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If you like Snakebbite striker I would say look into the jabbing style feats.

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Extra Anchovies wrote:
Gayel Nord wrote:
I think the occultist should have 6 skill+int. I know that the alchemist has 4. But the occultist do not attack with touch attack. Can he even be able to attack effecialy? I don't even now how to play it.
I second the change to 6+Int skill points/level, and also suggest the addition of the remaining Knowledge skills to their list. I'm starting to think of them as an spellcasting Investigator of sort.

I third the change to 6+Int to skills and second the addition of all Knowledge skills, and I would be willing to (I know most people wont) drop the martial weapon proficiency as I see the class as a more caster skill class. Also as I stated before I think the class should be able to disable magical traps.

My wife and I play a bloodrager and skald that work really well together.

RainyDayNinja wrote:
OverLordXIII wrote:
I noticed the class has the class skill disable device, and I am not sure if I miss it or not (my pdf reader is acting wonky for some reason), but do they or will they be able to disable magical traps?
I didn't see it, but that would be a nice power for Abjuration implements.

I personal see it as more of an over all class ability.

I noticed the class has the class skill disable device, and I am not sure if I miss it or not (my pdf reader is acting wonky for some reason), but do they or will they be able to disable magical traps?

If you were to do this I would say 1 lvl bloodrager elemental bloodline for elemental strike 3/day, uses of wands, and rage. Then go mutagenic mauler.

I totally agree Karui. If they wanted it to be half-orc and orc only it should of been in the requirements. The game can get confusing enough with other rule that when you look at feats all the requirements should be listed.

Actually PFS has ruled on it. In the additional resources under notes in the Advanced Race Guide it states.

"Note: Alternate racial traits, racial archetypes, racial evolutions, racial feats, and racial spells are only available for characters of the associated race. Racial equipment and magic items can be purchased and used by any race as long as the specific item permits it (for example, only halflings can purchase and use solidsmoke pipeweed)."

Karui Kage wrote:

Surprise Follow Through is not an orc-only feat, it's tagged correctly at AoN. You can see the feat on Paizo's PRD here as well. Note that, unlike a number of other feats that require you to be a half-orc or orc, this one does not.

While the header of "these feats are available to half-orcs and orcs" seems to imply restriction, the presence of the "half-orc or orc" requirement in some and not others makes it clear that while all of those feats *are* available to half-orcs and orcs, only some of them are restricted to such.

It is true that the feat dosen't say you have to be a half orc but on page 56 of the Advanced Race Guide under Half-Orc feats it says. "Half-orcs and orcs have access to the following feats". It makes no mention of other races.

Umbranus wrote:

Depends. Are the hunter and the NPC front line material? If not the skald could look rather useless without someone (except the animal companion) to give rage to.

Play a slayer or cavalier or some other melee without own rage. That way you benefit most from the skald.

Actually a Barbarian or Bloodrager would benefit greatly from rage song. They use their own rage stats (+4Str, +4Con, -2AC, +2Will) instead of the rage song stats (+2Str, +2Con, -1AC, +1Will)and the rounds from rage song don't count against a Barbarians or Bloodragers rage rounds per day. Now they can't use their rage powers, but they can jsut enter their own rage in order to do that.

@Shroudb - That is a very interesting idea. I have to ask how you would place the stats though. Right now I have a negative mod in Cha which even though I am adding Int also I would be adding Cha too so that would only put me at 2 panache. Would I try and get a keen weapon to crit more and use that panache or just forget it and got for inspired. Also for a Dex build what would you think of a Twf build to get the most out of studied combat?

@Avoron - I like the idea and it would really help out for the combat but I know my Gm and I would still have that acp and since I am filling that rogue skill and knowledge slot that heavy armor acp would hurt. Now I might be able to do it with mithral med armor.

I would suggest a Bloodrager. Unlike the wizard it will be able to use the Skalds rage song more effectively. Also whit a blood rager you can fill a tank roll.

@ shroudb I like the idea but as you said the investigator dosen't really come into combat till lvl 3/4 so taking those 2 lvls in alchemist will slow that even more.

@ Gwen Smith They only reason I brought up Med Armor Prof is b/c of my low Dex. If I dip into a combat class I will be losing out on skill which is the role I am filling. I am just trying to make my character useful in combat and be the parties skill character. I have been debating about maybe making the character Dex based instead of Str, but then I would have to get agile and the inspiration abilities on my weapon which will cost a lot and come later in the game.

The feat seems nice but with my inspiration I already add a d6 to my knowledge rolls and with keen recollection I can use all knowledge checks untrained.

Got a game coming up were we are playing an all dwarf party and I elected to play the skill type character. So I was looking at making a dwarf investigator(empiricist). Its a 20point buy starting a 3rd lvl and going to 13th lvl. I am hoping to make him good with skill and still able to do combat.
So far I have thought for stats.

Str 16
Dex 12
Con 12 (10+2)
Int 16
Wis 10 (8+2)
Cha 8 (10-2)

I am kind of clueless on what feats I should take. I have been thinking about taking Med armor prof at 1st lvl to give myself a better ac with my low dex.

I though about taking the mutagen talent at 3rd lvl but not sure if I should. It would boost my Str which would be nice but would the loss of Int affect my studied combat rounds when I get it at 4th?

At 5th would be Quick study so I can study, move, and attack.

At 7th Amazing Inspiration or Sickening Offensive

At 9th Combat Inspiration

I will keep my options open except for race and class those have to stay.

not sure if you know but surprise follow through is an orc feat. Other then that I have always wanted to play the dwarf cleave tree it looks like fun. I would like to give an odd suggestion. If you take a dip into bloodrager (if you can use ACG) with your con you can get a good couple rounds of rage to stack with your mutagion, a blood line power (I would suggest elemental)and access to bloodrager wands. Other than my odd suggestion it looks great and have fun. I enjoyed RotRL. Oh and jsut so you now RotRL is ment to take you to lvl 17 or 18. So you can start planing those other feats out.

I find the stonelord to be a lot of fun. Me personally I agree with Grond with getting a reach weapon. Get your stonelord a dwarven long hammer, and a dwarven boulder helmet. Get combat reflex and lunge for your defensive stance, and get some potions of enlarge person or a wand if you can find someone to cast it one you. Plus having an earth elemental that can search for you would be nice.

The bloodrager idea seems interesting. I'll have to look into. As for the Combat Expertise I am not sure what I would go for there. Maybe look at giving him disarm, but i am thinking I might go down power attack and get imp bull rush and push people around the battle field. Right now I am open to any suggestions when it comes to feats.

I am going to cut right to the chase. I got a boon that give me +1 piecemeal (Heavy armor, +8AC, max dex +1, acp -2, speed 30/20) that I have been trying to think of a character around. My idea so far has been 1lvl Barbarian (Armored Hulk) and the rest Brawler (Mutagenic Mauler). The race is human.

Str 16
Dex 12
Con 16
Int 12
Wis 12
Cha 9

I am not much for min/max builds, and I feel these stats will work well for combat and giving me some skills to play with. I have however hit a wall on what feats I should take. The character is lvl 2 right now and I would like to lvl it to 12+. I would be thankful for any help I can get and look forward to the interesting ideas people can come up with.

I'll give this a bump because there needs to be more skald discussions.

Yes as of season 6 you can now use Kitsune with out needing a boon sheet.

I ran homebrew game where the paladin use to smack people with his lay on hands. It started to become really comical when he got a paladin apprentice who he use to smack around in town healing him. It become really interesting to run NPC encounters after ward.

Out of the three listed I would say a melee oracle. Probably using the battle mystery.

I know the RotRL Anniversary Edition has info about Sandpoint in the back. It has maps, what most of the builds are, and some info on NPC's. Not sure if you or someone you know has it but it could be something useful, and if anything I think it was a fun AP.

I would suggest either Bloodrager, Skald, or Warpriest.

You could wait for the ACG and play a Wayang Investigator or Slayer.

I would say drop the spells and give full BAB. Also drop the animal focus and go for a Hunter focus where you pick a target you are hunting and get x bonuses against target. Oh and track should be moved to first lvl, you are a hunter. As for weapons and armor I personaly would limit weapons to what one might use for hunting or trapping,something that could be seen more as a tool, like spears and bows maybe axes. I don't think they should use swords. Also I don't think they should not wear metal armor. Keep the animal companion and the team work feats. I think it is an interesting idea and something that could be very useful. I think with changes like this you could also open into a bounty hunter archtype.