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I was unpleasantly surprised by the new classes. Where is the Inquisitor? I think they made an error not including it.

There was a saying about 3.5:
The great thing about 3.5 is that there is a rule for everything. The bad thing about 3.5 is that there is a rule for everything. I fear that we be saying the same thing about PF2 in regards to traits. If you look at the sahuagin in the bestiary, there is a litany of traits listed on the entry including the word sahuagin!?!


I hope Paizo does a better job refencing these items in the future.

It would probably be help if they had a "data Dictionary" in one place.

I Guess I am another one of those old farts who was excited about the second edition, only to find it disappointing. Frustrating items like this are not helping.

It states that when you are using a weapon of ancestry, you do critical effects when roll a critical.

Wouldn't that happen anyway? I am confused. What is the point of this feat?

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This feels like a codification, possibly over-codification, of what is common sense / GM fiat. OK...I guess.

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kwiqsilver wrote:

Rather than:

Critical Success
Critical Failure

I think it would be more logical to list them in best -> worst (or worst -> best based on your POV) order:

Agree +1: Best to worst seems so logical. What was the design reason for not listing best to worst?

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Only LG Paladins? Very Disappointing. I say poor choice and Boo!

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DeathlessOne wrote:
Bah, no one LIKES change. Time to get over it and adapt.

G-Damn Millennials :P

Change is fine, but it should be gradual. The site actually hurts my eyes and is giving me a headache.

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It could just be the inner old man in me, but I do not like the change in the website at all. If possible, please roll back.

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I am also playing a trump-like Swashbuckler that has been a great deal of fun. The fun in this character is the role playing. He is the jerk of the group.

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I had a great bit of fun with an alchemist. He was never the best at anything, but he was always useful. Very high utility. Based on that an investigator may even be more fun.

I also suspect that for many people, the most fun class may be the first class they played.

I would give the paladin an aura of shade. 10 feet around the paladin, it is a little bit darker. Enough to notice, but not enough to evoke darkness rules.

I guess it does :)

Will the system assign a smurf if you do not have an avatar?

BigNorseWolf wrote:
A straight strength or dex build wouldn't use shifters edge. Its really only for a good mix of both.

Unless I am missing something, it is perfectly designed for a Dex build, assuming you don't dump STR too hard. By eighth level, it is already as good as having both Weapon Specialization and Greater Weapon Specialization.

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I have a question about Shifter's Edge. What was involved with the decision to treat this as a feat rather than making it a feature of the class? Even the recent version of this seems to be a must-have feat. One last thing, was there a reason you went with half the class as a bonus as opposed to keeping the damage the same as the class level, but making the damage bonus a precision bonus, much like the Swashbuckler?


Even if I painted minis, there seems to be more than enough bad history to make me reluctant. I am exceedingly disappointed they do not have a painted option. Speculation on my part; the money for this kickstarter is going to be used to fund additional production of the painted packs. They still do not have an expected date. Vic did say to not expect them before November. More speculation on my part; if ninja division had a better KS track record, they would probably have three times the funding they have now (55K now).

Back in the day (nearly three decades), when we played WFRP(1st Edition) we used a house rule that I believe came from an early edition of Rune Quest where Actions and then character initiative determined when actions occurred. I believe it was 1) Magic; 2) Missile Weapons, 3)Movement; and lastly 4) Melee Combat.

Warhammer was a low fantasy, magic poor world. Letting magic users go first was not as big of an advantage as it would be in high fantasy, magic rich games most you kids play now. :P

Have the Pathfinder Humble Bundles shipped? I just wanted to know if I should make an inquiry or not.


Spring Attack and Shot on the Run. You should be able to partial move, attack, and complete the remainder of your movement; perhaps at a penalty, but you should be able to do so.

"I want to jump her bones"

There is a rule that arcanists cannot learn spells from a divine scroll. My GM referenced this from some where. Alchemists and Witches are arcane "Casters" (yes I know Alchemists don't technically cast) with spells that are usually divine on their spell list.

Does the rule about not crossing the streams apply to arcane classes that have typically divine spells on there spell list?

Can a witch or alchemist learn the cure serious spell from a divine scroll?


Can you cast Scrye from inside Mage's Private Sanctum?
If the answer is yes, how do handle the check that allows the scryee (the person being watched) to detect the scryer (the person watching)?

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The old what is evil Paladin-can-of-worms. You should talk to your GM as to what is evil and what is not. Unless the GM is forcing a split second decision, your character should be able to pray to the god your paladin worships. If your god has a strong opinion on the topic, then he or she will let you know, otherwise you are simply going to have to use your best judgment. Perhaps this is a test? A character like a paladin should, from time to time, be unsure they chose the right decision. It really depends on how your GM is playing the game-world. In the end your character is mortal and therefore prone to make mistakes. If the decision was reached by good and honest intentions, then any punishment should not be too severe.

Healing bomb uses a bomb and either a cure extract or a cure potion.
Fast bombs lets you throw up to you number of attacks in bombs.

Can you throw multiple healing bombs? It is potentially even better with haste.

Rules as written, I don't see anything wrong with it. It feels a bit munchkiny to have the alchemist out-heal the cleric, even if it is just for a round or two.

Is this just good resource management or do I have stinky cheese on my hands?

It is not really an action. The action is casting a cure spell. Clerics are able to power this spell by using a level equivalent non-domain spell slot that contained a different spell.

If you want to look at this as a spell conversion then I would treat it as a free action.

TarkXT wrote:

You're hardly the only one who thought of popeye.

If I ever get into a Skull and Shackles game I'm going for it full blown. It helps that one of the villains is practically Bluto.

Good article. Sick minds think alike :)

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I am probably showing my age, but when I saw this archetype all I could think of was Popeye. Simply make the mutagen spinach based. I can picture having the theme to Popeye on my phone, and playing it each time the character imbibes his spinach (mutagen).

Great Ideas!

I am assigning the discovery of mummification to my alchemist. I want to describe how the process has changed the appearance of the character. The rules are silent on this, so changing appearance is fluff I am adding.

So far I am thinking of making his skin leathery and change the color of his blood to green (more like anti-freeze). Alchemists are generally creepy. I want to turn the creep factor up a bit without making him monstrous looking.

How have other players described the change? Did your character change appearance at all?


ninja'd by a taco.

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I hate to sound like a cheapskate, but the price of the PDF is a bit of a put-off. $27.99 is a bit much for a PDF. The book is selling on Amazon* for $28.06. Paizo is one of the few larger companies that treats their customers well. The price on this PDF feels like a departure from the normal treatment.

*Release date on Amazon is May 13.

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I've always suspected that Halfling sounds like a 1940's Private Investigator ordering lunch. You might recognize some of the words, but the slang, dialect, and jargon leave you confused unless you are proficient with the language.

I am sorry for your loss.

To quote the pod-faded City of Doors, "Don't erase your stat, embrace your stat".

You should be able to function just fine, although math skills and your vocabulary should be somewhat limited. You are not going to be able to come up with ten different words to something , and you probably should not be put in charge of handling dividing the group's loot.

An INT of 7 makes me think of Mongo from Blazing Saddles, although I believe he would also have had a low WILL as well.

- Mongo only Pawn in the game of life.

Other things to make the character fun to play are mispronouncing or using the wrong words. I.e.: I'm so mad, I'm rivid (livid).

You should have fun with your character. As a good rule of thumb, always check with your GM to make sure you are both on same page as to what your character can do and what he will struggle with.

Patrick Renie wrote:
Patrick McGrath wrote:
I have one question. Why are none of the spells usable by the alchemist?
In general, alchemists gain access to a very limited number of spells. Since parts of this book were already very alchemist-heavy (new alchemical items, new alchemist discoveries, a new alchemist archetype), we chose to concentrate on other classes in the Spells section.

Thank you for responding.

[I do not mean to sound snarky, but it may come out that way]

I find your response a bit unsatisfying. A spell should be wizard-y, witchy, or Magus-y on its own merit, not by what classes do not have access to it. I thought some of the spells were very alchemist-y.

Again; thank you for the response, even if I disagree with it, I do appreciate you taking the time to respond.

I have one question. Why are none of the spells usable by the alchemist?
Other than that I enjoyed the book.

I think Josie is asking the same question I am.
That question is about the starting number of extracts known.

The PRD says that an alchemist starts with 2 plus INT modifier number of extracts. An INT of 16 should grant you 5 known extracts, not 6. Did I miss something?

No, but the urban (vagabond) child trait will allow you to take disable device as a class skill.

The first question I would ask is what god does your character serve? What experiences has your character had? Toughness or one of the human only feats in the race guide are not bad choices.

I had the same issue with Droid bionic, but I don't think the issue is with the PDF reader. I believe the issue is that when you download the files, you are downloading a zip file. Droid does not seem to be able to deal with them. If you down the load the file to a laptop or desktop computer, extract the files and then copy the actual PDF files on to your device, you should not have a problem.

Matthew Morris wrote:
Patrick McGrath wrote:

What is the book is good stuff, but I was a bit disappointed there were not any trapfinding archetypes, unless I messed them.

Something like the Divine Disarmer: a halfling based Inquisitor archetype would have been cool.

Sounds like a KQ pitch to me :-)


What is the book is good stuff, but I was a bit disappointed there were not any trapfinding archetypes, unless I messed them.

Something like the Divine Disarmer: a halfling based Inquisitor archetype would have been cool.

What happened to Blitzen?
Seriously, great looking mini.

Can the mini pass for human?


When I see Lamatar Bayden, I cannot help but think of the Ice King from Adventure Time.

My hope that 5E would cure the issues I have with 4E has diminished with Monte no longer working full time. Monte is a classy guy, so it will be years, if ever, before he reveals what the issue(s) was/ were. I fear that 5.0 has been downgraded to 4.5

I was going to recommend giving the use of scent, but I like your suggestion of +3 to Perception better.

How about the hexblade? The hexcrafter is close, but lack of a full BAB makes it miss the mark.

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