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Order 4390472 was sent an old address. I didn't even realize it was still part of my account, having moved three times since. Today, all my monkey swarms have gone astray. I don't know if they will eventually make their way to me, or if they have found a good home, or if they will simply be tossed aside like trash. At least for the future, I have my current address as the only address.

Let this be a warning to all, keep your address up to date.

Just how big a change can a magical child do when switching from social identity to vigilante identity? I have seen a couple of anime, and in the one's that I have seen the change is fairly pronounced, like from a middle school girl to a fully adult woman, including the addition of several inches of height.

So, I am running a campaign based on the China of legends and movies. Part of the cosmological underpinnings of that is a belief in a five element system, earth, wood, fire, metal, and water. I have the 3rd edition Manual of the Planes, but their elemental wood plane is... rather lacking. The Paizo book, Ultimate Magic has a brief mention wood as an element, but I need to expand that into a fully integrated part of the universe: elemental plane, spells for all classes, elementals - everything. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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A yeoman farmer, a peasant just wealthy enough to own enough land to feed himself, his wife and a couple of kids, will need about 25 acres of farmland. One acre of farmland is about 43,560 square feet or 1742 squares of 5' x 5'.

The purchase of just ONE unit of "farmland" from UCm requires either 600gp or 15 Goods, 15 Labor, and 300gp. The problem is that one unit of farmland only covers an area of up to 100 squares. It takes 17.42 units of farmland to buy one acre, which means that even if that yeoman does enough work around his community to cover the 262 Goods and 262 Labor required, he will still need to come up with 5240 gold pieces to get that ONE acre of farmland. Actually getting the entire 25 acres for that small farm would require 6532.5 Goods, 6532.5 Labor, and a whopping 130650 gold pieces! (Or just pay 261300 gold pieces...) And that assumes that he and his family live in a corner of one of the fields, it does not include the cost of a house or barn, or even a shack. However, for a mere 8,920 more (a measly 6.8% extra) that peasant could live in a Noble's Villa. Building just the farmland segments sequentially would require 8710 days, or almost 24 years.

Historical notes:
It takes about 11 bushels of wheat to make the grain for a person to have their daily bread for a year. Wheat returns about 4 bushels of grain per acre, after you pull out next year's seed grain. Assuming 2 adults and several kids that eating like 2 more adults means that the family needs about 11 acres of wheat. Using the price given in the Core Rulebook, wheat costs 240cp per acre, or 26 gold and 4 silver for the family's initial seed grain.

Not a complaint, just an observation...

While the rules look good so far (read but not yet played) I did notice a bit of a lack of love for the monk. Will this be corrected? Will there be a mythic path that screams out "this is great for monks!" or will we be forced to build them as either warriors of tricksters?

There were several things in Testament that I really liked, things that fit well into my own campaign world. One of the things that I have had a bit of a time converting was the Qedeshot class. It is a near perfect fit for the clergy of several of the Goddesses in my homebrew pantheon. I just can't seem to make the transition in a way that makes me happy. Especially with the addition of acrobatics, to make for a Minoan bull dancer type character.

Has anyone else converted this class? Has anyone else converted any of the other stuff from this book?