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Party up wit da weee-sul.

Weesul. WEE sul.

Wesul. WEE sul. Banning dra. gin dued for banning teh weesuuuuul.

dire weesul! WEE sul....



Schism is banned for punnishing the weasul.

Banned.....for eyeballing the WEEsul.

Snooki wrote:
Spanky the Leprechaun wrote:
Rathendar wrote:
Mac Boyce wrote:
Rathendar wrote:
Mac Boyce wrote:
Urizen wrote:
Mac Boyce wrote:
Uri: Jenny's thinking about getting that GL costume you posted. :D
You know I will demand photos.
And if she gets it, they will be posted!

GL costume?


Green Lantern

It's not the exact one Uri posted, but I likey anyway.

hmm. i find your comments interesting and insightful, and wish to subscribe to your newsletter.


As a side note, i think that one was based on the costume the orange skinned girl switched to when she came to earth.

Who, Snookie?

It's not orange, it's spray tan!

Wanna smoosh?

Weesul. WEE. sul.

You teleport to Jupider.
To get more stupider.

weesul. WEE sul.

WE sull.

WEE sul.


wesul. WEE sul.

We sul. WEE sul.

we. sull.

we. sull. wesull.

chill with the we. sull.

wesull. WE sull.

wesulll. WE. sull.

we. Zull.


Wee zull. WE. Zull.

Weezull. We. Zull.