Alchemical Mumification

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I am assigning the discovery of mummification to my alchemist. I want to describe how the process has changed the appearance of the character. The rules are silent on this, so changing appearance is fluff I am adding.

So far I am thinking of making his skin leathery and change the color of his blood to green (more like anti-freeze). Alchemists are generally creepy. I want to turn the creep factor up a bit without making him monstrous looking.

How have other players described the change? Did your character change appearance at all?


Maybe wrap some bandages around various parts of the body?

Side effects of drying skin that comes with the territory of mummification also include nails that seem to be much longer than normal and perhaps a perpetual smile or grimace brought on by the skin around the lips tightening and pulling back to reveal teeth at all times.

Slowly gaining the appearance of extreme weight loss. Bones seem to stick out a bit more and become more defined, especially around the hands and head.

Makes me think of scythe from Fable 1 Concept.jpg

Great Ideas!

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