He punched me, and I feel so much better, now.


I have an idea for a sacred fist warpriest. The guy is nuts. Bonkers. He loses it whenever any of the party gets hurt. But does he get mad at whatever caused the damage? No no no... Its the party members fault for allowing this to happen! What is wrong with you, you idiot?!?! STOP TRYING TO DIE!!! And thus, he would deliver his cure spells via non-lethal unarmed strikes.

My question is, how would that work? Would the cure spell cure the non-lethal damage as well as the regular damage? After all, the punch would be delivering the spell, so the damage would have to come first.

I would think you cure the existing damage then apply the nonlethal damage.

You know you're eventually going to KO someone with punch delivered cure spells, right?

Do it.

haha. well interesting thought..
Two ways of looking at it.
As soon as the fist touches (prior to any real power going off) the spell goes off then the punch comes in. In which case doesn't affect the new damage you used.
Second would be it both happens same instant, and you default to what is most useful. which would be healing both.

I think the first is more accurate.

Also so your actuall ygonna smack people and not just reflavor the free touch with cures? It might be kind a hard to heal (well in a fight) if you have to cast the spell one round, hold it, then hit next round.

I did something like this back in 3.x

My GM rules that Cure spell heal HP but don't actually relieve pain and as a Duskblask/Ur-priest I was channeling Cures into my full attack. The best part was interrigation where I could beat someone almost forever and never fear them dying from damage XD

I know Magus can deliver touch spells as part of an attack. Is there anyway someone could make that work? Some potential issues:

1) Does Magus have Cure spells on their spell list?
2) Can Magus use their fists instead of swords?

Fix it, Felix!

Believe it or not it works better with a cleric of Torag... the feat Blessed Hammer is your friend.

RaizielDragon wrote:

I know Magus can deliver touch spells as part of an attack. Is there anyway someone could make that work? Some potential issues:

1) Does Magus have Cure spells on their spell list?
2) Can Magus use their fists instead of swords?

Any character can use an Unarmed Strike or Natural Attack to deliver a touch spell; that isn't limited to Magus Only. Both a Magus and a Cleric could apply any touch spell to an Unarmed Strike. If they both had the critical range of their Unarmed Strike boosted to 19-20, only the Magus gets to use that crit range for the effect of their touch spell; a non-Magus using a 19-20 Unarmed Strike to deliver, say, Shocking Grasp could roll a 19 and crit on the Unarmed Strike, but still deal non-crit damage from the Shocking Grasp. He'd have to roll a 20 on the attack to crit on both. Additionally, the Spellstrike ability is what allows the Magus to replace the free Touch as part of casting with a weapon attack; that's not something standard to all touch attacks, not even using an Unarmed Strike or Natural Attack. So, while a Magus could cast Shocking Grasp and replace his free touch with an Unarmed Strike, another caster could not; they'd be limited to a touch attempt and only in a subsequent round when they have the action economy to attempt an unarmed strike (standard attack, full-attack, etc) would they be able to attempt delivering via a punch.

Therefore, this concept has a slight snag; said Warpriest couldn't punch deliver his Cure in the same round he cast it unless he has sufficient action economy (ie. quickened the Cure). If he really wants to deliver it that way, all his Cures will be delayed by one round by default.

Kazaan, I believe Warpriest has something similar with his cures.

Sounds awesome by the way! Halfling or Gnome priest of Torag, 5 Str, High Dex.

Well, as this is the NPC healbot for the party, I think I will just fudge a wee bit, and let him punch with the free touch that comes with casting a cure spell.

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The rules for magical healing clearly indicate that whenever you heal hit points, you also heal an equal number of nonlethal damage.

This leads me to believe that you would rarely hinder your allies using this method.

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This brings up a question I am asking about for pfs: what is the ruling on simultaneous effects? Is there an order of operations or does everything happen simultaneously and independent of each other?

If he hits for non-lethal does the damage and the cure happen at the same time (there for the non-lethal damage is not healed on that hit) or do they happen in an order of the players choosing? Damage and the healing both happen on the hit. I have been told in pfs that all this happens simultaneously. If that is the case he could stagger his allies eventually, even if healing them.

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I have no idea about what the RAW is on this, but the intent is pretty harmless (sort of), so I'd have no problem with the cure applying after the non-lethal - even in PFS.

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"Two for flinching."

I ran homebrew game where the paladin use to smack people with his lay on hands. It started to become really comical when he got a paladin apprentice who he use to smack around in town healing him. It become really interesting to run NPC encounters after ward.

Flaming Duck wrote:
"Two for flinching."

Oh, I like the way you think, sir! This has happened, only the second one wasn't a heal...

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