no one could try him for anything, but the damage was done, and he was terminated from the Academae, told by one of the instructors that only his family connections kept him from ending up another experiment for the school of necromancy. Being in a position where he could no longer help her or protect her, and with her refusal to stop doing Shiver, Maelkus made the hardest decision of his life and broke up with Lirai; he feared she would fail at the Academae and die, either summoning more than she could handle, or ending up dead at the hands of a rival. He never knew that this was the final straw that caused Lirai to bottom out, and after nearly killing herself with an overdose and succeed at turning her life around; eventually graduating from the Academae. Now they have hardly spoken to each other without arguing, angry and bitter over harsh words and broken hearts.

Erin female human Urban Ranger, aiming for Sable Company....a lost little lamb...
Erin's Story

Erin was born to a Varisian prostitute working the Old Korvosa docks, a half breed Varisian, her mother went to great lengths attempting to keep her daughter from being taken away from her to the orphanages, even working really hard to make her look more Varisian than she is with an almost excessive amount of family tattoos. Still, her mother also worked hard to protect her from the nastier elements of the brothel where she worked, keeping Erin as safe as possible, relying on the other lady's and some of the Sczarni she could trust to keep a eye on her, and a knife at the back of the brothel owner. Unfortunately, Erin's mother was also a drug addict who was getting her supply from (you guessed it) Graeden Lamm. When her mother died, Graeden moved quickly to claim the orphaned child, saying her mother owed him a lot of money when she died, and made it clear that the brothel owner shouldn't interfere. When the Sczarni found out, it was already a done deal, and they did have bigger things to worry about. Erin worked for a long time as one of Lamms little lambs, until that is, a little crowd work at an event went awry. Working the crowd with several other lambs and one of Graedens goons acting as handler, Erin badly botched a hand-off in front of a Hellknight of the Order of the Nail who was having a really bad day...what ended up resulting was the death of her handler, and several of the other orphans who were working the crowd being rounded up and sent to the orphanages. Graeden was furious. Erin had cost him a skilled handler, and several of his other little lambs. When Lamm and his thugs were done with her, they left Erin to die on a midden-heap in Old Korvosa, assuming that the Otyughs or something else would eventually get rid of the body. Erin was rescued by one of the three remaining clerics of Aroden, who nursed her back to health, and she was soon adopted by a friend of one of the priests, an old ranger who had long ago retired from the Sable Company.

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So here's the current group lineup for "Edge of Anarchy":

"Basty" (female elf, Ranger 3): A daughther of ambassador Perishial Kalissreavil, and a sable marine in-training. Lost one of her friends to drug addiction. An addiction spurred on by Gaedren.

Laz: (male halfling, Paladin 3): A former little lamb who was left for dead. Now out to stop Gaedren before he can harm anymore children.

Sarene (female oread, Shapeshifter 3): A woman of Shoanti origin, blessed with the hardness of stone. She came to Korvosa years ago looking to use her tracking skills for extra coin. She fell in love with a lovely varisian woman, but that came to an end when she was found dead in an alley of The Shingles. The man arrested was, and soon let go, was an associate of Gaedren.

Geeffrey (male halfling, Rogue 3): A former guard who went rogue after his wife's death.

Gunny Ironduff (male dwarf, Bard 3): Hailing from nearby Janderhoff the dwarf was engulfed in the riots of Korvosa. Luckly with the help of Mira they were able to drive back the rioters.

Mira Daralanda (female elf, Cleric of Desna 3): A woman of noble birth and one of the many elves from the enclave of South Shore. She was in the midst of the riots the night the king died. Lucky for her Gunny was in area, or the mob would have torn her apart.

Karui Kage wrote:
Warrior Whore of Old Korvosa

I smell a prestige class....

In the group I GM we have:

Elmo Ironbeard - Dwarven Fighter. Lawful Neutral. Him and his brother Grunyar are the last of the Ironbeard clan, but their intentions are to restore this clan and make it a prominent part of Korvosa.

Grunyar Ironbeard - Dwarven Druid. Lawful Neutral. Elmo's brother, personal chef, and best friend. He, along with Elmo (and his bear, Scruffy), have vowed their lives to protect Korvosa and have a severe respect for the Korvosan royalty.

Evelynn du Coteau - Half-elf Rogue. Chaotic Evil. Adopted by the temple of Calistria after her parents' deaths, she soon discovered that prostitution was not the only thing her clients were looking for and soon began to handle matter os assassination, blackmail, etc. for them as well.

We're at the point in Seven Days to the Grave where the group is investigating the sunken ship. I just game to this fourm to seek some help on what extra encounters I can add to the adventure for people ot save more lives.

Anyway, following group.

Curnach Daveck - Urban Druid (with fire domain) who was kicked out by Lamm, breaten and left for dead. He learnt an affiliation with rats and other wildlife of the streets. He's slowly changing with his encounters with people and has the hots for Sabina Trinia.

Jerin - Enchanter who used to study at the achedemy and arrived later in the group via Field Marshall Kroft. His father is a trader and had been paying for him through school, but with the anarcy decided to help the city any way he could.

Krenn Whetstone - His nephew went missing and he searched him out using his skill as a ranger . His nephew was held by Lamm to be used as a street urchin and once Krenn got his sweet revenge he was glad and he has bedded Theandra Darklight ;) Made her lusty and the first part never said the owner of the inn was married, yet the second part did so had to ignore that.

Arianna Rothschild - Wharf district prostitute and an unknown father. As she grew older and more attractive she was sold to the propriter of the Velvet Pillow. She has been calmed and spared the lifes of the wererats in the den who were working with Girrigz, but once he died they surrendered.

Down to the Finale so I thought I would post my group all 14th level

Amellizia - Varisian Urban Druid
Othello - Varisian Bard
Bhadi - mix-blood human Oracle (heaven mystery) of Desna
Olorin - Chelaxian conjurer
Tobry - mix-blood human paladin of Iomedae
Dogkiller - 1/2 orc Shoanti Barbarian
Markus - mix-blood human monk

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We just made 11th level:

- Haohji Viliasa - Martial Artist/Brawler - 1/2 Varisian, and 1/2 Minkai, Haohji was raised by his mother, a martial artist from Minkai. He grew up running the streets as a delivery runner for a local T'ian restaurant. Basically a free-running brawler with the discipline of a monk.

- Morwen DeLuca - Ninja - borne to a Korvosan merchant family, Morwen was accepted into a ninja clan after her father died while trading in T'ian Xia. She escaped the clan and returned home, but has forsaken her family. Currently cursed for stealing the golden whip from the shrine of a long dead god...

- Adriel Liliandren - Gunslinger - Succubus blooded Tiefling from Alkenstar. Came to Korvosa looking for her sister, who had been kidnapped. A crackshot, she tends to be one of the most steady damage output of the party.

- Shiroh - Kensai - short Minkai looking for her mother's spellbook, which seems to be in possession of an instructor (or maybe the Headmaster) at the Academae in Korvosa. He is sort of the "glass cannon" of the group, doing insane bursts of damage, but getting pounded badly after dropping 50-80 damage in a round...

- Turdren - Alchemist - Gnome, desperately fighting the bleaching... Turdren is a slightly mad Gnome that does many off beat things just to keep his life interesting. He is a mad bomber mixed with a little bit Scarecrow from DC comics... Scary little dude!

- Yuri - Order of the Cockatrice Cavalier - This Ustalavian Bear-rider is by far the most entertaining character in our group! He is extremely greedy, and not afraid to loot temples, which has gotten him cursed by Desna for trying to steal a magic rod from a Desnan artifact. He is a capable warrior, but whines like a mule! His greatest concern with the money is so he can burn it all on "beeches and blow."

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We are in between A History of Ashes and Skeletons of Scarwall. The characters are all 12th level.

- Kales: LG Human Fighter
Before being caught up in the events of the adventure path, Kales worked as a guard at the Bank of Abadar. He fights with a longsword and shield and controls the battle around himself with bull rushes and trips.

- Mara: NG Halfling Sorceress (Djinni Bloodline)
Mara used to support herself by making scarves and other accessories for the Korvosan nobility. The fame she has gained in helping the city has only increased his business and her scarves are now THE thing to own (if you can afford them).

- Theylyn: CG Human Bard (Geisha)
Theylyn is a popular companion and courtesan to the Korvosan nobility and well-to-do. Her social skills have come in extremely handy throughout the AP, and the her tea ceremonies are very helpful when gearing up for the final confrontation of each module.

- Gnoli: CN Gnome Alchemist (Beastmorph)
Gnoli is a seriously disturbed alchemist, who is just as likely to wipe out some harmless shop girls as he is to damage the antagonist. He alternates seemingly randomly between throwing bombs and attacking in animal form.

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Hi, I'm from Italy and I just started play CotCT as GM with two group.


Lem - LN Male Halfling Cleric of Irori
Seltyel - LG Male Half-Elf Paladin of Abadar
Zlatan - CN Male Human Ranger
Ziza - CG Famale Human Rogue
Jadzia - CG Famale Human Sorceress Draconic Bloodline (Copper)


Maser - LN Male Elf Monk
Derek - LG Male Dwarf Cleric of Torag
Shinji - LG Male Samurai (Sword Saint)
Lobo - CN Male Human Rogue (Swashbuckler)
Ancalima - N Famale Human Sorceress Elemental Bloodline (Water)

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I'm GMing a group just about ready to start Chapter 3....

Gidion - LG Human Paladin/Cleric of Iomedae (Former boyfriend of one cute blond bard accused of murder)

Katarina - LG Human Wizard/Cleric of Shelyn (Cohort to Gidion, half shoanti/varisian kicked out of her Shoanti tribe because of the Sun Tribe Chief's Son)

Alliana - CG Varisian Sorceress/Bard (Formerly addicted to Shiver, now on the mend, she and her brother Andrezi live with their parents in the Bard's End Inn)

Andrezi - CN Varisian Bard/Fighter (Cohort to Ali, was kidnapped with his buddy Ruan because of their apparent 'immunity' to a certain disease)

Ivan - CG Half-Elf Fighter/Ninja/Duelist (Was the result of his mother's affair with a local Mierani diplomat. Adores the fabled hero Blackjack. Calls himself Black Ivan as a result.)

At long last, we got to play again. Party has just tackled (a slightly beefed up, due to group size) Gaedren Lamm (which brought them up to Level 2).
Currently, they are discussing whether or not take Cressida's offer.
Lulu - NG f changeling summoner 2 (and Mukuru, her feline Eidolon)
Moonhair - CG f shoanti barbarian 2
Viorec - CG m varisian bard (arcane duelist) 2
Gareon - CG m half-elf urban ranger (skirmisher) 1 / rogue (acrobat) 1 Silea - CN f half-elf hedge witch 2
Rosilka Goldhammer - NG f dwarven cleric 2 of Sarenrae

*grmbl* there ought to be a line break separating Gareon and Silea...

My group is kicking ass. We are 5th level, just finished the first book.

Me- Hexcrafter Magus
Shakhan, Urban Barbarian
Ashe, Paladin
Hytogg, Cleric2/Illusionist 3

Lots of fun so far.

Running the AP with a bunch of guys, I hadn't GM'ed before this, and most of my players had not played a Pen'n'Paper before, so it has been a bit trial and error, but I think we have managed to develop some interesting interactions. We are currently in the middle of Book 3

The party description will contain some spoilers


Xian, Human Monk. Was one of Lamm's Lambs and escaped on an Arkona ship to Vudra, where he was accepted in a monk order. Returned to Korvosa to hunt an fugitive Rakshasa (Avidexu). He suspects one Rakshasa might have just begun to exert its influence in Arkona Manor, so I look forward to what will happen when the party discovers the truth.

Kyeran, Human Shoanti Barbarian. Spouse was murdered by Lamm, and the Shoanti society blamed Kyeran for bringing her to Korvosa. While Kyerans role so far primarily has been to sulk, be paranoid and smash stuff with his Earthbreaker, I expect him to take center stage in the Cinderlands, where I suspect he might try to be accepted as a Shoanti again.

Zazz-Tosti, Gnome Wizard, Academae Graduate. Tosti to his friends. When he found out his friend Rosti was buying corpses from Lamm to use for necromantic experiments, he looked the other way in the beginning, but after discovering that Lamm sent murdered people and was blackmailing Rosti not to say anything, he took matters into his own hands and reported Rosti, who was expelled from the Academae. Rosti felt betrayed and nursed his hate while working in the crypts of the Grey Quarters, and while leaving everything else behind him, he remembered Tosti's betrayal as he began to call himself Rolth. Rolth escaped from the Urgothoan Temple and have already sent one team of assassins after Tosti, with more sure to follow.

Ethain, Human Cleric of Desna. One of Lamm's Lambs, found religion. Ethain left the party last session (his player didn't have enough time for it) but are due to appear again for a guest session, probably in the Acropolis of the Thrallkeepers in the Cinderlands.

Jamroar, Human Rogue. Another of Lamm's Lambs, he later made a career for himself in the Cerulean, and his contacts have so far been helpful in Old Korvosa, but let's see what happen when the party turns against the Arkona family. Has a definite kleptomanic streak.

Zyriel Dawntracker, Half-elf Ranger. Before Marcus' murder, he was a freshly promoted major in the Sable Company, he is now the highest ranking officer left alive. Ileosa decided the entire company was traitors and ordered a purge. Due to Ethain leaving, the party lacked a Cleric, so Raeland joined as Zyriels cohort, since the entire thing co-incited with Zyriel showing Leadership. He has vowed to restore the Company and take down Ileosa. The ordeal seems to have awoken latent magical talent and Zyriel aims at becoming an Arcane Archer.

The Cohort: Raeland, Human Cleric of Sarenrae. Marcus Thalannius' advisor and confidant and one of the few to escape the purge of the Sable Company. Sought out Zyriel to protect him and aid him however he could, hence becoming his cohort.

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Selene - human (varisian) bard from de harrowed society. She became famous with her song called "the painter's rescure"
Maric - Human (numerin) wizard from the academia of Korvosa. his spellbook is a starfall artifact he herited from his father
Kendra Jeggare - human (chelaxian) cleric of Pharasma. She devotes her life to the desctruction of undeads.
Ulrich - Human Cavalier of the order of the Seal. He is a pathfinder agent of the silver crusade. His missing lover is Zellara's daughter.
Valran - Half Elf Magus. He is the nefew of Cressida Kroft (sister of his mother).
Zalsxit - Gnome Alchemist... well you know ... he is gnomish ;-)

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SurrealCruelty: "All dwarfs are bastards in their fathers eyes." - Tyrion Lannister

===== (I know I'm getting late to the party; we're into book 6. Group started 3.5 and moved to Pathfinder with book 2. ) =====

Abnus: This Dwarven child was taken in by the Vault of Abadar after being found badly beaten. He grew up in the tradition of the church, and has proven to be a valuable clerk, having written a treatise about maintaining public order during crisis. Neolandus is currently referring to such as applies to their current situation. Abnus keeps an orderly ledger of all the party's receipts. Joined Karok's Hawk Clan ceremony, now an honorary Shoanti. (Cleric)

Dalton: A Human member of the Guard, had been repeatedly frustrated in attempts to bring drug smugglers to justice. Recently joined the Korvosan Native Inquisitive. A chance hit with Pilts' Rod of Wonder gave him the ability to cast Mark of Justice at will. Dove into Cindermaw. (Started as a Crusader, switched to Inquisitor)

Dox: Was part of a carton of slaves taken from the River Kingdoms and experimented on. The result is children with magical blood with drug-like qualities. Dox was first introduced to the party as a lad named Mac, but has shown up with a few different names and identities before recently revealing (her? him? it?)self as Dox. Seems to absorbs and redirect energy. Fascinated with the idea of fate, has picked up both the Harrow deck and the Rod of Wonder. (3.5 Changeling, Spellthief, Spellfire wielder; kind of ad-hoc campaign conversion)

Elmore: Was an older Human business associate of Gaedren Lamm's, who intended on taking over Lamm's businesses. Vashar discovered that he was stealing from the party, and managed to tip the guard off to investigate his property at [i]just[/] the right time. He's been put away for a nice long time, and definitely won't show up in the campaign again. ;) (Human rogue)

Glandak: Was an dwarven caravan guard between Korvosa and Janderhoff, with an ashen complexion and the magical ability to double in height. His wife was killed during a raid when some of Lamm's thugs tried to shake down the caravan for protection money. He squeezed Cindermaw so hard that it coughed up his friend. (Dwarf with duergar heritage, fighter/barbarian/frenzied berserker)

Karok: Was an animal spirit given human form, adopted into the Hawk Clan. He grew in skill with words and was inducted into the takers of oaths - respected between clans, but still never truly accepted in the clan he thought of as his family. Only when he gained the respect of all clans was he able to take the Trial of Sky, and join the Clan of the Hawk. (Kitsune Bard)

L'harold: Was a excellent mounted archer of the Sable Company who only got played once. (Human Ranger)

Maxoff: Was a half-elven general from the Kinsblood wars. His slain family's spirit surrounded and protected his feeble frame. He sacrificed himself to protect the rest of the party from a descendant demon, was brought back in a shrine of True Resurrection, and headed East to the crusade. (Half-elf Summoner (synthesist))

Trinia: We all know Trinia. She's been chronicling the party's exploits. (Human Bard)

Vashar: Elven archaeologist from the Mordant Spire come to explore the similarities between Azlanti and Thassilonian ruins. Collects orphans, both the Lambs and any spell-blooded that they've found. Has taken the mantle of Blackjack. (3.5 Grey Elf, Magus)

Huh. I went ahead and posted without knowing that this thread exists:

My group is about halfway through Seven Days to the Grave right now. They just hit level five. Most have been around since the beginning, but the wizard just joined up a few sessions ago.

Indigo Diamondfall is a 14-year old gnome rogue murder-child. She was one of Gaedran's Little Lamms, and found catharsis early in our first session by drowning Gaedran's lecherous associates in fishguts and brinewater. She has since developed a drinking problem, become a bar mascot for some Sczarni toughmen, and proven to be an unholy terror at knivesies. Best friends with Majenko.

Jennara was going to become a paladin for the glory of Sarenrae, but flunked out and became a polearm fighter and temple guard instead. Her twin sister Nefima (named when Grau got Jennara mixed up with "Neffi" from Sandpoint) ran off and got wrapped up with Gaedran, then much later joined up w/ the Pathfinders and just got back to town. Jennara is the group's moral compass.

Nika is a Sczarni battle oracle and has a complicated relationship with her crime family. Her cousin got hooked on shiver (and overdosed) thanks to Gaedran. Two things happen to her when combat starts: she can only speak Infernal, and her rolls turn sour. The queen has begun inviting Nika to private meetings in order to get some street-level advising, and seems to be crushing on her a bit...? There's chemistry.

Lexi is a half-elf alchemist whose mother was murdered by Gaedran. She has a weird penchant for using severed heads in bags as intimidation tools? It has happened more than once, with Gaedran's, Zellara's, and Gaekhan's heads. She's also responsible for a significant chunk of Korvosa's recent arsons. All accidental, of course.

Ulafiel Susperio is an elf Acadamae illusionist wizard. Her little sister Jolistina recently (read: within the last eight years) got involved with a necromancer, and she's CONVINCED that the relationship is bad for her sister. She's dealing with it in a mature way: by signing up with a taskforce dedicated to murdering that a#!&$@~ Rolth. Rolth has since become a much more important villain in my game. Ulafiel is crazy single-minded about ending Rolth ("Yooouuuuu!" "You look familiar... Wait, I'm screwing your sister!" "RAHHHGG" is an actual exchange from last session) and hilariously blunt about how little she cares about everything else.

My group is almost done Seven Days to the Grave at this point. They're sitting at level 7. It's an odd group in some ways; there is a clear line dividing them.

Rianne (Human Swashbuckler 6 Ranger 1) is the NG son/daughter of the high priest of Asmodeus in Korvosa.  She (there was a reincarnation that ended in gender switching) is often confused and disgusted by the party's apparent respect for her dad.  Her niece appears to be in a state of feeblemind, which both Rianne and Mickael want to fix (but grandpa seems to be disinclined to do anything).

Cadence (Human Rogue 5 Ranger 1 Shadowdancer 1) is a NG member of the infamous Vancaskerkin family.  She was abandoned to the streets of Korvosa by whomever her father was, no doubt contributing to her comparatively good sense.

Mickael (Human Cleric of Abadar 7) has an odd ability to accidentally kill orphans with his crossbow.  She is the most lawful member of the party, though her alignment shift from LG to LN has disturbed some of her companions.

Lilith (Half-Elf Paladin of Abadar 7) is on the edge of schism with the church, often tempted to try to start her own Credit Union of Abadar.  She strongly objects to the church's inability to help poor citizens directly.

Dorian (Ifrit Sorcerer 7) was reincarnated after the party (players) objected to the replacement character. :P  Her CN alignment, at first a serious bone of contention with most of the party, now seems to ally her with Rianne and Cadence in mild information deception against the cleric and the paladin.  She controls the harrow deck, and supplies the base of operations in the Midlands (a should-be-condemned tenement).

Oddly, four of the five characters have been reincarnated.  All four flipped from male to female, and two flipped race (Lilith from human, Dorian from tiefling).  The fifth (Cadence) has always been female, but was masquerading as a man for quite a while.

Scarab Sages

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I have just begun a CotCT pbp campaign on another website. This time I had the players do something different -- provide me with a secret about their character that even the character is not aware of.

I am pleased to present:
1) Adrienne Endrin, CG female human geokineticist (kinetic knight): Her mother was kidnapped while pregnant and sold into slavery. Eventually, Adrienne found herself sold to Gaedrenn Lamm, where she suffered and watched a good friend become ravaged by shiver. Adrienne was told her last name by her mother, but is completely unaware she is a member of a noble family (my added twist is that it was Bahor Arkona that was behind the original kidnapping).
2) Bareon "Baron" Underbough, CG male halfling unchained rogue: A former employee of Lamm's that was used as a scapegoat. Baron does not know that his parents sold his soul to Zon-Kuthon (but Shadowcount Sial will know).
3) Jed Ursenn, NG male human brawler: His little sister was abducted by Lamm and forced to pick pockets. Jed does not know that he is actually adopted, and is truly of Shoanti descent (but Krogun will try to awaken the Shoanti inside of him).
4) Ludovius Salvito, NG male human conjurer: He was drummed out of the Academae for his out of control shiver addiction. Unbeknownst to him, he has a sister (named Cinnabar Salvito).
5) Roarke Menton, NG male human inquisitor (urban infiltrator) of Erastil: His wife, a member of the Korvosan Guard, was killed by Gaedren Lamm. Sadly, she was a secretly on Gaedren's payroll as well (and was actually killed by Rolth Lamm in an extortion plot gone wrong).

My group started at 7th level after some prior adventures and mostly breezed through Edge of Anarchy despite some monster buffing. They are just getting into 7 Days to the Grave. Majenko has joined the Party - so far he is not terribly impressed!

Jack Oneryx: a male, half-elf sorcerer with a draconic bloodline, Jack specializes in fire magic. The suave leader and diplomat of the Party, he tries to romance anything and everything he encounters.

Clarke: a female, half-elf druid, very chaotic and with serious anti-social issues. She first met Jack when he unwittingly burned down a portion of the forest she lived in as a hermit for much of her life. Despite this, they’ve become best friends.

Baron von Snuggles (aka “Beeves”): Clarke’s loyal wolf companion and Party mascot. Has a penchant for getting in over his head in combat, frequently needing rescue.

Violet Faringray: a female, human monk, she serves as the stern, no-nonsense, “straight arrow” of the Party. Born into the monastery, she joined the Party when they agreed to help search for her missing twin sister, who was kidnapped from the monastery at the age of 2.

Birch: a female, human slayer, and Violet’s twin sister. Kidnapped from the monastery as part of a Red Mantis scheme to train promising children as future master assassins. She learned of her kidnapping after 16 years, but not the reasons behind it, and fled her alleged “parents.” After being found by Violet, she has resisted her sister’s entreaties to return to the monastery.

‘A ‘Ohe Mea: a female, half-orc/half-Shoanti bloodrager, she was enslaved in orcish fighting pits, where she encountered the Party in a pre-game adventure. They helped free her from the fighting pit and she joined the Party. A little simple, and believes most issues can be solved with her sword.

Yorhm: a male, half-orc cleric of Desna, the fun-loving and ever-cheerful Yorhm focuses mostly on his magic, and loves a good drinking competition.

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