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TEO ArchAnjel wrote:
FMS Flintlokk wrote:
Please do not "bump" a thread. If you have something meaningful to add, please do so.


My right to bump any thread I like... That is meaningful.

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KotC Carbon D. Metric wrote:
OH dear. I see this getting messy, and quick.

Nah. There isn't any reason for any messy stuff at all. Your system sounds like a different deal. Besides, the world is wide and competition is for the best. ;)

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Wow. Necro for real.

We are working on a rebuild and possible resurrection. We just need a decent brain and a lightning storm....

Look for more news shortly after we get a shift load of more info from The Goblins. ;)

P.S. Thnx Xeen: Only "lite" if you can catch me on the way and get a cut. ;)

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Notmyrealname wrote:
So Pax absorbed Golgotha to win the first land rush and now they are funneling votes to set Golgotha up as a Pax settlement? Is that the result of a secret deal Golgotha made when they joined Pax , that Pax would help you later to get your own settlement , it sure looks that way because that is what you are doing. Good thing you are left to police your own ethics , so you can get away with it.

What can you possibly be thinking there? You are ignoring everything that has been written in this thread and some others... How would Golgotha allying with Aeternum increase the number of votes available? No one that voted for Aeternum in the first draft is voting for Golgotha in this one.

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What will be really cool for you, will be strip miners using slave labor and tagged heinous.

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As always, great work and many thanks, Harad.

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@ CB

Dang Dude! As organized and industrious as you are, I can't wait to visit your Pub. I am sure you will have EVERYTHING on tap. :)

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<Magistry> Toombstone wrote:
And just to be clear, I don't mean my question as an attack in any way whatsoever. I just find the dynamic interesting, and wonder what your own opinion is on those situations where it might be required to "look the other way" at the evil activities of your close allies. I asked basically the same thing in a Pax thread. I think some groups will just make excuses for it and hardly care, and others might actually have some interesting intra-settlement dynamics.

A legitimate question and worthy of a straight answer (if you didn't get one already). I suppose that it can only be answered on an individual level until we are in game and it becomes necessary to set some policies about it.

I won't be doing anything that damages my Rep or drags my alignment toward Chaos and Evil. Except in rare cases where I have to for some important and immediate goal/need for my Company, settlement, or Empire. I will gladly take one for the team, at that point.

You won't see any from Fidelis participating in banditry. You will see us Avenging unprovoked attacks made against us, our Family and Allies.

What will happen if I see other Allies or Xeilians doing things like banditry? I am not sure. It could easily be part of a feud or war. It could easily be part of them defending their "turf". wherever that is at the moment. Not excuses or deflection, just not answerable without context and time, in game.

I have serious doubts that Golgotha (my wayward family) will have an easy time doing "really evil" things and keeping a viable rep up. I have a feeling that almost all of their activity will be legitimate game play. If it is not "evil", is legitimate, and non rep damaging I may join them (assuming they want a useless tag along).

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Pax Morbis wrote:
Eagle Claw, CAW!

Or.... Undead Rooster Claw?

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Best wishes for The Vigilant.

I am well aware of the difficulties in overcoming idealistic views of alignment conflict (and expected actions) in relation to larger groups and alliances. I suffered from it for many moons. Not that I am suggesting any of your group has similar issues.

There are meta and real alliances/friendships all over this early political stage that include everything from assassins to goodly mages.

It seems hard for people to think of living in a city or a nation, and not all having the same outlook as all other members of it.

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KotC Carbon D. Metric wrote:

Thank you very much for responses. The voting issue was far and away my primary concern here. I'm sure you can imagine the numbers running through everyone's heads as they are in yours to try and keep things strait. It is an easy assumption that if flying the PAX flag means you will be PAX, and PAX is PAX if you understand my meaning.

The last thing any of us want is to see is multiple day 1 Settlements being run as shell-corporations feeding one giant meta-nation.

Those are indeed concerns, whether the giant meta-nations/Alliances are well defined or not. From everything that I have seen, of all Organizations in this Landrush, it all seems to be going along as GW wants it, except maybe numbers. :)

Awaken, You EE Sleepers!

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KotC - Erian El'ranelen wrote:
A (hopefully) quick question, as I haven't followed the developments of Pax over the last several months...How does Pax Golgotha relate to Pax Aeternum with regard to the previous Land Rush, i.e. are they part of that as having voted in the past action, or a wholly separate group of folks that did not vote in the previous rush?

Hi Erian,

Pax Golgotha and Pax Aeternum are separate Organizations within the "Empire" of Xelias. They are both part of the Pax Gaming Community. No one that voted for Pax Aeternum is allowed to vote for Golgotha. That has been made clear to all of us on our site, a few times now. That hampers Pax Golgotha (for votes) a bit as some Aeternum members have since moved to Golgtha, but can't bring their votes along. That is ok, though, as Pax Golgotha is getting recruits steadily. :)

Other than that, All of Pax is following the rules and the Spirit of them as we understand them. We are all about that in our Pax Gaming Charter AND the Charters of our sub Divisions.

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Doin' great! Ignore the 3 pre set. You are sitting number 3 and formed up virtually a few days ago!


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T7V Jazzlvraz wrote:
Ravenlute SBC _Prophecy_ wrote: from Tavern to Tavern.
PFO Pub Crawl! It'd be great if we could agree on a limited-time "no attacking" rule for the Crawlers.

But that would be better than real world rules!

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Pax Morbis wrote:
Well, we certainly don't have any, so we need to get any we can.

I know it's not true (and an old "one liner"), but it got a chuckle from me anyway.

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Lord Zodd wrote:
What is the name of your most popular tavern going to be in Aragon?
The Good Fellow wrote:
"The Lamenting Woman"

Huh... That's weird, my delivery order says to offload these casks of rum at "The Shrine of Pharasma" ;)

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Bluddwolf wrote:

Now if you would like to return to these questions and others, I'm willing to have a conversation. But the next time I offer an olive branch and I get slapped in the face for it, your city will know no sleep, your caravans no safe road, your outposts no full yield, and your POIs will burn.

You may think Andius has turned to the dark side, he is not even close to what we are capable of, at least not yet.

I have always thought that it will be the POIs and outposts vulnerability that most closely equate to "asset damaging" as a comparison to what I saw in DFUW. Player cities that were not protected were pretty much useless if they had enemies. In some cases, the owners just gave up trying to keep things repaired. Too expensive.

It doesn't take more than a few player enemies there (doing that) to really hurt you if you aren't tending to your "vulnerable spots".

Edit: Perhaps I had better qualify my statement so that it better fits in a UNC policy thread. From what I have read, it will be the policy of the UNC to do these kinds of things. They are in the game's spirit of conflict. They are legitimate and effective tactics. I hope that if they do execute them, the UNC will do it more in the spirit of the game and even some of this (and future backstory) here so that it can be more fun for all. I think that they will, after people cool down a bit.

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Nihimon wrote:
Pax Bringslite wrote:
Nice Ninja!

Hey, I'm almost as good at admitting my mistakes as I am at making them :)

Got me! Still nice to watch Lee in action again and refresh the memory. ;)

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Nihimon wrote:

@DBDunkerson and @ArchAnjel, I think you're both right. I just watched the video from the blog The Map again, and at 6:12 Lee talks about Home hexes.

Lee Hammock wrote:
Then you've got these little castle symbols. These are Home hexes. These are Monster hexes where an Escalation Cycle lives for good. They will always be there.

Nice Ninja!

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There is a TON of potential in contracts.

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Nihimon wrote:
Banesama wrote:
I hope the Devs are more creative them making the achievements, "Kill 10 goblins" or "Collect 15 Wolf Pelts". Those only encourage grinding and are completely boring.

Look at the Q4 Backer Update Video at 1:35 and you'll see two Slayer achievements in the upper right hand corner. Goblin Slayer 4 looks like it requires killing 10 Goblins. Ogre Slayer 2 looks like it requires killing 2 Ogres.

I'd recommend setting your expectations appropriately, trusting PFO to deliver really great tools for meaningful PvP, and not getting your heart set on ground-breaking innovations for PvE.

Especially at first. (Meaning at least early EE) Never give up though! :)

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Stephen Cheney wrote:

You can equip a backpack instead of a cloak, pouches instead of a belt, and bags of holding instead of other wondrous items. The purpose of all of these is to increase your encumbrance limits for your general inventory. So:

•Yes, you can thread them.

•No, threading them doesn't protect what's in them (because they don't have individual contents, just a bonus to general inventory).

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Broken_Sextant wrote:
I've always hated when games don't give you group credit for quests/achievements or whatever. It makes grouping and playing with friends feel so tedious. There's no faster way to make people say "Ugh, lets play something else" than when the 10 boar tongues you need to collect suddenly turn into 20, or 50, because you have friends who need it too.

That is a great way to put it. Definitely what I would like to see GW avoid if they are able.

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Broken_Sextant wrote:

Well my point was the XP system puts a natural check on "achievement" powerleveling to where I doubt it'll be much of a concern. Even if you race someone through a bunch of achievements they still need the XP (and vice versa).

Every achievement doesn't need to be accessible immediately, either. When you earn 1000xp maybe a new batch of achievements unlock. 5000xp, a new batch.
Plenty of ways to make powerleveling a non-issue.

If I read you right, I agree that it is not really a thing that can be abused.

Some games have a "round robin" system for party members and kills, or whatever. Some even let you help and exclude yourself from the "round robin" credit.

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Broken_Sextant wrote:
I doubt powerleveling will be a concern in this game. The XP system alone makes it largely a non-issue. If they really wanted to, they could make some achievements require being solo or attach whatever limits they want on any particular achievement.

I am trying to illustrate "power leveling" in the context of achievements. Not in the traditional way that we think of it as "actions=exp".

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@ Urman

I am leaning somewhat along those lines, though would not mind seeing special cases.

For example: Two people in a "party". One is watching for bandits or mobs, while one is prospecting skymetal. Both should probably not get "Achievement Earned: Gather 10 skymetal". But maybe, "Achievement Earned: Slayer of Renegade Ogres" if that prospector gets a blow in on the ogre.

That may be too code involved?

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Urman TEO wrote:

It depends on how tightly GW wants to work character Reputation and associations.

They could, for example, have some Reputation mechanic that kicks in when a low Rep character does a face-to-face trade with a high Rep character. So when Louie Low-Rep can't enter a town to sell his goods, he logs on his second character, Susie Stalwart to act as his fence. But when she trades face-to-face with Louie, she takes some Rep hit for "associating with persons of low repute." (It only needs to affect the higher Rep individual; Louie doesn't gain Rep in the trade.) Eventually, Susie can't enter town either.

If (a big If) they want to control Rep like that, they might make dropping items to the ground impossible.

It would be pretty interesting to see the effects resulting from a large test of such a mechanic. The trading affect on Rep thing...

"Relative" Homogeny or Pariah culture?

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@ Urman

Poorly worded and changed. Thanks. :)

Yeah, IF. So what do WE think it should be?

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We know that Pathfinder Online will have a time based experience system similar to some other games out there, such as Eve Online. We know that there will also be some interesting differences: 1. Your earned experience points do not need to be "pre assigned" to anything while you are earning them. 2. You need "achievements" pared with your accumulated experience points to qualify for some things that you may want to buy with exp pts. (skills, feats, etc...).

Other things, such as ability score requirements and requisite "skills" are similar and typical in most games.

We know that we can always mentor new (incoming) players with our knowledge of what skills, feats, etc... work well together. What, where, when, and how to do the things that they need to do. Even down to who is friendly, who is not, and how to muck about "the world" in the safest or general way that they will find the fun they are seeking.

What I am wondering is, how the "achievement" recognition system will work? If I party with players newer than I am, and go after their wanted achievements, will that hamper their gain? Will my actions, while grouped with them, count toward their gain? Assume that I already have these "achievements" and just want to help.

Is it right or wrong to "power level" new players this way?

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Darcnes wrote:
Still gotta ask, why not have fake wagons work the way assassin disguises work? Illusionary goods will be pro though, as will the detection of such illusions.

Well, I can see some possibilities in it as a decoy deal, i.e. sending out two + caravans in different directions, possibly misleading when and where "goods/supplies" are being concentrated, etc...

So I can see it working in some way similar to the assassin disguise mechanic and having some value for some strategies. Making something look different than what it "is". Being a "faction" skill gained when the right "hoops" are jumped.

One thing to consider about all of it... A bandit only knows what may be in/on the caravan/traveler after they "inspect" it. Which is after they stop it. (at least as far as I know of current info) The jig "is up" at that point, beyond a minute or two more of delay: Seeing "false goods", making a S&D, getting boxes of "rocks" in the exchange.

This would all have more impact (for misleading and disguise) if you had an idea what a caravan has by viewing at a distance. If they go back to robbers having some clue at distance. Maybe they will...

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Xeen wrote:
Andius wrote:
While I'm sure some might slap such labels on me I will be operating fully within the spirit and intent of a mechanic that grants a unlimited consequence free kills on members of a specific company/settlement.
Take that conversation to your own forum/thread.

Apologies Xeen and UNC. It is really boring around here (this forum)

There is certainly an excellent story possible behind all of this... I am certain (at least I would hope) that the people involved will not object to some awesome RP built around a story that started here in the politics of this pre game forum and led to interesting (and legitimately executed) content inside the game.

Actually sounds fun. If you like story and stuff, it certainly qualifies as meaningful (IMO).

If not taken "beyond the pale", or done for personal reasons. <---The tricky part.

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Harad Navar wrote:

@Bringslite, I see blinds as a necessary settlement defense mechanism from the very start of EE.

•It is my belief that very early in EE there will be efforts to take/destroy initial Land Rush settlements before they can be functionally fortified, and before the introduction of siege engines and unit combat.
•So far I do not have any indication (if I remember correctly) that Land Rush settlements will be provided with walls.
•I believe that some settlement buildings may be destroyed by groups of characters without siege engines.
•I suspect that settlement hexes, when the settlement is initiated, will have considerable empty space, making the placement of blinds possible.
•Blinds will be very useful in defending outposts and some PoIs which can be destroyed by characters without siege engines.

There are certainly many possibilities to use a "Blind" mechanic defensively. A lot of your suggestions will depend on the details of where it can be used.

Stephen Cheney wrote:
•Clicking it lets you turn off or on an aura that knocks people out of fast travel. This aura is basically big enough that you can put the blind near a road and catch people on the road. You can turn it on or off so you can let scarier groups through without stopping them. (Hopefully we can spawn a log model across the road when you've got it turned on.)

That suggests that it's first function is to drop people from fast travel. It may get expanded to stop you during "regular" travel also. That would be pure speculation at this point.

Still, affecting your opponents movements is useful in all kinds of ways...

P.S. I didn't just "favorite" Stephen's first post about it because I thought it was great for banditry kind. :)

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Bluddwolf wrote:
Pax Bringslite wrote:
My time is preferred spent in profitable endeavor, I begrudge no one the chance to screw bandits. :)

Ahh... So you plan on running a brothel! That would indeed be a welcomed and brilliant enterprise on your part. You may in fact end up with much of my gold. ;-)

Callistria be praised!

Errr... an unfortunately misleading verb Sir! Uhm, uh...


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I enjoyed "cast off" collecting as a safe way to get some gold when starting a new character in UO. If I remember correctly (not positive here), they didn't have timers on loose items. The items persisted until the daily "server down" maintenance. Maybe the timers for thousands of junk items is most of the problem? Then again, detailed rendering was not a "requirement" then, as it is now.

Didn't someone mention "little brown bags" further up?

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Well ok since it is not against The Law (not bad for me), but I must warn you the tread is Taboo and may harm a Barbar's soul....

Look above that post for more. Hmmm....possibly below too.

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The Blind (an idea):

Stephen Cheney wrote:


Given how our placement of structures changed from Ryan's original conception of hideouts, we've broken the "knocking people out of fast travel" functionality into its own structure. These are meant to be extremely temporary (basically the idea of just a hole or pile of bushes and a log you roll across the road), rather than formal hideouts. If hideouts interdicted fast travel over a whole hex, it seems likely that people would make it a priority to find the hideout PoI and destroy it. Blinds also let bandits potentially interdict fast travel in hexes they don't own.

•Blinds are a temporary construction you put down (construction method TBD and highly tech dependent). They're some kind of object that's not glaringly obvious. The users will need to be able to click it, but it might have its own Stealth rating so it's not visible until you're on top of it. TBD how you place it or craft it.

•It has a small radius where you get a Stealth bonus as if it were an aura. Being in this aura is basically admitting to being up to no good; if someone in your party issues a S&D from it, you'll also automatically join in (see below).

•Clicking it lets you turn off or on an aura that knocks people out of fast travel. This aura is basically big enough that you can put the blind near a road and catch people on the road. You can turn it on or off so you can let scarier groups through without stopping them. (Hopefully we can spawn a log model across the road when you've got it turned on.)

•It has a large radius around it that increases the range of S&D inspection. Normally, you can only inspect a target prior to issuing S&D from a short distance away, but if they're in the blind's radius, you can do it up to visual range (and you might have a lookout up the road that passes the details to you to decide whether to roll out the log or not).

•Settlements can make it illegal to deploy a Blind in their territory (potentially getting at least one Bandit the Criminal flag long before S&Ding anyone).

For the record, I am not opposed to such a mechanic as Nihimon proposes. I am certain that I would need a pretty good reason to use it, is all. My time is preferred spent in profitable endeavor, but I begrudge no one the chance to screw with bandits. :)

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Nihimon wrote:

I think it would be really cool if it was possible to run caravans that didn't actually have anything of value in them that could be stolen, but which looked like valuable merchandise to Bandits using a Blind.

Keeping in mind Ryan's warning that "X" would be Cool ... becomes Nobody does "X", I think the key to ensuring this particular cool thing doesn't fall into that trap is to impose a significant cost to creating these False Cargoes. It would seem appropriate to me to allow the creator of the False Cargo to make it appear to contain specific items available in the Local Market, and to require a non-recoverable cost at some proportion of those items - perhaps even at their full value.

Can you detail a situation/reason that I might go to that expense? The cost to create the sham being the same as the items portrayed, is where you lose me...

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For losing.... I would have to say that would be reaching the point that it becomes too easy or too frustrating (despite changing how I play). Cheating does not come into it (for me) because that was left behind when I was 10, or so.

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Winning PfO is to get your caravan from A to B. With one or two fights between, that so hype your hired guards, the TS channel is annoying.

Then to start planning the next one...

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Xeen wrote:
LazarX wrote:

To win is to to crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women (or men).

Sounds familiar

You aren't alone in noticing. I miss a lot if I don't read previous posts first. :)

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I ask community forgiveness for always referring to DFUW for stories. They are just the freshest.

In the Elven lands, there is a plateau that is accessible only by diving down a waterfall into a hole on the lower edge outside. Then you move up a tunnel, partway swimming and partway walking. Always empty of others, or so I had thought.

This is humorous to me, yet also a good lesson leading back to an earlier comment in another thread about PVP: "Don't be a piggy".

So anyway, in Darkfall, there is no limit to the weight that you can carry and still move very slowly or even "port" home. The spot (described above) seemed perfect to me to hang out and gather all day during work (bad boy). Gathering is pretty much set-and-forget at each node. Waddle (way over weight) to the next, ad infinitum.

Well, I check back (to go to the next node) and there is a guy bearing down on me pretty fast. We clash and he is being hurt real bad, so he pulls back. I try to pursue... waddle, waddle.... Crap! He realizes my problem and switches to bow. I frantically (crying inside) try to dump the various heavy stacks of stuff so I can charge him, but I didn't do it in time. Looking like a pincushion, I perish....

1)Don't be a piggy

2)Make sure you aren't a one-trick-pony with combat skills (cover a cpl or a few styles)

BTW: Good call Hobs. There are fewer threads that I am interested in getting involved in than normal right now.... ;)

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Pax Björn Renshai wrote:

Guess what?

How goes things around here? It has been a minite since I was around.

Overall, pretty smoothly. A few "spikey bit" injuries, many "cakes" baking, and much talk of "hawt pants".

Welcome back.

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@ Knowbrainer

That is a nifty avatar.

Goblin Squad Member

Relatively tiny budget. Absolutely smaller than normal staff.... Plus the fact that it is not in any way billed as a finished product at the Early Enrollment stage, which was Nihimon's hint there... :)

Much of the stonework, wood, buildings, etc... are already pretty good.

Graphics are of low importance to me, compared to the frustration of mechanics that fail or time out.

I can wait and work with what I have for the chance to help shape it all to readiness for the "wide open" market.

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I both like the idea of "system mail" to inform players of the probable "whys" and would like the option to turn it off or "mass delete" such messages, if I like. There would be a real sense of being spammed, as I expect to be a casualty (my fair share of times) during a war.

That said, it would be a great option because the game is looking to be complex. The reasons for getting "sent to respawn" may be obscure until you have some goodly time and experience in-game.

It could also be a nice chance to "data mine" under what circumstances players are getting attacked and "killed".

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@ Ravenlute

The site is coming along. I agree that the "Paw" is a pretty good symbol. If you get large enough, can you see other "totems" and what would they be if you had a choice?

Goblin Squad Member


Thx for the chat. You guys had me cracking up so much. Definitely one of my most fun chat experiences ever! :)

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Tyncale wrote:
I thought of another use for Inns: as a bind- and respawn point.

Love it.

**Spawn in. Buy some buff food. Sit down grab a beer.**

"Bringslite! Where the hell are yoouuuu?"

**Gulp, gulp, gulp...**

"Almost there!"

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Vwoom wrote:
Perhaps I need to find and read that tab targeting post? My logic is that there must be a target selected. It could be that a formation leader could provide a /assist function for an area target that everybody fires on? Even better a visible ring to fire through that must be positioned by a spotter. To be clear I am thinking about a formation inside the walls that doesn't have line of site on the attackers.

Sounds reasonable. Maybe an AOE/indirect mode for missiles of some type?

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Great stuff. Never becomes irrelevant to review.

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