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Just how big a change can a magical child do when switching from social identity to vigilante identity? I have seen a couple of anime, and in the one's that I have seen the change is fairly pronounced, like from a middle school girl to a fully adult woman, including the addition of several inches of height.

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I have my PFS character be an Old Gnomish Jeweler that turns into a Grrl Gnome that is excitable and hyper.

How does that sound?

That sounds pretty good. I was thinking of a teen age Mozart-like musician (think: early in the film "Amadeus") transforming into an adult swashbuckler, complete with beard and mustache. It fits what little I have seen in anime, but I don't want to exceed the intent of the rules.

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The +20 circumstance bonus from Seamless Guise is pretty huge, and Disguise is also a class skill for Vigilantes. On top of that, the Magical Child is a CHA-based caster.

If you have training in Disguise at all, that should be fine for all sorts of gender or race bending shenanigans.

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Max ranks in Disguise: CL +3 (for class skill)
Charisma modifier: +3 (assuming 16, bare minimum to cast all your spells)
Seamless Guise: +20

You're looking at a Level+26 bonus in Disguise, while even expert NPC guards are unlikely to beat +5 on Perception.

Let's say you take 10 on your Disguise check, giving you a result of 36+your level. The guards you need to worry about will likely be taking 20 to examine suspicious passersby. This means you are beating their Take 20s by at least 12, going higher as you go along.

That means you can impose at least -12 of Disguise penalties on yourself and still be undetectable.

What penalties are there?
-2 for different race
-2 for different gender
-2 for different age, per category difference
-10 for different size

A young adult human girl disguising herself as an elderly orc man has only a -10 difference, easily doable for even novice Vigilantes. Disguising herself as a middle-aged halfling man, instead, is a -16 difference; the guise can be pierced by people close to her own skill level, but not by average guards after a certain point. Certainly undetectable if they're not looking for her.

It can get ridiculous.

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