Depression, and a warning to others.

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Order 4390472 was sent an old address. I didn't even realize it was still part of my account, having moved three times since. Today, all my monkey swarms have gone astray. I don't know if they will eventually make their way to me, or if they have found a good home, or if they will simply be tossed aside like trash. At least for the future, I have my current address as the only address.

Let this be a warning to all, keep your address up to date.

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And give your business to companies with awesome Customer Service. (They'll look after you).

Customer Service Representative

Hello Pagan,

I'm sorry to hear your package went to an old address! It looks like both the old and new addresses are in the same city. Will you be able to claim the package from the old address when it arrives? If it has been a long while since you moved it is unlikely it will be forwarded to you, but it looks like it may be an apartment complex and the front office may be able to hold it for you to pick up. If you are unable to claim it we should be able to get a reshipment set up and the original package should come back to us.

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I am going to try to visit the office today. I am also going to talk to the Post Office. However, I was never too impressed with the quality of the neighbors I had while living there, and I doubt that it has gotten better.

Still, one can hope.

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